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Absolument Fabuleux

Country: France, Language: French, 105 mins

  • Director: Gabriel Aghion
  • Writer: Gabriel Aghion

CGiii Comment

Shockingly bad.

What were Saunders, Gaultier and Deneuve thinking - appearing in this crap? Money.


The(ir) Blurb...

The wildly popular British television show Absolutely Fabulous gets a Francophonic makeover with this film version directed by Gabriel Aghion. In this go around, Josiane Balasko and Nathalie Baye play the incorrigible Eddie and Patsy, who leave no impulse unenacted and no lust unsated -- be it for sex or the latest in designer clothing. Waking up from a night of drunken debauchery, the two dip right into a feast of champagne and caviar, much to the irritation of Eddie's elegant mother and her resentful daughter. As Eddie stretches an appalling pair of leopard-print leotards (complete with matching shoes, purse, and hat) over her massive rear end, she and Patsy learn of a handsome young Rollerblading delivery boy who quickly becomes the object of their lust.

Cast & Characters

Josiane Balasko as Eddie Mousson;
Nathalie Baye as Patricia;
Marie Gillain as Safrane;
Vincent Elbaz as Jonathan;
Claude Gensac as Mamie Mousson;
Yves Rénier as Alain;
Saïd Taghmaoui as Manu;
Chantal Goya as Chantal Goya;
Stéphane Bern as Himself - En personne;
Catherine Deneuve as Une spectatrice du défilé;
Jennifer Saunders as Une spectatrice du défilé;
Jean-Paul Gaultier as Le créateur;
Marie-Christine Bendavid as Herself - En personne;
Viviane Blassel as Les mannequins;
Claire Chazal asUne spectatrice du défilé