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2014 - UPDATED: 15 May 2019


Pedro Henrique Conrado de Macêdo


Maria Clara is a woman who fights for your rights. She talks about your transsexuality process and issues that evolves this Trans universe, as your struggle for a social name and against the heteronormativity.

20 mètres d’amour à Montmartre

Pierre Gaffié


France / 5´
Paris, early in the morning…. 4 women, unknown to each other, find a secret connection between them, through their hearts and through their arts...

A Baroque Ball

Frédéric Nauczyciel


France / 5 mins

Quelques instants de « voguing » au Centre Pompidou avec la vogue scène de Paris et Dale Blackheart (Baltimore).
Watch... https://vimeo.com/134822688

A Flash

Niall Cutler


Two boy band loving girls stumble upon a scandalous secret in a hall closet after sneaking into a sold out concert.

A Love Letter to Machism

Bo Justine


France / 4 mins
Loving and attentive compilation.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/112951548

A Love Such As This / Ek Maaya Ashi Hi

Vaibhav Kar


India | 27 min
A story about a mother, an illiterate poor Marathi widow, who accidently finds out that her son is gay. She is shattered and furious. She beats her son, abuses him and tries to convince him that whatever he is doing is wrong until she meets another mother when her world gets turned upside down.

About Us

Cutiepoc productions


Germany / 13 min
About Us was about a community experiencing how it is to collaborate on a soap together. Filmed on and off over a period of 1 year “About Us” was a community and collective project bring- ing people from the Berlin and wider QTIBIPoC community together to find our own alternative narratives.


Jaishrish Udai


In a world filled with prejudice, a young couple comes face to face with the stark realities of an unjust judicial system.

Act on Instinct

Elin Magnusson


Sweden / 16 mins
Through pine groves and oat fields, amongst elk and woodland lakes – a deer is passing by with three small fawns on a leash. She has recently become a mother and is trying to adjust to her new role. She is nature, this is her land but still she can’t shake the feeling of a slowly growing panic and the emptiness of being an outsider.

All Over Town

Matt Thomas


Canada | 9 min
Jesse, a young art student, works on a graffiti project to win back his ex-boyfriend Shane. Shane and his best friend Zack, however, uncover his true motivation.

All We Share

Erez Eisenstein


Sweden / 25 mins
Two arborists, Samir and Sara, are hired to cut down a healthy tree in a family's backyard. Why the family wants the tree removed seems at first quite incomprehensible, yet the wife is determined, while the husband behaves rather strangely. It's obvious there's something they don’t want to talk about. While taking the tree down, Samir observes the backyard and the people he meets.

Always Think of Me in Your Lunch Break

Maria Chiriac


UK / 2 mins'
Always think of me in your lunch break' is an experimental short film focused on daydreaming and reverie, as an escape from reality, following the mind into the rabbit hole whilst detached from the immediate surroundings, capturing the the blurring contact with reality. This tells the story of an imaginary lunch time mental rendez-vous of two lovers in a forbidden relationship. The couple trapped in different real life coordinates, noisy urban soundscapes, secretly agree for a simultaneous daydreaming - during lunch break, irrespective of their actual location or surroundings they strongly long for time together in intimacy and rush to find bliss in the subconscious togetherness of an imaginary date.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/100855334


Isaiah Lawrence


USA | 2’ |No dialogue
A non-narrative piece about ambiguity, androgyny, bodies, sensuality, music, and movement.

Another Way Out

Anna Gutmanis


Three generations of LGBT Canadians talk about their life journeys - being bullied, coming out, and coming into their own. Stark black and white visuals highlight these candid, eloquent self-portraits. Anna Gutmanis' powerful song "Another Way Out" provides the soundtrack.


David Muñiz


Spain | 1 min
"¿Antonio? ¿Quién demonios es Antonio?"


Hylnara Anny Vidal


Brasil | 15'
Através dos sons, das imagens e do trabalho de ator, um transbordamento do que pode ser um acontecimento, ou um crime, na vida de duas meninas mulheres.

Through the sounds, images and work of acting, an overflow of what can be an event, or a crime, in the lives of two girls.


Martin Gaughan


Ireland | 4 min
A dystopian vision of Ireland in the wake of marriage equality

Asbjørn - The Love You Have In You

Thomas Dyrholm & Anders Morre


Watch... https://youtu.be/nh9_t82ifiU

Ayotzinapa Quisieron Enterrarnos…No Sabian Que Eramos Semilla

Daniel Brittany Chávez


USA, Mexico /  10 min


Joshua Long


Singapore / 4 min

Beti Bina kal

Pranjal Vashishtha


India / 5 mins
Arun don't want a baby girl, but dream of a future without daughters horrified him and he realize how wrong was his decision to abort his baby daughter and he decides to give birth to his daughter.

Between the Lines

Leon Livshitz


Israel / 8 mins
A unique point of view at the colorful crowd flowing through Tel Aviv's veins.
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/93747/watch/


Dário Pacheco, José Gonçalves


Portugal | 12 min
Through an old forgotten tape we enter into the world of fetish and fantasy of sports and locker rooms, however there is something beyond sex … there is a secret force uniting the team, the love between comrades. Love is the energy that binds the two men. These men are together to achieve victory, and love is the power that animates their bodies.

Brother In Law / N'sibi – Le Bon-Frère

Hassene Belaïd


Algeria | 21 min
Ali, a young man from the lower class living in the Algerian town of Setif, leads a dull, narrow and isolated life. One evening, he is forced to give his sister-in-law, a trans woman, a ride home, yet Habiba’s ways are in total contradiction with his own values…


Zig Lam Yee Shing, Kaylen Quek Yu Lin, Korny Poh Ya Ching


Singapore | 6'
A chance encounter of a girl and a cat in a small Southeast Asian village.


Hanna Szentpeteri


Candy hasn't always been Candy.

Chelsea and Mo

Tobi Hill-Meyer


USA / 28 min
Actress, activist and director Tobi Hill-Meyer has great success with her ”docu porns” that celebrate and explore trans women’s desires and sexual relations.


Tommy Llorens


Spain | 4 min
Unas viejas fotos pueden cambiar tu presente, tu futuro e incluso tu pasado.


Blacky Mendez


UK | 27 min
New to the City, young Max is struggling to find his feet and find love at the same time. With a chauvinistic manager who prides himself on being able to buy anything and everyone, Maxis caught between keeping up with the big boys and falling for the gorgeous barman the rest of the suited young men see merely as a commodity. Once he hears even the cute barman has been bought, Max starts to spiral out of control, trying to plays the game himself but without knowing the rules, there can only be trouble ahead, but the company is up for a big presentation where they need to please the big boss from Paris who flies in especially.


Juan De La Cruz


Atgentina | 7 min
Algo no anda bien... el encierro en sí mismo no permite entender qué es. Díascíclicos se pasan en una casa de campo. Emociones incontrolables, pueden hacer perder el control hasta volverse todo confuso...


Leung Jojo


16 mins
Nam is suffering from "gender identity disorder," the man has been seeking self-identity. Even he has a physical in a man body, the heart of the soul is female. In the process of seeking gender identity, he has thought he has been sick, gay and Cross-dresser. He is also confused, grief. He is very distressed and unable to find mind in any position. Because he don’t know that the unidentified confusion come from. He sits on the park and calls friends to talk.
Watch... https://www.festivalfocus.org/film/96960/watch/

Coffee Break

Sara Rico Castillo


Spain | 2 min
Carmen ha quedado con Sara para tomar un café....un café muy amargo...

Colby does America

Colby Keller


USA / 52 min
Colby Does America is a highly ambitious & hugely collaborative art project that entails the filming of erotic art pieces in all 50 states, and several provinces in Canada. Whether in front of the camera, or behind it, Colby Keller hopes this project will help him to further explore the representation and commodification of sexuality in today's society. 

Corpi e Memorie

Claudia Mollese


Italy / 10′
All’ombra delle loro abitazioni, anziane prostitute raccontano la storia di Mara, una transessuale che ha dato scandalo, in città e oltre, dagli anni ’50 fino al 2001. A tracciarne il ritratto sono i racconti di chi l’ha conosciuta e ha incrociato con le proprie esistenze la sua chiacchierata vita.


Kazutoshi Inudo


Japan / 19 mins
Satsuki is a bisexual teenager and she feels desolate. She loves her girlfriend Jun and she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her relationship but her mother doesn’t think it’s “normal”. Satsuki sways with her sexuality because of this and she has relations with a man. CRACK explores the fluidness of sexuality with teenagers in a modern Japan that still has traditional values.


Briana Blades and Kristin Kent


Canada / 5:39
A documentary about genderqueer journalist, poet and artist Jess Sachse who is living with a congenital disability.


Jacob Stein


6 min
A documentary about genderqueer journalist, poet and artist Jess Sachse who is living with a congenital disability.

Crush and Love

Almendra Nieto


Mexico, 5 mins
Blocked windows, fear your feelings, shame of falling in love with someone of your same sex, love,desire.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/120189726


Jagruti Jethe


India | 10 min
Beautiful girl next door… Chocolate boy… Teenage crush. Love is in the air. Which love? And where?

Cunt Month March

Rosa von Praunheim


Germany / 18 mins
Rosa von Praunheim is an icon of the worldwide LGBT scene: a pioneer, a gay activist, a provocateur – and a unique storyteller. From the 70’s onwards, he has been touching taboos and society’s raw points with his titles. Now he has accomplished one of his most ambitious projects, ROSA’S WORLD. Cunt Month March is one of the vignettes in this series depicting a moment in time and the beginning of a revolution around language.

Dear Grandpa / Caro Nonno

Luca Ferri


Italy / 18 mins
Three granddaughters with the same mechanical voice write a letter to their “dear grandpa”. Maybe they are twins, surely they resemble each other like sisters. they find themselves in different countries, yet in the same place. they confess their miserable and paralyzed lives to their octogenarian despot, asking him the reason for his resentment for goethe, calvino and wallace and the reason for his unmentioned and unmentionable love-hate for stravinsky. The appearance of the grandfather will clarify all doubts.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/aykWBXoV3OQ


Lauren Brim and Jethro Massey


USA | 11 mins
Three couples, heterosexual and homosexual, show the unifying element of love, the loss of balance in the dynamic of two, and the journey of the individual in a relationship. Set to Cello Sonata in A minor by Edvard Grieg, this film interweaves dance and fiction to show mankind’s intense desire for connection, the limitations of relationship, and how ultimately, we are all on a journey alone.

Dirty Laundry

Drew Nelson


USA / 5 mins
A boy just wants to read his bible while his darks are drying, but the guy folding towels behind him wants to jump his bones.

Dr Sharpe

Alice Ash


10 mins
Rose Durrell is a psychotic woman who has a disturbing affection for her doctor. Her actions result in harrowing circumstances.

El Armario Ruso

Miguel Ángel Viñas


Spain/Russia | 42 min
En Rusia es difícil hablar abiertamente sobre orientaciones sexuales "no convencionales". La homosexualidad ha sido durante muchos años tabú en esta sociedad pero la ley aprobada en junio del año pasado -que sanciona a quien se manifieste a favor de la homosexualidad en presencia de menores- ha complicado más la situación para gais, lesbianas, trasexuales y bisexuales. Algunos activistas de organizaciones en defensa de sus derechos creen que incluso ha servido de escudo para que grupos de extremistas neonazis lancen impunemente ataques contra esta comunidad, que después cuelgan en las redes sociales. Muchos confirman, también, que desde que se aprobó esta ley ha aumentado la homofobia, el miedo y el odio en el país.

El Beso

Stef Jacob


Argentina / 7´
Una persona toma la decisión que cambiará su vida y la de sus hijas para siempre. ¿Logrará su sueño de ser ella misma… o la vida de todas se convertirá en un desastre? El beso es una invitación a atreverse a ser feliz.

El Evangelio Según Mateo

Jorge Vega Reyes


Ecuador | 12 min
While avoiding confrontation in the city by pretending they scarcely know one another, they laugh, make love and dream in their magical hidden place in the forest.

El Sexo Sentido

Manuel Armán


Spain | 57 min
"El sexo sentido" retrata cómo viven y sienten algunos niños y niñas y sus familias la transexualidad. Cuando nacemos nos asignan un sexo en función de las diferencias biológicas pero... ¿qué ocurre cuando un niño o una niña se sienten incómodos con el sexo que les asignaron al nacer?
El documental ha entrado en la vida de niños como Ariel, Patri y Eli, y de jóvenes como Edurne, Alejandro y Leo, para retratar una realidad desconocida por la mayoría; mostrando los obstáculos que estos menores tienen para desarrollarse libremente y los problemas sociales, médicos y legales a los que se tienen que enfrentar.


Queralt Pons Serra



Esto a los Heteros no les Pasa

Miguel Lafuente


Spain | 1 min
Este tipo de cosas nos les pasa a los heteros...

Eve & Eve

Racheli Ben Zaken


Israel, 3 min
Interpretation of the Adam & Eve story.


Sam Bell


USA / 78 mins
An untradional love story that questions the nature of love and sexuality. When best friends Sophie and Billie meet the mysterious Michael they are forced to re-evaluate their own understanding of relationships and their outlook on society. There love is reversed.


Carole Menduni 


Belgium / 4


Scott Fitzpatrick


A personal Venn diagram, a conceptual cobbling together of interests and identifiers, a sound and animation experiment rendered in all 260 fonts on my MacBook.


Kayleigh O'Keefe


4 mins
Flabzilla subverts the concept of the monstrous fatty and plays with common perceptions of an ‘othered’ physique. A morbidly obese behemoth rises from the sea and uses her body mass to attack the city of London, which is built entirely from cardboard and packaging tape. Treading a fine line between grotesque and sex, weighty flesh and physical power clash with intricately crafted landmarks until all is destroyed.

Floors Scrapers

Marita Kavtaradze


Lithuania / 6 mins
Trois amis viennent d’emménager ensemble. Deux garçons, une fille, trois possibilités?

Free Birds

Yu-Jeong Hong


USA / 10 min
Timmy is a gay teenager living in an ultra-conservative family. The last thing he wants to do is talk about girls with Dad or listen to hellfire-and-brimstone sermons in church. Things change when he meets Xena, a gregarious free spirit, who tries to show Timmy that being yourself is more important than pleasing the wrong people.


İsa Şahmarlı


Azerbaijan | 6min


Randa Maroufi


France | 16 min.

Gay Terminology Challenge

David Levitz


USA / 5 min from
A quick immersion in today’s slang of the American gay culture.

Gays Heart San Francisco

Luis Bustamante


USA / 10 mins
In the second installment of Luis Bustamante's Docu-Diary, "Backstage Pass," Luis, Taylor, Craig and Matt go on a road trip across California to visit the gay mecca of the United States, San Francisco. A lot of the scenes from that chapter were deleted but in this ten minute short you can watch all of the shenanigans that took place on that road trip!
Watch... https://vimeo.com/114954707


Andy Garzon


Mexico / 5 min
Gerardo is a gay man in the closet and he thinks he should marry a woman. But he cannot hide his secret.
Gerardo un joven que ha hecho todo lo correcto para encajar en esta sociedad como hombre un día se cansa fingir ser la persona que no es y se verá forzado a tomar una decisión drástica con su vida.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/112937555


Vishwanath G. Shirodkar


India | 24 min.

Going Here

Courtney Trouble


USA / 13 min
Porn novice, Lyric Seal, and porn veteran Jiz Lee confront old traumas of being stuck in an elevator by having hot, consensual sex in that very location.

Green Willow

Olivia Samantha


Indonesia | 6 min
A short movie about equality, false love, and despair.
As an act of love, Adam made a sculpture of a person he deeply in love with. However, the process of making this sculpture is much easier than trying to make his love interest fall for him.

Hey Sexy!

Pascale Neuschafer


South Africa / 6 mins
A documentary short about street harassment in South Africa.
Watch... https://youtu.be/HX0kv5kwZEM

Honest Living

Kevin Barbagallo


A young man struggles to maintain financial independence while hiding a secret from his family.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/74770349

How to Get a Boyfriend

Sebastian Rhodes


How to get a gay boyfriend... If you have ever wanted a sexy gay boyfriend, you need this video. A hot boyfriend is hard to get but totally worth it. This video is also a joke.

Human Machines / Maskinmänniskor

Ricky Lindén


In a society similar to ours, but with further developed technology, robots are build for different tasks. The next step in development is to give these machines feelings with a new type of circuit board. Two robots, Chip and Loop, are chosen and the optimistic Jack and his pessimistic assistant Liam follows the development of the experiment. The robots become more humanlike compared to their old cold ways and they get to experience happiness, sadness, fear and love. Jack has waited many years for this to happen and is in the beginning very happy with the results. The sceptic Liam however gets scared when he notices that it actually works. He develops hate against the two childlike machines and plans to sabotage the whole project.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/96613681

Hybrid / Híbrido

Márcia Bellotti


Brasil | 6'
Em um jogo entre performance e ficção, 'Híbrido' é uma videoarte acerca dos conflitos e convergências entre aspectos masculinos e femininos, assim como as obrigações, subjugações e relações de poder relacionados ao falo.

In a game between fiction and documentary, the film talks about the conflicts and convergences between the male and female aspects, as well as obligations, subjugations and power relations related to the phallus.

I Am

Anna Rodgers


This beautiful and poignant film was commissioned by TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland) and is a conversational piece which explores gender identity and transgender experiences in Ireland.

I Am What I Am

Equal Ground


Sri Lanka / 28 min

I Am Yours To Keep

Iqrar Rizvi


Canada | 2 min
I am yours to keep is a performance for the camera where the veiled figure unfolds the conflicting nature between one’s identity and the body in a state of isolation.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/115933738

I Don’t Need To Know You

Katia Repina, Luca Aimi


Spain / 6 min
The collaborative project by photographers Katia Repina and Luca Aimi explores Cruising in Cataluña, Spain. This process of searching for sexual encounters in public places such as parks, beaches and parking lots has attempted to reveal and understand the complexity of motivations and feelings that drive the subjects. Broadcasting a sense of loneliness, shame, guilt, exclusion and adrenaline the narrative poses disturbing questions in search for hidden reasons and excuses. After all, these emotions are what make a human being feel alive.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/140958334

I Hit Send, or Modern Meltdown

Steven Boyle



Watch... https://youtu.be/WxKUnT3Lq28

I Wish I Was A Lesbian

Erika Lust


19 mins
Maria's deepest fantasies come true when she finds herself being hosted by a hot and sweet lesbian couple.

Imaan – This Is The Beginning

Faizan Fiaz


UK / 7mins
Imaan is the world’s longest-running peer support group. Founded in London in 1999, it continues to support LGBT Muslims. Director Faizan Fiaz’s film delves into the history of the group, how it evolved and how it has met the challenges that face LGBT Muslims in the UK.

Indian Sex / Desi Chudaai

Zeeshan Akhtar


India / 18 mins
A film about male to male sexuality in India.


Troy Martin


Watch... https://vimeo.com/113654047

Internal Body Shots

Kristian Peters, Jasco Viefhues & Emma Simon


Germany / 13‘
“Tell me one of your memories, maybe your first memory of your body or your cock.”
Hans, Can, Grete and Coco meet for a chat about physicality, in order to get to know each other and exchange experiences. An experimental conversation about gender norms, genItaly and the body within, the one you only see once you got to know someone.


Flor Maya, Luis Huerta, Oscar Maskie, Jaime Blanco y Don Anahí


México | 7´


Huynh Nguyen Dang Khoa


Vietnam | 33 min
The day before Andy, a gay Vietnamese business man, leaves Vietnam, he makes a date with a famous actor on Jack’d.

James Baldwin #1-#5

Marco Kane Braunschweiler


"I want to add to the discourse of work around Baldwin and this is a poetic response to his oeuvre. Listening to Baldwin talking I felt he was speaking to me, imploring me to think, to change. As my contribution, I’m stripping away the image to underscore the natural effect the photograph has to condense and flatten time and show just how little has changed in 50 years."


Till Gombert


Germany / 8 min

Just friends / Je suis en manque

Uli Decker


Two friends remember the night they tried to have sex
One night, one bed, one blanket.
One man, one woman, one dream.
A shared memory...

Just Two Steps Away

Mujeer Pasha


India | 53 min
When two boys first met they realized that it was just one thing being together no matter what, but everything could end soon. They knew it well and that is why they kept each other two steps away.

La Candidata

Tomás Balbas


Spain, Catalonia / 7′
The Iron Woman, The Black Woman with a Golden Heart, Jesusa, the Rose Woman, The Calm Woman, and Esperanza Constitución. All of them are The Candidate: Six stories, six worlds, six voices, six women willing to say what they think and offer the best of them and to be themselves if you vote for them.

La Piscina

Mariana Winarz y Rocío Llambía


Uruguay / 11 min
La infancia está llegando a su fin: con 12 años y un cuerpo que está cambiando, Lina empieza a tomar decisiones sobre su identidad que van en contra de lo que su madre quiere para ella.


Marit Östberg


Sweden / 2’

Long Time Love

Mitra Devi


Switzerland / 52 mins
Trailer… https://youtu.be/vEm4ZASO7bw

Love Is Gender Free

Michelangela Caldarella, Igor Longhi


Italy / 6′
Esistono molte definizioni di AMORE. In ciascuna di esse si descrive una relazione tra due soggetti ma in nessuna esiste distinzione di genere.

Love Me Forever

Sergio Muñoz Cano


USA/Spain / 17 mins

Love v/s Law

Sonal Giani, Jeny Gada


India | 8 min
In 1860, the British colonial rulers introduced section 377 into the Indian penal code. Thus imposing in India the British Judeo-Christian morality of the time.
Section 377 stated that “Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life.”
Any sexual behaviour that did not lead to reproduction was considered to be unnatural. Homosexuality became a crime.
Then came a ray of hope, but it did not last long. On December 11, 2013 the Supreme Court of India delivered a shocking verdict upholding Section 377 criminalizing millions of Indians, specifically the LGBT community.

Lulu, The Mad Woman / Lulu A Louca

Estevan Silvera


Brazil | 8 min
Cinematic transposition of a short story from the book “Capitu sou Eu” [I Am Capitu] by the writer Dalton Trevisan. In the short story “Lulu”, the Mad Woman tells the story of a character through the city of Curitiba; streets, alleys and public urinals being “my museums, my churches. Here I feel at home.” Lulu has a motto: “My motto is: do to others whatever you want them to do with you, dear, with no guilt or remorse. And why should I feel guilty”


Kent Monkman


Canada | 15 min | Inuktitut with English subtitles

Matrimonio Per Tutt

Cinema Del Reale


Italy, 3′

Meet Louis Gay

Karl Stavem


Norway / 11min / Gay


Chang Pei Yee, Oon Qian Yi Shannon


Singapore | 2'
Animação tradicional 2D criada com tinta preta e cores pastéis. Inspirada por pinturas, linhas e cores de Joan Miró, MiMO é uma peça abstrata que explora a arte do movimento.

Traditional animation created with black ink and color pastels. Inspired by Joan Miro paintings of lines and colors, MiMO is an abstract piece that explores the art of motion.

Mon Modèle Masculin est une Femme

Mikael Vilchez


Switzerland / 3’38’’

My Father is Gay

Ambrish Bhatia


India | 35 min
The movie is about a mature Indian gay man who is hunting for fun and Gay Love and in this hunt, he use fake details to attract young guys towards him but he get caught in a mess when one guy becomes hard on him and start blackmailing to him. His son came to know all this and then...


Celia Wickham


UK / 09:06
The relationship between the filmmaker, her mother and her mother’s mental illness is depicted in this beautiful moving image film. The imagery of film burning and fracturing portrays a storm of emotion, an expression of memory, mental health and trauma. It’s a film to sink into and enjoy as it unfolds before you.


Danielle Shvalboym


Israel / 14'
A young married man is fascinated with his new neighbour he accidentally met at the stairs. He is curious and has only one solution…


Lorenzzo K


Argentina | 9′

Nude / Crua

Benedito Serafim


Brasil | 22'
Tarcísio, membro de uma torcida organizada do Recife e entregador de água, mantém um caso amoroso com Adones, ator e escritor. Por não aceitar a homossexualidade de forma tranquila, Tarcísio decide acabar de vez com o seu romance.

Tarcísio, a member of a football fan organization in Recife and also a water delivery man, has an affair with Adones, actor and writer. Tarcísio, for not accepting his homosexuality, decides to put an end to their romance.

Odum Raja Aadum Rani

Viju Varma


India – 250 min.
'Odum Raja Aadum Rani' is a striking depiction of scores of men and women who are destined to lives their lives behind a veil on account of their sexuality. Unapologetic to the core, it touches and breaks your heart in myriad ways, and emerges a life-affirming movie with a difference.

Ojos Negros

Georgina López


México | 13´


Pauline Boudry


Both a document and a recreation of a performance, OPAQUE takes place in an abandoned public swimming pool. A series of curtains are drawn back, revealing layers of hot pink animal print and plumes of smoke, ultimately obscuring a Jean Genet inspired lipsynch.


Cristina Grosan


20 mins
Eastern women meet their Western male clients online, in a sex chat studio where a transgender, on his way to become a woman, is the one in charge. But when he falls for a client he meets online, he’d give anything to finally be acknowledged as a woman. Except the image the client sees on his screen is someone else’s.

Out of The Closet, Kenya

Caren Otieno, Iris Van der Spoel


Kenya / 10 mins
Kate Kamunde from Kenya is one of the few lesbians who openly speaks about her sexual preference. A lot of homosexual Kenyans are still in the closet, because otherwise they risk being subjected to physical and verbal abuse everyday. Kate was married for 2 years to a man when she could no longer hide her secret, and so she came out, and strongly so.

Pain Killer

Dan Ban


The film crashes straight into the story where we witness a very distraught and heartbroken man - seemingly mourning the loss of his male partner.
With only his dogs to accompany him on the day after his loss, he starts to really feel the loneliness and anguish, hence the copious amounts of painkillers and alcohol he consumes to drown the sorrows. He even starts to hallucinate, and a conversation with the 'Devil' ensues! However, the 'Devil' is in disguise (think 'Wolf Creek' meets Tony Abbott meets Kylie in Red Hot Pants - not gold!) and is potentially the voice of a very renowned bigoted politician -- and this outmoded, antiquated politician cannot be shaken from the heartbroken man's shoulder, however hard he tries.

Pat Stiletto

Karolina Malinowska, Mav Gutarra


Music video for Alchemy Drive band.

Patria o Arte

Óscar Andrés Acosta e Iván Huidobro


Chile/Colombia / 29 min. Documental.
Patria o arte is a documentary made in Havana, Cuba. It follows Lázaro and Grethel, two prominent artists in this Caribbean country where dreams, illusions, politics, and utopia blend together. This audiovisual journey reveals an age when artists struggle to move forward, to fill their life and spirit, on an island that remains frozen in time.

Penile code

Sharath Chandra Bose


India / 15 mins
The story revolves around the life of a lesbian couple struggling to get past their problems they face under various political scenarios. Their relationship is fraught with tribulations both internal and external. Their relational dynamics undergo a massive change when an unexpected intruder enters their personal and sexual life.
Watch... https://youtu.be/Wyx7X_uOn6Q


Stefanie Yan


USA / 15 min documentary
Lived in the city of Philadelphia, Chutian is having a long distance relationship with his boyfriend back home. Under the conservative circumstance in China, he has to hide and lie about his homosexuality with his parents and friends. During the 15 minses short documentary, Chutian talked about how he became a gay at the beginning, he also talked about his parents and his family’s opinion on homosexuality.

Podríamos Jugar al Fin del Mundo

Elías Pedernera


Argentina | 4 min
El Camino Amarillo y Caminar De Elefante nos presentan el videoclip oficial de "Podríamos jugar al fin del mundo" que forma parte del disco "No sirvas ahí la tormenta" de Diegomartez, un cantautor solista de la ciudad de La Plata.

Polar Express

Karen Asmundson & Gwen Trutnau


Canada / 4:52
The Carnival is back in town and Jim is hell-bent for leather to ride the Polar Express and worship his ultimate fantasy: the airbrushed mural of the fur-clad polar goddess. A gender-bending heavy metal mid-way ride of ridiculous fun.


Joaquín Tovar


Spain | 1 min
Una familia, un secreto.

Polyamorous God

Laura Bispuri


Italy | 4 min
A music video representing metaphors of love and conflict in polyamorours relationships.

Portraits / Retratos

Rafael Jardim


Brazil | 15 min
Two portraits. Alex hides his sexuality from his parents and Lara discovers hers after another betrayal of her boyfriend.

Post Religion x The End is Near

Alex Wolf


UK / 3 mins / Music video
Post Religion's latest video is a collaboration with Italy-based clothing label The End Is Near. Premiered on C-Heads magazine and featured on Thvndermag, My Superhero Mag and Fizzymag, we used the concept of a fashion film to juxtapose memetic images relating to internet subcultures alongside the fast-food aesthetic of the collection. In this fantasy world that alludes to cyber culture images and hacker database visuals, reality is reflected as an aesthetic playground.
Watch... https://youtu.be/84sRB0NxSpU


Leo Pinheiro




Leo Mena,  Alvaro Puentes


Chile, , 4 min short
Putito is a production with no specific genre, where reality and fiction blend through a testimony written by José Carlos Henríquez - a feminist activist and male prostitute who plays himself in the project.

Watch... https://vimeo.com/estudionueve/putito

Question of Matter IV

Sonia Rickli


Switzerland / 3’11’’

Red / Vermelho

Márcia Bellotti


Brasil, 5 mins

Por meio de uma fusão entre performance, ficção e documentário, esta videoarte fala sobre as amarras que constroem à força o universo feminino. "Não se nasce mulher: torna-se..." - Simone de Beauvoir em "O segundo sexo" (Le deuxième sèxe, 1949)

Through a merge between performance, fiction and documentary, this video art talks about the physical and psychological restraints that build the female being. "One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman." (Simone de Beauvoir in The Second Sex, 1949)


Erez Eisenstein


Sweden  / 25 mins
Robert and Victor is 15 years old and best friends. Tomorrow Victor will move from his hometown. They drag around, and does antics. Slowly, we understand that it's more than friendship between them. Evocative, and with fine acting, this film explores the emotional and sexual boundaries.


Ronald Bal


Netherlands / 6’27’’

Retrato de Irina Grecco

David Yáñez Barroso


Spain / 17 mins


Vanessa Gutierrez Toca


Mexico / 11 mins
Carmela leads a quiet life until Abril, an adventurous free spirited girl, breaks into her routine. The meeting leads them to explore new paths in their lives.

Rompecabezas Trans

Al Borde Producciones


Argentina / 7 mins
In a world that seems to be controlled by stereotypes and gender norms, Ryan tells how, from hir daily life to hir dissenting body, s/he has reinvented the small and big things in life, as if it were a puzzle, completed to the rythm of hir pleasure.


Victor Ciriaco


Brasil / 13 mins
Você pode sentir o sal permear sua pele? Pedro está diante de uma relação nunca vivenciada. Johnny veio de longe e segue o ciclo de sua vida. Partir, ficar, voltar. Sailor narra um encontro inesperado, inspirado na canção "Surabaya Johnny" de Bertolt Brecht e Kurt Weill. 

Same Sex Biz

Tabita Rezaire


Guyana, South Africa / 6 minutes 
Through confronting discourses, SAME SEX BIZ creates a chaotic example of the complex situation that African homosexuals face today.With screen interface and energy currents, Tabita Rezaire’s digital healing activism offers alternative readings to dominant stories, questioning Western authority and propagating to dismantle the oppressive white-supremacist-patriarchal-cis-hetero-globalized gaze on the world.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/98171476

Sangre sucia

Juan Mirarchi


Argentina / 62 mins
Un virus comienza a extenderse y todos los infectados se convierten en zombies. Entre los supervivientes, hay un jovencito gay que se enamora de un militar.
Watch... https://youtu.be/1Z4S8txcpPQ

Santa Rosa

João Paulo Palitot


Brazil | 23 min
Não soube jamais se na verdade ela havia esquecido ou se foi a vingança final de sua vida.

One never knew if she actually had forgotten or if it was the ultimate revenge of her life.


Aja Pilapil


USA | 2’ |No dialogue
Performance artist SATURN slays and dominates the streets in this genderfucking ferocious dance video by AJAPOPFILMS.

Seguimos Enamorados

Javier Llombart Sorlí


Spain | 1 min
Después de cuatro años...


Marie Dauverné


Canada / 3:30 min.
SEWenir is a very short experimental video about traces left by departures with no return, made out of two single words sewn by hand on the fingers tips.

Sexo Distópico

Mario Alonso


Spain | 3 min
En un futuro no muy lejano, un chico aficionado a Star Trek consigue hacer realidad sus fantasías sexuales más inconfesables.




Myanmar, 22 min
“When I dance I want everyone to laugh”. The irrepressible Shwe is a hairdresser by day and a transgender performer during the night. While his compatriots tend to be shy, Shwe chose to be out, extroverted and outspoken. “Shwe” is a documentary film debut for director Christ, who had no film-making background before taking part in a workshop, the Rainbow Reels, as part of the preparations for Myanmar’s first LGBT & PROUD Film festival in 2014.

Social Love

Lewis Arthur


UK / 10 mins
Loner Michael thinks he has found the guy he was looking for in outgoing Alex, but is this happiness to be good to be true?

Song of Autumn / Canto de Outono

André Antônio


Brazil / 14 mins
Chegado o outono. Em breve iremos mergulhar nas trevas frias.

Space Spider From Zagtron

Dave Fried


USA / 12 mins
A blood thirsty spider is fleeing it's war torn planet, on it's way across the galaxy to a better future. Along the way, the spider passes by Earth ("the most wretched planet in the universe") and unfortunately crashes the ship. The next several minutes of this movie are of the spider engaging in a guerrilla style blood-feast on the humans who make the mistake of crossing it's path. Can you handle the unrelenting terror and bad lighting of.... Space Spider From Zagtron!
Watch... https://youtu.be/X0efnYkPA2s

Sticks and Stones

Stephen Mooney


Ireland / 4m 26s
A young man is exposed to the dark side of social media.

Story Of My Mouth  / A História De Uma Boca

Bárbara Cabral


Brasil | 2'
De quantas cores uma boca pode ser? How many colors can a mouth have?


Nacho Correa


44 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/1NlftxcBYX4

Sweet Guava  / Doce de Goiabada

Fernanda Rocha


Brazil | 14'
A magia da infância, a leveza do amor e a dureza do preconceito numa história repleta de doce.

The magic of childhood, the lightness of love and the harshness of prejudice in a story full of sweetness.
Two girl friends of 11 years are separated when one of their grandmothers finds them in a intimate situation.

Text: A Unique Vision

Christina Koenig


Can you survive one day without Internet or cell phone access? How would you react if you had to figure out what to do with your time if such a thing happened? That is the theme of this short satire, which follows a woman whom has an adverse reaction to her service being cut off. (Filmmaker:, TRT: 9 min). Christina, the filmmaker, is a trans woman and is excited to have her film screened at Gender Reel, even though it does not specifically reflect a theme about gender identity.


Lucas Padilha


Brasil | 19'
Thai tem 15 anos e está começando a entender quem é. Em uma festa com sua irmã, tem um encontro que vai mudar sua perspectiva de si e do mundo.

Thai is 15 and is starting to understand who he is. At a party with his sister, he has an encounter that will change his perspective of himself and of the world.

The Adventure Of Gop&Gay

Dumitru Grubii


A short movie made in Kobuleti (Georgia) by the Moldavian delegation in scope of youth exchange project "Make it visible". Our goal was to comunicate the dramatic situation about LGBT integration. We hope that this video can change the actual social problems with this amazing people.

The Devil’s Haircut

Marco Gatti


Thailand, Italy | 60 min
An intimate, underground video-diary of Bangkok’s ladyboys, the Thai transexuals: nightlife, neon-lights, money, pleasure, dreams come to life through their brief portraits. These places and characters are symbols of an era of mutations, illusions and dualisms.

The Eye of God

Sebastian Freire


Argentina | 8 min
Photographer Sebastián Freire projects over the faces of a porn theater audience the same images they choose to watch.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/295484475

The Fluid

Adi Zvi


Israel / 3 min, Hebrew
Being Bisexual, being fluidic, stop hiding, just being.

The Gambit

Anirban Gupta


Rhea and Jay, urban professionals, married for 7 years and have a little son named Sam. Their nanny Catlin is a gorgeous and spirited woman taking care of their little boy. The Gambit explores the complex layers of changing relationships in the fast paced world where not every thing is exactly what they appear.

The Homonazi Effect

Alexandros Papadopoulos, Calypso Larah


UK / 19 mins
The Homo-nazi Effect visualizes an erotic and violent interview that took place between a Manchester based web author/performer (Dr.Alexandros Papadopoulos) and an Athens-based homosexual neo-nazi. The Athenian portrays his neo-nazi experiences as a relentless gay orgy.

The Passer-By

Efa Blosse-Mason


UK | 11 min
Helen lives a dull existence until one day a strange and beautiful girl arrives and makes her notice the beauty in her life.

The Surface Tension Trilogy

Frida and Anita


Die Neue Frau

Liz Rosenfeld


Germany / 65min
From activist and painter Frida Kahlo to filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl to Hitler’s lover Eva Braun – Liz Rosenfeld tells a trio of queer histories that may or may not have actually happened. Making no attempts to disguise the fact that, despite taking place in 1924, 1933 and 1977, the films were clearly made in modern-day Berlin, Rosenfeld turns the way we normally look at history on its head.

The Thrill

Chi-jan Hou


Taiwan / 29 mins
A vampire bites a taxi driver. Going back home drowsily and sleeping all day, the driver involuntarily dreams about the vampire biting and devouring him. He can’t help but goes back to the place where he was bitten, from day to night, he waits for the vampire.

They Answered in Unison

Zackary Drucker


Explore the cross-generational evolution of transgender identity through the interactions of grand dame Mother Flawless Sabrina, Zachary Drucker and Rhys Ernst, Drucker’s real-life mother, her eight year old nephew, and chosen sister Van Barnes.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/118015952

This is Plastic

Patrizio Saccò


Italy / 60 min documentary
“This is plastic” shows the story of a very famous underground club in Milano, Italy.

Three Summer Days

Lasse Nielsen


Thailand | 8 min.
A young Thai man looks forward to getting tattooed, as a religious and sexual rite of passage.


Marcela Arenas Rosas


Cuba /15 mins

To Russia with Love

Tomislav Fiket


Croatia | 2 mins


Paul Asmar


UK / 4 mins
Short promoting Camden & Islington LGBT History Month featuring LGBT Historical sites in central London and the everyday nature of LGBT History, Maureen Duffy, and an entire volunteer cast and crew.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/113280341

Toinha's Fad / O Babado de Toinha

André de Oliveira, Julia Aguiar


Brasil | 3'
Toinha é uma baiana de acarajé pra lá de original e difícil de encontrar parecida. Ela faz seu próprio azeite de dendê, num processo rústico e artesanal, no qual mergulha com o espírito de Iansã, e que exige dela força pesada e muitos conhecimentos. E dessa cultura popular tradicional, Toinha tira seu sustento. Sua banca está localizada na Vila de Serra Grande, Costa do Cacau, Sul da Bahia, pedacinho de mundo especial. Agora pense no babado.

Toinha is a very original baiana do acarajé [woman who prepares the traditional acarajé from Bahia] and it is hard to find someone like her. She produces her own palm oil, using a rustic and artisanal process in which she plunges with the spirit of Iansã, and that requires heavy force and lots of knowledge. Toinha makes a living from this traditional popular culture. Her stall is located in Vila de Serra Grande, Costa do Cacau, Southern Bahia, a little piece of a special world. Now think about the fad.


Chase Marie




Tan Wei Keong


Singapore / 5min

Under the Rainbow

Trish Garner


Canada / 12 mins
A queer high school student facing family rejection, hunger, and homelessness.

Unmoved / Imóvel

Sérgio Galvão Roxo


Portugal |7 min
Bodies pursue other bodies, maybe in an attempt to find themselves. The search creates a halt, the voracious thirst that keep us imprisoned on the search for an answer. Where to are the bodies guided?


Jonathan Caouette


8'22 - musical


Leonard Suryajaya


USA / 21’38’’

Voguing Train 

Kemar Jewel


Voguing and Ballroom is such an underground culture...so let's actually take it underground!

Wall of Fire

Lisa Ganser & Nomy Lamm


USA / 6 min
A tender and hot afternoon make-out session climaxes in intense, consensual amputee sex between two self-identified fat bodied genderqueer women.

We The Others

Maja Borg


Sweden / 8 min
Året är 2030 och vi möter en värld där de utanför normen förpassas till pereferin. Fruktade av alla som de “andra” är de egentligen oss alla.

We Were Monsters and Detectives.

Al Benoit


We Were Monsters And Detectives follows two young women over the course of a summer in a forgotten rural town as they discover that growing up doesn’t always mean growing together.

What About Cock? / Y la Polla?

Estevan de la Fuente


Brazil / 8 min
Three friends. A sunday morning. A hangover, a lot of desire. What to expect from an unpretentious talk by the pool, drinking martinis?

What You Will

James Resendes


Canada | 11 min
Documentary that looks back on Sebastian’’s journey of identity and explores the difficulties he faces today as a male actor.

Whatever Happened to Jackie Shane?

Sonya Reynolds & Lauren Hortie


Canada; 9 min.
Using shadow puppets, overhead animation, and stop-motion techniques, explore the little-known history of Jackie Shane–a flamboyant, black, queer musician whose 1963 hit song “Any Other Way” became an anthem to divas everywhere. And then she disappeared.

Where the Streets Have No Name  / Aqueles Dois Naquela Manhã

Guilherme Macedo


Brasil | 7'
Luis conhece Caio em uma boate e, de lá, os dois perambulam pela cidade. A conversa entre os dois é movida pela curiosidade do contato inicial e o medo de serem descobertos um pelo outro. Inspirado na obra do escritor Caio Fernando Abreu.

Luis meets Caio in a nightclub, and from there the two men wander around the city. The conversation between them is driven by the curiosity of the initial contact and the fear of being discovered by each other. Inspired by the work of the writer Caio Fernando Abreu.

Wings / Asas

João Celles


Brazil | 15 min
Bianca vive num corpo que não é o seu, Rodrigo estranha esse mundo de verbos. É na incômoda amizade que nasce entre essas duas solidões que se dá uma libertação possível.

Bianca lives in a body that is not hers, Rodrigo is surprised with this world of verbs. It is in the awkward friendship born between these two solitudes that a possible freedom happens.


Nossa Schäfer


Germany, 17’


Paulo Menezes & Daniel Wierman


This film profiles the life of a gender variant individuals living in Sao Paulo. Some people think Xampy is a man, others a woman, and some a trans person. Xampy tells the audience about their rocky past, the bullying they experienced growing up and time spent in a South American prison. (25 min). English Subtitles.

You Don’t Own Me

Kristin Li


Canada | 02:33
Un court métrage d’animation avec la musique de Klaus Nomi « tu ne me possède pas » : la libération queer ou la liberté néolibérale?
Watch… https://videos.videoformes.com/video/116321


Damien Dunstan


Australia, 4’
Watch… https://youtu.be/vrlH6eLnxWE