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Mix Mexico

Mix Mexico

Tuesday, 27 October 2020 until Friday, 20 November 2020

Festival Mix is a community event, the first and the biggest queer film festival in Hispanic America. Last year we showcased over 100 films and videos in 2 weeks all over the city, drawing an audience of over 15,000. 

Mix México is a sister Festival of Mix New York and Mix Brasil, and this 24th edition will be hosted from 27 October, 2020 in some of the best venues in México DF: Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris, Cineteca Nacional, Cinépolis, Museo Nacional de Artes, the University Film Circuit (UNAM), among others.

Mariposa Mix Award for Best International Film from the Competence Section.
Audience Award for Best Mexican Film (short or feature film)
Pierrot Films/ Festival Mix Post- Production Award


2020 films...


EL MAESTRO (THE TEACHER, Taiwan, 2019) by MING LANG CHEN. 92 ' When Kevin, the young civics teacher, agrees at school to be in favor of marriage equality, a storm looms. Add to that being madly in love with an HIV positive man. But when a rumor about your HIV status spreads, you will be forced to make decisions that no one has had to make before. Enchanting and unexpected, he handles the emotions of the actors with skill and charm. 

EL PRÍNCIPE (Chile, Argentina, Belgium, 2019) by SEBASTIÁN MUÑOZ. 96 ' San Bernardo, Chile, 1970. In a drunken night, Jaime, a lonely and narcissistic 20-year-old, stabs his best friend in an apparent outburst of passion. In prison he meets El Potro, an older and respected man whom he approaches in need of protection, tenderness and recognition. A "black love" as they call it in jail, arises between them. Jaime becomes The Prince and discovers love and loyalty as he attends the violent power struggle in the prison. 

GLORIA IN TE DOMINE (USA / Mexico, 2019) by ANA GABRIELA TORRES. 94 ' This is the true story of Gloria, a young woman seeking love and acceptance in a strange country with a culture of intolerance and hatred. Will she be able to find what her soul seeks or will it plunge her into the dark shadows of despair? 

NOBODY from (YOU GUI, Taiwan, 2019) CHUN-HUA LIN. 83 ' A character lives illegally on the roof of a building. Zhen-zhen enters his house trying to browse, which makes the neighbors believe that he is an old man who has begun to hire prostitutes, which makes his precariousness difficult. Zhen-zhen's mother worries about the rumors, which will lead her to face this character and the tremendous secret he keeps. 

IF THIS WERE LOVE (IF C´ETAIT DE L´AMOUR, France, 2020) by PATRICK CHIHA 82 ' A haunting journey through our nights, our parties, our loves. They are fifteen young dancers, of diverse origins and horizons. They're on tour dancing Crowd, a piece by Gisèle Vienne (co-written with the dancers and Dennis Cooper, Frisk) that reflects on emotion and time, inspired by the raves of the 90s. 

SONG LANG (Vietnam, 2018) by LEON LE. 100 ' Dung is a tough, muscular and relentless debt collector, until he meets Linh Phung, the charismatic star of a traditional opera company and discovers that there is a bond that is difficult to overcome and worthy of operatic heights, focused on emotional connections.  

TU ME MANQUES (Bolivia, 2019) by Rodrigo Bellot. A man comes to New York to confront the recent suicide of his son, as well as his boyfriend. The collision of these two men is not only due to the father's inability to accept his son's sexuality, but also to the way in which his boyfriend has decided to pay tribute to his lost love ... With the special performance of Rossy de Palma, from Almodovar. 


WELCOME TO CHECHNYA (WELCOME TO CHECHNYA, USA, 2020) by DAVID FRANCE. In 2017, the LGBT + community, human rights defenders and their allies around the world were shocked by the devastating news about the crimes committed in the Russian republic of Chechnya. In coordinated action, the authorities harassed gay and bisexual men and women to illegally imprison them, torture them, and force them to give details of their LGBT + friends, resulting in subsequent executions or family members who were murdered for "honor matters." Kremlin-backed Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov denied all the allegations, claiming that there are no LGBT people in Chechnya. 


Fictions, documentaries, new directors, the extreme ... 

ABRE TU MENTE (DISCLOSURE, USA, 2020) by SAM FEDER AND AMY SCHOLDER. 108 ' Dare to open your eyes to an unprecedented story direct from the 2020 Sundance Festival: that of transgender characters and people in film and television, who in passing reveal how Hollywood reflects and manufactures our anxieties about what is. masculine and what is feminine.

BÁRBARA (Brazil, 2019) by JOHN PETRIZZELLI. 105´ Bárbara is a transvestite who imitates the great disco divas in a gay disco. One day when her lover and owner of the club, replaces her with a younger transvestite, Bárbara takes revenge by stealing a valuable portfolio and escapes to the Llano through its tropical paths. There, his destiny will cross in a tremendous way with that of Sixto, a young man whose family is killed by the drug lord El Padrino. 

LILITS, COLECTIVO LEPIDÓPTERO (Chile, 2019) by FRANCISCO MUÑOZ. 73 ' Trans extravaganza, fragmented into three parts, in which we meet the vision of Marina, an ordinary girl, Marie, a transsexual girl, and Maxine, a New Age girl, who immerse themselves in a singular work led by Stefano, a mysterious man who creates themes in which the girls must smoke opium and sleep, obeying rules that seem taken from a nightmarish world. Maxine then discovers a sordid plan of ancient traditions, where the only thing left is to escape, before being eliminated. 

THE MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY (Argentina, 2019) of MATEO BENDESKY. 86 ' Lucas, a teenager obsessed with his fitness body, and Gilda, his older sister, a girl inclined towards the mystical, are unexpectedly caught in a transport strike that prevents them from leaving an almost deserted coastal city, which they have come to treat to fulfill the last wishes of his dead mother. A romance, flirt and a cell phone with a camera accompany them although they do not necessarily end their loneliness.

PRIMOS (Brazil, 2019) by THIAGO CAZADO AND MAURO CARVALHO. 82´ Young Lucas lives with his religious aunt in a quiet rural town. But this hectic little life is with the days numbered when the charitable aunt announces the arrival of another nephew Mario, just out of jail. And so begins a romantic and sensual story about desire and first love.  


GOODBYE 70S (GOODBYE SEVENTIES, USA, 2020) by TODD VEROW. 93 ' It's the 70s, the golden age of gay porn in New York, and when a showgirl gets hurt and is prevented from dancing again, he decides to gather his friends and lovers to respond to the "art" movies with which they pretend. impress and distract him in the decaying cinemas of Times Square. Against all odds, the porn films they make become a hit until drugs, AIDS, and video catch up.

EARS (GLI ANNI AMARI, Italy, 2019) by ANDREA ADRIATICO. 112 ' The director of the magnificent debut feature Il vento, di sera (Berlinale and Festival Mix México, 2004) returns with this unique period fiction, the son of an upper-middle-class couple, Mario Mieli, has a fleeting life in which he faces with his family and with the Italian society of the time.

THE CITY OF LOST SOULS (STADT DER VERLORENEN SEELEN, Germany, 1983-2020) by ROSA VON PRAUNHEIM. 91 ' This is Berlin… This trans punk musical is the instant cult classic you never thought you'd see remastered! Angie Stardust runs a school and a restaurant in the basement called "the Burger Queen", where her guests (Tron Von Hollywood, Tara O'Hara, Joaquín la Habana, Judith Flex, Gary and the indomitable diva Jayne County (in her only starring role) earn what keeps them there.

MÚSICA PARA CORAZONES HERIDOS (MUSIC FOR BLEEDING HEARTS, Brazil, 2019) by RAFAEL GOMES. 102 ' Three hearts ready to be broken in São Paulo: Ricardo's, who has a boyfriend but wants his co-worker; that of Isabella who rests both from her boyfriend and her best friend, Ricardo; and that of Felipe, who suddenly finds himself trapped between the two. Amid runaway dreams, tumultuous passions, and dangerous friendships, these three hearts are unprepared for the insidious traps of love.

PRIDE (STATE OF PRIDE, USA, 2019) by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman. 71´ The magnificent directors of the films presented at Festival Mix, El Closet de Celuloide (Festival Mix 1997) and Article 175 (Festival Mix 2000), return with this masterful work where they turn their solidary and intelligent lens to the history and evolution of the parades and Pride demonstrations 50 years after the Stonewall riots, the celebratory focus, the lifeblood of the event. 

PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN ON FLAME (PORTRAIT DE LA JEUNE FILLE EN FEU, France, 2019) by CÉLINE SCIAMMA. 119 ' Pure color, painterly beauty, sizzling performances, and fierce direction in this new masterpiece. In 18th century France, a young painter, Marianne, was commissioned to make Héloïse's wedding portrait without her knowing it. Marianne must observe her model during the day to paint her portrait at night. Day after day, the two women grow closer as they share Héloïse's last moments of freedom. A love song to the exceptional actress Adele Haenel. 

SCREAM QUEEN! MI NESADILLA EN LA CALLE DEL HELL (USA, 2019) by ROMAN CHIMIENTI and TYLER JENSEN. 99 ' A Nightmare on Hell Street 2 is camp, it is homoerotic, it is offensive ... and it is very gay: the sensual images, the stylized interpretation and the variants disrupted in the traditional scheme of horror films are multi-dimensioned with dialogues overloaded and full of double intention. How did Hollywood's gayest horror film become a young actor's worst nightmare (christened in theater by maestro Robert Altman)? Here is the response of a boy terrified of homophobia, AIDS and many more prejudices that make him go into exile like Garbo. This documentary is the revenge of "the First Scream Queen man": funny, impressive, outrageous, tender and inspiring at the same time, it shows us to the community why the nightmare is not over yet.  


ABSENCE (ABSENCE, Canada, 1998) by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, 75 ' To spy on the consequences of his premeditated absence, a man hides for a long time in the basement of his house and places video cameras and microphones in strategic places. Hermosillo used the digital format to compose an essay on perversity, voyeurism and the labyrinths of the matrimonial home. 

MATINÉE (Mexico, 1976) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 96´ Two provincial children run away from school together to go to the movie matinee, only they are kidnapped by a gay couple of thieves, who leave them fascinated and little by little they begin to participate in their robberies until the adventure becomes something more sinister and dangerous. Magnificent Manuel Ojeda and Héctor Bonilla in a wonderful coming of age film. 

THE APPEARANCES DECEIVE (Mexico, 1983) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 100 ' An unemployed actor agrees to pass himself off as the son of a wealthy provincial who went abroad and who has not been heard from again. The father is a paralyzed old man who is cared for by his niece Adriana, who is in charge of all his business. The actor, turned into his character, fulfills the task, but also notices a strange behavior from Adriana. A sulphurous sexual triangle with Isela Vega, Gonzalo Vega and Manuel Ojeda in one of the most daring and iconoclastic films of the national cinema.   

AMOR LIBRE (Mexico, 1978) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 97´ Julia and July will share something more than their names: first a great friendship, an apartment and then the men in their lives, while they erase their own borders to freely live their sexuality. 

THE HEART OF THE NIGHT (Mexico, 1983) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 100´ A driving instructor (Jorge Balzaretti) becomes obsessed with a beautiful deaf girl. One day, the young man meets the girl's husband (Pedro Armendariz) who is a blind masseur and discovers that they are members of a secret group of disabled people, who seek revenge for a betrayal. Incredible images of a nocturnal and threatening Guadalajara in the face of the nakedness of its protagonists, precede a brutal sacrifice.  

DOÑA HERLINDA AND HER SON (Mexico, 1984) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 90´ Doña Herlinda (the iconic Guadalupe del Toro), a wealthy widow living in Guadalajara, pretends not to be aware of her son Rodolfo's affair with Ramón, a young music student. When she invites Ramón to live in her house, the situation is complicated by Rodolfo's marriage of convenience with Olga. In this world classic of gay cinema, Hermosillo raises with acute humor some of his thematic concerns: the family, the figure of the permissive mother and sexual diversity in a microcosm based in Guadalajara.  

EL VERANO DE LA SEÑORA FORBES (Mexico, 1989) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 88´ A couple who live on the beach leave their two children in the care of Mrs. Forbes, a strict German governess with almost military discipline, who indulges in sexual pleasure at night, and actively seeks to seduce a reluctant object during the day of desire: Achilles, the young diving instructor.   

DE NOCHE VIENES, ESMERALDA (Mexico, 1997) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 103´ Based on a story by Elena Poniatowska, this film shows us a charming nurse arrested for adultery. Questioned by a conservative graduate, the woman happily confesses the story of her polygamy with five men. 

EXXXORCISMOS (México, 2002) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 78´ A ghost story in the land of machismo, starring Alberto Estrella, José Juan Meraz and Patricia Reyes Spíndola. Striking digital reflection by Jaime Humberto Hermosillo on the lack of love and homosexual guilt, made in shots-sequences and shots-sequences, showing male desire in its dark splendor.  

EL EDÉN (Mexico, 2003) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 99 ' A conservative businesswoman promises her dying husband to bring their son back home, long absent and whose whereabouts are unknown. The tracks lead to El Edén, a male brothel disguised as a gym. Despite the fact that he refuses to return, she, used to achieving what she sets out to do, will use all her weapons to regain what is hers. 

EL MALOGRADO AMOR DE SEBASTIÁN (Mexico, 2004) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 78´ Sebastián meets Antonio and a love at first sight arises between them. But the obstacles are not long in coming and will lead him to an extreme and forceful act of liberation. 

DOS AURORAS (Mexico, 2005) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 93´ The powerful Aurora travels to Guadalajara to support her son, a budding filmmaker, who is going through a depressive period. More secrets and unnecessary violent action will take this maternal love to its last consequences. 

RENCOR (México, 2005) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 99 ' Wounded in her own love, a woman plots a terrible revenge against the man who stopped loving her. Drinking from Diderot and Bresson, Hermosillo updates the horror of heartbreak in a bisexual triangle loaded with a sickly eroticism. Incest, bitterness, AIDS. Julissa's bold return to the maestro's cinema, with Moisés Arizmendi and Manuel Medina, in this seldom seen gem.  

INFIELICIDAD (México, 2015) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 76´ A married couple, a psychologist, a sex worker. Humor, repression and freedom in four perfectly separate acts that construct a reflection on infidelity, in which sexual tension defines the psyche of characters that will not be subject to moral margins at all.  

A GOOD TASTE OF MOUTH (Mexico, 2018) by JAIME HUMBERTO HERMOSILLO. 78´ In his last film premiered in special functions, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, a filmmaker awarded twice with the Ariel de Oro for Best Picture, narrates the embarrassing event of the protagonist of a pornographic film, who during filming, fails to fulfill his commitment to maintain a indispensable erection in front of the cameras. Its impossibility has hilarious consequences, culminating in the arrival of a "specialist in pornographic videos." 


CLUB INTERNACIONAL AGUERRIDOS (Mexico, 2019) by LEANDRO CÓRDOVA. 84´ In this first film, we will meet a bisexual Romeo and Juliet in a class- oriented Mexico wrapped in punk. Tenderness and violence is Club Internacional Aguerridos. Imaginative and unleashed, this film introduces us to unusual characters in common settings of the now defunct Mexican video art, including their greed for novelty and their questioning of conventional narrative forms. 

TRITÓN (Mexico, 2018) by ARTURO VILLASEÑOR. 93 ' An art critic with an unstable, conflictive and seductive personality discovers a sculpture of Triton, a mythological fish-man character. The mysterious hermaphrodite figure reminds him of the loss of his father at sea during childhood, and triggers in him sexual impulses and desires for destruction.   


EN COLOR (México, 2019) by JAMES LUCAS. 15´ Ulises feels that he cannot tell anyone that he is in love with his best friend. Your only escape is the music in your mind. 

ENCUENTRO (Mexico, 2019) by IVÁN LÖWENBERG. 17´ Arcelia takes care of Lulú, her lifelong partner. In another part of town, Julián, a young man exploring his identity, lives under the supervision of his conservative mother. A sudden event will draw an unexpected path between the three. 

TRAVIATAS (Mexico, 2020) by MANUEL ALEJANDRO VILLALOBOS GONZÁLEZ. 15´ Samantha, octogenarian activist; Morganna, soprano in her thirties; Victoria, influencer in her twenties: three trans women from three different generations who have managed not only to belong but to excel in society. 

MALIBLUE (Mexico, 2019) by EDSON CONTRERAS. 6´ Audiovisual exploration that approaches the Drag scene in Morelia, where design, fashion, art and freedom make up its histrionic side.

# P0ZME (México, 2019) by ALEJANDRO ROGUA. 20´ Miguel arrives in the city to find the reason why his brother could commit suicide. There she meets the boyfriend, who reveals to her that his sister practiced the search to be infected with HIV.  

LA MARIACHI (Mexico, 2019) by ADÁN RUIZ. 9´ Nancy is a mariachi who was unjustly imprisoned as a trafficker in the United States. Living in CDMX with his wife and son, and working in Garibaldi, his voice supports his family and their hopes. 

VAN A ESTAR BIEN (Mexico,) by ALEJANDRO MORENO-NOVELO AND JOSÉ LUIS ISOARD. 15´ Horacio has urgent news for her husband but cannot contact him, and Hannah has not heard from his girlfriend for days.   


STATIONS (México, 2020) by EDGAR I. SALAS. 80´ In this moving piece we meet four characters defined by their profession: a sexologist, a cabaret singer, a singer and an activist, each with their different and contrasting personalities, who fight every day to achieve their dreams and move forward. Those who see them from afar will say that the only thing they have in common is the way they love: but there is something else. 

LAS CURVAS DE TUS LABIOS (Mexico, 2020) by ALEX LARA. 90´ Nicolás, a young executive, is discovering little by little and in a totally unexpected way, that his wife, the woman he had had the most trust and love for, has been being unfaithful to him for a long period of time. This shocking news leads him to face a process to discover also little by little what he has felt for his wife and what he really wants - and who he wants, loves and wants - in his life. 


DESEO Y SILENCIO (Mexico, 2019) by LUIS ARMANDO SOSA GIL. 12´ The last day they spend together on the beach, Julia realizes that there is an instinctive desire between her and Mattea. Upon returning home, she decides to keep this secret from her husband.  

RABIA (México, 2018) by ROBERTO A. CARLOS. 9´ Father and daughter face the affections of sexual abuse. 

LAS DOS CLAUDIAS (Mexico, 2019) by FRIDA PAOLA MEZA CORICHE. 16´ Claudia is a young woman who spends her days working in a bookstore when she is old. One day, after finding a forgotten letter in a book, he sets out on a search to deliver it. 

THE LAST WOMAN ON EARTH (… AND HER OBJECTIVIST DOPPELGANGER (México, 2019) by GIORGIO ROSSENTINO. 3´ A young guitarist attends a photo session in order to show her talent. Upon discovering that she lives in a world where she only Regardless of appearance, she will look for someone willing to listen to her.  

YA LLEGAMOS LAURA (Mexico, 2020) by NESTOR ABRAHAM INFANTE OLVERA AND IRAIS JIMÉNEZ SALINAS. 8´ Both will discover on the way to a cure, that love goes beyond any destination. 

DANA, CARNAVAL ET ZOMPANTLI by FERNANDO COLÍN ROQUE. 20´ A Mexican transvestite seeks to mitigate the loss of her mother and wonders if before carnival and death we are not the same.  

MY WAYS OF LOVE (Mexico, 2019) by AL ZAHER. 6´ "Because you never have to give up love." A free woman before her prospects.  


ANDROFILIA (Mexico, 2019) by ÁNGEL CABRERA. 15´ Five men help me understand this confusing and blurred concept that masculinity can be.  

LOST IDENTIFICATION (Mexico, 2020) by AXEL GONZÁLEZ. 12´ Castiel, a 25-year-old transgender man reflects on his identity through gender, the ways in which he transgresses this concept and how it influences his perception of himself and the world around him. 

TACÓN PUNTA TACÓN (Mexico, 2019) by EDUARDO LUZURIAGA. 15´ A 22-year-old student wants to cross-dress for the first time and participate in a gay beauty event. His 38-year-old partner, a professional transformer, gives him advice and tells us about his experience in the world of competitions and the life of the transvestite. 

THE DAY I STARTED TO DIE EVERY NIGHT (Mexico, 2019) by GUSTAVO MÁRQUEZ TAPIA AND GABRIEL OLVERA RAMOS. 10´ This is the story of a theater, banner of the struggle of a subculture of the LGBT community and why it is currently closed. 

ALESSA (México, 2019) by PAOLA GARCÍA. 27´ Alessa Flores, a transgender woman and activist for the rights of trans women, was assassinated on October 13, 2016. This crime has been added to the wave of femicides and transfeminicides that have occurred throughout the country and are now focused on Mexico City.

YOU TENÍAS FEAR (Mexico, 2019) by Alberto Pérez. 4´ "You were afraid" is the story of discrimination and uncertainty of two women living with HIV who struggle to form an identity with dignity. 


ACUITZERAMO (Mexico, 2019) by MIGUEL ÁNGEL CABALLERO. 15´ After losing his 15-year-old gay partner, Salvador gets in touch with his partner's son, who was not aware of their relationship. 

TRINIDAD MALDITA (Mexico, 2019) by SAC MEDINA. 3´ Miguel and Enrique, a gay couple become addicted to drug use without measuring the consequences. 

EL CLÓSET (Mexico, 2019) by JUAN GARCÍA MENCHACA. 5´ By locking yourself in a closet to spy on your partner, this man adept at suffocation, will find a surprise. 

NOW IT'S UP TO YOU (Mexico, 2019) by Felipe Kuri. 16´ José Ángel runs from his own house to his partner, Raymundo; he grows up in the face of abuse and returns for his own.

RESOLVED CRISIS (Mexico, 2019) by Sergio Salazar. 15´ A young man from Monterrey in the world of graphic design must keep his work afloat while undergoing strong chemotherapy.

ENCUENTRO (Mexico, 2020) by KARLA SELENA COMO MARTÍNEZ. 1´ An unexpected smile can change your day. 

LA AÑORANZA (Mexico, 2019) by ROBERTO SEGOVIANO. 9´ Rubén, a call and a painting that breaks. 

LA DAMA (Mexico, 2019) by DANIELA LÓPEZ GUERRERO CARRILLO. 6´ Fernando is obsessed with his drag neighbor “Vanilla” but when he does not dare to accept his homosexuality, he decides to harass her until they cause a confrontation.

IMELDA Y LUIS (Mexico, 2020) by LEONEL CHEE. 18´ Imelda wants to be a nun, Luis wants to be a woman and his mother owes a drug dealer to save her eldest son. One of them will be sacrificed to pay for it…


SIN DESTINO (México, 2002) by Leopoldo Laborde. 95 The young Fran mal lives in the streets of Mexico City, prostituting himself with men. Meanwhile, an old pedophile harasses him to restart the relationship they both had years ago. Young and powerful film, with mesmerizing photography and one of the final appearances in the cinema of Roberto Cobo, legendary protagonist of films such as Los Olivos, by Luis Buñuel, and El lugar sin Límites, by Arturo Ripstein.  


CASSANDRO EL EXÓTICO (Mexico, 2010) by MICHAEL RAMOS-ARAIZAGA. 23´ First approach to the cinema of this unusual and beloved character of wrestling. Honorable mention of the Mix Festival in 2010. 23´ 

LOS EXÓTICOS (Mexico / Germany / USA / Sweden, 2013) by MICHAEL RAMOS-ARAIZAGA. 83´ Direct key to prejudices! This is the life and history of Mexican wrestlers who for various reasons have decided to participate in this contact sport, characterizing so-called "exotic" characters. There are many homosexual athletes, But Mexican wrestling is the first professional sport where they have dared to confess it openly and they are the "exotic" wrestlers, who are a success and also the favorites of the public, since they have shown that their fighting talent is not in conflict with their sexuality. With music by Vate, Miss Volthage, Los Mirlos and more! MICHAEL RAMOS-ARAIZAGA. Master of Motion Picture Archives Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles, thanks to a Fulbright-García Robles scholarship and the AMIA-Sony Pictures scholarship. 


LOS OJOS DE EMILIO (Mexico, 2005) by Alex Zuno. 15´ Emilio spends the night with a foreigner. Convinced that there was more than just sex, he decides to go look for him in Puerto Vallarta, where they told him he has gone. 

THE FAREWELL OF EUGENIO (Mexico, 2009) by Alex Zuno. 24´ When Eugenio dies suddenly, his mother, his girlfriend, his trans aunt and his twin brother try to assimilate his departure, clinging to the memories.

HOTEL ROOM (Mexico, 2015) by Alex Zuno. 10´ Pablo hires Diana, a trans sex worker whom he has been observing for several nights, and takes her to a hotel room with very different intentions from those of his other clients, not knowing that her life is about to take a turn. With Óscar Olivares and Viviana Rocco. Embraced by the night (Mexico, 2019) by Alex Zuno. 1´ She prepares to go out into the daylight, after living in refuge at night: a “safe” space for a trans woman. 

OASIS (Mexico, 2017) by Alex Zuno. 16´ A housewife goes to the Oasis canteen to look for her husband and before the shock of the place, a transgender prostitute ends up helping her. Winner of the Ariel and Diosa de Plata for best short film. Inaugural short of the Mix Festival. With Norma Pablo and Morganna Love. 


AYER MARAVILLA FUI (Mexico, 2017) by Gabriel Mariño. A lonely character from Mexico City slides out of existence, uncontrollably changing his body. Without knowing when it will change, he leads a monotonous life traveling between bodies, which he ends up abandoning. His boredom and hopelessness are confronted with the love he feels for Luisa. Thus begins a struggle to communicate it to her through different faces and bodies of men and women, perhaps even managing to be with her despite her condition. 

CARMÍN TROPICAL (Mexico, 2014) by RIGOBERTO PÉREZCANO. 80´ It is the story of a return, that of Mabel to her hometown to find the murderer of her friend Daniela. A journey through nostalgia, love and betrayal in a place where cross-dressing took on an unusual dimension in its day. 

CUERNAVACA (Mexico, 2017) by ALEJANDRO ANDRADE PEASE. 88 ' Andy's world changes when his mother has an accident. With no one to take care of him, he is taken to Cuernavaca to the home of his distant paternal grandmother (the iconic Almodovarian Carmen Maura). As his mother struggles between life and death, the boy will face both the rejection of his grandmother, the seductive and dangerous world of the gardener's son, and the encounter with his father. 

SOLITARY STARS (Mexico, 2015) by FERNANDO URDAPILLETA. Valentina and Juana seek to fulfill their deepest and most intimate dreams to the rhythm of punk and rock. Along the way they will meet obstacles that will put their friendship to the test. The absurdity and harshness of their lives are intertwined in a bittersweet tale within a world of seemingly eternal party. With our beloved Dana Karvelas, Jorge Arriaga and a great cast.

LIFE AFTER (Mexico, 2016) by DAVID PABLOS. 90´ Full of disturbing ellipsis that the viewer closes when talking to the film, this film premiered in the Official Competition Section of the 70th Venice Film Festival (La Biennale Di Venezia), and this, one of the few chances to see her.

NADIE ES LIBRE (Mexico, 2013) by ALFREDO GALINDO. 109 ' … UNTIL WE ARE ALL FREE! At the end of the 60s, the country faced a series of youth revolts as the playwright and theater director Nancy Cárdenas began as an activist for the cause of homosexual rights, shouting her motto: ¨Nobody is free until everyone Let's be free ”. Carmen Montejo, Carmen Salinas and Christian Chávez in an exceptional tribute to the pioneer for gay rights in Mexico: Nancy Cárdenas. The portrait of a modern Mexico where marriage between same-sex couples is a reality but in which the question remains: are we really free? 

QUEBRANTO (Mexico, 2012) by ROBERTO FIESCO. 95 ' Fernando García Ortega, a character who during his childhood managed to become famous as the child actor 'Pinolito', appearing as one of the great promises of Mexican cinema, until, growing up and making the drastic decision to adopt a new gender identity and To become Coral Bonelli, her professional life takes a 180 degree turn and slowly begins to fade into a distant and painful memory. 

EVERYONE HAS SOMEONE EXCEPT ME (Mexico, 2010) by RAÚL FUENTES. 95 ´ Love has an edge and the closer you get, the more you risk your body and heart. With the beautiful Andrea Portal. 


DID YOU GET A SHOPPING FILM? (HABEN SUE INTERESSE AN EINEM FILM ZUM THEMA SHOPPING ?, Germany / Austria, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 5´ A blind date one afternoon at the mall. 

ALWAYS ON TUESDAYS (EVERYTIME ON TUESDAYS, Germany / Austria, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 6´ A brief meeting with Mik and Flo on their training day.  

IT GETS WORSE UNTIL IT GETS BETTER (ES MUSS SCHLIMMER, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 7´ Popular phrases tell the truth.  

THE IDIOT (DER WICHSER, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 12 'The more you do it, the more you want it.  

WHERE IS GEORGE? (WO IST GEORG ?, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 3´ Doubts that lead to revelations.  

EXPECTATIONS (ERWARTUNGEN, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 5´ Expectations in front of the camera and behind. On screen and in front of her. 

ERWIN (Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 16 ' A brief encounter with Erwin in his caravan.  

SABINE (Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 9´ Sabine tells us about her shyness and how it causes her difficulties as a transvestite.  

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, CHRISTIAN, WE'RE MAKING A PORN MOVIE (MENSCH CHRISTIAN, WIR DREH´N ´NEN PORNO, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 9 'Christian waits at his house for men who want to be filmed having sex with him. But the search for participants has been difficult. Christian has a Plan B. 

LOS ANGELES DE WOLFGANG (DREI ENGEL FÜR WOLFGANG, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 4´ Three angels visit him in his small hotel room between Christmas and New Years.  

A GOOD DAY (EIN GUTER MORGEN, Germany, 2020) by JAN SOLDAT. 4´ A good day for the hotel guest. 9´ Sabine tells us about her shyness and how it causes her difficulties as a transvestite.  


MALE FRIENDSHIPS (MÄNNERFREUNDSCHAFTEN, Germany, 2018) by Rosa von Praunheim. 85 ' How gay was Goethe? What has united two princes of poetry like Goethe and Schiller beyond their deep literary affinity? And what was there between Wilhelm and Humboldt or Kleist or Winckelmann? Our iconic director of gay cinema -and German cinema- interviews experts in history and art to delight in recreating in fiction, various historical speculation: for him, Goethe in Italy acquired various sexual experiences, even with young men; and with him begins a magazine about Heine's homophobia and his anti-Semitism, and thus, hero for cultural hero, showing that homosexual eroticism in the eighteenth century is fully justified and maintains current relevance. 

CASTING (Germany, 2017) by Nicolas Wackerbarth. 91´ Vera wants to film again The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, by Fassbinder, with a man in the role of her lover. The selection of the protagonist is difficult and. Gerwin, a failed actor who accompanies her, will soon want more than just the prompter role and will do anything to get it ... even come out of the closet. A new visit from cinema within cinema to the department of power and emotion forged by the German genius. 

THREE (Germany, 2009-11) by Tom Tykwer. 20 years have deteriorated Hanna and Simon's relationship a bit, who seem to live more in the trust of the past than in the future that holds for them. Then they fall in love with the same man, without either knowing about the other's sexual escapades. When the truth comes out, the trio will find an unexpected solution.



LEO AND ALEX IN THE XXI CENTURY (Spain, 2019) by EVA LIBERTAD AND NURIA MUÑOZ. 7´ Alex wakes up in his bed with his roommate next to him. Nothing will be the same for both of us. 

CHECHNYA (Spain, 2019) by JORDAN GOLDNADEL. 16´ After the arrest of Doga's secret lover, who works in a family restaurant, he knows that he has only a few days left…

EL PALPABLE ODOR ACRE (Spain, 2019) by GUILLERMO MEJÍAS. 10´ It is difficult for Belén to accept that she wants Lucia, who confuses her even more with her attitude. Neither is prepared for a banal discussion.  

GUILLERMO MEJÍAS. 1988. Specialist in neuroscience with a Master in Audiovisual Communication and film training. Since 2014 he has exhibited and has won painting and writing awards. This is his first short.  

SALVO EL CREPÚSCULO (Spain, 2019) by MARIO HERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ. 20´ Julia has lived in spirals of love, happiness, pain and self-destruction. A night of memories will make her face her destiny. 

SUMMER (Spain, 2019) by JUAN ANTONIO VALDIVIA. 11´ In his last days of summer in the town, Lucas, a 20-year-old boy, goes to a lake to spend an afternoon with his friends. There you will discover that perhaps this is not the place where you should be. 

CAMBIO DE TURNO (Spain, 2018) by FEDERICO UNTERMANN. 10´ Alicia and Vero are room guards in an art gallery. They are only seen during the shift change. A work of art tests your feelings. 

A COMPLETE WOMAN (Spain, 2019) by CERES MACHADO. 10´ Berta is a 55-year-old cougar and Hugo, a 20-year-old gigolo. They are strangers with several things in common apart from sex. With Belinda Washington. 

FLUIR (Spain, 2019) by MARTÍ AGUER YMBERT. 15´ Among the trees, a soldier struggles to survive, but when he finds someone, it is his enemy…



THE THINGS WE DO NOT SAY (Guatemala, 2019) by LUIS FERNANDO MIDENCE. 7´ Instead of leaving after bedtime, you stay to talk with the person. That happens to Damien and Mateo. They never thought they would go this far.  

SUNSET ON CLOUDY DAYS (PÔR DO SOL EM DIAS, Brazil, 2019) by EDUARDO MARTINS. 19´ Leonardo discovers that “love” is in relation to Felipe, a young man older than him. 

KID (Slovakia, 2019) by GREGOR VALENTOVIC. 27´ They are inseparable friends since they were children. But Hana gets married, Bazo goes to Canada, and Maya moves in with her boyfriend. David finds it difficult to be happy in the face of his loneliness in new territories: will he be willing to mature?. 

DROP (France, 2020) by CORENTIN ROUSSEAUX. 19´ Marius is a young jazz dancer who must dance with her ex-boyfriend Léo. The desire has not disappeared. But you must hide it from your partner. 

AFTER THAT PARTY (AFTER THAT PARTY, Brazil, 2019) by CAIO SCOT. 14´ Leo never imagined seeing his dad kissing another man at a party. Her best friend will help her find a way to tell her father that she knows his secret.

A REASON TO CELEBRATE (A REASON TO CELEBRATE, USA, 2019) by DERRICK BELL PEREZ. 15´ Liam gets emboldened and explosively comes out of the closet with his parents. Maybe this way you will find reasons to celebrate… 


BEFORE IT'S LATE (BEFORE IT'S LATE, Brazil, 2019) by Leandro Goddinho. 15´ On the eve of the homophobic candidate's arrival to the presidency, two country boys lock themselves in a hotel and find out what they mean to each other.   

RABBITS (Italy, 2019) by LUCA METODO. 20´ Giulio is a boy from the street and his cousin, shy and introverted. In the Neapolitan suburbs, both will grapple with their sexuality, maturity and the gray areas of adolescence.  

BUTTERFLIES IN BERLIN (BUTTERFLIES IN BERLIN, Italy, 2019) by MONICA MANGANELLI. 25´ A newspaper in the Museum of the Memory of the Holocaust tells that Alex, became the first transsexual person in history, when he moved to Berlin in 1933. Except that this city ceases to be the epicenter of modernity and sexual liberation to become the cradle of repression and Nazism. 

ENTHROPIA (Hungary, 2019) by FLORA ANNA BUDA. 11´ Container of three parallel universes where three girls live in different circumstances.  

CHECHNYA (Spain, 2019) by JORDAN GOLDNADEL. 16´ After the arrest of Doga's secret lover, who works in a family restaurant, he knows that he has only a few days left…

IT MUST BE PAINFUL (MUST BE PAINFUL, Slovakia, 2020) by DAVID SEMLER 15´ After missing a train, Danny and his Spanish boyfriend, must share the wait with a homophobic heterosexual couple. 


TE TOCA (Guatemala, 2019) by LUIS FERNANDO MIDENCE. 11´ Santiago faces the prejudice of his friends when he decides to reveal something personal. 

JAY (USA, 2019) by SZU-WEI CHEN. 14´ Fascinated by his brother, a boy awakens to his sexuality in confusion and loneliness. 

LOLO (Brazil, 2019) by LEANDRO GODDINHO AND PAULO MENEZES. 13´ Lolo and his friends try to understand sexuality and their identities.

WHY DO I FEEL I AM A CHILD? (PROC SE CÎTÎM JAKO KLÑUK ?, Slovakia, 2019) by KATERINA TURECKOVÀ. 27´ In a village we meet Ben, 16, who is defining his trans identity. An exploration of (the lack of) acceptance in various circles and confrontation with his mother, who unwittingly personifies everything he hates about himself. 


LEO AND ALEX IN THE XXI CENTURY (Spain, 2019) by EVA LIBERTAD AND NURIA MUÑOZ. 7´ Alex wakes up in his bed with his roommate next to him. Nothing will be the same for both of us.  

CHECHNYA (Spain, 2019) by JORDAN GOLDNADEL. 16´ After the arrest of Doga's secret lover, who works in a family restaurant, he knows that he has only a few days left…

EL PALPABLE ODOR ACRE (Spain, 2019) by GUILLERMO MEJÍAS. 10´ It is difficult for Belén to accept that she wants Lucia, who confuses her even more with her attitude. Neither is prepared for a banal discussion. 

SALVO EL CREPÚSCULO (Spain, 2019) by MARIO HERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ. 20´ Julia has lived in spirals of love, happiness, pain and self-destruction. A night of memories will make her face her destiny. 

SUMMER (Spain, 2019) by JUAN ANTONIO VALDIVIA. 11´ In his last days of summer in the town, Lucas, a 20-year-old boy, goes to a lake to spend an afternoon with his friends. There you will discover that perhaps this is not the place where you should be. 

CAMBIO DE TURNO (Spain, 2018) by FEDERICO UNTERMANN. 10´ Alicia and Vero are room guards in an art gallery. They are only seen during the shift change. A work of art tests your feelings.

A COMPLETE WOMAN (Spain, 2019) by CERES MACHADO. 10´ Berta is a 55-year-old cougar and Hugo, a 20-year-old gigolo. They are strangers with several things in common apart from sex. 

FLUIR (Spain, 2019) by MARTÍ AGUER YMBERT. 15´ Among the trees, a soldier struggles to survive, but when he finds someone, it is his enemy… 


ANOTHER PLEASE (ONE MORE PLEASE, USA, 2019) by ALEKSEI BOROVIKOV. 5´ Strong glances along a club bar… 

EL DESPERTAR (Colombia, 2019) by JUAN PABLO GÉLVEZ BUSTAMANTE. 28´ His education prevents him from accepting himself and now he will have to decide if what he feels sexually is something real. 

ESTE BRILLO (THIS BRIGHT FLASH, Canada, 2019) by RYLAN FRIDAY. 9´ The third world war begins and Adam must reconcile and save the man he is about to abandon, before a bomb falls in Seattle.

THE LAST ROMANTICS (OS LAST ROMANTICS, Brazil, 2019) by JOAO CÁNDIDO ZACHARIAS. 12´ Two young people share different points of view about the same sexual encounter in a public space. 

ANGEL (ANJO, Portugal, 2018) by MIGUEL NUNES. 24´ An improvised party awakens the memory of a passion in Lisbon. 

FLUIR (Spain, 2019) by MARTÍ AGUER YMBERT. 15´ Among the trees, a soldier struggles to survive, but when he finds someone, it is his enemy… 

DON'T BLAME JACK (DON´T BLAME JACK, United Kingdom, 2019) by DALE JOHN ALLEN. 29´ Now medicated for his bipolar disorder, Jack seeks to find magic clouded by medications, In the arms of any stranger.


THE I-LAND (France, 2019) by FABRICE COPPIN. 39´ “More than coming out of the closet, this is the testimony of a desire that springs from the intimate”.

A COMPLETE WOMAN (Spain, 2019) by CERES MACHADO. 10´ Berta is a 55-year-old cougar and Hugo, a 20-year-old gigolo. They are strangers with several things in common apart from sex. 

L´HOMME JETÉE (France, 2019) by LOÏC HOBI. 21´ The encounter with a disappointed sailor prompts Theo to escape from his monotonous existence to face the sea.  

OBEY (THE BRIGHT SIDE) (OBEY (BRIGHT SIDE), Italy, 2019) by GIUSSEPPE BUCCI. 12´ Two actors of very different ages play the roles of emperor and slave on stage, but in real life, one is in a broken marriage and the other with sexual bulimia. But they may have a way out. 

BOYS SELF-DESTRUCTIVE (SELF DESTRUCTIVE BOYS, Portugal, 2018) by ANDRÉ SANTOS and MARCO LEAO. 27´ Three twenty-somethings put the limits of their sexual flexibility to the test. Boys will always remain boys. 


WILD GRASS (WILD GRASS, Turkey, 2019) by DOGUS MÍNSÍN. 11´ Aytug is a young man from Istanbul who refuses the life imposed by society. He will turn the other cheek as he is attacked for his gender role and his fight is just beginning. 

MARIE (Brazil, 2019) from LEO TABOSA. 25´ Mario returns to the province of Brazil after 15 years. Now she is a trans woman and accompanied by her childhood friend, she will go on a journey in her past to bury her father. 

BABY (USA, 2018) by JESSIE LEVANDOV. 8´ A queer love story, where Ali lives his youthful peak one Saturday afternoon in the Bronx. 

MALA FOREVER. SCENES THAT IMAGINE (SCENES I IMAGINE, Turkey, 2019) by METIN AKDEMIR. 45´ Stories about women, bathed in ambiguity and censorship in Turkish cinema.   

VUELTA AL SOL (Panama, 2019) by JUDITH CORRO. 8´ César is on his birthday but his family does not want him to wear clothes that make him feel good. That day he will make a decision: to please his family or to be true to his identity.


Curated by Arturo Castelán. 102´  

DIMITRI (Italy, 2019) by MARINO BACIGA. 15´ Alessandro takes advantage of his trip to Rome to flirt in networks. Reality and strangeness come to her when she meets an elegant and refined man named Dimitri. 

IN CASO DE FUEGO (EM CASO DE FOGO, Portugal, 2019) BY TOMAS PAULA MARQUES. 23 'Chico lives impacted by a hate crime in the town to which he must return with his friends, hiding what he fears and what he wants. 

AMAR DE FONDO (AMARE AFFONDO, Italy, 2020) by MATTEO RUSSO. 15´ In this intense film noir, the friendship of Giacomo and Samuele over time has become a guilty secret. But a terrible maritime accident causes them one more guilt and will force them to escape ... from themselves. 

CHECHNYA (Spain, 2019) by JORDAN GOLDNADEL. 16´ After the arrest of Doga's secret lover, who works in a family restaurant, he knows that he has only a few days left…

TO DREAM LIKE HIM (REVER COMME LUI, France, 2019) by VALENTIN MERZ TANÖREN. 19´ Two boys are in a country and bourgeois castle. They are alone enjoying the place. But they are in trouble. One of them takes refuge in the dream: desire, revulsion, lust and paranoia. 

RUINS (RUINES, France, 2019) by BENOIT DUVETTE. 14´ Two boys escape trying to face their feelings. At night, loneliness will face them. .  


LA RÁFAGA (Puerto Rico, 2019) by EDGAR GARCÍA. 29´ A man discovers an unexpected relationship that will be strengthened after the tragedy. 

FIRST THE FAMILY (FAMILY FIRST, Italy, 2019) by MARCO MUCIG. 7´ Marco shares his passion for skating with his girlfriend and friends but feels divided. You need to find your own truth. 

DREAM BOY (USA, 2019) by KEVIN ANTHONY. 28´ Max goes out with the boyfriend of her dreams -Jason- in secret: he is everything he wants and everything he doesn't need. 

GERMINAR (THRIVE, USA) by JAMIE DI SPIRITO. 17´ The sexual connection often leads to a spiritual disconnection.

MORE THAN YOU KNOW (MORE THAN HE KNOWS, USA, 2019) by FIONA DAWSON. 14 'Sometimes wives know more than you think. FIONA DAWSON. "I like to explore the complexity of the human connection, what we feel, the spectrum of sexuality and the patterns of marriage."  

AFTER MIDNIGHT (DEPOIS DA MEIA NOITE, Brazil, 2019) by MIRELA KRUEL. 12´ This is the colorful story of Lucas and Gabriel, comparing the idealization of their love in fairy tales with a real relationship. 


CALL OF ALERT (WAKE UP CALL, Israel, 2019) by SIVAN NOAM SHIMON. 24´ Lior is forced to decide between continuing with her duties as a combat officer, or surrendering to her wish.  

CAMBIO DE TURNO (Spain, 2018) by FEDERICO UNTERMANN. 10´ Alicia and Vero are room guards in an art gallery. They are only seen during the shift change. A work of art tests your feelings. 

LEO AND ALEX IN THE XXI CENTURY (Spain, 2019) by EVA LIBERTAD AND NURIA MUÑOZ. 7´ Alex wakes up in his bed with his roommate next to him. Nothing will be the same for both of us.  

EL PALPABLE OLOR ACRE (Spain, 2019) by GUILLERMO MEJÍAS. 10´ It is difficult for Belén to accept that she wants Lucia, who confuses her even more with her attitude. Neither is prepared for a banal discussion.

I AM NOT ANY SISTER (NOT YOUR ORDINARY SISTER, Germany / Slovenia, 2019) by MASA ZIA LENARDIC AND ANJA WUTEJ. 4´ Queer satire on the films of lesbian vampires, between the reality of the wet and the fantasy of these fantastic beings. 

ESSAY (REHEARSAL, United Kingdom, 2020) by VALENTINA GORDEEVA. 13´ Ana moves from Russia to London, where she meets her girlfriend Ana. Her visa is about to expire and she must marry to achieve citizenship, but first she must face her mother. 

LINGUA (Portugal, 2019) by ADRIANA MARTINS DA SILVA. 23´ At 30 years old, Ana cannot establish loving intimacy, so she turns to a therapist who forces her to face new paths.  

SALVO EL CREPÚSCULO (Spain, 2019) by MARIO HERNÁNDEZ LÓPEZ. 20´ Julia has lived in spirals of love, happiness, pain and self-destruction. A night of memories will make her face her destiny.