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2016 - UPDATED: 13 May 2019

(Special) Friend

Emilio J. López


Spain / 7 minutes, 30 seconds
Pedro has fallen in love with his invisible friend, his mother seems not to accept it

A Film About Love

Dale John Allen


UK | 5 mins
A story of friendship, adventure, love and loss through a lived experience of bi-polar.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/160639934

A Time For Us

Rain Cuaca


Indonesia | 14 mins
A couple who are not all that they seem to be.

Ab Ovo

Luca Ferri


Italy / 24'
In un paradiso desertico e ostile, tra montagne di sabbia e solitari cammelli in perpetuo cammino, si rinnovano la vita ed una promessa d'amore all'ombra di un albero solitario. Adamo ed Eva hanno ancora una possibilità. L'ultima occasione per guarire e generare una nuova genìa di esseri umani più dignitosi. Nove piani sequenza in super 8 colore in cui abbiamo preso Adamo ed Eva e gli abbiamo fatto rifare tutto, daccapo.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/195432772

ABC of Travel

Signe Baumane


USA / 1’07

Several same-letter families travel to the San Francisco Airport for a reunion.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/180723709


Tamara Cáceres


Alexis es un niño de 7 años. Va en kinder y le gusta mucho disfrazarse, especialmente de superhéroes como Spider Man y Iron Man. Le encanta jugar con sus amigas y amigos y parece ser un niño feliz. Alexis es un niño transgénero que empezó su transición de Celeste a Alexis en el año 2015. El documental nos muestra la vida de Alexis, su familia y la transición hacia la identidad de género que él siente le corresponde.

Andrea Landman

Manuel Yasir Baldoceda Cerdan


Perú /  8’
Andrea Landman es el nombre de la belleza y el arrepentimiento, un personaje con muchos secretos que la destruyen por dentro y fuera.


Sean Horlor & Steve Adams


Canada / 12 min
This short documentary explores a week in the life of Angela, also known as Easy Break Oven, a roller derby athlete, transgender rights activist and local role model in Alberta, Canada. As she prepares for the first derby match of the season, she begins to see her teammates and her life in a new light.

Angel's Premonition / Slutnja angela

Branislav Princip


Serbia / 26 mins
Documentary is dedicated to the memory of Dejan Nebrigić, a Serbian peace activist and the first openly gay man in Serbia. He was also a writer, a poet and a theatre critic. He was a co-founder of the first gay and lesbian oganization Aradija in Serbia. Nebrigić was killed in 1999 on his 29th birthday by his ex-boyfriend.


Suzanne Vega




Darren Heroux, Ian Barbour


Canada / 47 min
This documentary captures the spirit and life story of local trans elder and poet Antonette Rea—in all of its humour, pain, and passion. Antonette culminates in the production of Miss Understood, the interdisciplinary performance showcased at PuSh Festival last year based on Rea’s poetry. At times harrowing, but ultimately hopeful...

Any Other Day

Tejashri Joshi


India / 15 mins


Ker Wallwork, Juliet Jacques


UK  / 10'
A meditation on the biology of sex and gender. Getting up close and personal with the hormones that make us and change us from the cellular level to the experiential.

As a Rabbit / Na králíka

Kateřina Turečková



Así es como te dejo 

Sebastián Mejía


Colombia / 15’

Atmosphere - The Show

Elisabeth Marek


Austria / 17mins
Khusen khaydarov worked as a tailor and designer in his native Tajikistan. He had to flee with his partner Komil -  an activist in the LGBT community - due to persecution and discrimination. Once in Vienna, they find themselves confronted by racism, xenophobia and anti-refugee sentiments in the media, and decide to change something negative into a thing of high fashion and creativity.

Aussi fort qu'une bête, aussi libre qu'un dieu

Julie Sando


Suiza / 21´
Su belleza es inamculada y corre peligro en manos de bestias para quien la diferencia es intolerable. Clío, Sísifo y Janus en una lucha mitológica.

Be Yourself

Thitipan Raksasat


Thailand / 9 mins
Promotional film on Bangkok Gay Club.
Watch... https://youtu.be/YTyLPfTL4us

Because I Am

Lawrence Zidyana


Zimbabwe, UK / 6 mins
A short film about being a lesbian in homophobic Zimbabwe. Based on a poem by Tinashe Wakapila. Featuring a cast of six women, five of whom are LGBT asylum claimants in U.K.
Watch… https://youtu.be/N62SQ8mvIfU


David Moreno


Cuba /  11’
Dos muchachas se reencuentran cada año en la ciudad de Gibara para vivir un eterno romance. Se aventuran a recorrer las mismas calles y lugares, compartiendo sentimientos e intimidades, con el afán de hallar la dicha de que nada ha cambiado entre ellas. Simulan o no. que el tiempo se detiene y se entregan sin medida, haciendo espacio a la libertad y el amor.

Bending the Line

Ruth Goldman


USA | 7'19
What does gender sound like? This old school video combines a simple, playful visual aesthetic with complex sound to challenge and queer assumptions about gender: bending the frame and pushing the sound wave.


Rob Van Der Haak


The Netherlands / 16 mins
Two opposites cross paths and in their own way, try to achieve pure happiness.
Watch... https://youtu.be/WYZ-UIK1tLU

Blindfolds Feat. Naz Tokio



USA / 3′ / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/4bLl5fTSctk

Brother, Omar Mateen

Saad Khan


USA /4 minutes 40 seconds
A Muslim queer Pakistani immigrant in the US talks about Omar Mateen, drawing parallels of his own identities with that of the Orlando shooter. The speaker reveles his hopes, his fears, and who he is/what he stands for.


Ines Kramarić, Julia Jarque


Germany / 9 mins

Caged Animal

Sam Van Pykeren


USA / 4 mins
A piece that brings together multiple experiences into one story. Inspired by my friend’s and my own experiences.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/196787895Watch... https://vimeo.com/196787895

Cakes Da Killa – “New Phone Who Dis?”

Ben Clarkson


USA / 4′ / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/U3ElynnrCxk

Carla and Hayfa

Love Intersections


Canada / 9 min
Through an intimate and touching lens of looking at the relationship between a mother and her queer daughter, “Carla & Hayfa” investigates the impact of historical trauma on communities of refugees and their queer family members.


Krissy Mahan


USA / 6'
This Carol parody is a simple yet spectacular class analysis of the desire in Todd Haynes' already iconic Carol, using DIY techniques and Fisher Price toys to recreate the modern queer classic.

Children, Madonna and Child, Death and Transfiguration

Ricardo Vieira


Portugal / 8´52
Robert Tucker runs through the three first short films directed by Terence Davies. From childhood to old age, the trilogy presents a character through formal, narrative and aesthetic recurrences. This video-essay presents the films in a tripartite screen, organizing and putting in dialogue these same recurrences.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/7pbSDuLBLms

Coheed and Cambria – Island

Anderson Wright


USA / 5 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/_ED4GBcPI9s

Coming Out of Space

Francy Fabritz


Germany / 16 min.
Two lesbian women from out of space collide on earth. In super-slow-motion they fall on each other and start exploring their new body feeling on earth: weightlessness wanes, gravity starts – a playful encounter with lesbian sex.

Comment on peut supposer que Dieu était bien intentionné, malgré les avalanches, les moustaches et les petits tracas du quotidiens

Dauverné Marie



Canada / 6’

Counter Charge

Alex Hovet


USA | 13:00
In the 1989 adult-oriented computer series, Leisure Suit Larry wanders the jungle of a colonized village searching for love, which he finds, after a multitude of failed romantic interactions, with Passionate Patti, a perfect and unattainable woman. In an act of cathexis, Larry's energies concentrate on Patti in a complex of libido, love, and gender expression that leads Larry/Patti on an investigation of duality. bell hooks' meditations on love attempt to guide them, but are rejected and re-purposed by the game's instinct. Blocked by his own ego and the constructs of the game in which he wanders, Larry's desires are continually repressed.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/145794196

Cuando sea grande

Brunella Bertocchi Ramírez


Perú / 4’
Ariel, un niño soñador, visualiza cómo desea su vida en un futuro. Lista desde sus deseos fantasiosos hasta la mención de un plan de vida con otra persona. Hacia el final, nos revela que la persona con la que busca compartir esto es otro niño: Diego.


Rut Angielina G. Fuentes


Spain / 1’ 45’’

Dessous de Table

Daphnée Perrain


Belgium / 6 mins
Toute chamboulée, une table qui n’a pas perdu sa langue
devient le témoin de la vie animée de la Maison Arc En Ciel.

Diario Blu(E)

Titta Cosetta Raccagni


Italy / 28’
Sono gli Anni ’90: la Guerra del Golfo, l’imporsi sulla scena politica italiana della Lega Nord, la scomparsa del Pci, le (dis)avventure dell’Inter. Intanto per radio passa “Smells Like Teen Spirit” dei Nirvana. Ma se si è adolescenti tutto è tangenziale rispetto al reale cuore delle cose, capire chi si è e diventarlo. Una trasformazione che coincide con i primi innamoramenti, difficili e disperati soprattutto per chi sente la propria diversità. Diario sentimentale di un coming out e di una faticosa scoperta di sé.

Dirty, Sexy Comics

Robert Chandler


USA / 96 mins
They're not just comics. They're not just porn. They are our desires. Our struggles. Our stories. The men who have created gay erotic comic book stories have been turning on readers and documenting gay history in a way no one else has by created time capsules of desire. These are the unsung heroes of the gay community: creative, determined and unapologetic. And they were REALLY good at what they did. They knew how to turn their audience on. They knew how to be gay. And they fucking knew how to WRITE and DRAW! Dirty Sexy Comics tells the story of these hot comics, the brave men who made them, and the history of a struggling but tenacious community.


Emilio González


México / 11 mins
Every weekend the center of Mexico City becomes an unparalleled circuit party, the party can start anywhere but always ends here. Sexual diversity here, is the reason for celebration and worship. The “Drag Queens” lead the celebration from the bar, superior and colossal, almost divine. Three characters (Ikki Love, Drag Moon and Luna Lansman) explain the de nition of “Drag Queen” while using their own face as canvas, canvas of their character: the woman which they’ll become all night.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/aEW9t-0lnT8

Dressed as Girl

Anna Mae Gordon


USA / 21 mins
Rejected by popular girls and bullied by teachers, Fern and Katrina receive a sign that guide them to a whole new kind of sisterhood in this wacky farce.


Viet Le


Filmed in Hanoi on the fortieth anniversary of the military engagements in Southeast Asia (2015), thinking about still-present pasts, the ghosts of history and modernity.


João Roberto Cintra


Brazil / 15’32”
Edney vive sozinho, num apartamento pequeno e trabalha lavando pratos. À noite, ele é só Ney: se veste como Ney Matogrosso e se entrega à nostalgia de músicas que contam sua história. Até um rapaz entrar em seu mundo e revirar sua cabeça. Suas duas vidas se misturam: lembranças e o presente, dia e noite, tentando viver e entender esse amor. 
Trailer... https://youtu.be/wdOALlh1wfA


Coco Schwarz & Alina Mann


Switzerland, 5min
Body becomes a canvas for sensual nevertheless abstract drawing with ink and egg inspired by the “story of the eye” from Georges Bataille. Analog synthesizer music composed by Coco Schwarz leads the overall sensory experience.

Eli (Parts 1 and 2)

Sarah Jenny Johnson


Part 1: Elijah is 32. He is a female to male transgender person. He has been transitioning for one year. This is the start of his story…Part 2: Elijah is 34. He is a female to male transgender person. He has been transitioning for three years. This short film is the 2nd instalment in a series of short films about his transition…
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/176027953

Embrace / Yakap

Margo Manolo


Philippines | 13'
Alee learns that the truth is loudest in the silence when an unexpected encounter alters her plan of coming out to her conservative mother.
Watch… https://youtu.be/6zsYSQhrQoE

Everything is Allowed / Vale tudo 

Eduardo Wahraftig


Brasil  /  4’
Una colección de historias de amor cortas, todo tipo de amor.

Familiar Memories 

Pol Merchan


Germany / 3 min
Based on a flea market find of Super 8 family archives. A father is placed at the center of the image, staging himself in front of the camera as a smug tyrant. A voiceover recontextualises the images by telling a story of what is not visible.

Familiar Strangers

Eric Peter


Philippines / 13 mins
Thinking about the divinity which trans women and -men in many different cultures worldwide once had, Ram says everyone needs to reclaim that very divinity right here and now to empower themselves and progress.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/154869879


Thomas Bussion


France / 4’
A shopping spree with big rewards

Fantasma Cidade Fantasma

Pedro B. e Amanda Devulsky


Brazil / 14′
O barulho do estacionamento 11 ecoa pelo parque no centro da cidade. É bom poder contar com você.

Faux Solo

Nancy Lee


Canada / 4 min
Empty space, a human body, and 8 articles of clothing. FAUX SOLO explores the dialogue and collaboration made between the body, sound, clothing and space. Each article of clothing dictates the next move into the unknown space, becoming acquainted with the space with each accumulated piece. The sounds emphasize the impact of the colliding costumes and contrasts to the space surrounding it. It attempts to accent the feel of each moment, while supporting the shape of the entire piece as a whole. Simultaneously, the body is on view yet it is also the tool for manipulating the clothing and environment - the subjective/objective, personal/public is continually emphasized and revealed.

Fifteen Again

Jordy Estrada


USA / 5 mins / Music Video
Watch... https://vimeo.com/154839004  


Whei Zhou


An experimental film in which a bisexual woman from China explores her identity.

Fragments of a Roundtable: Pink Life discusses archiving (yuvarlak masa fragmanları: pembe hayat arşiv tartışıyor) 

Esra Ozban


Turkey / 5' 
How do we archive when our lives must remain hidden? How do we archive when our past is a secret? This short DIY doc from the trans movement in Turkey is packed with powerful questions.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/221641206

Fuck the Facism

Jorge Benavides


This activist porn focuses on racism, tyranny and genocide with the help from strap-ons and floggers.

Fuck the Fascism

Basura Maria


Chile / 8 mins
Radical porn violently condemning colonialism, genocide, slavery and tyranny.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/235902642


Kenan Hunter


6 mins
On a quest to discover her sexuality, a young girl creates a scheme that will allow her to experiment, and hopefully, reveal her sexuality. The film follows her journey from her apartment to a community pool, where there, she takes a leap of faith that nearly takes her life.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/197293308

Get Ready!

Muriel Alves



Brasil / 15 mins
The story of the first class of a pre-university course aimed at transvestites and transsexuals, told through high heels, hairpieces, pens, notebooks, prejudices and dreams.

Hijos del peligro

Roberto Doveris


Roberto Doveris es reconocido por haber dirigido “Las plantas” -estrenada en la sección Generation +14 del Festival de Cine de Berlín, donde recibió el premio a Mejor Película-, y realiza este videoclip para el cantautor chileno (Me llamo) Sebastián.


Ferran Navarro-Beltran


Spain / 3 mins
Max, a deaf 12-year-old, becomes infatuated with his big sister’s boyfriend during a weekend retreat.

Historical Erasure as Violence

Hope Dector and Dean Spade


USA, 4:27
A faux queen talks about how to take up space in the drag scene as a femme.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/144135575


Ainhoa Artetxe


Spain / 7 mins
In a world of deep-rooted homosexual traditions, twenty-year-old Xabi returns home after his studies period in Brazil. At dinner, Xabi will confess to his two mothers that he is in love… with a girl.

I Grow More Fearless Each Time I Make It Home Unscathed

Jespa Jacob Smith


Canada / 3mins
The difficulties to navigate the world when the labels society gives you are annoying, restraining, painful and threatening.

I Lesb You 

Patricia Albornoz Ramírez


Chile / 17 mins

I Promise

Paige McCay


USA / 4 minutes, 30 seconds,
Two friends discuss life, love and the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

If I say I am, then I really am

Truus Kaspers, Sander Houwen


The Netherlands
Directed by a mother and son team this documentary is a nostalgic and insightful journey of six pairs of queer sons and their mothers. They sit across the kitchen table and talk candidly about their coming-out.

If this is confusing

Anakin Tora


Sweden | 2’
A homage to shape shifting. An ode to not knowing. A love song for me and me and me, and you too!

Illegal_The Impact on the Body

Jorge Lozano


Canada | 37 min
This mid-length film from prolific Toronto filmmaker Jorge Lozano offers a compilation of histories of undocumented migrants in Canada: nomadic friends who quickly disappeared into new identities or were forcibly deported. There are approximately 200,000 undocumented migrants in Canada. This video is just a spark of their constant re-invention of freedom, endurance, and resistance.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/240383621

In a Cage / Im Käfig

Loic Bruyerer


France / 6 mins
Der Bär im Käfig kann nicht singen, der Vogel in der Freiheit kann nicht fliegen. Es entwickelt sich eine Freundschaft, die für beide beflügelnd ist.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/ondemand/lacage

In the Woods

Grace Martin


USA | 9:09
After the death of their only parent, Michael struggles to be the sole guardian and emotional support system for his younger sister, Cassie, as she deals with her depression.

Inside Out / Avesso

Julia Morais & Wil Futuro


Brazil / 9 min
AVESSO (inside Out) shows the memories of Tereza in the underground Salvador. Her experience portrays the way young black queer people are dealing with the opressions of a system choosing to express their own narratives…
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/204810295

It’s Stonewall in my Navel

Laurel Beckman



Jemima to Jeremy

Tamara Whyte (Warrgamay)


Australia / 15 min
Through his journey to his gender identity and exploring his Aboriginal heritage, Jeremy Andersen tells his story.


Erika Daniela Lozano


México / 8´
Jessica es una mujer joven, trans, feminista, defensora de los derechos humanos. En este documental su madre y ella narran cómo han vivido y luchado por una transición digna.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/221949974

Junius Frey – “Love Is Love”

Chris Jacobs


USA /  4′ / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/T3ax8oLokXI

Just Be Gentle

Bo Chen Li


Taiwan / 30mins
In his dying breath, a boy looks back into his memories, reliving the relationships he had with two men.

Just Harry

Andrea Fraser


Australia /15 min

Just Harry is a documentary that tells the stories of pride and courage beneath the scars of pain and discrimination in experiences of community and city life.

La Luna aún nos acompaña

Alonso Silva Montero


Perú / 6’
Lucho acompaña a su muy cercano amigo, Marco, quién se encuentra gravemente enfermo. Ambos tratan de disfrutar los últimos días que les queda juntos.

La verdad sobre Ángela   

Manuel Yuta Nagahama Aranda Martínez


Spain /23’
La conversación, entre dos viejos amigos, desvelará secretos que son incapaces de pronunciar.

Lady Porn  

Zoe D'Amaro


Lady Porn is a journey into the intriguing world of feminist pornography, through the personal and artistic experience of director Jennifer Lyon Bell. The film explores Jennifer’s ideological and creative approach, as well as the empowering impact of her work on female audience.

Les Papillons Gris

Anne Ballon


Belgium / 16'50

Sue is raised by her 12 year older sister Lily. In a city full of color and a life with ups and downs, the two search for a way to give each other freedom but nevertheless care and suppor for each other. When Lily falls in love with Basil, Sue is feeling forgotten and alone.

Letters to Eros

Herbert Fieni



Brasil / 30 mins
The documentary is a search for clothing materials from the clubber and crossdresser scene of the 90s in Vitoria. Cartographing in first people the affective becoming that these images-recording trigger in the processuality of assembly of the film, the author turns into object, being immersed in a constant flow of images, grouped under the impulse of Eros to create meetings and relationships between men.




USA / 3 min.
CupcakKe is rollin’ with the LGBT, ’cause fashion-wise they don’t play, and when they step out, they gonna slay.

Locked Out

Paul Vanderburgt


Canada / 4 mins
Jack Swift is a twenty-seven year old widower who lost the love of his life in a car accident the night before their wedding. After months of grieving, Jack struggles to gather enough courage to leave his apartment and go on a date. Leading up to the date reminisces about his past love while changing his clothes as well as his mind. After many attempts, Jack finally takes a hesitant step outside. But when he tries to retreat back into his apartment he discovers he is locked out. Out of excuses, he takes a leap of faith and ventures out into the unknown.

Long-Term Survivor

José Luis Cortés


Puerto Rico / 6 min
In ‘Long Term Survivor’ filmmaker Jose Luis Cortes has imagined a tale of condoms that were never used! It is told by Ivan Terrible – standing naked and fully painted in black and white – while watching his reflection in a broken mirror. Ivan’s tale is in fact his confession of choices made and roads not taken! A confession that unfolds in three parts as he remembers a time in his life before AIDS had a name, to the present time in which he shares the fate of “Patient Zero”. Redemption is not in the cards as Ivan reflects on the price he has paid for love!
Pieza performática documental en la que Iván el Terrible explora los inicios de la pandemia del sida a principios de los años ochenta. Long Term Survivor es un relato de condones que nunca fueron usados y sus consecuencias.
Watch… https://youtu.be/rwAK83O6sGY 

Lord Help Me

Alsace Carcione


USA / 4′ / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/jPGGm-V7qlM

Love Letter-Duet

Monique Romeiko


Canada | 4 min
Like something out of an anthropologist’s dream, contemporary dance artist Monique Romeiko has amassed a treasury of LOVE LETTERs in a dizzying variety of forms. Faced with artifacts in every medium, from the earnest and deeply personal hand-written note to the unscripted, courageously immediate text message, she explores, through dance and film, the mysteries of love connections. What will humans whisper to each other about love?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/289722947

Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men

Johnny Chiba


USA / 3 mins
Music Video for TFG the band. Contrary to the song title, "Marathon Gay Sex For Manly Men", there is no actual gay sex in this TFG music video, other than some risqué lyrical content. Stop Motion Animation assistance c/o comix artist Mike Diana. Warning: this video is not safe for work,home or kids!
Watch... https://vimeo.com/187697614

Marie, je te vois

Carol Fernandes


Brasil / 3’37
Marie se prépare pour aller en soirée, c’est le moment pour se livrer et évoquer son identité de femme queer. « Marie, je te vois » est le premier court métrage d’une série de portraits qui explorent les thèmes de l’identité et du genre.

Más Amor Por Favor

Adalí Torres


Perú / 23 mins
Amador explora su identidad a través de un viaje con el que busca desafiar la definición de género. Teme mutar y convertirse en hombre o mujer. El filme es un recorrido por su ciudad, la familia, los pelos, su cuerpo y sus miedos. Una cabrita limeña que interactúa con los miedos de todos nosotros.
Watch… https://youtu.be/Wwnjarm4WXk


Didyer Zarate


UK | 2’
London fashion designer Erum Khan has designed an exquisite new nonbinary look for this video.

Mirando por el espejo

Alexandra Vázquez


Paraguay / 9’
El taxista Ramón busca a su hijo desaparecido en las calles de Asunción. Durante su búsqueda, un chico aborda su taxi y cuando se da cuenta de que es gay se niega a llevarlo. Ramón expulsa al chico pero una llamada de su esposa le hace reflexionar sobre su actitud.

Mixed Salad / Salada Mista

Estevan de la Fuente

From 2015!

Brazil / 4 mins
It comes in all sizes, all shapes, all colors, for all tastes. It’s a feast, nobody leaves with hunger.


Philip Shafer/Godmother


Germany / 4’
A little music clip by Godmother.
Watch… https://youtu.be/amqfRXhuGb4

My Femme is a Reflection

Jai Lei Yee


3:43 mins

My Own Wings

Katia Repina & Carla Moral


US/ Spain/ Ukraine, 8min
My Own Wings is a transmedia project that aims to explore the intersex identity thought stories of intersex people in USA, Spain and Ukraine. Originally the term “hermaphrodite” was used to describe the phenomena, but it has since been substituted with intersex because it was seen as offensive. Intersex people are not born with “both” sexes but born with a variation from the standard of what is socially accepted as a male or female body.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/240038009


Jack J Faulkner


UK / 3 min
An animation about a boy who paints his nails at school for his own pleasure.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/190592774


Matias Ferreyra


Argentina / 21 min

Novö Yùreï

Fredster & Fabrizio


Trailer… https://vimeo.com/170844151

O que Seria Deste Mundo sem Paixão?

Luis Carlos Lacerda


Brazil / 72’
Trailer… https://youtu.be/bQi3en3MlhI

Orchestra Binária – Galileu

Mateus Capelo


Brasil / 4 mins
ÉssePê, Brasília, Locarno, PopPorn e o bonequinho da faixa de segurança. Os skatistas na Roosevelt, as folhas, a pizza, a prisão coercitiva e o Baiano. A chuva, o farol, o sono, Scovino e o Hudinilson. FILE, SP na Rua, André Medeiros e o céu. Um diário para um canção. Uma narrativa ao nível da memória.
Watch... https://youtu.be/tmI2KXhuttw


Elsa Aloisio


France / 12 min
Serti d’images d’une beauté rare, le poème amoureux qui est le corps central du film, nous plonge dans une superbe réflexion sur l’amour, ses violences, ses chamboulements.


Ricardo Silva


México / 11’
Daniel se casa con la mujer indicada pero no con el amor de su vida. Un acontecimiento inesperado revela su verdadero amor.

Performing My Real Truth

Anna Swanson


USA / 13 min.
This film will make three statements. Two of them might be true, and one of them might not be.

Petite Mort

Antoine Bieber


France / 4’


Dan Davis


3 mins

Poly Amour 

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi


7 mins
How capable are we to love boundlessly? This film explores polyamory, deconstructing conventional stereotypes of the romantic relationship structure.


Daniele Gangemi, Clelia Scimone, Ludovico serra, Veronica Vescio


Italy / 25′
Marco, artista savonese, come un Virgilio dantesco ci prende per mano e ci guida nel mondo delle drag queen assumendo di volta in volta punti di vista differenti. Uno sguardo sincero e chiaro che ci trasporta all’interno di tre diverse storie, di tre vissuti lontani tra loro ma che nascondono un filo conduttore: quello del travestimento, filo comune dell’intero documentario.


Eleanor Capaldi


5 mins
Pull explores what happens when two people are inexorably drawn to one another.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/196261637

Pussy Vortex

Angel Favorite


USA / 5 min.
Get on your knees, get between the sheets, and you’ll be caught in the vortex too.

Rainbow Day Camp

Horacio Marquinez


USA / 31 mins
Thousands of young people are pushing the boundaries of gender. In 2015, a summer camp was created in the Bay Area to provide a safe and fun place to express their identity.

Raising the Bar

Amanda Kindzierski


Greg and Paige, co-managers of a quirky neighbourhood bar, have a tough choice to make, when the bar’s owner gives them the weekend to help the bar out of money troubles.

Red Leaf / Hoja Colorada

Kai Tillman


Cuba / 7'
A boy who lives happily among friends and family in a small Cuban town creates a secret world to innocently explore his developing identity.

Repeindre le Monde

Youssef Gebran


France / 43'
Watch… https://vimeo.com/156252097

Respecter la roue

Melissa Mollen Dupuis


Canada / 5min
Depuis le début de la colonisation certaines valeurs traditionnelles ont été mises de côté et laisse place à l'intimidation et la discrimination envers les Two-Spirits et la diversité. Pour que la guérison se fasse, on doit ramener le respect de la roue de médecine. La roue de la vie.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/174842907

Revolution (Le Coup)

Jacky Nassour


Lebanon / 11 min.
Two girls from different backgrounds find one another and express their similarities in a rather strange way.

Right of Passage

Emma Wheeler


UK / 14:35
Right of Passage is a personal look at three LGBT refugees resettling in Germany: Ibrahim, Hamid, and Ali. As they share details of the struggles they have faced, both in their countries of origin and now in Germany, we learn about the extraordinary circumstances behind why they decided to seek asylum and what their future holds for them.

Rock and Riot

Chelsey Furedi


New Zealand / 3 mins


Cristiano Sousa


Brasil / 5’
Un hombre es atraído a una trampa con un cóctel que promete una  buena noche de cenicienta.

Rosababy – “eHeritage”

Alexander Nader


USA / 2′
Watch... https://youtu.be/fUYCP64dtC4

Rosen Marching for Abolition / Rosen en Marche pour L'abolition

Catherine Tissier


France / 86 mins
Rosen Hicher likes to call herself a prostitution survivor. At age 58, she set out to expose the violence and humiliation suffered by women living in fear and darkness. In September and October 2014, she walked across France to raise awareness about her battle: passing the law that reinforces the fight against the prostitutional system. My camera and I walked side by side with her. On April 6th, 2016, the law was voted in, but Rozenn continues to fight. For Rozen, this battle is a path towards resiliance. Can she erase 22 years of "sexual slavery"?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/200051838


Rhys Ernst


USA / 5 min
A delicately woven archival portrait of trans activists Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera.

Sacred Water / L’Eau Sacrée

Olivier Jourdain


Guided by Vestine, an extravagant star of radio nights, the film discovers rwandan sexuality in search of the water that gushes out the female body and reveals with humor and spontaneity the mystery of female ejaculation. Sacred Water confronts the western viewer with its own intimacy and immerses you into a modern Rwanda rediscovering its heritage in the most secret way: female pleasure.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/VGJecGxmVxg


Benny Rios Arenas y Marlo Barbaran


Perú / 13’
Dos hermanos se enamoran a primera vista de la nueva vecina del barrio, ambos la cortejan y terminan en una aventura donde no todo es lo que parece.

Same But Different

Louise Leitch


New Zealand / 3'32
Best mates must re-calibrate their friendship when one transitions from a man to a woman.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/176234363

San Berillo

Maria Arena


Italy / 12’ / Episodio 3 / Luci Rosse


Deepak Miglani


India / 25 mins

Sarà Tutta Una Depravazione – Hommage À Dominot

Daniel Kuhn e Enrico Salvatori


Italy / 15’
The life of Anthony Iacono, better known as Dominot, through video materials, pictures and unpublished testimonies.

Scattered Thoughts of a Young Sex Worker

Menelas Siafakas


Greece | 14 min
The issue of sex work is one that provokes a lot of emotion and controversy. In this documentary by Menelas we hear the views and opinions of a young gay sex worker in Athens today.

Scent of an Orchid

Rosa Fong


U.K. / 21 mins /Documentary
Scent of an Orchid is an exploration of gender and sexuality seen through the life.


Aziza Aba Butain


USA / 3 mins
It's crowded in the closet since so many LGBT don't dare to come out...
Watch… https://youtu.be/90Bu-SRG7oY


Aleks Vujosevic


Canada / 6 mins
A young man obsessed with Arnold Schwarzenegger tries to get his prized possession from his oppressive family. Once he does, it becomes more than he bargained for.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/CXimrlFrOSY

Sea of Love

JJ Levine


Canada | 3’ |English
This work is about radically reimagining parenthood and alternative queer family structures and embracing the tension that exists when seemingly banal gestures are enacted by non-traditional bodies. It’s about my relationship to the photographic medium and its capacity to commemorate the people that I love.


Mariana Palacios


Sweden / 14 mins
In the midst of a dance that sounds and a music that moves, the earth trembles between manifestation and concealment, between search and encounter. Synthesis of time, cycles that extend, stripping themselves in a curved space line. The lull and the response of an inner forest that is declared in the chant, in the body, in its own return.
Watch… https://youtu.be/savulnQzdFo

She Ain't Heavy, She's My Brother

Yihwen Chen


A Malay trans man celebrates his 21st birthday. In a Muslim country where being transgender is outlawed, he only has the unconditional love and support of the women in his family.

She Did It For Me

Sabaa Zareena


USA / 3 mins
Illusions, intentions and unspoken needs bubble up through She Did It For Me.

Should Abbey Kill Cain

Kyaka Wilson Kaggwa


Uganda / 30mins
Abbey a Celebrated Businessman and a heir to late Adam's Properties adopted Enoch from the streets of Kampala and Introduced him to his blood brother Cain who shares the same sexual orientation. Lamech a family friend and a Christian man couldn't tolerate Enock and Cain’s sexuality, he outs them to the Local Community for Judgment.

Si Marseille Est Un Estron

Marc-Antoine Serra


France / 15’
« Si Marseille est un étron », produit par Lionel Soukaz repose sur le poème balistique de Liliane Giraudon. Marseille en est non pas le décor mais l’héroïne. Des corps énigmatiques et pourtant ordinaires traversent le cœur de la ville sans nom. Tentative onirique de l’identité sexuelle d’une ville? Un chant d’amour trans-versal redouble l’énigme.


Paul Harnett


4 mins
It takes a look at the inner and outer representation we have of ourselves, and how these can sometimes be conflicting. This piece also addresses gender identity, but can be applied to anyone who feels differently on the inside to how they are perceived externally.

So Long! / A Bientôt!

Da Jing


China / 25 min
The main character, Ran Ran, is just about to leave Beijing. With only ten days left, how will she decide to spend the rest of his time?

Soap Box

Nizan Shani


Israel / 4 min. Hebrew
A teenager takes a look at our reality and wonders how is it that we stand by and do nothing as so much social injustice happens before our eyes. He calls us to wake up.


Finn Peaks


Germany / 01.44
This strangely mesmerising little film inspired by the changing anatomy of a trans woman lover takes a humorous approach to trans feminine, lesbian and queer sexuality and explores this subject in a simple and direct way.


Edu Lima


Brazil / 12´36

Solitude, Darkness, Light

Kayla Briet


USA / 5 mins
In a blend of abstraction and realism, "Solitude, Darkness, Light" explores the confluence of place, time, people and emotions. Contrasting worlds of the future and the past and the still and the moving take the viewer across time in search of a new perspective on the present, as experienced through the lenses of sounds, animation and imagery.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/188713890

Som Fiskar

Robin Krey Andersson


Sweden / 7 min
It is hard when your first love moves away. Som Fiskar is a lovely story about the difficulties of first love.

Something Something: Home

Marlene Denningmann


Germany / 5’


Katie McCullough


UK / 8min
When Barrie goes to scatter his husband’s ashes at their favourite mountain peak, he is confronted with the sight of a man about to jump to his death from the cliff edge.

Spectrum London

Campbell X

Jon Maguire

Tim Porter


UK / 90 min.
Hailing from the vibrant, bustling, and gritty streets of London, this web series gives a rare and intimate glimpse into the daily trials and tribulations of those living under the LGBTQ umbrella.  Following the lives, loves, and lusts of its diverse cast, Spectrum London will take you on a thrilling and often heartbreaking rollercoaster ride, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.


Four Chambers


UK / 10 Min

Short film about three women and a sheet. 
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/197544790


Max Rocha


Brazil | 1’|No dialogue
A fashion film about an entire range of beautiful genderless clothing from Brazil.

Starring Jane

Brendan McCann


USA / 6 mins
A young drag queen with a background in performance tackles the social repercussions of being transgendered.


Eylissia Winn


UK / 10 mins

Stuart Timmons' City of West Hollywood LGBTQ History Mobile Tour

Jason Jenn


16 mins
Jason Jenn and a spirited crew of over a dozen costumed performers complete the Stuart Timmons historic tour of West Hollywood, and they created this entertaining -- and educational -- film as a way to share it with everyone in town.


Alba Roland Mejia


5 mins
My film uses the conventions of a horror film to show the deep fear and darkness that comes along with sleep paralysis. With a cast of unique individuals I plan on taking the audience on a suspenseful trip through Enoch’s dream. This cast will help my film give the audience a unique experience. Dark shadows and dim lighting give off the feeling of deep and endless solitude. Feelings of helplessness, and loss of control overcome the main character as she is in the grasp of the entity, Nommo.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/-lse3-jb1r8

Submerged / Sumergido

Isaac Flores


Venezuela | 14 mins
Se recomienda escuchar el cortometraje con un sistema de audio que tenga Subwoofer, o con audífonos; para poder disfrutar los sonidos de baja frecuencia del corto.


Omar Zuniga Hidalgo


Based on the novel with the same title by Alberto Fuguet, “Sudor” tells the story of a writer and describes the relations in the universe of literature, press and publications.

Suitable / A Medida

Florencia  Castaño


Argentina / 10 mins
In 1964, Carla (26) is a dressmaker, she devotes much of her life to her workshop. That morning Teresa (24), a childhood friend, visit Carla to ask her to make a dress, her own wedding dress. Carla, who had begun to feel attracted by Teresa not received the news well.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/181311297


Danilo Curro


Italy / 23’
Fasasi Sunday lascia la sua casa, la Nigeria, perché non è più possibile per lui, come per molti altri, restarci.


Jacob Hylton


Cole, a young gay man with strong faith and a close relationship with God, suddenly finds himself at a personal crossroads when he falls in love with Zack whom he fears may not accept his spirituality.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/194239040


Dew Kim & Luciano Zubillaga


Argentina, Uruguay / 14 mins
Cyberspace grows without limits, yet mental time is not infinite. Webcam star Alan do Oro opens up a world to come, where flesh, sexuality and intimacy meet the immense possibilities of cybernetics and the posthuman. Sensuality is in slowness, and the space of information is too extensive and fast to elaborate upon it intensively and deeply. At the point of intersection between electronic science fiction and organic cybertime lies the fundamental matter of contemporary porn.

Swing Maniacs Genova

Max Pitruzzella and Thomas Blacharz



Swing Set

Heather Hutton


9 mins
Swing Set is an unrequited love story about a struggling artist and her wealthy ex-girlfriend who try to rekindle their failed relationship, but they can’t due to a power struggle over socioeconomic differences.


Ryan Logan


USA / 7 mins
SWIRL is the story of a boy's first crush told through dance, exploring the journey your mind takes the first time you touch someone you love.

Take Me to Church

Dew Kim & Luciano Zubillaga


UK / 8 mins
In Take Me to Church, electronic cyberspace connects a sadomasochist experience with Christian practice: a man exploring voluntary kidnapping becomes confused between fear and sexual pleasure. He realizes that his sexual desire is a kind of death and the ceremony is sacred. For George Bataille, religious sensibility always links desire closely with terror, intense pleasure and anguish. We see an energy in the story which, when harnessed to a devotion to something or someone, gives the devotee, the submissive, the masochist, the martyr, an ability to do something special, to step outside the limitations of the human.

Talking Too Loud

Abel Rubinstein


Music Video

Tami T - Eat Me When I Bleed

Julia Thelin


Sweden, 3.30 min
I can’t go for five days and five nights without a tongue in between my thighs. So eat me when I ask you to. Eat me, this shouldn’t bother you. Eat me when I bleed.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/170500382

Taz’s Story

Headspace / String Theory /  Elle Marsh


Australia / 4 min
Taz Clay speaks about his experience growing up. Taz shares his struggles with drugs and alcohol, grief and identity, and how he came out the other side with a new outlook on life.

Tell Me Why You Obsess Me / Dis moi pourquoi tu m'obsèdes

Naima Chebahi


France / 3 minutes 28 seconds |Music Video|
Man, woman; black, white; straight, gay... We are all the same constantly fighting between our dark side and the light in us

Telton 7

Glen Fellman


USA / 12 min
Watch... https://vimeo.com/177735107

The 100 Blows

Gabrielle Lenhard


USA / 3 Min

How to give a perfect blow job? 

The Art of the Morning

Nathan Hauch


5:41 / Canada
A lyrical look at how one person prepares for the day ahead, savouring each moment.

The Bench

Harrison J. Bahe


USA / 8 mins
The Bench follows the rise and fall of a modern day relationship across a span of one year.
Watch... https://youtu.be/kccTRp4h-AQ

The Call of the Void

Four Chambers


UK / 14 Min
Watching someone you love have sex with someone else: Security, uncertainty, love, sex. 

The Closet

Zameer Kamble



The Confession

Hsuan-Chi Kuo



The Crash Pad Behind The Scenes: Viceroy & Munnin 

Shine Louise Houston


USA; 8 min. 
Get a behind-the-scenes peek of trans couple Viceroy and Munnin chatting post-scene at the Crash Pad. Their silliness and clear affection for each other will leave you smiling just as much as the scene will leave you feeling steamy!

The Daughter I Never Had

Tommy Cowell


UK / 5 min
A lady meets a charming drag queen on Canal Street in Manchester and she complains about age and stuff…sometimes it is not a bad idea to talk to “strangers”.

The Driver

Matthew Baren


China | 18 mins
A woman sets out one night from her home in the city on an erratic and ill-fated journey to the seaside, engaging in a series of violent confrontations with the people she encounters along the way - and in the process questioning our sense of safety, desire, truth and purpose in life.

The Encounter / Encuentro

Diana Elizabeth Castellanos (Gabrielle Esteban)


Ecuador / 11 mins
Diana was born in the Chinese year of the water dog and Gabrielle was born in the year of the metal tiger. Diana is from Colombia and Gabrielle from Ecuador. Two very different people: but together they confront social prejudice, gender violence and their own fears, discovering that to be happy, no road is obvious.

The Entanglement

Nicole Thorsley


Canada / 5 mins
The story of Andrea, a young scientist, who creates a machine that allows her to send messages to herself from an alternate reality. Through the process she discovers the life she could have led and the dangers that arise from her choices.

The Garden of Loved Ones

Janette López


Mexico / 6:49
Blanca, a young woman searches far and wide for a beloved person in Mexico. She meets a little girl on her journey, who guides her in the right direction. The reunion turns out to be bittersweet and Blanca has a tough decision to make.

The Gay Agenda

Tanner Fell, Marissa Blair


11 mins
Watch... https://vimeo.com/167673215

The Hardest Word

Nev Brook & Emily McDonald


UK | 7 min
George Montague is fighting for an apology over his arrest in 1974 under anti gay laws. This is his story…

The Horseman & The Body

Wu Meng Han



The Need / Potrzeba

Wojciech Olchowski


Poland / 5′
Każdy czegoś potrzebuje. Zazwyczaj czegoś innego…
Bohater filmu odkrywa czego tak naprawdę pragnie od niego dwójka jego przyjaciół.

The Neighbourhood

Raymi Sambo


15 mins
The Neighbourhood is a story about a black man that moves into an upper-class neighbourhood together with a young blond girl. The neighbours are suspicious about the very intimate way the man carries on with the girl.

The Offering / Ofiarowanie

Konrad Bloch


Poland / 14 mins
A young priest is not ready to teach about love. Firstly he has to understand what love really means for him.

The Outer Rim

Ryan Steele and Amy Goodmurphy


USA / 5mins
After the events of Episode VII, General Leia stops at The Outer Rim bar for a drink to help her forget all her problems.

The Peculiar Kind

Alexis Casson


USA / 19 mins
Based on the web series of the same name this illuminating documentary candidly explores the lives and experiences of queer women of color with eye-opening and unscripted conversations. Expanding on the conversations and discussions raised in the series Alexis Casson’s film explores race, religion, community, queers in the media and much more.

The Personal Things 

Reina Gossett


USA / 3 min.
Miss Major Griffin-Gracy gets animated and speaks words of wisdom everyone should hear.

The Phantasmagoria of Offense: The Male Version 

Jess Irish


USA / 7 min.

An animated lyric about the costs of censorship.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/165605346   

The Raccoon

Tang Shi


China, Taiwan | 69 mins
There are too many memories to talk about in our youth, too many unexplicable feelings. Fortunately you are by my side. We met in our wonderful age, this must be a miracle that God arranged.

The Secret Story : How Medical Marijuana was Re-Legalized in the

Brian Applegarth


USA / 16 min

The true story of one of our community's genuine heroes, Dennis Peron, who, along with many dedicated supporters, risked incarceration repeatedly in their decades-long campaign to make medical marijuana available to all kinds of ailing people, especially people afflicted with AIDS. 
Watch… https://youtu.be/1YRxfa_b2Sk  

The Story of Ziggy

Samora Mabuya


South Africa / 5 mins
The Story of Ziggy briefly outlines the life of a woman in mid-transition to becoming a man, exploring the challenges of black South African gender identity in a complex youth society.

The Things We Did and Didn’t Do

Elizabeth Martin


An exploration and an exercise in learning: learning how to be autonomous, learning how to make videos, learning how hormones affect life. Filmed during the filmmaker’s first months on testosterone, this film hopes to document the life of a person who is transmasculine, who is an ex-gay cowboy. This film posits traditional transition narratives are much more subtle than contemporary language and science can convey.

The Thinking Body

Kadambari Shivaya


India / 81’
La danza è lo stato dell’essere che trascende il proprio fisico, che scaturisce in stati profondi di menti risonanti in uno spettro senza tempo. Le forme di danza classica indiana forniscono un mezzo perfetto per le interazioni di emozioni in totale armonia, indipendentemente dal tempo, dallo spazio e dal sesso.

The Tie That Binds

Lanchi Le


USA / 22 min
After the death of her father, Allison must come back home to a mother who sent her away to a conversion therapy camp. Allison and Lorene must find a new balance between them after death and must struggle through the reality of the betrayal that costed Allison her identity.

The Transgender Widow

Cressandra Thibodeaux


“The transgender widow”, a feature-length documentary, follows Nikki Araguz-Loyd and her court case from 2010 – 2015, as she battles to be recognized as her deceased husband’s spouse in the State of Texas. The film begins in 2010, when Nikki Araguz is denied the benefits of her deceased husband, a firefighter killed in the line of duty, because Nikki was born a male.

The Visionists of Boston

Josh Kastorf


USA / 16 mins
The Visionists were a small circle of young artists that were meeting in a “queer kind of place” in the Boston area in the 1890s. Though the group has nearly been forgotten, its members left an important legacy through the work they created and the people they inspired.


Henger Lin


Watch... https://vimeo.com/179195448

Three Minses with Myself

Chen Qiu



Through Gay Eyes

Connor Crosby


USA / 33 mins
“Through Gay Eyes” is a film project that gives a voice — a veritable revelation — to the embedded furtive lifestyle of gays. This documentary film will encompass personal stories that tap every realm of life and social context. ”Through Gay Eyes” extends beyond “coming out” stories and delivers a profound realization that there still exists a silent and stifling vein in our society. Gay partners, parents and individuals tell their stories and rip the veil – emblazoning a promise toward our perpetual path of the Civil Rights Movement. “Through Gay Eyes” wrestles with poignant and consuming questions that affect every member of society — bringing forth the invisible into a tangible piece of reality.


Marvin Wayne



Spain / 10 mins
Tigger! it's one of the outstanding personalities of the new burlesque that has reappeared in the off-off Broadway in New York. Second part of the burlesque series started with "Dirty Martini". 


Matanel Lustig and Yarden Kashtan


Israel / 10 mins
Eliezer Leibowitz is an ultra Orthodox Jew. Eliezer is torn between his religious beliefs, and his sexual inclinations and hobbies, which he hides under the bed.
When he sees an advertisement for a dancing audition, he decides to sign up under the name "Eli". During his dance he is able to break through his religious world, but does he really want to pass the audition?

Todo sexo es político

Antonella Centurion


Argentina / 22 mins

Too Wide

Moyin Saka


UK / 7 mins
This deceptively simple film has many layers. Cleverly shot through a surveillance camera, it references the feelings of being under constant social scrutiny that many trans people and cis women feel. Travis Alabanza demands the right of freedom from the gender binary through spoken word narration. I loved this film – how many times have we dressed to go out and faced the world feeling good, feeling sharp, on a high, to then step out into the street and be ridiculed or asked to defend our choice of expression?


Mischa Badasyan




Sebastien de Buyl


Belgium | 8min
In another social setting where gender is reversed, a man tries to free himself from a torrent of prejudice, alienation and stigma. Embodying emancipation, claiming sexual equality.
Wtch… https://vimeo.com/165424385

Trans Diary Contemplation Series - #1 Voldemort

Alvis Choi


Transness and transition - what does it mean to the artist as a non-binary trans creature?

Trans Etherium

Aja Pop and Joseph Liatela


A film about metamorphosis, in which the artist embodies a human-like creature enduring a tormented birth, who overcomes bondage from a world not made for them. The artist undergoes multiple forms of rope bondage and a progression of physical transformation–symbolizing both the emotional limitations and safety of remaining closeted. Drawing a parallel to the artist’s experience of deferring medical transition and the pain of becoming other.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/178274435


KAy Garnellen


Germany | 10 min
Between dream and reality, Trans’Action is a fantastical gender bending experiment. With Emy Fem, Sadie Lune and KAy Garnellen.

Transitioning: Transgender Children

Olivier Semonnay


Spain / 52 mins
In a series of frank and revelatory interviews, Oliver and Montserrat take an incisive look into the lives of trans and gender-nonconforming people, ranging in age from eight to young adulthood. Their cinematic approach to documentary storytelling draws in the viewer with alluring visuals that enliven the oral histories of individuals and families navigating their way through uncharted territory. Sharply edited, this briskly paced film embarks upon a journey down the many eddies in a pool of gender identities.


Adel Clemente


After ten years abroad, a sudden death in the family compels a trans woman to return home and see her son for the first time as herself.

Trigeni III: The Mother

Agapi Kousten



Tunnel of colors / Tunel Koloretsua

Deiane Moreno


Basque Country / 11′
Miren is preparing her wedding. One day she meets an old friend from university. An encounter that will lead to know herself.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/169191445


Carlos Marroquin


Finland / 6’28
Two men work their feelings in a woodshop.


Rotem Plitman


Israel / 13 mins
Ellie, an insecure teenage girl finds herself spending time in the company of the lead singer of a band she admires. The two's relationship develops over the course of the night.

Un Eden Para Lady Helena

Carina López


Es una historia sobre el amor no correspondido de un muchacho gay por quien es su mejor amigo.

Un Nuevo Error

Jesús Miguel Pedraza Madrid


México / 37´

Under the Same Moon / A Mesma Lua

Victor Oslo


Brazil | 12 mins
Some friends are planning to humiliate André, who is openly gay, at the graduation ceremony. Will Van be honest and come out?
Watch... https://youtu.be/uLtivGKrCPo  


David Javier


X Ambassador’s emotional track ‘UNSTEADY’ perfectly underscores a couple at their breaking point. “UNSTEADY” speaks to everyone who’s contemplated walking away from a love that may or may not be worth fighting for.


Avery Archie


USA /  10 mins
This comedic web series explores the lives of Joshua and Avery, a unique duo in Los Angeles, as they explore Uber, exercise, and privilege.


Carmen Rojas Gamarra


Peru, Spain / 5 mins
Vacío/a is an experimental piece that speaks of a sentimental breakup, told through an IKEA catalogue. What happens with the objects, once bought? What people do they arrive to, and what stories do they become a part of?
Trailer… https://youtu.be/5AjM6bkZ_qE


Mariah Garnett


USA / 5 mins
"What are you looking at?" You'll never quite be sure in Dynasty Handbag's hilarious send-up of Madonna's magnum opus, recast in a semi-professional queer art context where no afternoon hike is what it seems…

Variations on Breathing

Jean Carlo Ramirez


4 mins
How can we embrace our true selves amid an ocean of false social constructs and unconscious biases? Borrowing from Vrijmoet’s “Non-Ordinary Reality” painting series and Le Boeuf's compositions for prepared piano, “Variations on Breathing” leads the viewer from the deep sleep of unknowing through a physical and moral struggle to free the self. Metaphors for transformation are explored through the lens of Ramirez's immersive maximalist cinematography, improvised movement, the shedding of aqueous skin, and the transition from full immersion in water to surfacing for air.
Watch... https://youtu.be/3jNCGJYZnxs


Wes Chew


Canada | 5 min
Two women play out the power dynamic in their relationship in a supernatural way.


Dan Windsor


6 mins
Two grieving friends exchange haunting visions of an impending outbreak, in which a mandatory skin suit uploads every bodily sensation to a government cloud.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/177112689

Vildman – Bambino Selvaggio

Alexi Carpentieri


A real story of a young Swedish guy who built his “realm” on sex. An extreme ride showing freedom, youth and the power of sex.

Virginia Woolf’s Personal Assistant

Carly Usdin


UK / 3 mins


Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber


Germany / 13 mins
When a baby gets underway in a threesome, the only question there is to answer, is whether all of them can refrain from being selfish and give love to multiple people simulaniously.

Wait Up

Louisa Fielden

Prinze George


USA / 4’


Grace Blick


4 mins
In pursuit of the perfect relationship, a girl purchases a synthetic version of herself from the cloning company ‘U2U’. Although it would seem the pair are the most compatible match, soon the clone becomes more comfortable in the world than her original and begins to outgrow the life she was created to live.

Warning Shot

Tina Takemoto


USA | 10m
One death. Three versions of the crime. James H. Wakasa, a 63-year-old Japanese American bachelor, was shot to death by military police at Topaz internment camp during World War II. Was it justifiable homicide, an accidental fatality, or second-degree murder? This queer experimental film essay uses the Rashomon effect to juxtapose three conflicting accounts regarding the circumstances and cause of his death.

What’s in a Label?

Rob Eagle


UK / 6 mins
WDIYFF veteran Rob Eagle returns with a new film exploring the relationship between labels and generations. We get to see three pairs of intergenerational LGBTQs debate how the language we’ve used to identify ourselves has developed and changed over the years.

White Nights

Mark Thiedeman


USA | 70 min
The classic love story by Fyodor Dostoevsky is transposed to a world of glittering dance floors and neon lights in the second feature by Arkansas filmmaker Mark Thiedeman.  WHITE NIGHTS is a pseudo-musical, queer adaptation of a tale of love at first sight and all the inexplicable, operatic confusion it brings.  As a hopeless daydreamer falls for a mysterious young man obsessed with his former lover, he finds himself compelled to help — and in doing so, falls madly in love.

Who We Are

Raphael Niederhauser


Germany | 7 min
Jonas is bullied at school. But he tries to ignore it – telling himself that it is not that bad. What should happen at the end? But when the relation to he boyfriend starts to be affected, he has to decide between standing up for love and staying a victim.

Who Will Hear my Sigh?

Mel Vee


Canada / 5:12 mins
A woman, reflecting on her experiences as a maid in Canada, wonders who will listen to hear story; who will hear her sigh? Made as part of the 2016 Herland Video Production Workshop presented by Telus Optik Local, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers and Spring Street Films.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/184773245

Why We March

Dina Boyer


This is a preview trailer for a documentary about the history and meaning of San Francisco’s annual Trans March. Archival footage will be mixed with interviews of folks who go to the Trans March. The finished documentary titled “Why We March” will highlight the symbolism, the sounds, the people, the issues and the diversity of the Trans March in San Francisco.

Won’t the Real Transformer Please Stand Up?

Namita Aavriti & Gee Imaan Semmalar


India |6’| Hindi
A superhero film about trans* lives.


Sal Tran


Xanh’s main goal is to save up money for top surgery. Their mother is a garment seamstress who polices Xanh’s gender presentation and performance through the creation of feminine clothes. As their mom starts to criticize what they choose to wear, Xanh experiences a series of nightmares and finds their dreams literally shattered.

Yandaixie Street No.10

Shu Qing


China | 20 min
A love story between a writer (Liang Ze) and a pet shop owner (Hang Hang), based on a novel by Jian Zou Pian Feng.

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Jayden Marre


Yes, Jesus Loves Me explores the life of Frosty, a young Christian with same-sex attraction. He discusses his belief in God, views on Christians in the media, doubts and struggles as a gay Christian and Jesus’ love for all people. The film also features two Christians and an ex-Christian who present their experiences with Christianity and Homosexuality.

You Say You Love Me

Quinton Lavery


South Africa / 4 min

You, Me, Us

Danylo Hauk


Elizabeth keeps her biggest secret locked in a room until he tries to break free.

Ysa Yaneza – “Tea”



USA / 4′ / Music Video
Watch... https://youtu.be/Xl7AeQqGSzY