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Million Little Pieces (A)

Country: USA, Language: English, 113 mins

  • Director: Sam Taylor-Johnson
  • Writer: Sam Taylor-Johnson; James Frey; Aaron Taylor-Johnson
  • Producer: Pamela Abdy; Alex Heineman; Andrew Rona

CGiii Comment

The main problem with this film is that it is based on a supposedly factual book...that book proved to be just a litany of lies. So...why would anyone buy the rights to something so bogus!?! It doesn't make sense...lining the pocket of a liar! This had 'avoid like the plague' written all over it.

The other problem is...Aaron Taylor-Johnson, obviously thinking this was going to be his star vehicle...he parades around in the buff showing off his [mighty fine] body...looking nothing like the knocking-on-death's-door drug addict he supposed to be!

As you would expect, in this rehab unit, all the usual suspects are present. From the worldly-wise-and-weary to the nubile nymphet to the empathetic, tough-talking other words: No surprises. The gay/bisexual character is toxic...he will - quite literally - make your skin crawl.

Drug dramas are ten-a-penny...the ones that standout, become memorable, are those that dig deeper than the rest. Sam Taylor-Johnson approached the subject at sea-level and only went for a paddle rather than diving in. There are a couple of eye-watering set-pieces that are designed to shock [and, they do]...but, actually feeling anything for 'James Frey' [and his lies] is asking too much without giving anything significant in return. As predictable as it is...the potential to address the controversy surrounding the deceit [by the author] was an opportunity to to be missed. The filmmakers missed it!

All in all, it's an unnecessary adaptation of a book that ought not to have been adapted.


The(ir) Blurb...

A young drug-addled writer approaching the bottom of his descent submits to two months of agonizing detox at a treatment center in Minnesota.

Cast & Characters

Ryan Hurst
Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Frey
Charlie Hunnam as Bob Frey Jr.
Juliette Lewis as Joanne
Billy Bob Thornton as Leonard
Giovanni Ribisi as John
David Dastmalchian as Roy
Odessa Young as Lilly
Andy Buckley as Dr. Stevens
Dash Mihok
Eugene Byrd
Tom Amandes as Dr. Baker
Carson Meyer
Andy Mackenzie
Charles Parnell