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At Ellen's Age

Country: Germany, Language: German, 95 mins

  • Director: Pia Marais
  • Writer: Pia Marais; Horst Markgraf
  • Producer: Christoph Friedel; Claudia Steffen

CGiii Comment

Ellen is is the entire film.

It lurches from one ridiculous scenario to the next...all because of a mid-life crisis.

An orgy has never looked so dull. This film just looks and feels so gloomy...there are better ways to waste your time.


The(ir) Blurb...

A German flight attendant's life spirals downward after she leaves her husband, quits her job, and joins a radical group of animal rights activists.

Cast & Characters

Jeanne Balibar as Ellen;
Stefan Stern as Karl;
Georg Friedrich as Florian;
Julia Hummer as Rebecca;
Alexander Scheer as Bennett;
Eva Lobau as Simone;
Clare Mortimer as Clare;
Ian Roberts as Hagan;
Jasna Fritzi Bauer as Billy;
Patrick Bartsch as Paul