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Country: USA, Language: English, 90 mins

Original Title

  • Director: James Helsing
  • Writer: René Mena; James Helsing; Lashawn Williams; Tyler Frech
  • Producer: René Mena; Daniel Garcia Carrillo; Lashawn Williams

CGiii Comment

They don't come much worse than this! Really, they don't!

René Mena [who stars, writes and produces, executively] must have won the lottery. He has thrown money, time and effort at this and none of it stuck. But, can't buy talent and talent is the one thing that binds everything matter how big or small the budget is. Alas...there is very little in the way of any visible talent to be found on the screen. Sorry to have to say this, Mr Mena you simply can't act.

It took 4 writers, an inexperienced director [who cannot recognise wood when he sees it] and a great dollop of delusion to get this film made. When the executive producer is also the star and co-writer, warning bells start to paid attention to those bells. Here endeth quite a few cinematic careers.


The(ir) Blurb...

A criminal attorney struggles with his sexuality, a cryptic new boyfriend, unemployment and the disturbing childhood secrets his parents hold.

Cast & Characters

Rene Mena as Isaac Smith;
Mike C. Manning as Mark;
Vannessa Vasquez as Emily Smith;
Linda Gray as Kathlyn Smith;
Eric Roberts as Mathew Smith;
Carmen Carrera as Shae;
Carlos Pratts as Leo;
Nika Khitrova as Patricia;
Julianna Barninger as Ashley;
Paris Dylan as Ethan;
Alex Gonzalez as Young Isaac;
Jyllina Skye as Young Emily;
Lashawn Williams as James;
Monica Herman as Annie;
Cary Christopher as Wyatt;
Christopher Kriesa as Ernie;
Raquenel as Mariana;
Gloria Sandoval as Butch Lesbian;
Roxanne Dover as Faith;
Jonny Carlson as Bouncer