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  • Ambulante Film Festival
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  • BFI Flare
  • CineQ Queer Film Festival
  • Cleveland International Film Festival
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  • Glasgow Film Festival
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  • Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival
Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival

Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival

Thursday, 28 March 2019 until Sunday, 07 April 2019

Formerly known as The Boston LGBT Film Festival...

The Boston LGBT Film Festival is the largest festival of films by, for, and about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community and their allies in New England. In 2011 the festival screened 120 films from 27 countries with over 4500 tickets sold. The Boston LGBT Film Festival is also one of the longest running film festivals in North America. Founded by film curator George Mansour in 1984, next year will be our 28th year in existence.

The annual Festival showcases international, US, and local film, video, and other media, with a focus on media that demonstrates the diversity and depth of our audience.

As New England’s premiere LGBT film organization, the Festival reaches out to the culturally rich and diverse communities of the region through Screenings on Tour and Festival Partnerships, in collaboration with other film festivals.

The Boston LGBT Film Festival aims to stimulate thought and encourage dialogue while offering exposure and continued presence for filmmakers, artists and community organizations.


2019 films...

Just Friends

Call Her Ganda

Mom + Mom


Knife + Heart

Up and Coming


Dir. Etemar Kadusheviz. 2018. 14 min. Israel. Hebrew with English Subtitles.

Daniel, a gay right wing extremist want to meet with his lover and goes through a violent night on the way to him.


Dir. Marie Davignon. 2018. 19 min. Canada. French with English Subtitles.

In the early 2000s, following her return from a long stay abroad, Amélie invites her friends, Maude and Pascale to a cottage. In a disturbing and isolated forest, Amélie tries to reconnect with her friend Maude, while the rivalry between her and Pascale takes a dark turn.

The Curse

Dir. Dave Berenato. 2018. 7 min. USA. English.

An eager young man goes to a Halloween party for a hookup, when a witch's curse convinces him that he wants something more.

Like Glass.

Dir. Andrew K. Meyer. 2018. 20 min. USA. English.

Zion has recently discovered the world of drag queens and club kids - they get decked out in elaborate looks and go to NYC's most exciting nightlife venues to drink, dance, and celebrate life.


Dir. Benjamin Howard. 2018. 10 min. USA. English.

In the early sixties, a sexually conflicted teenager finds faith and acceptance after escaping the tortures of electrotherapeutic conversion therapy.

Talent Night at Auschwitz: Bunk 5.

Dir. Max Rikind-Barron. 2018. 16 min. USA. English.

A 14-year-old boy escapes from modern and historical traumas to a glittering, musical dreamworld.

Yulia & Juliet.

Dir. Zara Dwinger. 2019. 12 min. Netherlands. Dutch with English Subtitles.

In this contemporary love story, based on the classic tragedy of Shakespeare, two teenage girls find love and each other in a juvenile detention center.


Dir. Jay Russell. 2019. 13 min. USA. English

A heated text battle ensues between two best friends on the verge of an emotional reckoning.

QPOC Shorts Program

Ladies Day.

Dir. Abena Taylor-Smith. 2017. 9 min. United Kingdom. English.

Amma, a young, black lesbian, spends the day in an Afro-Caribbean hair salon getting her hair braided. It’s full of fun, sheen spray, gossip and laughter, but how will she deal with the casual homophobia.


Dir. Kenneth O'Toole. 2018. 8 min. United Kingdom. English.

An unexpected turn of events leaves one young gay man with an experience that he will never forget. A short drama that explores themes of homosexuality and race in city of London.

Girl Talk. Dir. Erica Rose. 2018. 18 min. USA. English.

Girl Talk is a film centered around the complexities of sex, love and intimacy through the lens of Mia, a young and queer identified protagonist. The film redefines the queer narrative.


Dir. Emma Weinstein. 2017. 9 min. USA. English.

The day before Charlie leaves for college, her relationship with her best friend Nina explodes as they figure out how to say goodbye. Candace explores questions of race, queerness, and identity through the messy intimacy of young female friendship.

Tomatoes and Eggs.

Dir. Tina Xu. 2018. 11 min. USA. English. Lisa (Celia Au) is a queer Chinese American woman who plans to marry her long-term girlfriend. As Lisa navigates the trans-generational challenges of telling her father Yun (Fenton Li), other secrets will test the bounds of family and culture.

I Am A Woman.

Dir. Kai Fiain. 2018. 4 min. United Kindom. English.

A cinematic poem exploring Lesbian stud identity. Using break dance and spoken word, Azara Meghie claims the right to dress as masculine as she likes and remain a woman.


Dir. Searit Huluf. 2018. 10 min. USA. English.

An amateur female gamer is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to try out for a pro league gaming team, only to be repressed by self-doubt.


Dir. River Gallo. 2018. 19 min. USA. English. P

onyboi, a disarming and troubled intersex runaway, is all grown up, and turns tricks in the back of a laundromat.


Dir. Ayerim. 2017. 20 min. Costa Rica, Spanish with English subtitles.

In the midst of her family’s rejection, Elena wants to experience her own sexuality. A poetic film that explores love and freedom in the heart of a young woman.



Dir. Manuel Kinzer and Jorge A. Trujillo Gil. 2018. 15 min. Colombia. Spanish with English subtitles.

Darío, a 17-year-old boy from Barranquilla, Colombia, loves to dance in a carnival dancing group. But he has to keep it secret because his mother doesn´t allow him to dance. Instead she forces him to work in the shop of his uncle. Will he be able to join the carnival which will take place very soon?

Last Night

Dir. Irvin Castro and Nicolas Fernández. 2017. 4 min. Argentina. Spanish with English subtitles.

Music, love, dance. Who has not felt the need to go out with their friends one night?

Not Yet

Dir. Julia Leite. 2017. 21 min. Brazil. Portuguese with English subtitles.

In the days before her birthday, Marina receives a visit from her mother.

Infinite While It Lasts

Dir. Akira Kamiki. 2019. 19 min. Brazil. Portuguese with English subtitles.

After falling in love at a party, Danny and Seiji just want to be together. However, their differences might prove stronger than their feelings. The first fiction film about asexuality.


Dir. Fernanda Reis. 2018. Brazil. Portuguese with English subtitles.

Laura makes a decision to turn off the Internet and look at the world around her. She soon meets Agatha and they fall in love for each other. Almost like everything was planned to happen.

My Price

Dir. Hsu Chien. 2018. 15 min. Brazil. Portuguese with English subtitles.

Morena joins her transsexual friends for another night of routine and struggle for survival. But when she comes across a new client, she returned her past in a violent and harrowing way.

The Garden Left Behind

Women's Shorts Program

Endless Summer for the Queer Mind.

Dir. Desi Ivanova. 2018. 10 min. USA. English

In a desperate attempt to erase her forbidden female love Mia is caught between her true desires and the need to fit into the sexual norms of a 1960s society.

Terminally in Love.

Dir. Emily Jenkins. 2018. 17 min. Canada. English.

Terminally in Love is a first-person journey through the mind of Quinn, a neurotic stoner struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend Allie as she slips from reality into a stream of heroic fantasies, wistful memories, and cringeworthy dreams.

Foxy Trot.

Dir. Lisa Donato. 2018. 15 min. USA. English.

A married couple unexpectedly face their relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class.

Girl Talk.

Dir. Erica Rose. 2018. 17 min. USA. English.

Girl Talk is a film centered around the complexities of sex, love and intimacy through the lens of Mia, a young and queer identified protagonist. The film redefines the queer narrative.

I'm Sorry.

Dir. Lovisa Lara. 2018. 17 min. Iceland.

Icelandic with English subtitles. Everyone thinks Addy is in the perfect relationship with her girlfriend Salka. When Addy witnesses her friend help another friend from an abusive relationship, Addy is forced to look at the flaws in her own relationship.

Time & Again.

Dir. Rachel Dax. 2018. 27 min. United Kingdom. English.

Eleanor and Isabelle meet again, sixty years after their relationship break up.

Long Distance.

Dir. Anoop Lokkur. 2018. 7 min. Australia. English

A young Indian woman living in Australia gets a call from her Mum back home.




The Daughters of Fire

Miss Rosewood

Room To Grow

International Shorts Program.

Fifth Floor on the Left.

Dir. Renata Lučić. 2018. 15 min. Croatia. Croatian with English subtitles.

When Maja's parents come to Zagreb to visit their daughter, Nika and Maja cover their faces with masks and start playing the game Nika has grown very tired of.


Dir. Lio Soroka. 2018. 22 min. Israel. Hebrew with English subtitles.

Udi, a young architect from Tel Aviv, agrees to go along with his partner Nimrod's proposal to have a threesome with another man. The night the three men spend together makes Udi question his relationship with Nimrod.

The Half Wall

Dir. Ida H. Eldøen. 2018. 6 min. Norway. Norwegian with English subtitles.

A couple's lunch break does not go as planned when they start a discussion about how they can renovate their cabin bathroom.

Don't Call Me Bro

Dir. Gina Wenzel. 2018. 19 min. Germany. German with English subtitles.

Cheyenne is the only girl in an all-boy football team. One day, a new boy with something mysterious about him joins the team.

Turn It Around

Dir. Niels Bourgonje. 2017. 9 min. Netherlands. Dutch with English subtitles.

At a house party fifteen year old Bram is surrounded by friends and draws the attention of many pretty girls. But he has no interest in them. He has fallen hopelessly in love with the pretty boy on the dance floor: seventeen year old Florian.

The Distance

Dir. Fernando Lorenzana Gamez. 2018. 18 min. Spain. Spanish with English subtitles.

The fears and insecurities of two teenagers, Sara and Helena, come to light during a bike ride.

Pictures of Leo

Dir. Eric Rusch. 2019. 14 min. Sweden. Swedish with English subtitles.

Nicholas gets an unexpected visit from the past, and memories of life choices and long lost love are brought back to life.

A Friend of Dorothy

Dir. Joakim S. Hammond. 2017. 5 min. Sweden. Swedish with English subtitles.

Gabrielle comes home and finds her two dads in distress, they want to have a serious talk.

Trans Shorts Program


Dir. James Morosini. 5 min. USA. English.

A guy and his girlfriend are forced to navigate new territory when he’s caught wearing her dress.

Chasing the Dragon.

Dir. Eduardo Ayres Soares. 12 min. USA. English.

Arriving at the scene of an overdose, a trans detective gets stymied by local PD. Refusing to submit to pressure or prejudice, she digs into the investigation and does the victim justice by finding out the truth about her source, a connect too close to home.


Dir. Clara Stern. 30 min. Austria. German with English subtitles.

Mathias is transgender. Although he is more than sure about his decision, he still has to find his way in his new identity and especially in his new job. And also his relationship with his girlfriend seems to have changed due to the transition. Mathias tries to figure out what’s best for him.

Something About Alex.

Dir. Reinout Hellenthal. 18 min. Netherlands. Dutch with English subtitles.

A 14-year-old boy, Alex, develops a close friendship with his older sister's boyfriend, and must confront the depth of his feelings when the couple announces that they will be moving away.

Backup Plan.

Dir. David Beck. 15 min. USA. English.

Fired for being trans, a devoted grade school teacher decides the only solution is suicide, but an unexpected visit complicates her plan.


Dir. Ernest Pathi. 27 min. India, USA. Tamil with English subtitles.

The extraordinary journey of a transgender named Pradeep Kumar who became Prithika Yashini, who fights hard against gender discrimination to become India’s first transwoman.

Brief Story From The Green Planet

The Coming Back Out Ball

Tell It To The Bees

Sorry Angel

Crystal City


Tongues Untied


The Hours And Times

Men's Shorts Program.


Dir. Layke Anderson. 2018. 13 min. United Kingdom. English.

A restless young man wants to leave love and the Earth behind. Other Black Boys. 2018. 16 min. USA. English. A queer, black college student is forced to confront the masks he wears from day to day when an old friend comes to visit.

Black Knuckle & Deputy Maltese

Dir. Jason Philips. 2018. 15 min. USA. English.

In the western town of Coal Ridge, a deputy keeps his love a secret until the outlaw who stole his heart is taken hostage.

Only Trumpets

Dir. Tristan Scott-Behrends. 2018. 10 min. USA. English.

Only Trumpets is an adult fairytale for the grindr generation.

Surfer's Paradise

Dir. Max Gold. 2018. 32 min. USA. English.

A human invited to live in the company of AI struggles between divided loyalties.

The Handyman.

Dir. JC Calciano. 2018. 9 min. USA. English.

A single, gay man schemes creative ways to have a hunky repairman continue to have to come back to his house to fix things, but suddenly the fantasies become more than either of them expected.

Gay Baby.

Dir. Kareem Furguson. 2018. 9 min. USA. English.

Deonte a visual artist, is approaching the age Jesus died, wanting to leave a legacy beyond material belongings; his paranoia has sparked a radical idea or is it?

Come At Me, Bro.

Dir. Ethan Fuirst. 2018. 6 min. USA. English.

Two gay men find a creative way to release their pent-up aggression.


Dir. Antonis Glaros. 2018. 10 min. Greece. Greek with English subtitles.

Menis Nolakis, an army officer, is trapped in a dark box. Soon he will realize that it is his coffin, on his funeral day. He will inevitably come face to face with all the important people of his life for the final encounter... and the twists and turns are just around the corner ... of Hades.

Birds of the Borderlands

We the Animals

But I'm a Cheerleader

Second Star on the Right

Kill the Monsters

Ideal Home

Taxi Zum Klo

Queer Muslim.


Dir. Omar Al Dakheel. 2017. 15 min. USA. English and Arabic with English subtitles.

The bond between a disabled Muslim father and his son is tested when love is pitted against religion.


Dir. Ahmad Seyfipour. 2018. 9 min. Iran. Persian with English subtitles.

A man while stealing, encounters two men who have been sexing in the back seat of a parked car. The thief forces them to give him all the money they have. The boys are also scared of being disgraced in front of neighbors and they know if they call the police, he will only be sentenced to three months in jail for theft, but they will be sentenced to death by gallows for being gay. They are forced to tolerate all the verbal and physical humiliations by the thief and give him whatever he wants.


Dir. Rolla Selbak. 2019. 15 min. USA. English.

A rising MMA star hides her refugee status from her small American town, and the world.

Life in Darkness

Dir. Ali Raheem. 2018. 8 min. Iraq. Arabic with English subtitles.

Laith, a 22 year old male wakes up on his birthday in Mosul, Iraq, only to have problems with his boyfriend, Mohanad a 27 year old male. Mohanad believes that Laith is cheating on him with a girl and a fight erupts as Mohanad storms out of the apartment only to rush back as he sees ISIS have taken over the city and are raiding the apartment block.

High Tide

Dir. Claire Zhou. 2018. 22 min. Netherlands. Dutch with English subtitles.

HIGH TIDE is a short film about Tarik, a 32 year old Moroccan man, who spends his time alone in a holiday cottage on the Veluwe to avoid the divorce with his wife. Shortly after his arrival, the waterworks seem to be broken, whereas Jonas, the owner of the cottage, comes over to repair it. From that moment on, Tarik is confronted with feelings he has been suppressing his entire life.

You Deserve Everything

Dir. Goran Stolevski. 2016. 18 min. Australia. English.

A doctor's tentative romance with the hospital's Arabic interpreter is evolving into something deeper. But everything is not as it seems.


Dir. Mike Mosallam. 2018. 9 min. USA. English. BROTHERS is a coming-of-age story following a Muslim Arab boy coming to terms with his sexuality. Upon recognizing that he is different through the lens of his family and society as a whole, he decides to face his fears with the support of an older brother who stands by him and encourages him to be himself, in the face of bias and adversity.

Web Series.

Queering: Episode 1: Val. Episode 2: Marijuana.

Dir. Leticia De Bortoli. 2018. 14 min (total). USA. English. Just when Harper is ready to live the best phase of her lesbian life, the tables turn when her mother unexpectedly comes out as queer.

Journey of Being Likable: Episodes 2-4.

Dir. Paul McGovern Jr. 2017. 14 min (total). USA. English. The Journey Of Being Likeable” starts with Michael having all three of his friends come out for his birthday for some amazing and life changing news. He then proceeds to tell everyone that he is changing his life, quitting his job and becoming a stereotypical West Hollywood slut.

The Gay and Wonderous Life of Caleb Gallo: Episode 4

Dir. Jason Looney. 16 min. USA. English. A wonderous story of the complexities of relationships, friendly and romantic. Blurring the lines of expected troupes through random comedy and a realistic, interconnected interaction.

The Leslie: Season 2, Episode 6.

Dir. 9 min. USA. English.

The Leslie is a queer, LGBT web series about life, love, sex, Los Angeles, and what it means to be a woman who loves women.

Danny the Manny: Episode 2.

Dir. Mike Roma. 2016. 5 min. USA. English.

A gay babysitter discovers the little boy he's watching likes to crossdress.

Dinette: Episodes 3 & 4.

Dir. Shaina Feinberg. 2018. 16 min (total). USA. English.

The web series gives a glimpse into the everyday lives of women and non-binary people navigating relationships in Brooklyn.

These People: Episode 11, 15, and 17.

Dir Zac Hug and Jamie Heinrich. 2016. 17 min (total). USA. English.

THESE PEOPLE is a web series about a dysfunctional family.

Being Impossible

Every Act of Life

The Heiresses


Queer Lives

Because You're Here

Dir. Mike Syers. 2018. 10 min. USA. English

A seemingly simple portrait of a town fixture gives way to a revealing personal history as rich, complicated, and joyful as its New England backdrop.

Into Man's Country

Dir. Matthew Purifoy. 2018. 30 min. USA. English.

Gay men have long been persecuted for how they have sex. While public/private saunas and baths have existed for centuries, the formation of gay baths in the United States in the mid 20th century played a critical role in providing a safe and private space for gay men to discover themselves. With the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the advent of social media platforms like Grindr, the number and influence of the baths has diminished today, yet their significance and influence on a generation of gay men persists. Through the voices of those with personal lived experience, Into Man’s Country delves into the secretive and intimate world of the gay bathhouse during the ‘70s, from the euphoric rush of a quick unfettered sexual encounter to the establishment of lasting personal relationships.

Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley

Dir. Aaron Curtis. 2018. 9 min. USA. English.

Fighting Two Wars: The Story of Thalia Jane Ainsley features the story of Thalia Jane Ainsley, a Vietnam war veteran who transitioned into a woman later in life.

The Secret Story: How Medical Marijuana Was Re-Legalized in the US

Dir. Brian Applegarth. 2016. 16 min. USA. English.

A short film about the inspiring true story of renegade gay hippy pot kingpin Dennis Peron and patient advocate Brownie Mary in their quest for medical cannabis legalization.

A Great Ride

Dir. Deborah Craig. 2018. 33 min. USA. English.

"A Great Ride” is a documentary about older lesbians aging with dynamism and zest for life. When they were young these women forged a social movement to come out as true to themselves. Now they are pioneers once again as they face the next daunting challenge: growing old, which can come with frailty, loneliness, and the death of dear friends. In this group portrait, these women are courageous role models for aging, which they do with determination, engagement, an independent and irreverent spirit and a heartening delight in living.

The Real Dillah

Dir. Washington Calegari. 2018. 18 min. Brazil. Portuguese with English subtitles.

After 25 years on stage, the creator of the famous Brazillian drag queen Dillah Dilluz faces difficulty to find work, besides prejudice and exclusion within his family. An intimate portrait of a restless artist who "invents his own joy."

Senior Moments

Dykes, Camera, Action

Vision Portraits


GTFO Shorts

Are You A Gay Stereotype?

Dir. Michael Henry. 2 min. USA. English.

Youtube video on whether or not you're a gay stereotype and if that is even a bad thing or not.

Dear Babe.

Dir. Ethan Folk. 3 min. Germany. German with English subtitles.

A home-alone-houseboy is hungry, and not just for breakfast. What will daddy think when he reads about the houseboy's filthy antics?

Don't Fuck With England.

Dir. Rocket Ear. 2 min. USA. English.

A love story of words, whips, fries, and chips. My Eggboy. Dir. Etienne Bellefeuille. 8 min. Canada. French with English subtitles. The wicked funny side of the Stockholm syndrome.

Flamers: Bottoms in a Brushfire.

Dir. Capucine Berney. 9 min. USA. English.

Two selfish, narcissistic (but also beautiful and valid) bottoms are forced to pack up their apartment during a Los Angeles brushfire. Will they bring their crystal collection or their great grandma's urn? An examination of priorities.

Have You Hooked Up With Too Many Men?

Dir. Michael Henry. 3 min. USA. English.

Well? Have you?

Hiding in Daylight.

Dir. Cheryl Allison. 15 min. USA. English.

After a gay purge, four best friends are surviving by living in fake marriages to each other.

Is Your Teen a Homosexual?

Dir. Tamara Scherbak. 6 min. Canada. English.

Is Your Teen A Homosexual?' is a short allegorical comedy that satirizes Trump's America by using the style of “teen hygiene” educational films of the 1950s.

My Aunt Mame.

Dir Krissy Mahan. 9 min. USA. English.

A working class, gender non-conforming woman in the 1960s leaves a legacy for her butch dyke grand niece. This is a humanizing narrative made 100% by one queer older woman, which highlights intersectional identities that complicate discourses of sex, gender, and class.

Sammy the Salmon.

Dir. Jake Shannon. 7 min. Australia. English.

Spencer, a closeted homosexual, is offered help from a talking salmon to get his love life back on track.

Starving Boys.

Dir. Raphaël Massicotte. 7 min. Canada. French with English subtitles.

A Daddy, a Twink, a Bear and a Hunk are cruising outdoor in a suburban neighborhood of Montreal.

Summer of Connor.

Dir. Russell Goldman. 9 min. USA. English.

A photographer begins seeing the face of a barista, Connor, in his work- as well as every other human being- and embraces his emerging attraction to men. He still hasn’t told his girlfriend.

The Story of Hawkeye Bray.

Dir. Zeke Aszman. 12 min. USA. English.

A young cowboy, Hawkeye Bray, lives alone in a small white room. At night they have visions of a handsome honky tonk singer, a boy with a chain whip, and the rolling desert hills. Despite being unable to leave their room, Hawkeye learns how to manifest their dreams and desires into reality.