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ALL SAiNTS: The Bottle Collector

Country: USA, Language: English, 48 mins

  • Director: Jake Jaxson
  • Producer: Jake Jaxson; R.J. Sebastian

CGiii Comment

The most obvious question to ask: Why was this shown at a certain film festival?

It's porn...with daubs of mysticism and above average production values.'s still porn, even though it takes 20 minutes for things to get 'interesting' [so to speak]...and even then, it's not really 'interesting' - just two young men telling each other how good it feels!

Not exactly the kind of film that should be making it into festivals!

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

Set against the mystical landscape of New Orleans, ALL SAiNTS, continues and builds upon the unique mythology that fans have come to love in Jake Jaxson’s previous series The Haunting  and Answered Prayers.

The ALL SAiNTS trilogy follows the mysterious and venerated Van Deerin Family, who are both blessed and cursed since time immemorial.

In this episode, an ambitious lawyer (Carter Dane) has been tasked, by the Van Deerin Family Trust, to review and inventory the artifacts and research at the Institute of Religious Studies in New Orleans, for which they are the primary funder.

During his inventory he discovers a Depression era diary of a young man (Sean Ford), a “Bottle Collector” from the backwoods of South Louisiana. His story sets off a chain of events that opens up a world of mystery, as he begins to be haunted by his past, and a realization that his ordered and structured life is about to be change his life forever.

Cast & Characters

Carter Dane
Sean Ford