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10,000 Saints

Country: USA, Language: English, 113 mins

  • Director: Shari Springer Berman; Robert Pulcini
  • Writer: Shari Springer Berman
  • Producer: Shari Springer Berman; Luca Borghese

CGiii Comment

I met your mom at an says a dope-fuelled dad to his straight edge son.
Movements come and movements go...some movements are so ridiculous that some people feel the need to write about them...followed - inevitably - by a filmmaker or two...
sXe (straight edge) is one such 'movement'...born from the punk scene, these straight edgers refrain from...alcohol, tobacco, drugs, promiscuous sex and other words, all those little things in life that one enjoys...
They do get their rocks off to some hardcore, cacophonous music. Bless their cotton socks.
As you can imagine, it's not exactly teeming with members. But, it does serve as a backdrop to 10,000 Saints...and, as a point of reference...
The adults in this story aren't exactly shining examples of wedlocked adulthood.
It's worth watching for Ethan Hawke alone - he provides some necessary comic relief from these dour, dismal youths...
As for the subtext...look for it and ye shall find...
A slow starter...that may (or may not) warm the cockles of your heart...bless their little straight edged souls.


The(ir) Blurb...

Follows three screwed up young people and their equally screwed up parents in the age of CBGB's, yuppies and the tinderbox of gentrification that exploded into the Tompkins Square Park Riots in New York's East Village in the 1980s.

Cast & Characters

Hailee Steinfeld as Eliza;
Ethan Hawke as Les;
Emily Mortimer as Diane;
Asa Butterfield as Jude;
Emile Hirsch as Johnny;
Avan Jogia as Teddy;
Julianne Nicholson as Harriet;
Jeff O'Donnell as Tory Ventura;
Henry Kelemen as Young Jude;
Lawrence Whitener as Homeless Man