February Events...

  • Athena Film Festival
  • Belgrade International Film Festival
  • Berlinale
  • Dublin International Film Festival
  • Festival des Images aux Mots
  • Festival Massimadi
  • Glasgow Film Festival
  • LGBT New Renaissance Film Festival - Amsterdam
  • Magnolia Independent Film Festival
  • Mardi Gras Film Festival
  • Monaco International Film Festival
  • OUTsider Film & Arts Festival
  • Pride: Bloomington's LGBTQ Film Festival
  • SHOUT Festival
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  • The Pride LGBT Film Festival: Portsmouth
  • Zinegoak Bilbao International GLT Film Festival
Brisbane Queer Film Festival

Brisbane Queer Film Festival

Thursday, 05 March 2020 until Sunday, 15 March 2020

After scouring the world of queer cinema, Brisbane Queer Film Festival has swiped right on all the best films so you only get to hook up with the best. This year’s program features a diverse selection lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, queer and gender non-binary content from Australia and around the world.



2020 films...


And Then We Danced

Changing The Game

Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie's Dead Aunt)


Gender Derby

Memories Of My Body (Kucumbu tubuh indahku)


No Box For Me: An Intersex Story

Port Authority

Queer Japan

Queering The Script

So Pretty

The Teacher

Two Of Us (Deux)

Young Hunter (El cazador) 


2019 /  USA / 14min

Carly Usdin

A queer comedy about a college freshman who falls in love with close-up magic as an escape from her unrequited crush on her roommate and her recently-diagnosed OCD.


2020 / Denmark / 20min

Tone Ottilie

Tagged as 'Babydyke' by her older sister and her clique, a teenager delves into the party life of the queer scene. Frede doesn’t like labels, she wants to love and be loved.


2020 / USA /11min

Drew Denny

Former America’s Most Wanted bank robber, the Momster, ditches her daughter Angel (Brianna Hildebrand) with her old accomplice Dallas in order to evade the cops. All Angel wants is for her mom to rescue her from Dallas’ drug dealing diner so they can be the world’s greatest mother-daughter bank robbing duo. 


2019 /  Australia / 7min

Tommy Hart

An evangelical tomboy must prove her faith by vandalising an LGBTQ sex shop.


2019 / Sweden / 29min

Jenifer Malmqvist

Shams and Stella are smitten with one another, and a relationship begins to develop. However, Shams has yet to tell Stella that she is an undocumented asylum-seeker.


2018 / Hungary / 15min / Dorka Vermes

Juli and Réka have decided to take their relationship to the next level. They are waiting for Juli’s mother for dinner so they can tell her the news. This is not gonna be easy as Mari has always been critical towards her daughter.

I Have To Think Of Us As Separate People

2019 /  USA / 4min

Christopher Berntsen, Stephen Ira

An intimate exploration of a complex relationship between two gay men, one cis, one trans, where the filmmakers fracture and blend their own bodies and voices to create a split screen projection collage.


2019 / China / 15min

Popo Fan

Ting finds it difficult to reveal his rather uncommon fetish to his devoted boyfriend Mark.

Mr Mare

2019 /  Hungary / 20min

Luca Tóth

Looking at an x-ray image a young handsome man is horrified to learn that the weird, tumor-like lump on his chest is the top of a tiny plump man`s head. Nested in his body, he is waiting to be born. A surreal animated chamber play, set in a ‘haunted’ claustrophobic space, in which we witness the dynamics of unrequited love as we follow the relationship of an oddly codependent pair.


2019 / USA / 8min

Director  Jessie Levandov

Baby is a queer coming-of-age love story that introduces us to the world of Ali, a Dominican teenager from the Bronx, on a Saturday afternoon.

Sparkling Candles

2019 /  Greece / 10min

Thanasis Neofotistos

A young guy, listening to Céline Dion on repeat, gets prepared to offer himself as a sex-toy to his boyfriend, as a celebration gift for their 3rd anniversary.


2019 / Australia / 7min

Anoop Lokkur

Aayushi, a young Indian woman living in Australia, gets a call from her mother back home while getting ready for work. As they talk, the little white lies Aayushi tells indicate a distance between herself and her family that is more than just physical.


2019 / Germany / 17min

Popo Fan

"Beer! Beer!" is an "anti-romantic comedy" set in the early morning following a wild party in Berlin. When Tao, a Chinese guy, meets Sebastian, a local German. As they seem to get more and more intimate with each other, suddenly a mattress changes everything...


2018 /  Indonesia / 15min

Aditya Ahmad

Isfi can wear her comfortable pants among her guy friends but has to wear hijab to be accepted at Nita’s house. Two days to Nita’s Birthday, all Isfi wants is to prepare the best gift in Nita’s room.


Courtesy of KASHISH Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

2019 / India / 15min

Rohin Raveendran

A female frisking booth inside a crowded shopping mall stands as a silent ally to a forbidden romance. Hidden from view of the passing shoppers, the two women – customer and guard – share a moment of intimacy, but can a burgeoning romance survive beyond the kiosk’s curtains? 


2019 / Taiwan / 30min

Chang Chun-Yu & Gao Hong

Run Time 

A girl called Chang Ya-ting wants to change her name. A boy called Hong Jiahao wants to end his relationship with his sex buddy. The young generation cries out in frustration in this era when sexuality and self-identity have become uncategorisable.

Life Is Short / 2019 / Argentina / 23min

Florencia Bastida

Follow three queer women and their girl gang as they navigate their way through a day in the life of first dates, self defence class, university exams and moving beyond the binary. 

The Rogers / 2020 / Samoa / Hawaii / 16min

Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson

A documentary following the first established Fa'atama (Transmen) organisation in Samoa ~ The Rogers ~ and their first inclusion to the Samoa Fa'afafine Pageant. From the filmmakers of Kuma Hina, Leitis In Waiting and Lady Eva - based on the Fa'afafine / fakaleitī (Transwomen) communities.