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Perfectly Normal Family (A)

Country: Denmark, Language: Danish, 93 mins

Original Title

En helt almindelig familie
  • Director: Malou Reymann; Rene Ezra
  • Writer: Malou Reymann; Maren Louise Kaehne; Rune Schjott
  • Producer: Matilda Appelin

CGiii Comment

A close father-daughter relationship is at risk when Emma’s father, Thomas, comes out of the closet as Agnete and the family splinters. Heart-warming family drama portrayed with convincing authenticity.

11-year-old Emma loves to play football – an interest she has always shared with her dad. When it is suddenly revealed that her parents are getting divorced and her father is going to undergo a transformation, it becomes the beginning of a bewildering, emotional trip for the whole family, where everyone handles it in different ways. Hardest hit is the younger sister, Emma, who thought herself close to her father, but still did not see it coming. In Malou Reymann’s delicate feature film début, which is based on her own experiences, everyone in the family is forced to redefine and put their identities on trial.


Cast & Characters

Mikkel Boe Følsgaard as Thomas / Agnete
Jessica Dinnage as Naja
Hadewych Minis as Petra
Neel Rønholt as Helle
Kaya Toft Loholt as Emma
Kristian Halken as Morfar
Tammi Øst as Vibeke
Rikke Bilde as Jeanette
Peter Zandersen as Peter
Rigmor Ranthe as Caroline
Camilla Kold Krohn Gade as Tjener
Nicolai Dahl Hamilton as Doctor
Morten Bjørn as Confirmation party guest
Wilfred Schandorff Worsøe as Casper
Virginia Quetglas as Beauty Technician