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Close to His Chest

Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 74 mins

  • Director: Various
  • Writer: Various

CGiii Comment

An oddly curated compilation...

Apart from one film, this is a mightily impressive selection.

Swimming Pool (Piscina) (dir. Carlos Ruano)

Santi and Jota are two guys living in the outskirts of Madrid. Like many others, they have decided not to study or work and they spend their precious time drinking beer cans in the park and talking about the hottest girls in the neighborhood. But Jota seems a little bit worried about something.

Frozen Princess (Princesa De Hielo) dir. Pablo Guerrero

Few days before Epiphany, Antonio and Carmen read the letter that their son has written to the three Wise Men. A very special gift on the list of the child will test the convictions and love of the parents.

Naked (Desnudos) dir. Jose Antonio Cortés

A message from Javier’s boyfriend changes his family situation and causes them to reconsider their relationships.

Impulse (Pulsiones) dir. José Manuel Carrasco

Carlos has a problem...

Visibles dir. Enrique Rey

The social stereotype of the LGBTI community has been built around young, fashionable, well-off individuals having fun, never over 40. But where are LGBTI seniors? Do they vanish into thin air when they turn 40?

Along the Road (Läns Vägen) dir. Anette Gunnarsson & Jerry Carlsson

Two truck drivers have a secret relationship. They meet up at a rest area along the road, but both of them are longing for something more.

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

These men are undergoing a crucial stage of self-discovery, but for better or worse - they will not go through it alone. A selection of shorts about the complexities of gay and male sexuality.

Cast & Characters

Juana Acosta as Carmen
Nacho Casalvaque as Guillermo Martín
Cayetana Payno Del Rio as Mujer Cienciología
Carlos Guerrero as Javier
Nacho Marraco as Padre
Marko Mihailovic as Félix
Rocío Mostaza as Madre
Sergio Peris-Mencheta as Antonio
Ferran Vilajosana as Santi
Álex Villazán as Jota