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Turner Risk

Country: USA, Language: English, 112 mins

  • Director: Michael Dailey
  • Writer: Michael Dailey; Morgan Lintz
  • Producer: Michael Dailey; Morgan Lintz

CGiii Comment

A film that desperately needed a script editor...many of the too many conversations could have been cut...along with all the bargain-bin philosophy...the result would have been a more focused, less rambling main story.

And...there is a blistering story. Young man goes on a killing his mind's eye, completely justified. It is violent, it is disconcerting...and, it goes off-piste too damn often. Aaargh!!!

Credit must be given to the two leads: Nick Fink & Carlin James. They do a damn decent job...with what they had been given...namely, a less-than-mediocre supporting cast and that blethering script.

A script that - bizarrely - turns into a Scooby-Doo-hunt for a serial killer! Look...if your roommate tries to murder call the police. You don't rally your friends and acquaintances to sniff him out!

There may be a whiff of subtext...he was bullied for being different...alas, an avenue left unexplored. A good script editor could have had a field day with this, skipping down those unexplored alleyways...and, deleting 30 minutes [of drivel] and re-writing the rest.

Frustratingly disappointing...because, it could have been something very special indeed.


The(ir) Blurb...

Turner Risk, a longtime victim of bullying, decides one day to clear out all the negatives and effectively reboot his world. As his deadly plan becomes clear, his only friend, Robbie Cruz, jobless and struggling to make ends meet, teams up with his new companion Seth and high school nemesis Conner to stop Turner. But first they have to find him - which begins their longest journey together: a day of sudden tragedies and, ultimately, of unexpected revelations. A story of the paralleled impacts of bullying and friendship, Turner Risk pits innocents against the unexpected challenges that life ultimately brings us all.

Cast & Characters

Nick Fink as Turner Risk
Carlin James as Robbie Cruz
Sean Cruz as Seth Hsu
Rory Hart as Conner Hudson
Michael Huey as Joey Riago
Maria Trinidad Cruz as Bree
Peter Adrian Sudarso as David Hudson
Quron Keith as Brian
Minsoo Lee as Park
Toru Uchikado as Toshi
Ann Henderson-Stires as Caldwell
Shirl Gregory as Brian's Mom
Derek Allison as Brad
Aries Sanders as The HR Lady
Aimee Lee Lucas as Bree's Friend