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Country: Belgium, Language: German | English, 100 mins

Original Title

De Patrick
  • Director: Tim Mielants
  • Writer: Tim Mielants; Benjamin Sprengers
  • Producer: Peter Bouckaert; Frans van Gestel; Jacques-Henri Bronckart; Bart Van Langendonck

CGiii Comment

Never separate a man from his hammer!

This is one special film...challenging, in so many unimaginable ways...but, very special. It doesn't take too long before the nudity [practically everyone is naked] becomes superfluous...but, never unnoticeable, swinging penises do tend to grab your attention!

Stripped bare, Patrick is an uncomplicated man of few words. His world his wobbled by a missing hammer, the death of his father...and, a murder. Doesn't sound too much like a comedy, does it? But, it is...dark as it is. Tim Mielants straddles the obvious absurdity with unbridled ease...and, skill. Watching two out-of-shape, slightly-over-the-hill, naked men fighting in an unstable caravan has got to be a scene seen to be believed. This is just one of the film's many pièces de résistance. An other is, the funeral the forest, with naked mourners...the beauty is - quite simply - breath-taking.

The surprises are as frequent as the swinging penises and wobbling boobs. There's a surprising gay love-story, a salacious illicit affair, turf wars and subterfuge...there's even some beautiful, bespoke furniture. There is so much content and detail...but, that bloody missing hammer is never far from centre stage. For sure, there will be many a metaphorical interpretation...the hammer symbolises Patrick's latent grief...bollocks. And...there are a lot of bollocks in this film...because, this film has balls...great big magnificent, magical, mouth-watering cojones! 

This is Tim Mielants' debut feature...what a voice, what next will he pull from his conjurer's hat? The only problem is...we will all have to wait. Hopefully, that 'wait' won't be too long.


The(ir) Blurb...

Patrick is the handyman on his father's naturist campsite. The remaining time he dedicates to his hobby, designing and creating furniture. When Patrick loses his campsite hammer, his quest to retrieve it takes him to the farthest corners of the camping grounds. Sure enough, when Patrick's father passes away, Patrick's quest turns existential. Patrick's safety bubble pops and everything he took for granted, changes. Is he mourning because of his father? Or is he thinking mostly about his lost hammer? In the meantime, the resident campers are beginning to question Patrick's leadership abilities, fearing for the survival of their beloved sanctuary.

Cast & Characters

Jemaine Clement as Dustin;
Hannah Hoekstra as Nathalie;
Kevin Janssens as Patrick;
Jan Bijvoet as Flik;
Jean-Benoit Ugeux as Le vendeur de marteaux;
Bouli Lanners as Mon;
Pierre Bokma as Herman;
Frank Vercruyssen as Wilfried;
Janne Desmet as Josee;
Katelijne Damen as Nelly;
Josse De Pauw as Rudy;
Ariane Van Vliet as Liliane;
Tine Van Den Wyngaert as Sabrina;
Louis van der Waal as Henk;
Francoise Chichery as Florence;
Peter Gorissen as Bert