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Foam Party!

Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 93 mins

Original Title

Como La Espuma...aka: Like Foam
  • Director: Roberto Pérez Toledo
  • Writer: Roberto Pérez Toledo
  • Producer: Pau Brunet; Carlo D'Ursi

CGiii Comment

An orgy in a mansion. Sounds exciting...doesn't it?'s not.

Talk about talking...when they all should be bonking! Each and every participant [and there are many] possesses an issue or two, or three...and, as Roberto Pérez Toledo clearly thinks, there's no better place to discuss and resolve these 'issues' other than at an impromtu orgy. Wrong!

As interesting an idea as it is, juxtapositioning tête-à-têtes into an orgy...this 'party' lacks the vital spark: Carnality. It's all so pretty and polite...and, not prurient in the least.

As well-filmed as it is, nudity is not [really] an issue...the 'main' actors' modesty is preserved throughout. With too many characters, too many conversations and little [read that as: nothing] in the way of hot and steamy sex scenes...all-in-all, it's a 93 minute, PG-rated, overly-verbose, non-debauched romp.

Foam Party! fails to rise to the occasion, these suds are duds!


The(ir) Blurb...

An emotional journey of lost human beings trying to find themselves takes place in what could be considered a fairly strange place: an orgy in a Spanish mansion. A message circulates from mobile phone to mobile phone and it is started! All at once, a diverse range of strangers get together, searching for sex, and in doing so they expose their funny, sexy and profound sides. Like Foam shows that things are not always what they seem and never has an orgy been so funny and full of love.

Cast & Characters

Sara Salamo as Elisa;
Diego Martinez as Jorge;
Daniel Muriel as Mario;
Nacho San Jose as Gus;
Carlo D'Ursi;
Maria Cotiello as Marta;
Pepe Ocio as Jesus;
Jonas Berami;
Miguel Diosdado as Ruben;
Elisa Matilla;
Javier Ballesteros;
Adrian Exposito;
Alex Villazan as Alvaro;
Raquel Quintana;
Sergio Torrico as Rodri