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2018 - UPDATED: 19 September 2019



Sean Steinberg


South Africa / 55’
After qualifying to compete in the 2016 Olympic trials, Penny Kemp, an intersex teenager, is forced to undergo gender treatment in order to keep her high levels of testosterone at bay. Only, she doesn’t want to.


Ronnie Zidon


Israel, 2019, 18mins
On the evening she is awarded the Best Blogger Award, a self-centred online celebrity comes home to discover her partner has changed the locks and doesn’t ever want to see her again. Sunny seeks shelter in the streets of Tel Aviv but soon realizes that however many followers you have, it isn’t going to make you feel any less lonely.

¿Con qué piedras se rompe una jaula?

Julieta Ferrario


Argentina / 3´
A partir de un fotomontaje, cuatro varones trans relatan su experiencia en el encuentro y –por qué no– desencuentro con la propia identidad.


Eluna Cepeda


Philippines / 14 mins
Unmoored from the chaos & prejudice of the outside world, we are left with a gentle, bittersweet snapshot of a loving couple savoring every moment together before an inevitable conclusion.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/300496355

39 Facepalms

Jeff Page


USA | 1'00 on loop 3 times, so 3’00
Aloof otter, unapproachable, intriguing and shallow, kinda damaged, over-sharer… 39 shame-filled, self-deprecating catty statements (for the filmmakers 39th birthday) that flicker in and out of legibility in silence, using shame as tool or material for transformation.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/253468845

400 Questions

Rosie Wakley


UK / 7:15 mins
Two British Home Office staff interrogate an asylum seeker in a culturally insensitive way. Her lawyer intervenes and puts the case for her client. The case is then considered and the Home Office staff reach a verdict.


Alina Mann & Coco Schwarz


Switzerland | 4 min
An experimental short film about chess and sexual desire. 5073 minutes or 84.5 hours were invested to create it.


Lizzie Meaker


UK / 3 mins
A short film that shines light on the mental deterioration of a young female conflicted
with the aftermath of acquaintance rape.


Elio Colen Mirete


Spain / 67 mins
Nueve historias. Nueve vidas. Nueve personas trans, no binarias y de género neutro que viven en Barcelona. En este documental cada protagonista cuenta su vida antes y después de operarse, la relación con sus padres, los insultos escuchados durante la infancia y adolescencia, las sensaciones tras la operación, la lucha para conseguir unavida serena y la emoción de un DNI nuevo. Nueve historias diferentes con algo en común: todas las personas que aparecen en el documental comparten la misma sensación de miedo y vergüenza que, gracias a las redes sociales, han podido superar a través el descubrimiento de historias parecidas a las suyas y que personas transgénero habían contado y compartido en sus propias cuentas de Youtube o  de Instagram. 9Trans es un grito contra la transfobia, aún difusa en la sociedad. Aunque sea una temática difícil de afrontar, es imprescindible una correcta información para que desaparezca.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/MQWfT9RbXTk

A Broken Appointment

Kaleb D’Aguilar


UK/Jamaica, 3 min
The unraveling of a relationship is beautifully depicted to the poem “Epilogue” by Kei Miller.  The short explores the dynamic of closeting in a young gay relationship.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/221902632

A Bunch of Queers Doing It in Public

Sandra Sordini


UK, 4:07
Strange creatures inhabit cemeteries, backyards and notorious cruising spots in London, in a manifesto of queer aesthetics and politics.

A Face without a heart

Xinning Liu


UK/China / 2 mins
An animation about a woman who is struggling to find her identity between beauty and ugliness.

A Hidden Story: The Limits of Pleasure

Anoush Masoudi


Germany / 14 mins
An unknown person starts to film sexual intercourse between an older professor and a young male sex worker in a stall of a public toilet.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/247979088

À luz do sol

Edielson Shinohara


Trailer… https://vimeo.com/317112988

A Murder of Porgs

StormMiguel Florez & Annalise Ophelian


Some things are so cute, you just want to eat them up. 

A Short Distance 

Anthony Dunn


Canada | 5 mins
This dark comedy focuses on a closeted gay man who wants to make a break for it by escaping his domineering wife.

A Sight on You / Después de verte

Jesús Zambrana Rodríguez


Spain| 13’
Tim receives the visit of his brother Julio after one year without seeing him. Their relationship begins to change with the Tim´s discovery during night.

A Simple Love Story

Hnin Papa Soe


Myanmar, 21mins
Director Hnin Papa Soe follows a love story in Myanmar between a young trans woman who works as a puppeteer in an entertainment show and a young trans man who is an avid gym-goer.

A.M.O.R Ante Mucho Odio Revolución

Cardena Florencia


Argentina / 10′
The Shirley and the Luciana get married. A wedding of transvestites that left in suspense the entire popular neighborhood of La Cumbre in the city of La Plata. Thanks to the law of gender identity and equal marriage, it was the first marriage that It took place in Latin America.


Nina Sielski Elizalde  


USA / 7 minutes
An intimate look into the relationship between two young women told through the lens of one of them. It explores the politics found in love, while also questioning the role of the self in relationships.


Brenda Lopez


Canada / 7 mins
ABEO is a hard hitting mixed media animated short that depicts the journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risked their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search for a better life.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/294956795

About a Butterfly and its Cocoon

R.B. Lima


Brazil / 14 mins
When I was born they dressed me in blue and said I was a boy. Then they wet my head and said I was a Christian.
Watch… https://theaudienceawards.com/films/about-a-butterfly-and-its-cocoon-by-r-b-lima-225456


Gal Harbon


Israel, 18mins
The film paints a portrait of Ilai, 35, a successful Tel Avivian who is subconsciously lost in the city where he grew up after becoming an orphan at a young age.
Watch… https://youtu.be/Ds7gh9RdaOg

Acá En La Tierra

Rebeca Trejo Campos


México, 12´40
Every morning at school, when girls and boys stand in their lines, Sam, an alien boy, is confronted with this situation: he doesn't fit into this society where everything has to be classified.


Mayté Richter, Cadeu


Germany| 6 mins

Der Akzeptanz-Tanz einer brasilianischen Dragqueen zur UN-Menschenrechtserklärung von 1948 ist ein Aufruf, weiterhin für Gleichberechtigung zu kämpfen.


Konstantinos Chaliasas


Greece / 10 mins
A young actor looks for a mentor in this dreamy surreal short.

Actually She Is My Little Brother / Eigentlich ist sie mein kleiner Bruder

Lena Lobers, Carina Nickel


Germany  / 40’
It can be difficult to deal with our own identity, there are many obstacles that our ego has to get through to fully express itself, whether they are interior or originate from the family, the community and society in which they live. In Eigentlich ist sie mein kleiner Bruder Lena Lobers deals with the search of gender identity, starting from a reflection on her little sister, who was biologically born as a male. This movie brings us into small excerpts of the life of transgenders and of the people that are close to them: it talks about the solitary struggle that is entailed in being ourselves, about the courage it takes; a struggle for a future, a body and a name to recognize ourselves in, a struggle to accept our desires and the way we are, in spite of everything.

Ad Lib

Leire Acha


Spain / 7 mins
Through dance and music, two people discover their love and face a world that wants to restrict it.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/258768480


Yair Elkon


Israel, 20mins

Adam’s world is rocked when his friend, Amit confesses his love for him. This creates a dilemma for Adam in the face of his ailing, conservative father, which sends him fleeing to the Judean Desert on a journey of self-discovery.

Adeus Estrada de Tijolos Amarelos

Hiran Matheus


19 mins
Icarus arrives in another city to try life as a telemarketer, but when he goes out at night he is caught by a boy. Screenplay based on a Elton John song and filmed with a cell phone.

Affidavy For Khanali

Arman Gholipourdashtaki


Iran /15’
Times have changed, especially if you are 92 year old and worked as a postman. Khanali does not understand why his office allowed him to quit his job for 35 years. Determined to recover his old job, he asks for support from citizens and office managers. A delicate story of determination.

Afila Tus Tacones

Arturo Gómez


México / 20 mins
Un bailarín creativo y extrovertido crea a su personaje drag: Dolores Black.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/w1sjsMkXuos

After Party – Salmon Raw

Tlhonepho Tobejane & Zanne Solomon


South Africa / 5’
JJ finds himself in an awkward situation whilst preparing for a hot date with a man he met online. After figuring out what's going on with JJ, Zuri and Ben manage to get JJ to face the reality of the situation. This short presents a South African slant to the way young gay men may think about PrEP and some of the unintentionally comedic challenges that can ensue.

After the Sunset

Sophie Maxin Carmon


Israel, 14mins
Mrs. Alexandrowicz shares the story of her first love with her therapist.

After... After... (Access)

Jordan Lord


USA / 16 mins
A film still shows an interior view along a hospital corridor. The image is taken from the point of view of someone lying under a white blanket on a wheeled hospital stretcher. An open caption on the image reads “Access not only refers to permission to make a documentary in a given space.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/291298700

Agent of Love

Lior Shemesh


Israel, 4mins
Agent R is assigned her first mission – bring two targets together and… get them to fall in love.

Ala rota

Rodrigo Brevis


Chile / 19 mins
Un día normal de Gonzalo, un joven homosexual de 18 años, puede cambiar rotundamente cuando se encuentre con alguien como él, pero quizás no en el momento indicado.
Watch… https://youtu.be/qvaLCmNIq0A

Alfredo Doesn’t Like Goodbyes / Alfredo Não Gosta de Despedidas

André Medeiros Martins


Brazil / 73 mins
André is an artist obsessed with sex who tries to find in his deceased mother's stories the reasons for these obsessions. From the exhibition of his works and reports of relatives, he creates an autofictional documentary.
André é um artista obcecado por sexo e que tenta encontrar em histórias de sua falecida mãe as razões destas obsessões. A partir da mostra de suas obras e relatos de familiares ele cria este documentário autoficcional.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/280267383

Algo serio

Nacho Bello


Spain / 2′
Canarian struggle means a lot to Mayron.


Tobia Maggiorelli


Italy / 9 min
This is the tale of Enea, a young boy trying to know himself better and to accept who he really is.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/330731941

All Rolled in One

Carolina Dutca


Moldova / 5’
A hypnotic and fragmented picture of the film maker’s memories, when she was attracted to girls.

All the Beautiful Girls

Amanda Justice


USA / 5min
Muted VHS interviews with women who participated in porn films are edited against solemn images of the sky in this quietly unsettling found footage collage.


Javier Palacios


México / 8´
Alma ha sacrificado todo para empezar una nueva vida, en plenitud… ahora lo único que busca es trascender y ser aceptada. ¿Hasta dónde llegarán sus límites para conseguirlo?


Federico Papagna


UK / 4 mins
10 years ago in the UK, Steven and Ivan could never have dreamed of having a child of their own. But in an act of true altruism, Steven’s sister Lorna came to the rescue. This will be the U.S. premiere of the documentary short film.

Amanda_Test 1

Ben Gansky, Nat Moonhill, Veronica Moonhill


USA / 13 mins
With the help of an experimental technology, a young woman returns to Sonoma County in order to re-live an important encounter.
Watch… https://youtu.be/n7tB97PVvMI

Amar, Prem

Mujeer Pasha


India | 12 mins
Amar and Prem call their relationship quits and choose to be friends. But soon, loneliness rekindles longing. Can they go back?

Among Students / Unter Schülern

Jannik Gensler


Germany / 10 mins
A typical school with typical students and a typical teacher who every day see a homophobic attack on another young person. Living in fear of becoming the next object of aggression, he never dares to defend any of his bullied students.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/338551277

Among the People: Life & Acting

Želimir Žilnik


Serbia / 83 mins
The newly commissioned video for the occasion of the exhibition Shadow Citizens assemblage features memories and commentaries of non-professional actors combined with excerpts from films in which they participated as “protagonists,” mixed with footage made of crews working on the sets of Žilnik’s films.
It acts as a reminder for Žilnik of the talents and real-life experiences of his participants, which inspired the filmmaker to articulate their narrative threads and also define his fictional characters. At the same time, the video documents how the film participants experienced new encounters and solidarity in the “film collective.”
Trailer… https://youtu.be/n2NOf0Bi4zk

Amour is Love

Hanna Che & Harry Forbez


Canada | 10 min
Mariana, Jodie-Ann, and Diane are three queer as f*** women of color who discuss their past, present, and future without any filters or taboos.

Amsterdam on Prep?

Alexis Barragán


Netherlands / 35 mins
Amsterdam on PrEP? is a short documentary where experts and PrEP users analyse the importance of this new tool as an aid to end the HIV epidemic. The arrival of the pill in Europe means a revolutionary change in the sexual behaviour among Men who have sex with Men. Sex without a condom "can be safe if you take PrEP". The experience in the Netherlands, where PrEP is on research through the GGD, Sexual Health System. The battle of the activists to make PrEP available and paid by the Health insurance, and the social impact, beyond the gay community.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/rK96wLJTdw8

An Illicit Affair

Goodyn Green


Spain, Germany / 20 min

A film about intense sexual connection and passion between two people, about surrendering to the eroticism of forbidden lust. Beautiful, passionate, funny, and raw - inspired by a confession of someone having an affair with an ex-lover.


Alex Warren


United Kingdom | 17min
Four kids struggle to make sense of the world while fighting to protect their land.
Watch… https://youtu.be/GnzUhvZ8HG8

Angela Wilson: A Butcher's Story

Gaby Scott


USA | 7m
Meet Angela Wilson, a female butcher and the owner of Avedano’s, an independent butcher shop right here in the rapidly shifting landscape that is San Francisco.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/260500878

Antes de Entrar Permita Salir

Gustavo Gamero


México / 13 mins
Ambos se conocen previamente a través de una aplicación de citas. Y lo que creían que sería una noche casual de sexo, termina siendo un encuentro genuino con un desconocido.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/355365213


Viet Vu


Vietnam / 27 mins
The daily life of a gay man whose body is inhabited by ants.

Aos Meus Pés

Felipe Saraiva


Brazil / 14 mins
Wesley, 18, joga futebol. Raymundo, 40, gosta de pés. Os dois se encontram em um bar.


Maximilian Andreas


Germany / 25 min
On the search of one’s own sexual, cultural and social identity: Four young friends with different life perspectives venture out of the suburbs and are confronted by a tragic fate, questioning everything and themselves.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/274754762


Derek Cox and Dan Finnen


USA / 10 mins
Damon deals with the comic aftermath of a hookup from a gay dating app in Chicago.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/AZDOkOcvG_Q

Aqueles Dois

Émerson Maranhão


Brazil / 15´
Caio José tem 25 anos e é enfermeiro, Kaio Lemos tem 38 e é pesquisador acadêmico. O primeiro mora em Quixeramobim, uma pequena cidade no Sertão Central do Ceará. O segundo, na capital do Estado, Fortaleza. Eles têm boa formação intelectual, amigos, família e em nada se diferenciariam dos tantos rapazes que vivem realidades similares não fosse pelo fato de serem homens transgêneros.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/N08PCesRciQ


Giovanni Mauriello


Italy / 17 mins
"Armonia" (harmony) is not only a word that belongs to musical theory; it is also an essential element for human relations. To the notes of famous songs the story of Laura Righi unfolds, a transsexual woman who, in 1963, was the first in Italy to undergo gender reassignment surgery. It is the story of a twofold love, her love for Beppe, the man she married, and for herself.

As You Wish My Lady

Jo pollux


Germany, 5’
My Lady likes a dark space underground, we’ve all spent time there but none of us know the way.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/293643902

Ascensão e Queda das Bixas

Rodrigo D’Alcântara


Brazil / 38 mins
Ascensão e Queda das Bixas (Ascension and Fall of the Bixas) In a distopic future dissident entities surge to take back the power after eras of endemic and hegemonic heterossexuality dominium.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/273013515

Asexual Story

Meghan Delaney


USA | 3min
How do you negotiate the dating scene as an asexual person. This sweet animation takes us through the pitfalls and challenges but comes up trump.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/277799658

Assif and Katzir

Roy Musayov


Israel, 6mins
An act of fate and utter chance finds Assif meeting Katzir at the lowest place in Tel Aviv. Despite the cold and the distance, throughout the night, an intimacy develops between the two which flimsy words can’t quite express. It ends up being that which they have in common. i.e. an alienated, functional existence, that allows them to find comfort in each other.

At Night / La Nuit

Nais Garziani


7 min
At night, the princes of the city come on stage. A portrayal of two lovers of the night who, contrary to what we think, are almost the same.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/KFPITS5xJO0

Atico B

Pablo Allende Enciondo


Spain / 15 mins
After lying vacant for two years, there are buyers for the house where they lived. Those discoloured walls bear silent witness to their meeting. Everything happens in four days. During that time, they have to gather up the last few mugs, pack up the books, divide up the records and look at each other, at the uncomfortable silences and at the words unspoken up to now. It is the last time they are going to close that door, the definitive goodbye – what remains there will no longer belong to them.


Steve Shwartz


Canada / 10 mins
In the near future, dating apps guarantee a perfect match. Yet for Sam and Riley, their perfect match isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Rollyn Stafford


United States / 5 mins
A transgender woman tries to make it to the Miss Oregon audition but first has one quick stop to beat up some thugs.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/290155650


Nathália Carneiro


Brazil / 4´10


Evie Snax & Manon Praline


8 min
Baby is a dance-performance-erotica piece born through an intimate collaboration between three sluts : playful curly-haired Manon Praline, Evie Snax, a visionary digital portrait artist from New Mexico and Evie’s camera. Manon integrates her practice of dance, bodywork and kink with her transition. Changes in the body can be very inspiring and that’s where her movement comes from; not aiming for anything allows her to move.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/273001447

Bad Ally

Ariel Mahler & Daquisha Jones


This comedy series that follows two central protagonists. Mix, a white, non-binary transgender, queer actor and Harriet, a Black, cisgender, heterosexual writer. Together they navigate New York City, their work in the activist community, and a friendship that challenges their individual upbringing and the communities with which they identify.

Bad Bed / Mala Cama

Valeria Hidalgo


Argentina / 9 mins
Dos mujeres tratan de salvar su relación, pero saben que solo una de ellas continúa remando. Ahí se dan cuenta que se han mal enamorado la una de la otra solo para sentir algo. Encontrar el amor después de haber amado puede ser complicado.

Bad Friend

Stephen Winter


USA | 5m
Luna and Blaze, two queer and fabulous friends, have a falling out in 1996 and take 25 years to make up, in this upbeat, narratively propelled music video featuring cameos by Mx Justin Vivian Bond and director Stephen Winter.

Bad Theology

Samira Shifteh


USA / 5 min
A lyrical video featuring an original poem and dance choreography about faith and surviving domestic violence as a Black transgender person.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/301776999


Chris Cahilig


Philippines / 4 mins
Paolo, an openly gay young professional, is quite unlucky when it comes to finding romantic and lasting relationships. His college buddy Carlo comforts him every time he goes through a breakup. Will their friendship eventually lead to something else?
Watch… https://vimeo.com/270537224 


David Thế


Singapore/ Vietnam / 6 mins
An insight into a struggling gay artist in Vietnam where the LBGT situation is still frowned upon.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/264216446


Mauritz Brekke Solberg, Daniel Fure Scwarz


Norway / 12 min.
A married couple are confronted with their own faults and flaws as they are about to make the biggest decision of their lives. 

Bay of Plenty

Milva Stutz


Switzerland, 12’
A first-person journey to a floating virtual world, where digital creations transcend all binaries to create something much more hypnotic and playful.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/293971584

Beat é Protesto – O funk pela ótica feminina

Mayara Efe


Brazil / 23´21
Onde estão e quem são as minas que compõem o movimento do funk? O funk sempre foi uma forma de protesto e ser mulher também é!
Trailer… https://youtu.be/uF3oBZeR7UU

Because You're Here

Mike Syers


10 min. USA
A seemingly simple portrait of a town fixture gives way to a revealing personal history as rich, complicated, and joyful as its New England backdrop.

Becoming a Queen

Sybil Liang


China / 18’
Becoming A Queen explores the lives of gay men in Beijing, China, as they evolve their unique queer identities into full drag personas

Becoming Leela

Jana Eleanor Bruckner


Becoming Leela is a coming of age story of a closeted yet feisty teenager, Leela, living with her high-handed all knowing mother who wants her daughter to fit herself into social gender expectations. Rejecting all of her mother’s opinions, Leela looks forward to leaving her home in Delhi to go to university in the west with her secret girlfriend where she could be free of all that limits her. Things don’t work out according to Leela’s plan, yet finds herself in Toronto on her own with a chance at a new life. In her new world she is confronted with the losses she has had to bear to get a chance at a different life. In her quest for freedom, she finds a new connection to her mother and a home in herself.


Shira Fischel


Israel, 11 min
Tom sets out on a journey to find a girl she met at a nightclub after being harassed by a man.


Cole Forrest


Canada | 4 min
“Bedowe” is a filmic exploration of sexuality, trauma, and love within the context of a relationship between an Indigenous boy and a non-Indigenous boy in current day Tkaronto.

Behind the Mask

Meitar Ben-Mucha


Israel, 9mins
The film introduces the viewers to Assaf, a young man from the south of Israel – humble and shy; a fashion designer who came out in his teens. At night, he transforms himself into Celine la Divine – a cheeky, in-your-face drag queen.

Beyond the Margins: Shay

Craig Heathcote


UK | 3’11
Gender expression that transcends binaries is a new thing for some people. This film stems the tide of media sensationalism around non-binary gender by showcasing the humanity of real people. 
Watch… https://vimeo.com/301486674

Bi in Bias

Natalie Hviid Andersen


Denmark / 7 min
A documentary about how the LGBTQ+ community views bisexuality.
Watch… https://youtu.be/XNczQQPdUOU

Birds of Paradise

Rahul Sudha Mahesh


India / 10 min
The film travels through the life of three transgenders, set against the binary and the morality of the society. The film talks about a day from their life.

Bla Bla Land

Fernando Gamero


Spain / 13 mins
A couple lives happily in love until one of the parties tells the other that they have contracted HIV. What initially could be cause for separation, perhaps help strengthen their relationship.

Black Butterfly

Wide Angle Youth Media Video Team Country


USA / 5 min
Youth in spring 2018 explored the intersectional identity of GLBTQ Black youth and created a short film advocating for acceptance.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/267166281


Diego Paulino


Brazil / 22 mins
Between melanin and distant planets, BLACKN3SS suggests us to plunge in the paths of young black individuals of the city of São Paulo. An essay on blackness, faggotry and spatial aspirations of the children of the diaspora.
Entre melanina e planetas longínquos, NEGRUM3 propõe um mergulho na caminhada de jovens negros da cidade de São Paulo. Um filme‐ensaio sobre negritude, viadagem e aspirações espaciais dos filhos da diáspora.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/N7geU-M1o2o

Blessed Be your Purity / Bendita sea tu pureza

Ángel Molina


Paraguay| 11’
Marcos, a very shy adolescent in a Catholic school, is called to the psychologist’s office for an urgent meeting with his parents. The very noticeable communication issues within his dysfunctional family turn the meeting into a confusing interrogation which pushes Marcos to unleash his fears and truths he had kept silent.

Blind Turns

Billy Craig


Spain / 4 mins
Turning blind at the age of 15, Meritxell's world changed from one of seeing, to another of non-seeing. Yet through sheer tenacity, Meritxell is determined to pursue her dream of becoming a professional skier. In this short we follow Meritxell down the rapid slopes of La Molina, to watch her launch herself into the piste without seeing a thing.

Block and Censor

Awei Chen


China / 65:00
Film maker Popo Fan is on a quest to fight China's systemic use of censorship.


Alexandra Douglas


Canada | 9 min
It’s 3am and Ray finds herself crashing in her best friend Sara’s bed.


Myriam (dani) Tardif


Canada / 11 mins
Bonds is an experiment between two creatures who explores the bonds that ties them together through bondage. It explores how queer intimacy, consent and eroticism intersects with power play, the relation to the camera and d.i.y feminist filmmaking.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/67dXNv6KAVg

Both Feet

Alexa Gerber


USA / 14 min
A repressed woman looking to rebuild her life enrolls in classes behind her husband’s back, forming a connection with a free-spirited young student.


Dany Ruz


Spain / 13′
Christmas Eve might become an ideal set to solve all the problems that have come up along the year with your loved ones. For this reason, Juan and Luis will invite Tere and Ana in order to release the tenseness created in the past.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/IbrUqXkJpA8

Boys of Hong Kong

Luke Casey


Hong Kong / 7 mins
A sensual exploration of maleness, and of new articulations of masculinity, amongst the youth of Hong Kong.
Watch… https://youtu.be/gEXxUhdeKqg


Carlos Eduardo Nogueira


Brazil / 10 mins
Em algum lugar ao sul, uma monstruosa barata e uma heroína gigante travam uma batalha mortal.Uma tirada satírica sobre mídia, política e sociedade.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/294810497


Bruno Ribeiro


Brazil / 23 mins
Kastelany chega na casa da Luciana. Mia se prepara para sair à noite com suas amigas. Dandara transa com Johi pela primeira vez.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/273545505

Break In

Dimitris Nakos


Greece / 5 mins
Two women hide their love affair from their close people. The burglary that will happen to them will lead them to make decisions. A one shot b/w short film.

Breaking Out!

Heshvanth Gurukul


India | 25 min
Advaith’s life takes a turn after his meeting with a gay rights activist Pushkar. Advaith, apprehensive of revealing his friendship with Pushkar to his other friends, has to finally confront his own self. Will he or will he not?
Watch… https://youtu.be/hU_BvXcfLYg

Breakup in 9 Scenes

Leil Zahra Mortada


Lebanon | 15 min
On the morning you disappeared, the morning you sent that message and deactivated your account, I wrote „Breakup in 9 scenes“. An audiovisual exploration of disappointment: How does one live disappointment? What is the physical action associated with disappointment? Anger is much easier. Sadness is much easier. Hatred is the easiest. But I don’t hate you. You are too innocent to hate.

Breast Friends

Eleanor Rogers


Ireland / 18 Minutes
A young driven female relay runner begins to question her sexuality when a new member joins the relay team.


Anushka Shivdasani Rovshen and Madhuri Mohindar


India | 24 min
The Film explores the intersections between identity, sexuality, mental health and the many alleys through which women negotiate freedom and dignity. It interweaves the stories of Swati and Ray, as they redefine the boundaries of intimacy, desire and relationships.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/QVGu7wYv4x0

Broken Doll / Muñeca Rota

Gaspar Aguirre, Roman Sovrano


Argentina / 4 mins
A young teenager is going through a hard phase because of his self-image and the external pressure of how he should be.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/ldMXlcD2tZg

Brother X

Conner DeMita


USA | 8 min
The story of a young man in suburban Los Angeles who must learn how to cope with his sibling's gender transition. While he cannot bring himself to understand his new brother's experience, he himself spends his nights clubbing in Hollywood dressed as a woman.

Bruce & Daryl

Josh Jacobius & Alisha Tamarchenko


USA / 18:46
Two older men ruminate on their life together through love, loss and academia.

Bucket List

Jessica King


USA, 4 min
A couple makes a sexual bucket list, which is even funnier than it sounds.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/264178030


Itay Weiss


Israel, 9mins
17-year-old Jonathan realizes he is falling in love with a boy in his class. He feels alienated from himself however, one intimate, pastoral moment will expose a truth that cannot be hidden.


Harry Lloyd


Australia / 10 mins
After a bad breakup, uptight accountant Tiff has taken to microwaved hot dogs and re-runs of the L Word, whereas the ever-emerging artist Gem is processing the break up in the arms of multiple sexual partners. As Gem and Tiff drift further apart, their dog Butch, must go to drastic measures to get them back in the same room... even if it means an emergency trip to the vet.


SD Holman


USA / 13 mins
SD Holman self-identifies as “butch,” a label that she and others in her community have reclaimed. Her inspiring story has challenged traditional definitions of masculinity and femininity in surprising ways.
Watch… https://youtu.be/iOW5lkv2kgA


Orel Duek


Israel, 12mins
A young lesbian woman goes clubbing with her friend who then goes missing. The search for her turns into a vendetta over her dark past.

Button Out!

Kathleen Mullen


Canada; 4 min.
The history of the LGBT movement, as told by activists.


Johanna Gribaudo


Argentina / 18 mins
A teenage love between two girls failed by a regional myth.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/147791561

Can Also Play 

Mildred Lewis


USA / 1 min

Canta a mi Misma - Hija de Dioses

Julia Sbriller


4 mins
Un latido nos recorre y nos vuelve actuales: la bús­queda de un sentido y una religación del ser humano con sí mismx, la creencia en una sociedad futura más humana, el afán de dar con lo más radical de la existencia. El mito de hermafrodita como motor para generar un ensayo en arabesco.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/283774650


Juan Texier


Argentina / 14 mins
Ivan, Malena y Tobias pasan unos días acampando en un pinar. Despojados de todas las presiones sociales propias de la gran ciudad, se encuentran menos reacios a explorar nuevos sentimientos. Entre miradas, fogones y caracoles, exploran lo volátil de las relaciones humanas y se descubren sexualmente.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/_Mqiy0n3hZc

Care for You



USA / 4 mins
Romance blossoms when two souls cross paths in a late-night diner. A tender and surreal meditation on expressions of love.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/296566564

Carla and Hayfa

David Ng & Jen Sung


Canada / 9 mins
Hayfa shares her coming out story as a queer person to her Palestinian-Lebanese family; her mother Carla shares her story of coming to acceptance.

Carne Compartida

Samuel Castellanos


Mexico / 17 mins
Un joven llamado Mario tiene secuestrado a un chico llamado Félix, con el cual siente una doble dualidad de amor y de rechazo. ¿Será Mario capaz de afrontar su propia identidad y liberarse de los dogmas que lo tienen maniatado?
Watch… https://youtu.be/KfvALPrTP1M

Carne de caballo

Arima León 


Spain / 20 mins
CARNE DE CABALLO es un proyecto audiovisual cuyo eje vertebrador será el propio acto creativo protagonizado por los intérpretes. Se partirá de un texto bocetado y se trabajará en la una unión entre el gesto, la palabra y la imagen.

Casar, matar y follar

Carlos Caro Martín


Spain / 8 mins
La familia puede tener múltiples variantes.

Ceci n’est Pas Mon Corps

Enzo Joyeux


France / 27 mins
What difficulties does a young 24 years old transgender facing transition cope with in his everyday life?
Alex, un jeune homme trans de 24 ans, est à un moment crucial de sa transition. Ses rêves et sa réalité se confrontent quotidiennement. Son entourage tente de le soutenir et de lui redonner confiance en lui.

Cereal Boy

Susannah Joffe


USA | 8 min
About a young boy's sexual exploration.
Watch… https://youtu.be/SgAXqbnRE3w

Character One: Susan

Tim Lienhard


Germany / 80’
Susan, in her early 50s, is a wonderfully attractive woman. But the half-Italian, born in the early 1960s in Berlin, is ill. She's bipolar and schizoaffective.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/wng_myHtUvs

Cinco Minutos por Dia

Bob Yang, Frederico Evaristo


Brazil / 10 mins
Jefferson e Jorge dividem agora o mesmo teto.

Claudia Tocada Por La Luna

Francisco Aguilar Alvarado


Chile / 65 mins
Luego de haber sufrido de la discriminación a la largo de su vida, Claudia una mujer trans recuerda los momentos más difíciles que debió afrontar, con tal de vivir su identidad.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/GbsuAVkocwA


Laura Beynon


UK / 11 mins
A trans woman is held in a prison cell by an implacable jailer. A visitor approaches…

Closeness / Lähekkäin

Joona Möttö


Finland / 2:38
Two asexual people explore what kind of closeness works for them.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/285714975


Yuki Chen


Canada | 6 min
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/262074664


Christian Landsmann, Josefine Liebing


Germany / 2 min
Von Rassismus, abwertenden Kommentaren zur Identität oder Sexualität und Body Shaming erstarrte Körper sind kaltem Licht schutzlos ausgesetzt. Empowerment in den 68ern – heute! Visuell und musikalisch begegnet der Film Stigmata und Ausgrenzungen innerhalb der queeren Community. Ein Spiegelbild der Gesellschaft.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/285339801


Lillith Jörg, Maya Fiedler


Germany / 3 minutes 22 seconds
The story of this film goes differently for everyone. The world of colours has always spurred our imagination.
Watch… https://youtu.be/4qdfkc9C47M

Come As You Please

Shirmaine Ong


UK | 6’26
On the night of his wedding anniversary, Owen finds himself face to face with an armed robber. It might be just what he’s looking for.


India Marie Cross


USA / 16 mins
Com-Rah-Der-Ree was birthed out of pain from too many failed female friendships. The film is meant to shed light on the issues that cause us black women to drop the ball when it comes to our sisters. Hopefully, the film sheds light, heals, inspires, and empowers us all to be better women, better friends, better sisters, and better people.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/274153760

Conan, o Rapaz do Futuro

Daniel Mota


Portugal / 50 mins
Who is Conan Osíris, who put the whole country singing “Telemóveis”? Where does his music come from and how was his image born? This documentary recalls the story of the musician's artistic journey, revisits the ambience and events of Festival da Canção 2019 and reveals the background of his preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, both in Lisbon and between rehearsals, in Tel Aviv.

Confesiones: Corazon Cegado

Andrés Fonseca


México / 3 mins
El amor es algo que durará más allá de mi vida y mis palabras son una carta para ti.


Melisa Liebenthal


Argentina / 27 mins
Constanza is 35 years old, she works as a housemaid at Irene’s house, a 65 year old woman who is temporarily in a wheelchair. The film focuses on Constanza’s meticulous and almost obsessive gestures. As the hours pass by, repetition and melancholy become increasingly heavy, until this apparently ordinary day cracks.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/289784044


Natasza Parzymies 


Poland / 2.30 mins
Ex-girlfriends meet under unexpected circumstances
Watch… https://vimeo.com/268013854


Liel Buba


Israel, 11mins
Cool (Leor Colton) is a 33-year-old who identifies as gender-queer and who is fighting for his right to fit into society, just like anyone else.

Correctly / Correctement

Agapi Kousteni


Greece / 10min
An effort to reveal the phenomenon of “corrective” rape: A girl is raped by a boy with only witness the animals of a lake. Back home her partner, trying to conform her, she will be confronted with her own feelings and reactions.

Count It All

Alexia Acebo


USA / 5 mins
"Count it All" showcases the authentic stories of real people going from despair and darkness into a joyous place by means of relationships built and communing with similar people. The film is evidence that we can truly count it all joy.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/256181555

Coxinha 2 – O X Tudo

Cristiano Sousa


Brazil / 12 mins
Na continuação de Coxinha 1, as irmãs Almira (Alex Amaral) e Piedade (Jonatas Tavares) são obrigadas a abandonar o famoso restaurante onde vendiam coxinhas e a voltar para a casa da mãe


Gabriel Flores


USA / 3 mins
A man struggles with his inner self.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/269476631


Sarah Karleskint


USA / 1 minute
Every time Candi sees Jessica her heart speeds up and her stomach tries to expel a million butterflies while doing a triple backflip. After months of wanting to act and trying to figure out how to, she finally pulls together the courage to tell her how much she likes her and how the world seems brighter when she smiles. But when the moment comes her nerves bail on her and she can't quite get the words out.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/287723631

Crying Game 

Gianna Gianna


USA / 3 min
Crying Game is the most personal piece the filmmaker has created yet; flirting with her biggest fear : regret.
Watch… https://youtu.be/nUUOxvCJHw8

Cuaderno de Octubre

Eric Silva


México / 29 mins
Ricardo recibe la visita de Daniel, su primo adolescente. Juntos explorarán la ciudad y a ellos mismos.

Cuento Contigo

Piero Gabriel Aguilar Yactayo


Perú / 9 mins
Richie y Elías son una pareja. Viven cómodamente pero la invitación a un almuerzo de promoción del colegio de Richie, lugar de donde no guarda gratos recuerdos generará una fuerte discusión entre ellos donde se verá las falencias en torno a su relación.

Cuídate, Cuídame

Uriel Núñez


México /15´
Documental sobre la Red Mexicana de Personas que viven con el VIH.
Watch… https://youtu.be/2m2hsunL5JE


Mattin Garikano


13 mins
Cupiditas es un cortometraje gay que narra el amor y lo prohibido en el quinto aniversario de Eloy e Isaac. A través del conflicto se muestra como más allá del amor se encuentran los deseos y los secretos.
Watch… https://youtu.be/CZfgSgmvSFI

D.T.F. (Down to Fall)

Evie Snax


United States | 5 min
Evie Snax stumbles across Jiz Lee while walking through the park with some friends. On this crisp Fall day, dreams become reality.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/281021237


Francesc Colomina y Javier Blanco


Spain| 17’
A young man, pressured by social standards, seeks to defeat his inner ghosts with his best friend’s support despite the control his mother exerts over him.

Daddy Dearest / Queridisimo Papa

Luis Navarrete


Spain / 15 mins
Even though their relationship was never a good one, David has felt obligated to take care of his sick father for the last few years. However, he takes advantage of the situation to get revenge for the past.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/PyxWknFnqdc

Dancer of the women

Mitsuhiro Ono


Japan / 34min
Natsuki who spends her days feeling motivated against the discrimination in daily life that she receives as a woman and the pressing of the role of “woman”. It was a dance that took the first step – a work like this male society “Uzai!”, Moving to the action of “I want to be free”, and Natsuki's changes are refreshing.


Ramón Watkins


Australia / 5 mins
A collection of real experiences with queer dating apps, explored through dance and animation
Watch… https://vimeo.com/264549241

Dancing around Bones / Danser sur les os

Danika Vermette


Canada / 8 mins
Eli must leave to find the wild woman who lives inside her.

Danny Didn't Feel Like Himself Anymore

Johnny Gibbs


UK / 5:10
Danny doesn't fit in the box they've been put in.
Watch… https://youtu.be/0L7tGud1xv0

Dark Hearts / Dunkle Herzen

Maria Neheimer



Germany / 25 mins
When Liv’s criminal mother is arrested, she has to move into a girls’ residential group. There, caught between her past and a new love interest, she must decide for the first time on how to continue her life.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/320940292


Ryan Cassata


A song about my personal experience transitioning from female to male and my transformed relationship from being my dads daughter to being his son.
Watch… https://youtu.be/IOery7rg2eo

Daughter / Dochter

Erik Alkema, Eveline van de Putte


Netherlands / 18 mins
Die 94-jährige Mutter und die 65-jährige Tochter blicken auf ihr Leben, die Erziehung von Jacqueline, ihre Transition und die damit einhergehenden Kämpfe zurück.

Days Off

Filip Blažek


Czechia / 10:47
Urban living, unspoken longings, and yogurts of unusual size all come to life in this offbeat animation.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/8rutROTEyWI

DC Black Pride: Answering the Call

Brenda Mallory


USA / 50 mins
Marvin Bowser was inspired to produce his TV special DC Black Pride — ANSWERING THE CALL 18 months ago while doing research for an article about the relevance of DC Black Pride today.  Last May, he realized that the history DC Black Pride is poorly documented and remembered and that he needed to do something about it while some of the leaders are still alive to tell their stories.

Dear Babe

Ethan Folk


3 min. Germany
A home-alone-houseboy is hungry, and not just for breakfast. What will daddy think when he reads about the houseboy's filthy antics?


Thoko Masikini


De-Gaga is a proof-of-concept for a sitcom that follows the lives of four queer friends of colour as they navigate life, love, sex, career and what it means to be an adult in a world that is in flux. De-Gaga as a piece of work sheds a light on a generation and collective that has been underrepresented. Ultimately De-Gaga is a conversation piece that is bold, brash and unapologetic. 

Dejarse crecer el cuerpo

Andrea Gudiño Sosa


Mexico / 4 mins
Through animated testimonies, people with different gender identities relate their life experiences and create one voice with a lot of voices.

Dentro de Sus Zapatos

Juan Carlos Manrique


México / 4 mins
Roberto Castro es un joven al que le cuesta relacionarse con las chicas, tiene un cierto fetiche, un día decide saciar su fantasía con un cierto plan, para ver y tocar un pie.

Desperately Seeking Shavers

Emmett Aldred


USA / 5 mins
A look at the role facial hair plays in expressing and actualising identity for trans and gender diverse people.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/256706106

Desperately Seeking Shavers

Christina Radburn


Australia / 6 mins
Shines a light on gender and identity through its candid look at the way trans and gender-diverse people express and actualize their identity through facial hair.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/256706106

Después de Todo, Volviste

Pablo Arredondo


México / 19 mins
Aura volverá a ver a su ex novio después de un mensaje inesperado, la ilusión crece a pesar de solo haber hablado por redes sociales. La sospecha resulta sorpresa cuando el ex la visita.


Géraldine Charpentier-Basille


Belgium, 2’
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/236305663

Did You Know?

Lynn Kim


USA | 8 mins
This stunning animation brings together the intersection of queerness, hyenas, consuming stigma and eating meat.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/273204839

Die Ehe Der Herren Schultze

Moritz Leick


Germany / 47 mins
Kurt und Toon sind glücklich und zufrieden; sie gehen ihren Hobbys nach, pflegen Freundschaften und genießen ihr Leben. Dennoch lastet ein Schatten auf ihnen; denn Kurt war in seiner Jugend wegen homosexueller Handlungen im Gefängnis. Der Dokumentarfilm begleitet Kurt und Toon in ihrem Alltag und bei ihrem Bemühen, Einsicht in die Polizeiakten zu erhalten, um endgültig mit der Vergangenheit abschließen zu können.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/255300365


Shaina Feinberg


USA, 15 mins
In a series of comedic vignettes, a group of women and gender non-conforming friends negotiate their relationships with each other, the world and themselves with an edginess that’s unique and contemporary. 
Trailer… https://youtu.be/JndkrsmyUCE

Dinner for Four

Jane Clark


United States / 15 min
An awkward dinner party conversation between a bisexual polyamory evangelist, a lesbian who romanticizes monogamy, a poly-curious straight girl, and her solidly hetero boyfriend takes an unexpected turn, revealing hidden secrets and surprising desires.


Queer Youth Media Project Country


USA / 4 min

Dizzy Waves / Ondas Maredas

Inés Aledo, Amaia Araiztegi, Jone Garitano, Alberto Gómez, Aitor Ibarguren, Paty Ortiz de Zárate


Basque Country / 6′
Mariana has something to tell us. A collective film made in the framework of the workshop “Experimental cinema and lesbian realities” conducted by Zazpi T’erdi & Irene Bailo. 

DND Ndns

Raven Cameron


Canada | 4 min
An Indigenous Dungeons and Dragons group faces their final nemesis: Justin Trudeau.

Do It Again

Hsin Hsuan Yeh


Not knowing who I am and what should I do, floating in the air, I am a bear in the mortal world. I always wander in the dead-end road, swinging back and forth between disgust and joy. When will I face my own desires without hating myself?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/285238508

Do Outro Lado

Frederico Evaristo


Brazil / 14 mins
Às vésperas de uma importante decisão, a juíza da Corte Suprema de Taiwan recebe uma carta inesperada.

Do You Even Carrot All?

Daniel Sterlin-Altman


Canada / 2 mins
Everybody wants to reach Carrot, but he doesn’t seem carrot all.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/296770816


Ezgi Temel


Turkey / 4:21 mins
On a normal Sunday shopping trip, a son rejects the Batman toy his mother selected. He wants the Barbie Doll House instead. The mother does not let him buy it. Back home, the boy transform the Batman toy into what he wants with his father’s support. 

Don't Fuck with England

Rocket Ear


USA | 3m
A punishing lesson in British diction, delivered graphically (literally: in animated text graphics).


César Flores


México / 2 mins
Gabriel teme entrar a su propia casa y confrontar a sus padres.

Drag Me in Place 

Michael Zarowny (Mood Killer)


USA, 3 min
Mood Killer’s strange and surreal new music video, think Devo and Tron meet Marilyn Manson.

Drag Queen Storytime

Emma Kopkowski and Tyler Litwin


9 min | USA
In Greensboro, NC, two drag queens read to children at a private bookstore in order to promote diversity and challenge gender stereotypes.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/3mUnPJdFdO4

Draps de Soie



France / 4’11
Watch… https://youtu.be/xoKBE288psU


Toni Karat


Germany / 13:07
A punk boidyke, handcuffed and facing the wall in a sparse, empty room, breathes heavily with anxiety and expectation.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/294798079


Calvin Lam


USA / 1 min
Watch… https://youtu.be/5AXmGlWASdc

Dyke Bars Never Last

Stacy McKenzie


USA | 6m
In the wake of dyke bars and spaces closing, a lonely queer in San Francisco sits outside of the now closed Lexington Bar and follows a trail of signs, motorcycle babes, femme dommes, and leather daddies to the Last Dyke Bar on Earth.

Eco Erotics

Charlotte Seebeck


UK / 11 mins
6 female performance artists retreat for remote conversation around eco sex* into Welsh Wilderness. They immerse with the Quiet Earth surroundings through body and mind and follow eco erotic trails. They have intense encounters with trees and sheep. Blurred practice. Queering witchy heritage. They improvise in response to a meadow, the ocean and the paradox of live art documentary itself.

Ecosex, a User's Manual

Isabelle Carlier


France, USA / 75 mins
Ecosex, a User's Manual is a queer history of the environment, taking root in the powerful paradigm change: to switch from "Earth as a mother" to "Earth as a Lover".
Trailer… https://youtu.be/wV1HY4gVnlU


Chanelle Tyson


USA / 1 min
Watch… https://youtu.be/8176RMV8YrQ


Jedrzej Gorski


Poland / 4 mins
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/334173770


Fang-Yi Chu


Taiwan / 28min
Trailer… https://youtu.be/hEsOjRJMlkE

EGALE and the Battle for Equal Marriage

Glenn Crawford


Canada / 10 mins

El Diario de un Viaje

David Benítez


Después de realizar un viaje por Europa con su hermano. David descubre que la distancia puede crear una relación afectiva que a pesar de haber sido hermanos nunca existió a raíz de su homosexualidad. Ahora David quiere sanar sus heridas y encontrar una nueva relación con su hermano.

Ela só quer ser Maria

Victor Vinícius do Carmo


Brazil / 11´20
Maria vê numa festa o cara com quem sonha há bastante tempo. Do encontro, ela constrói possíveis realidades onde seus sonhos, medos e o desejo de ser quem se é são colocados em xeque.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/324425944

Eli - Ein Portrait

Lumen Nguyen


Germany / 6‘40 mins
ELI shows you an intimate and honest look in the intellectual world of a trans* person.
Die kurze Dokumentation gewährt einen intimen und ehrlichen Einblick in die Gedankenwelt einer trans*Person.

Emerging Doubts / Dubbi che vengono

Ilaria Galanti


Italy / 17 mins
Manuel must have been really drunk last night! He wakes up feeling hungover, with a perfect stranger sleeping next to him. Naked. Manuel is naked too, and try as he may, he cannot remember who that man is and what happened. The fact that his girlfriend is about to return from a trip abroad and his house is crowded with friends for an impromptu party is no help to him in trying to remember. Perhaps the path to understanding will be longer and more complicated than it seems.

Empty Mirror

Leila Jarman, Peter Kalisch


USA / 8 mins
Disquieting and discomforting step into the queer noise world of the captivating and crushingly honest Peter Kalisch.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/284825366

En el Pueblo de las Salinas

Alesandro Montalbano


Italy / 7’
The original story of intersex children in las Salinas, a village in the Dominican Republic. The children sympathy represents the driving element of the movie.
La storia originale di bambin* intersex a las Salinas, un villaggio della Repubblica Dominicana. La simpatia de* bambin* rappresenta l’elemento trainante.
Watch… https://youtu.be/VUux9tbUDa8

Enfin Seule

Josalyn Smith


USA / 11 min
Arriving in the afterlife, Mel wants to get down to the business of eternal solitude, but her case worker at “Le Bureau” has a slightly different plan in mind.

Enid & Valerie: The Dream

Matthew Kennedy


Scotland / 3 min
Enid & Valerie is a short animation about a lone spinster named Valerie. Here we venture in to her dreams, where she meets Enid, a witch. Could this be the start of an unlikely friendship?
Watch… https://youtu.be/jGCXLsv91eI


Anika Syskakis


Canada | 6 min
The short documentary observes and explores the interesting life and career of the Indigenous-African-Canadian/American multi-hyphenate as she talks about her work, her identity, her sexuality, and her understanding of the world.

Eternal Harvest

David Wayne Reed


12 minutes  |  USA
Using drones, dance, farm implements, heirloom quilts, agriculture, and video installation, Eternal Harvest is a short film by Kansas City based writer, artist and actor David Wayne Reed about the cycle of life as depicted by the growing season on a rural Kansas farm.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/8ER7ifB9IcM

Every Once in a While When I Die I Cry

R.B. Lima


Brazil / 15 mins
“There was once a woman, Maria Laura, who used to come here to bang. One night, after a party, she came here with two guys. So, the day after, a bricklayer found her dead in a puddle of blood.”

Everybody Hurts 

Marqueeda Lastar


USA / 1 min
Watch… https://youtu.be/9m3p4MmjK7c

Everyday Love

Hannah Hunter-Loubert


Canada / 4 mins
Everyday Love is a portrait of a queer couple and the way love can be very mundane.

Everything's Great!

Linnea Ritland


Canada / 15 mins
An awkward 20-something lesbian bounces between a not-relationship relationship and her alcoholic-dad-soaked home life, seeking stability in others -- but eventually finding it in herself.

Eyes On You

Adam & Alex Kiers


Australia, 4 mins
A teenage boy growing up in violent neighbourhood has a beautiful fantasy.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/278430730

Far Out / Weit Draussen

Jan-Peter Horstmann


Germany, 24 mins
East-Berlin 1987. Nico and Kai meet and wander around the night together. In the park, at a party and on the streets of the city they find out that they are very similar and still want different things from life. This night will be the beginning of something new for each of them.

Farm Sum Ontario

Jonathan Davies


Canada / 16min
Xiaobing’s discovery of wild bear’s garlic in a Munich park leads to a culinary whim that will alter the course of his life. with footage spanning a decade, Farm Sum Ontario explores the decisions, achievements and trade-offs of a couple making the unlikely decision to farm as they search for a sustainable way of life.


Thiago Foresti


Brazil / 7´18

Fat Hiking Club

Layla Cameron


Canada | 14 min
A woman in Portland seeks to make the outdoors more accessible for fat people - just as they are and without shame. Armed with her slogan “Trails Not Scales”, she soon finds herself hosting events all over North America.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/248373192


Korvan Little-Feather


Canada / 5 mins
Korvan Little-Feather is a has-been Indigenous child star vying to revive his past experiences as a celebrity but he is finding quickly that to be who he wants he has to change everything about himself. 

Feelin' Myself

Edward Perkins


USA / 3 mins
Realism and representation are strained with rapid cutting and colored ink.


Andrés Milonás


Mexico / 11 mins
A young man deals with his true feelings about gender.
Watch… https://youtu.be/r3-lzM1pdbI

Feminism Through Isabella

Alyssa Abreu, Jidobi Chime, Taylor Fields, and Nehanda Hammond


8 minutes • USA
From a young girl in her pajamas to a political activist protesting gender inequality in Washington Square Park, women of all ages and backgrounds talk about their personal notions of feminism.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/281317889

Feminist Voices Funeral and Disco Memorial Party

Feminist Voices


When Feminist Voices, China most prominent feminist media organisation, was banned on International Women’s Day 2018, a group of activists mourn its loss with a disco party on a grave.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/b4m5ekfxVnI


Jermaine D’Vauz


Australia / 15 mins
FEZ is a high energy, short spectacle celebrating Samoan- Australian entertainer Fez Faanana and his trailblazing artistic journey from growing up in small town Ipswich, Queensland to representing Australia on the world stage in dazzling drag, with his co-founded all male burlesque company "Briefs Factory".

Fifth Metacarpal

Scott Fitzpatrick


Canada / 6 mins
I broke my hand last summer.

Film Omaggio a Godard

Vincent Dieutre & Vivianne Perelmuter


France  / 6'
A friend of theirs asks both Dieutre and Perelmuter to participate in a tribute-film to Jean-Luc Godard. What has been left after his death? What is his legacy? How to survive him? By queerizing politics? Or maybe by ambushing the catastrophe? Starting from Godard’s work, this short film is a profound reflection on the destiny of cinema.

Flamingo / Flamenca

Álvaro Moriano


Spain / 11′
Laura wakes up with a hangover at Lucia’s house. Laura wants to get out of there however, but Lucia convinces her to
stay for breakfast.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/NlpM-6mR6g8


Heather María Ács


USA, 9 min
Roxy, a high femme punk, is caught multi-tasking between a hot date and a hilarious group domination session, where her fabulous queer friends learn an important lesson from a john. WhenRoxy allows her date to get in on the action, things go awry, and Roxy must scramble to make sure she and her friends “come out on top.” Flu$h is the first short film produced by newly formed queer production  company FemmePower Productions.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/274971986

Fluid Chemistry

Deike Schwarz


Germany | 2’30
Forensically erotic exploration of orifices and areolas, and all minute nubs of the body that rise.

Footballeur Et Homo : L’un n’empêche pas L’autre

Michel Royer


France / 52 mins
Un documentaire qui fait le point sur un tabou tenace : l’homosexualité dans le football…

Forbidden Love 

Paayel Chouudhury


India / 32 mins
A story about two girls and their love, desire, pain, and passion. It’s a story about finding themselves and their journey to be together as a couple. However the path is not clear and they face enormous hardship from society and their own families. 
Trailer… https://youtu.be/poprAs6sOR0


Vanessa Audouard


France / 8 mins
Un tunnel. Huit femmes. Une rencontre. De ses prémices à ses aboutissants. Une chorégraphe des corps qui se cherchent. Du premier regard aux frôlements de peau.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/jKh9YaTcGWU

Four Billion Reasons

Krissy Mahan


USA, 6:43
A journey of 8 metres becomes an epic odyssey, thanks to the inaccessibility of the New York City subway system.

Frans och Lars

Jan Hammarlund


Sweden / 5 mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/L3P-iTccgow

Frolic's Haunt

Elizabeth Littlejohn


Canada / 10 mins
A team of eager volunteers in Toronto set out to change accessibility issues on Halloween by creating a first-of-its-kind haunted house that comes with a unique scare system.

From AM to PM – A Look into Ishaq’s Life

Alizeb Raees


Pakistan / 14’
From AM to PM is an intimate look into the life of Ishaq, who must maintain a balance between providing for his family and following his desire tobecome part of Khawaja Sira community. Ishaq is married with one child: while leading a married life by day, as the night falls, he follows his heart to where it belongs with the transgender friends in Lahore.

Fuck You Erick

Geneviève Dulude-De Celles


Canada /6 '
Two friends shave their legs to look like beautiful diamonds.


Cheska Bacaltos Masongsong


Guillermo and Jazmyne are two best friends looking to find success and acceptance with the little resources (and sobriety) they have.  Functional is a new web series that focuses on topics within the LGBTQ+ and Latinx community highlighting the highs and lows that the modern world has to offer.

Fünf Tage Im Mai - Various Voices

Martin Broschwitz


Germany / 45 mins
"We sing for our lives" was the very serious statement of Qwerty Queer, the LGBTIQ * choir from Odessa. In May 2018 she and 92 other choirs from all over the world were guests at the 14th European LGBTIQ * Choir Festival VARIOUS VOICES in Munich. Not only did the singers enjoy five days of fun and great atmosphere, they also raised their voice for the equal treatment of all people, regardless of their sexual identity and orientation.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/307958743

Gai Jatra

Key Cast


20 mins
This short film celebrates the Gai JatraFestival, an annual festival in Nepal. During the festival, members of the LGBTQI community appear in public, flaunt their true selves with pride and pay tribute to people in the LGBTQI who have died

Gay Revolution: Il Secolo Arcobaleno



Italia  / 60′
Episodio 1 – Presentato da Sky Arte
In una calda sera di giugno del 1969 la polizia fece violentemente irruzione allo "Stonewall Inn", un noto bar gay di New York City. Un evento per nulla straordinario, dal momento che gli omosessuali all’epoca erano perseguitati. Tuttavia quella sera i clienti decisero di opporsi alle forze dell’ordine per tutta la notte e questo fu l’inizio di una rivoluzione e la nascita di quel movimento che avrebbe portato alla depenalizzazione dell'omosessualità in molti paesi del mondo.

Gays Dans Le Caucase

Miha Aguilé & Tania Schelest


France / 28 mins
Ruslan vit à Moscou. Homosexuel, il se retrouve régulièrement en garde à vue pour ses engagements en faveur de la communauté LGBT : dans un appartement moscovite, il accueille des homosexuels ayant dû fuir leur chez eux en raison de leur orientation sexuelle. Récemment, ce sont deux hommes originaires d’Ossétie qui s’y sont réfugiés après avoir reçu des menaces de la part de leurs familles. Parallèlement, François Croquette, ambassadeur français pour les droits de l’Homme, tente de leur obtenir un visa pour la France. À Paris, Guillaume Mélanie et Victoria Safontseva, de l’association Urgence homophobie, préparent l’arrivée du jeune couple. En un an, ils ont trouvé une douzaine de famille d’accueil pour des réfugiés homosexuels ; parmi eux, un Tchétchène, menacé de mort par sa famille, attend aujourd’hui de recevoir le statut de réfugié…


Noreen Erkardas


Germany l 4 min
“Gefunden” ist ein Gedicht von Goethe, aus dem Jahr 1813. Der Kurzfilm stellt das Gedicht als eine Metapher über eine Liebesgeschichte zwischen zwei Mädchen dar. Das eine Mädchen, verglichen mit der Blume in dem Gedicht, traut sich nicht die Liebe zuzulassen. Das andere Mädchen, welches die Position des lyrischen Ichs einnimmt,, zeigt dem „Blümchen”, dass es sich lohnt mutig zu sein, zu sich selbst zu stehen und der Liebe eine Chance zu geben.

Gender Bender

Erica Lust


Spain / 13 Min
Two bisexuals discovering their gender identities as they grow up in world where that’s suddenly more okay to do. 

Género Bajo Ataque

Jerónimo Centurión


Perú, Costa Rica, Brasil, Colombia / 72 mins
Shot in Brazil, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia, this documentary voices four stories that show how the actions developed by the opposition and anti-rights movements in these countries are not isolated events but correspond to coordinated work in the region. These groups have economic resources and operational capacity to influence traditional media and social networks with "post-truths" and "fake news" that seriously affect the rights of women and the LGBTI community.
Este documental alerta sobre el modo en que los conservadores vienen afectando los derechos humanos y la educación en América Latina
Watch… https://youtu.be/56k7GfFzK6c

Goddess House

Marion Hill


USA / 6 mins
The Queen of the Goddess House will not rise from bed today. Her court of Goddesses must summon the only one who can help. 
Watch… https://vimeo.com/281197229

Going Foward

Tim Harris


USA | 15 min
Malcolm Kenyatta is campaigning to become the first openly LGBT candidate of color elected to state office in Pennsylvania.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/307765204

Going Out

Kim Hyuk


South Korea / 20 mins
Jin-soo, a Female-to-Male transgender, goes out for the first time in a long time to come out to his friend Na-young about his gender identity. Jin-soo goes to the hair salon to cut his messy hair and awaits Na-young who will come to meet him, planning the perfect timing to come out. When the hairdresser charges Jin-soo for a female cut even though he has short hair, Jin-soo in infuriated and Na-young tries to avoid the awkward situation by paying for Jin-soo, and they end up having a fight.


Viviane D’Avilla de Farias & Paulo Dimantas de Farias


India / 24 mins
Gopi was the youngest and first intersexual to run in the Legislative Assembly elections in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Everyday, Gopi fights for the rights of the intersex people and the LGBTQIA community.​

Great Again

Kirrilee Bailey


Australia / 6 mins
Jordan, a queer non-binary person, visits their conservative family in the country, only to be greeted by their mother sporting a rather unambiguous cap.

Greek Tragedy / Tragedia Griega

Norberto Trujillo


Spain / 5 mins

Green Girl

Carillon Hepburn Smith


USA / 4 mins
It explores the coming out process for a young woman with quirky and sincere vignettes of her journey. 
Watch… https://vimeo.com/270399008


Steven Claes


Belgium / 90 mins
Terwijl Didier en David een vakantie plannen met hun vrienden, dromen de jonge Youri en Jens aan de andere kant van Europa van een onbezorgde toekomst samen. Twee ingrijpende gebeurtenissen zorgen ervoor dat hun levens elkaar kruisen in Berlijn. Terwijl de stad zich opmaakt voor de Pride, proberen zij hun leven weer op de rails te krijgen.

Spot On brengt deze keer een ernstig stuk dat pijnlijk actueel is. Op amper enkele uurtjes vliegen riskeren holebi’s ontvoering, foltering en erger, terwijl de overheid gewillig een oogje dichtknijpt of zelfs meewerkt. En ook bij ons blijft waakzaamheid geboden. Want het kwaad is grenzeloos…

Grigio, Verde Azzurro

Ilaria Piccardi


Italy / 33’
A documentary on psychiatric illness. A dialogue between daughter (director) and mother (protagonist) ironic and full of love. The desire to live better.
Un documentario sulla malattia psichiatrica. Un dialogo tra figlia (regista) e madre (protagonista) ironico e ricco di amore. Il desiderio di vivere meglio.

Gross Indecency: The Everett Klippert Story

Laura O'Grady


Canada / 17 mins
Everett Klippert was a Calgary bus driver. He was also the last Canadian to be jailed for homosexuality. Kevin Allen, of the Calgary Gay History Project, tries to understand Klippert and his place in LGBTQ history.

Han Izanik Hona Naiz

Asier Altuna


Basque Country / 5 mins
The accuser becomes the accused. The hunter is hunted.

From the group film Gure oroitzapenak, based on the work of Basque writer Joseba Sarrionandia.

Happy Birthday 

Penny Chen


5 min

Happy Valentine’s Day

Judy Febles


A young daughter creates a hand made valentine's day card to her crush. The mother is curious to who this card is going to, she assumes it's for a boy in her class but soon discovers it is not.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/251287222

Have You Hooked Up With Too Many Men?

Michael Henry


USA / 3 mins
Well? Have you?
Watch… https://youtu.be/srYqv_N8lMI

Headphone Karaoke: Don’t Stop Believin’

Dayna McLeod


1:54 minutes / Canada
This video is a result of performance-based research for 'Uterine Concert Hall,' specifically an investigation into intimate karaoke. ‘Uterine Concert Hall’ is a performance-based sound project that examines vulnerability and shared intimacy through the site of my body by inviting audiences to sing their favourite karaoke song into my uterus while other audience members listen via stethoscope through my flesh.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/298288004


Eden Maslavi


Israel, 4 mins
A charmingly DIY snippet of lesbian relationship drama filled with chocolate, avocado decor, broken hearts and megaphones.

Heavier Than Air

Josh  & Buster Grey-Jung


UK / 16 mins
An immersive audio-visual collage recorded in Rajasthan, India. Meditative and dreamlike in its tone, the film explores the everyday practices and rituals of the Rajasthani people, whilst subtly addressing themes of faith, gender politics and the impact of advanced technologies on rural life. 


Tyler Lumm


USA, 7 min.
A dark thought provoking meta-narrative of a human attempting to become an Orca whale.

His Physique

Katherine Christie Evans


UK | 4’25
Local musician Katherine Christie Evans applies a playful non binary gaze to cultural iconography, queering the male figure in this DIY music video.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/273851490

HIV/AIDS in Ottawa

Glenn Crawford


From Peter Evans, Ottawa's first AIDS casualty, to today, the capital was hit hard by the AIDS epidemic in the 80s and 90s, leading to the creation of vital service organizations like the AIDS Committee of Ottawa and Bruce House. Early AIDS activists Barry Deeprose, Kevin Hatt and Jay Koornstra tell their devastating personal stories of this dark period in Ottawa's queer history.

Hoài (Ongoing/Memory) 

Quyên Nguyen-Le


USA, 11 min
A Vietnamese American queer woman’s relationship with her refugee father is strained amidst anti-immigration protests.

Home Visit

Annamaria  Craparotta


Italy / 3.30 mins


Aaron Cook


15 min / USA
Max, a young gay man, is recently out and struggling to settle into his queer identity.  Shot in Bloomington, Indiana, the film follows Max as he navigates the early years of adulthood and begins to find his place in the local queer subculture.

Hope / Tikva

Etamar Kadusheviz


Israel, 14mins
Daniel, an ultra-right-wing gay man finds himself all horny following a violent right wing demonstration and arranges a sex date with his lover.

Horror, Sex and Hair Curlers

Phillippe Solange


18 minutes  |  France
Today, Françoise is spying on her husband Robert, who she suspects of cheating on her. The hairdresser is right to trust her instinct... She spots Robert stepping inside a gay sex club with a young man, as handsome as he is mysterious. Françoise is furious but she has no idea how weird and horrific this day is about to get!
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/238062227

Hot & Bothered

Leah Byrd


36 mins
A sarcastic Black stoner lopes through love and a dating app for lesbians with her best friend.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/265747175

Human is Human

Keegun Selley


7 minutes  |  USA
The story of Parker Liu, an individual who is currently transitioning from female to male. This documentary serves a platform for Liu to speak about his specific life experiences. Liu touches on topics of family acceptance, coming out, cultural norms, and future plans.
Watch… https://youtu.be/lWawgjVlWKs


Kevin Valladares


México / 2 mins
Placer, seducción, deseo ¿Quién dijo que el único pecado de Adán y Eva fue comer del fruto prohibido?
Watch… https://vimeo.com/313080548

I Adore You / Me Encantas

Carlos A. Lazarus


Panama, 7 mins

I Am a Believer

Bettina Blanc Penther


France / 19 mins
We wake up where the train drove us. Water is everywhere but we can't see it. We walk through a long road, only the birds seem to know where it leads us.

I Am Me

Jazmine Smith-Gladue, Quanah Style


Canada | 4 min
Jazmine grew up in Flying Dust, Saskatchewan as a boy who felt out of place… until discovering makeup, which helped her transition and begin her journey into womanhood. This is a story of acceptance, self-love and jewelry.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/300379597

I Have Days

Jo Howard


This film follows the artist’s journey from quitting nicotine, to top surgery, to rehab and recovery. It begs questions of – what does survival look like in a trans body? What is “natural?” How does one maintain sobriety in a queer art community often saturated in substance use?

I Know Her

Fawzia Mizra


USA / 3 min

I Live for Menopause

Dayna McLeod


Canada / 4 mins
In I Live for Menopause, Dayna McLeod uses her queer, aging, body  to confront ageism with humour to imagine a menopausal future that  is full of promise. Based on Lady Gaga’s 2013 Applause, Montreal  musician Jackie Gallant scores a slamming dance track full of  throbbing beats, synth, and underwater majesty.

I Reveal / Revelo

Aidan Jara


Spain / Germany / 80 mins
“Revelo” (“I reveal”) is a portrait of John, presenting parts of his life & his processes as a trans* person reconsidering binary codes & many other patterns. 4 years along, John and Aidan the film-maker have been meeting each other and sometimes traveling together . The movie is the result of this journey from Berlin to the mountains in Spain.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/250990626

I Think Our Moms Are Gay

Lisa Franklin


Best friends Eleanor and Emmett spend the summer investigating whether or not their mothers are having an affair.

I Transform Myself  / Nintaandjinaagowiihidis

Connor Pion


Canada | 6 min
Connor Pion’s new short is one mixed-race urban-Indigenous 2 Spirit-trans neechie’s prayer, ceremony, and activiation for a potent shapeshifting potion..

I’m G----

Queer Youth Media Project Country


USA / 4 min

I’m Not There

A. Njuli


India / 14’
The narration of two trans-FtM people, a more rare testimony of male transgenderism in India.

Idea of Me

Brianca Williams


4 min | USA
A young woman becomes emotionally detached in her relationship as she struggles with depression and fear of intimacy.


Ladan Mohamed Siad & Minas Adonai


Canada / 9 mins
A genderqueer Somali-Canadian teenager spends the day taking their grandmother to her appointments, forcing the two to confront their assumptions of one another.

I'm Not There

Ajita Banerjie


India / 12:04
Two non-binary activists tell their stories of fighting for trans rights in Bangalore.

In the Crowd 

Greg Latham


UK | 14’
This documentary explores the experiences of queer football fans in the stands, and how they navigate this dual identity.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/273323705

In The Fog / Kamikakushi

Matthew Takata Shepherd, Naomi Takata Shepherd


USA / 8 mins
Vioulet falls through time and space as they struggle with a dark presence through song and dance in this exploration of duality.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/XbZHGKscaqA

In the Frame

Ion Gnatiuc


Moldova | 17’13
Oxana is a trans woman working as a frame dyer in Chisinau, Moldova. Fearing rejection she leads a double life, passing as binary genders, but her life changes when she’s invited to DJ at a queer party.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/286864583

In the Lair

Raz Bdv


Israel, 12 min
Separations in a lesbian affair can be cyclical, repetitive, almost routine. Following their breakup, Doron arrives at Mali’s place to return a pot. Will the visit bring about a change?
Trailer… https://youtu.be/tS8WcvAf3Hg

In the Middle of Nowhere

Oksana Hohol, Brooke Lydbrooke


Canada | 15 min
A Ugandan lesbian is certain that if she is deported from Canada back to Uganda, (where there’s state-sanctioned homophobia and an angry violent husband she was forced to marry waiting for her ) she’ll face imprisonment and possibly death.

Inside Voices

Vanessa Dion Fletcher


Canada | 6 min
A cervix drips blood while an audience describes their own cervixes and relationships to their bodies.

Inspire The Night: Batekoo

Clara Lobo, Diego Garcia


Brazil / 13 mins
This episode from the documentary series INSPIRE THE NIGHT introduces us to the Afro-Brazilian collective Batekoo, which started out as an unpretentious party and became an important manifesto of the black LGBTQ+ movement in Brazil.
Watch… https://youtu.be/sLbcNuelXCs


Vito Alfarano


Video dance made with the prisoners of Brindisi prison
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/278779155


Inti Lorca


Chile / 15 mins
Documental que representa de forma testimonial la primera parte de una transición de género, desde sus inicios hasta un periodo de cuatro meses, registrando los cambios sujetos a la administración de hormonas y las repercusiones sociales involucradas en el proceso.

Into Man's Country

Matthew Purifoy


USA / 30 mins
Gay men have long been persecuted for how they have sex. While public/private saunas and baths have existed for centuries, the formation of gay baths in the United States in the mid 20th century played a critical role in providing a safe and private space for gay men to discover themselves. With the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the advent of social media platforms like Grindr, the number and influence of the baths has diminished today, yet their significance and influence on a generation of gay men persists. Through the voices of those with personal lived experience, Into Man’s Country delves into the secretive and intimate world of the gay bathhouse during the ‘70s, from the euphoric rush of a quick unfettered sexual encounter to the establishment of lasting personal relationships.


Suresh Narayanan


India | 1 hr 41 mins
Sainu and Amina were thick friends when they were kids and this attraction between the two has grown irresistibly, making them inseparable. But there is one major hitch. Inside Amina is a man yearning for release. As they slip into adolescence, this reality becomes a stark and unbearable one and one day Amina disappears from home. Sainu is married off to a local guy. But almost ten years later a stranger, a man calling himself Adraman, appears at the village.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/g_Ei7erwkYw

Ishq, Dosti and All That

Srishti Lakhera, Rituparna Borah, Ritambhara Mehta, and Bhamati Sivapalan


India | 19 min
A light-hearted take on the lives of a transman and a lesbian, as they reflect on their loves, crushes, desires, dating experiences, friendships and intimate relationships.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/321671155

Isla Ignorada

Sara Merec


España / 16’
"Isla ignorada" es un proyecto en curso que busca financiación y colaboradores. Hemos creado un periódico que será lanzado durante 2017 tratando la problemática de ser lesbiana es España.
How hard is it to be a lesbian in a rural environment? Five women talk about their personal experience and expectations while the 4th edition of “Agrocuir” festival is taking place.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/196315802

Islands / Inseln

Ron Jäger


Germany / 20’
Everybody is alone in their own way, with their own hopes and fears. Only sometimes people find each other and realize that they have a special connection.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/4Wyien01kzA


Ilya Sherstobitov


Russia / 11 mins
N city, Crimea, present day. Seva and transsexual Jenya are lovers who have been secretly seeing each other for a long time. Seva is really serious and wants to get to know Dima – Jenya’s son. Dima is a teenager, he does boxing and actively participates with his friends in fights and wrangles against those who are unlike them. After the night spent with Jenya, Seva goes outside to heat the car and meets Dima with his bullies. They suspect Seva in being a homosexual, and so hit him violently. The boys stop only after they hear Jenya screaming.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/VkWWIN8SWY8

It Was Better With Franco 

 / Con Paquito Era Mejor

Adán Pichardo


Spain / 5 mins
Carmelo thinks that “with Paquito it was better.” He moves (against his will) to the house of his daughter and son-in-law. Carmelo will continually reflect his frustrations, provoking a crazy and unsustainable situation.
Carmelo piensa que con Paquito era mejor. Se muda (contra su voluntad) a la casa de su hija y su yerno, donde reflejará continuamente su frustraste tesitura, provocando una loca situación insostenible.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/281478088

Italian 101

Emily Gutierrez


Jen, a shy university student, falls for her cool and confident classmate, Riley. When partnered up for a class project, Jen must decide whether or not she can gather up the courage to ask Riley out on a date.

Italy & (This Is) Water / Soap&Skin

Ioan Gavriel & Anja Plaschg


5 mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/013lbJ-Iehg


Daniel Shalev


Israel, 5 min
The story of Jack, a 12-year old transgender boy. Jack was born as a girl and was named Adi; at 11, he decided to change his gender. The film follows Jack’s journey and shows the reactions of his family, friends, and environment.

Jacqueline et Michèle

Elfie Mahé


France / 18 minutes

Jag var också med

Astrid Askberger


Sweden / 7 mins
En banderoll har rullats ut på en lantlig tågstation i en helt annan tidsålder. ”Respektera vårt nej” står det på den. Under en diabilds-kväll hos mina föräldrar slås jag av hur främmande deras gravallvarliga kamp verkar idag. Jag slås också av hur lite jag själv gör. I en tid där de som vill hjälpa andra ibland beskylls för att vara ”godhetsknarkare” eller ”godhetsapostlar” får vi möta tre personer och deras konkreta politiska handlingar.


Jérôme Casanova


France / 25 mins
Johnny alcoolique, fataliste, torturé, ne sait pas se tenir, impulsif, lunatique, ne croit en rien, n’a pas d’attache, n’a pas de courage. Mais Aurélien s’en fout car avant tout, Johnny est lumineux. 

Johnny R Demented

Fred Morin


France, 3min
“When I look in the mirror, I’m like, ‘damn, you look good!’” This is a portrait of the “gay4pay” actor Johnny Rapid who participated in almost 200 scenes since 2011. Nearly 1200 images of his face were assembled in a large digital collage in order to make that video. Johnny R Demented or when money becomes the ultimate excuse to live one’s sexuality by taking advantage of gay fantasies.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Naama Hacohen & Benjamin Esterlis


Israel, 12mins
A religious woman discovers her true sexuality at the cost of it colliding with her traditional lifestyle.

Kait & Nic

Lorena Russi


Kait & Nic is a four-episode web series chronicling two queer, best friends and their experiences navigating the NYC dating scene. Kait is a shy lesbian who suffers from anxiety and depression. Nic is a gregarious bisexual with over-the-top notions about romance


Jonathan Hammond


USA / 17 mins
The true(ish) story of a young boy and his mother who held afternoon exorcisms in the living room – and the new friend who is so "Godly", she may as well be wicked.

Katoey – The Women We Are

Stefan Jung


Switzerland, Thailand / 70 mins
KATOEY meets three people in rural Thailand who are clearly and confidently women even though their bodies are male. Integrated to an impressive degree into society, these women have successfully overcome the difference between their physical and mental genders. What true acceptance is and what it means to welcome differences as something that defines us as humans is what KATOEY is about.

Kenosis Kiss

Leah Pellinkhof


Emily has just returned home from gay conversion therapy and her conservative Christian family believes they have managed to pray the gay away. Emily thinks so too… Then she meets the girl. And then there is the kiss. Oh the kiss, the kiss, the kiss. The kiss that says it all. The kiss that could save her. The kiss that could destroy her. The kiss that will decide her fate. The one kiss that could send her straight to hell, or be her saving grace. For Emily, love is divine, it has the ability to empty her and fill her up again, but everyone has an opinion of where that love from should come from. For her sister Barbra, that love comes from God, the church, and her religion. For her potential girlfriend Alex, that love comes from her touch, her kiss, and her embrace. Emily can’t find a middle ground. Embracing her homosexuality means she is shunned from a world of a faith she has known all her life but maintaining her Christianity could mean a life without romance and intimacy. She is trying to fit in but all she’ll ever do is stand out unless she chooses. And choosing between the God she loves and the woman she loves is something she doesn’t know if she can do.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/avzSh5ck3Jg


Sriramm Dude


India / 12’
Situated In the slums of India . A Muslim kid has his fascination over his favourite toy Ganesh, a Hindu idol.


Ryo Omura


Japan / 8 mins
A gay couple are kissing repeatedly in this movie. They are also a couple in real life. Therefore you can literally see “Love” in its exact form. 

Kiss me

Johnny Doob


Israel, 7mins
Adam is waiting at home for a guy whom he’d just been chatting to on an app, but when the guy shows up and Adam asks him to kiss him, Adam soon realizes that this is not the night he had his heart set on.

Kissing Walls, Episodes 1 & 2

Zak Payne


USA | 14m
Love interests with unorthodox dating rules throw a pair of Chicago roommates out of their comfort zones.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/OsKdLANu8Ww

Koby Dale’s Creations

Koby Dale, Julia Hoyt, Miranda Smith


USA / 9 min
Koby Dale, high school senior and member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe, pursues fashion and celebrates individuality.

La Debutante

Lena Tosta


France. 44’
Née et assignée garçon dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais de l’après-guerre, les 56 premières années de la vie d’Emilie furent une lutte pour s’intégrer dans l’unique modèle de vie qu’elle connaissait. Emilie devint propriétaire d’une maison de banlieue dans la ville prospère de Beauvais, mariée à une infirmière et élevant trois enfants. A 56 ans, elle réalise qu’elle doit entamer sa transition ou sinon c’est la mort. Un témoignage fort, prouvant qu’il n’est jamais trop tard pour devenir qui vous êtes.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/235781474

La otra orilla

Edgar Rodriguez


Mexico / 15 mins
The town of Jalcomulco is known for adventure tourism and for being a reference for social struggle. The LGBT community tells us about the experience of being born, growing up and living in a peaceful, hardworking, but above all, solidary people.

La peli que vamos a ver

Roberto Pérez Toledo


Spain / 5 mins
Watch... https://youtu.be/R0qyooSB6xg

La Primavera Trans

Juan David Cortés Hernández


Colombia | 25 min
Esta primavera que florece ruge por las calles que no habrá ni un minuto de silencio sino toda una vida de lucha. Que sus ancestras asesinadas, barridas por el cemento y el olvido se levantan como una ola de flores de andén, sus huesos son posesión de todas las que sobreviven la discriminación, la exclusión y la transfobia.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Gy7894MmxR0

La Religiosa

Andrea Armentano and Sofía Torre


Argentina | 22 min
La Religiosa es un largometraje que busca retratar el particular universo de una familia del interior de la provincia de Buenos Aires. La relación de una madre dominante y su hijo con sus conflictos y cotidianidades.


Ramin Farzaneh and Parisa Sedaei-Azar


Iran | 22 min

Lali Land

Jordi Castejón


Spain| 6’
Lali thinks she’s a modern grandma. She likes to give advice through her Youtube channel, do covers or tutorials for how to hide ageing. But she’s tired of playing a role, it’s time to tell the truth about Lali Land.


José Salazar


Venezuela / 12’49
Lalla rentre de Thaïlande où elle a subi sa dernière opération. Fasciné par sa tante, Zacharias, son neveu de quinze ans, s’invite chez elle le soir de son retour pour essayer de s’en rapprocher.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/304843443

Langit Budak Biru

Kean Hian Lim


Malaysia / 23:36 mins
Two teenage boys forced to balance self-discovery with the challenges of school bullying, at a time of great uncertainty and self-doubt in their adolescent years.

Late Nights in the Lab

Clyde Petersen


USA; 3 min.
Hot for queer teacher at an experimental college, in song.

Leelah's Highway

Elizabeth Littlejohn


USA / 24 mins
Filmed over two years in Kings Mills and Cincinnati, Ohio, and Washington, DC, Leelah’s Highway includes interviews with Leelah‘s best friend Abby Davis, the organizer of the highway memorial in her honour Chris Fortin, trans counsellor Jonah Yokoyama, Bobbie Jo Justice of the Trans Life Line, Cincinnati Councilor Chris Seelbach and Leelah’s next door neighbours, the Davis family. As a result of Leelah’s Law, conversion therapy has been banned in twelve U.S. states.

Let Us Shine / Déjennos Brillar

Héctor Torres Gamez


Mexico / 2’
Laetus Vitae is for Samantha like a dream come true. After many years of effort, she managed to open the first “House of Help” for LGBTI+ seniors in Mexico. This place has become for her as a second home where she will continue to offer her time, support and company to many like her continue fighting for an inclusive space, where the LGBTI+ older adults are not invisible within the society that surrounds them and can continue to shine.

Letter to the Outsider

Dorothy Cheung


6 mins
An Asian lesbian scales questions about political imprisonment as she meanders through confinement in the Netherlands.


Daniel Shiffman


Israel, 12 min
Lev, a 67-year old man, lives alone in his apartment, which is somewhat of a shrine dedicated to his late partner, Joseph. One evening, Lev invites Gilad, a young man he met online, to come over for a sexual encounter. The generation gap soon alters the nature of their meeting.

Lie / Mentira

Edgar Francisco Vázquez


Mexico / 5′
A portrait of the human relationships, their complexity and coldness, reflected in a couple who freely enjoy their physical relationship in a small room.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/253878636

Life = Cinematic Imperfections

Avo Kaprealian


Libano-Armenia / 82’
In a time of war and desolation, in places without gods or rulers, confused figures and without identity travel through time. In a world where everything seems to make no sense, where the past got confused with the present, anarchical images tell us imperfect, incomplete, broken stories.
A work of montage that, thanks to the help of precious archive footage and videos borrowed from the internet, wander between the border of documentary and fiction, becoming a window to invisible scenarios, to an absurd and incoherent daily life without any audience.

Life Checkmate You Dude!

Shammir Torres Esquilín


Puerto Rico / 6 min.
¿Alguna vez has estado enamorada(o) de tu mejor amiga(o)? Jenny, quien no cree en el amor y nunca se ha enamorado, se da cuenta de que está experimentando emociones fuertes cuando está junto a su mejor amiga.


Julian Buchan


USA / 5 mins
Charlie is a rideshare driver who, during a heavy flow of L.A. traffic, gets stuck with a stubborn passenger.

Linda de Morrer

Beto Besant


Brazil / 25 mins
Montserrat é uma travesti maquiadora de cadáveres que descobre ter o poder de falar com os mortos após ter que maquiar Sarita, drag queen e amiga de infância, com quem estava brigada há anos.

Lioness / Lowin

Alexander Conrands


Germany / 15 mins
11-year-old Leo has to deal with her depressive father, while secretly falling in love with her best friend Isabell. Slowly she realises that she deserves to be free despite her father's illness.


Jason Karman


Canada | 2 min
A portrait of two teenaged hockey players which explores the intensity of adolescence - a time of unrestrained physicality and surging hormones, resulting in unchecked impulses and unseen emotions.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/290298664

Living With a Collector

Saskia Selwood


UK / 11 mins
A short film made about my family home and my father's hoarding. I wanted to portray the different viewpoints of the family living in the space and how it impacts them. The film also questions our attachment to objects and how they contribute to creating our idea of home.

Lo Que Nos Queda

Helle Ginsberg


México / 52 mins
Una carta íntima documental que Helle le dedica a su novio por tener 3 años de noviazgo, hace un contraste consigo mismo al haber terminado la relación un año después. Y nos permite reflexionar sobre lo extraño de terminar con alguien y cómo es que jamás llegamos realmente a un final con esa persona.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/316463652

Lo Que Soy Para Vos

Santiago Tamagnone


Argentina / 9 mins
Dos hombres casados se han convertido en un dominante Mimo y un infeliz Payaso.

Local Degenerates

Nofac3 / Khrysta Lloren


Canada / 5 mins
Local Degenerates is a documentary web series that features Calgary's Queer Underground scene. From drag events such as Pink Flamingos, to queer pop-up dance parties like Fudge Packer Friday, the series explores a collective of artistic, fashion-conscious underground subculture that encourages weirdness and experimentation. 
Watch… https://vimeo.com/307906508


Texas Glory


6 mins
Bruce is a 31 year old gay man. He never lived the classic scenario "boy meets boy in a bar". In search of love, he uses a dating app. What does he find? Fast adventure and hopefully his dream man.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/271424968

Los Besos, Por Sí Solos No Bastan

Daila Pacheco


Argentina / 25 mins
Fiorella goes to meet Sofia. Both are moved by looks and frictions that wrap them in a relationship of passion and intimacy.
In this unknown water, they undresses themselves completely and dive in, until the question floats … are the kisses enough or not?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/265542072

Los Niños Telepáticos

Simon Ortega


Animation project for Colombian Psychadelic Rock band “Los Niños Telepaticos”. Made using oil-paint on a plastic surface.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/UunFmz5wETg


Luca Zellweger, Rouven Niedermaier


Switzerland / 3 mins
Zärtlicher Werbespot für das Schönste im Leben – die Liebe.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/289419184

Love Child

Rachel Berreth


USA, 10 min short documentary
“Love Child” is a short character-based documentary featuring two gay couples and their commentary on raising their children today.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/268051973

Love Does Not Exist / El Amor No Existe

Fernando A. Fisher



Love Intersections: Vancouver’s Untold Queer Stories

David Ng


Canada / 35’
Love Intersections, a collective that shares the stories of queer people of colour.
Watch… https://youtu.be/gEugqAVbxdE

Love is Love

Alessia Pischedda


Italy / 1 min
A 6 y.o. kid has her own vision of the world, that is opposite to her father’s one.
Watch… https://youtu.be/jK1iBajp6ps

Love Me Gender

Chiara Francini


Un viaggio in quattro puntate e dodici appassionanti storie per esplorare e conoscere - con sguardo aperto, curiosità e ironia – l’evoluzione dell’amore oggi, nella società reale.

Love Roars 

Oates Yinchao Wu


USA / 1 min

Love Walked In

Suzanne Nuttall


Canada / 3 mins
A message of love & hope… and a love letter to Toronto!
Watch… https://youtu.be/aeeoKgz_oLM


Amelia Allore


USA / 2 mins
A hopeless romantic tries to catch the eye of the butch of her dreams.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/266914635

Loving Our Language: Pride in Disability Culture

Jen Sungshine & David Ng


6mins /  Canada
This film explores queerness and disability, looking at the ways that culture and language are also part and parcel of many other communities.

Lulú en el jardín

José Luis Benavides


USA / 56 mins
This experimental documentary project explores the personal narrative and historical events surrounding the institutionalization of my Latina lesbian mother at Chicago-Read Mental Health Center in the 1970s. Utilizing standard audio and video ethnographic techniques mixed with archival investigation, the documentary form is queered through sculpture, photography, music and poetry. These works interrogate multiple aspects of institutional obfuscation, cultural erasures, race, migration, gender and sexuality as they pan out in haptic memory and queer-time.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/wLJVsU-cJPU


Maaz Maudood


Pakistan / 11 min
Machinepur is a story about finding purpose and meaning in a robotic world. It is the journey of a robot named circuit from slavery to his awakening. After finding himself trapped in the routine created by the system, a dream leaves him with questions that had never been asked before.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/230611963

Macho Man

Dominic Chan


Canada | 3 min
A documentary on Gourav Shah, a gay Canadian of Indian heritage. In this film, I explore the themes of homosexuality, masculinity and the effects of cultural expectations
Watch… https://vimeo.com/265822892


Esmee Van Loon


In this short documentary we see the fashionable centipede Dennis Bijleveld: fashion designer, positieveling and drag queen.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/276306792


Adrián Morales Diez


Spain | 4′
Un padre y su hijo discuten sobre el futuro del chaval. Éste parece que atiende pero en realidad está a otra cosa.


Deva Smith


Trailer… https://vimeo.com/277303927

Mansa Musa Riddim

Elias Williams


UK / 3 mins
A Bristol reporter’s story about slavery is hijacked by a rapper, who aims to reclaim back the legacy of historical African legend Mansa Musa.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/249503097


Matthew Puccini


USA | 7 min
Marquise Vilsón prepares to make his Off-Broadway debut, transitioning from a very private life to a very public spotlight.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/289133524


Michael Hardinge, Jay Beckerleg


Australia |  | 15 mins

High school student Zoe is struggling to come out as a trans man. After accepting their true self, Zoe becomes extremely stressed with the fear of whether others will accept them or not.

Masticando La Realtà

Fabio Leone


Italy / 5 mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/-aKQ2-EKEOc


Cauê Rocha


Brazil / 10 mins
Montar um perfil no aplicativo como o Tinder é uma tarefa que envolve uma construção da autoimagem, de como queremos ser apresentados e vistos.

Matt & Dan: Sex Notes

Will Gordh


USA | 5m
A picky bedmate delivers detailed post-coital notes for improvement in this Hollywood send-up, an episode of Matt Wilkas and Daniel Vincent Gordh’s episodic web series.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/iFe3e3Mc4xo

Matt and Dan: It Hurts

Will Gordh


USA / 4 min
Watch… https://youtu.be/dCd75s_hex8

Max and their They-by River

Fox Fisher


United Kingdom | 6 mins
Baby River is raised in a gender neutral way by Max, until River is old enough to express gender preference.


Harold Antony Paulson


India | 14 min
"The sea yields us once more to these shores.We are but another waves. She sends us forth to sound her speech, but how shall we do so unless we break the symmetry of our heart on rock an sand?"
Watch… https://youtu.be/Dcb6tuRIw30

Maya (Original Title: Майя)

Aleksei Ivanchenkov


14 min / The Russian Fedration
Maya keeps fighting for her right to be a woman officially. She deals with her insecurities, fear of uncertainty and the society’s hostility without losing her faith and optimism. Will Maya’s dream come true?


Hojin Jeong


South Korea / 22 mins
The sex is the same, the family name different, but the name is the same : Nam Da-eun and Kang Da-eun, second-year students in high school. It somewhat bothers Nam Da-eun that Kang Da-eun seems to take liking to rebellious classmate An Hwa-jun. When the key guard An Hwa-jun Nam leaves without waiting for them Nam Da-eun breaks the window fortuitously. Nam Da-eun is consulted by a counsellor for vandalism, and writes a 'letter to myself'. Kang Da-eun sees the letter that Nam Da-eun wrote by chance. Without the family name written, the letter starts with "Dear Da-eun". Misunderstood, Kang Da-eun keeps distance from Nam Da-eun and Nam Da-eun feels stuffy without knowing the circumstances. Nam Da-eun tries to talk with Kang Da-eun, who keeps avoiding her. But Kang Da-eun all the more acts hard on Nam Da-eun, and Nam Da-eun comes to face the occasion in which the truth of the letter collides with the real mind deep inside.
Watch… https://youtu.be/2299d3AjmMA

Me Balance Suavemente, Me Balance Agora

Gabriel Newton


"Me Balance Suavemente, Me Balance Agora" é um curta-metragem de ficção que conta a história de duas pessoas que encontram na conexão entre elas a maneira de sobreviver ao caos do mundo.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/XIB8AyO0PCE

Megg- The Margin Who Migrate to the Center / Megg- A Margem que Migra para o Centro

Larissa Nepomuceno, Eduardo Sanches


Brazil | 15 mins
Meet Dr Megg Rayara, who through sheer determination and hard work became the first trans person of colour to gain a Doctorate at the Federal University of Paraná, Brasil.
Watch… https://youtu.be/7SKVe-lOITg

Memory of my 15th Birthday / Recuerdo de mis 15    

Verónica Quiroga, Vanessa Pedraza              


Argentina | 7′ 55’’
Tres amigos adolescentes dan un paseo por la zona roja de su ciudad para conocer el mundo de la prostitución y la transexualidad en los años 90’.

Three teenage friends decide to visit the ‘red light district’ of their town to get to know the world of prostitution and transexuality in the 90’s
Trailer… https://youtu.be/zPzj3ud9f1g


Rafael Caldo


Brazil / 14 mins
Leonardo is a boy who doesn´t identify as such. In a conservative and prejudiced society, all he wishes to be is himself.


Danissa Angulo


Chile / 11 mins
Caroline, de 12 anos de idade, está fazendo uma apresentação oral na escola quando, de repente, ela tem sua primeira menstruação diante de toda a sala. Ela passa a se questionar muito sobre o que é crescer e ser uma mulher. Deseperada, ela tenta diferente métodos.

Mercy / Piedad

Naya Pascual


Spain, Germany| 16’
Rodolfa and Maria Antonieta, two sexworkers with a deep passion for spliffs and trap music, hang around all day at their workplace: a magic garden at an abandoned airport ground in Berlin. When their colleague Asunción suddenly appears with the corpse of a dead client, they discover how easily sexual desire can cross the borders between the living and the deceased. A tragicomedy that explores ideas never touched before. “Because death really suits some people well”.

Mid-afternoon Moonlight

Harsha Gullapalli


8 min
A documentary that contrasts the views of the trans women of southern India and the society they live in.

Military Dog (軍犬)

Pingwen Wang


Taiwan | 10 min
New to BDSM, young military officer Lee Jun-Zhong meets DT, master of human dogs. One late night in the military camp, Jun-Zhong can hardly resist the yearning to be dominated and sneaks into the toilet to call DT. Given a task to prove his loyalty to the master, can Jun-Zhong honestly face the inner desires by overcoming his doubts and fear?

Miss Amazonas

Rafael Polar


Peru / 90 mins
This documentary portrays the life stories of some of the finalist candidates for the longest lasting trans beauty contest in Latin America. In it we see how they transform, not only their bodies, but also their vision of themselves, involving learning processes, discovery, evaluation and (re) affirmation of their gender identities and the image they want to project through their bodies. «Miss Amazonas» also portrays the city of Iquitos, stereotyped with a supposed liberality and tolerance towards the LGBTI community but which in practice still keeps, rooted, taras of our society such as homophobia, incomprehension, violence and stigmatization of who is different and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In this way, «Miss Amazonas» shows how, through an event that apparently reproduces heteronormal and hegemonic ideals, it gains acceptance by «invading» public spaces through the visibility of a part of the young gay and transgender population of Iquitos.

Missed Call / Appel en absence

Kevin Capelle


France, 1 min
“Hey, it’s mom. Again… I don’t know what time of the day i have to call to speak to you”. Missed call.


Sally Cloninger 


USA, Philippines / 23 mins
MIX-MIX (HALO-HALO) is a Filipino dessert, a memoir, a treatise on global feminism and misogyny, a coming out story and a metaphor for experimental filmmaking. The film travels through the back lanes of San Pedro and Biñan, Laguna in the Philippines, the Quezon City TV studio used by the Women’s Media Circle for their ground-breaking feminist show, and the workshop where I first talk about “lesbian seeing” as a strategy for media activists. Shot in the Philippines over three decades.

Mölnlycke Bibliotek & Pridesymbolerna

Jessica Lloyd & Hanna Lans


Sweden / 1 min
Är symboler för HBTQ-personers mänskliga rättigheter som regnbågs-flaggan numera uttryck för parti-politik? Hur kan ett parti i svensk politik vara emot grundläggande mänskliga rättigheter? Får en inte rösta i regnbågskläder?

Mona Lisa

Andreas Boschmann


Germany, 6min
A short portrait of Mona Lisa von Allenstein. We learn about her dreams, her faith, and her past as a Catholic priest.

Monday / Astelehena

Jon Urraza


Trailer… https://vimeo.com/289661597

Monsta Gras

Kelli Jean Drinkwater


Australia | 7m
One of Sydney’s most iconic art parties, Monsta Gras is a political playground that redefines what it means to be queer.

Mother Tongue

Yeni Sleidi


USA / 7 mins
Lucia has to help her immigrant mother navigate life in a country where she barely speaks the language, but a violent burst of xenophobia demonstrates that daily struggles for an immigrant go far beyond wading through bureaucracy.
Watch… https://youtu.be/0k3acPOjAqo


Dickon Bevan


Germany / 4 mins
A body, having been absorbed with light, undergoes a process of transformation passing through a series of states and examinations. The digitalised Super 8 format reflects this renewal with the light absorbing analogue film’s own transition to the digital form.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/271765837

Motions-A Lesbian Short Film

April “Skyy” Blair


USA / 9 mins
Two women meet, fall in love and go through the motions in a very short span of time.
Watch… https://youtu.be/aWetrkhMKFI

Mudar de vida-Libera vita

Tonino De Bernardi


Italy / 87 mins
Against the background of a city like Turin, which is experiencing a crisis in industry and is always facing new difficulties, we take a look at the life of some young migrants: Stella, Mary, Irene, Augusta and Vien. They are guests of the TAMPEP of Turin. TAMPEP is an organization that promotes political action based on the respect for the rights of immigrants internationally. These women are often victims of exploitation and prostitution. So how do they feel and what dreams do they have, in a country where they can barely speak the local language and they do not know the culture? This is a film about the victims of trafficking, which comes from "the hunger for reality […] and the intent to bear witness to our times. Such difficult times, in this Italy that is so morally bankrupt, believing in empty slogans which lead only to further imprisonment of souls and minds. This is a film that comes from the desire to testify against the injustices of modern society".
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/329772433

Murales Viajeros por la Paz, la Ecología y la Equidad

Saudhi Batalla


México / 45´
Proceso de creación de los murales viajeros por la paz, la ecología y la equidad, se muestra la filosofía del pintor Alejandro Quijano y la historia del muralismo mexicano.
Watch… https://youtu.be/VEOyyC0xLOo

My Boy



Canada / 25 mins
In 2014, Colten Pratt went missing from the streets of Winnipeg. His mother Lydia Daniels has never stopped searching.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/271341142

My Brother Blake

Joseph Ressler


USA / 20 mins
Blake Ressler, my twin brother, struggles to find his identity as he faces the implications of serious mental illness, as I document the journey of his cycle in and out of treatment. Finally, Blake’s drug addiction and gender transition reach a chaotic climax.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/252900321

My Fuzzy Valentine

Ben Edelberg


Canada | 5’
Put the Playboy centrefold in the hands of a Dyke and she will make her into a monster. Artist Allyson Mitchell narrates her experimental process in relation to queer femininity and the body.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/273100438

My Mother, Myself & I

King Yaw Soon


USA / 8 mins
Four vignettes, four mother-son moments, one unspoken truth.

My Movement Is Limitless

Elijah* Osakwe


9 min
< my movement is limitless >
explores the non*binary of our bodies through movement
trans_genderqueer_non-binary how does (doesn’t) our expression and performance change through transition_spaces_hypervisibility?
<transition: medical, social, psychological…?
<spaces: safe, community…? <hypervisibility: black, of color, fat…?
Watch… https://youtu.be/SU8D1Yii15g

My Pride Is

Wāpahkēsīs (Keisha Erwin Roberts)  


Canada | 4 min
In My Pride Is, Wāpahkēsīs (Keisha Erwin Roberts) reflects on what Pride means to themselves as a non-binary filmmaker, as well as how it relates to their other marginalized identities. They assert that they can not fully celebrate pride without celebrating their other identities, which is a struggle as an Indigenous person to Turtle Island who lives on land that has been stolen, occupied, and colonized.

My Trans Body

Fox Fisher, Owl Fisher, Lewis Hancox


UK / 2 mins
Created as part of a social media campaign, #MyTransBody aims to celebrate what makes us trans, to make people feel better about themselves and their bodies, as trans people. Trans people are often made to feel such shame about their bodies and are held up to impossible standards based on normative ideas about bodies and expression — It is time that we acknowledge how far many of us have come, and that we celebrate all the things that makes our bodies trans.

Naked Tongues

Ernesto Sarezale


UK, 17:20
Queers using their queer bodies as creative vessels and political tools on the naked spoken word scene in London.


Zeerak Ali and Humad Nisar


Pakistan / 9 min
"Narayanpura" small boundary-walled society of multi-ethno cultural population is situated in the heart of Karachi. The working-class residents of this unique society with far different religious backgrounds - Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam, set a prime example of interfaith harmony and defies the extremist image of a country like Pakistan that is notoriously known for its oppressive religious laws.

Narkissós (Narkissos)

Nora Štrbová


Czech Republic / 3 min
Eroticism, narcissism and Greek mythology in an animated film, which draws deliberately from the ancient myth of Narcissus, as you can see from the title. Narcissus, famous for his beauty, rejects everyone who loves him. As a divine punishment, he falls in love with his own reflection and dies, drowning in the lake he was using as a mirror. If you want to love others, you must love yourself first.

New City Map

Giorgia Dal Bianco


Italy / 35’
The documentary tells the phenomenon of moving migrants in transit to Rome and the relationships they establish with the public space. A unique project of its kind, the result of which is the visual story of a new urban reality that migrants are moving with their movements
Il documentario racconta il fenomeno di persone migranti in transito a Roma e delle relazioni che stabiliscono con lo spazio pubblico. Un progetto unico nel suo genere, il cui risultato è la storia visiva di una nuova realtà urbana resa dinamica dalle persone migranti.

Neyna’s Diary

Eugene Chin


Neyna, who took her name from a demigod in a storybook, recounts memories of her parents, her life and her close encounter with death.

Nicht mehr unter Kontrolle

Andreas von Hören


Germany / 54 mins
Ein facettenreicher Dokumentarfilm über fünf schwule Männer und ihre Suchterkrankungen. Alle sind alkoholabhängig, einige haben auch andere Süchte wie Party- und Sexdrogen-, Automatenspielsucht oder Esssucht. Sie treffen und unterstützen sich gegenseitig in verschiedenen Selbsthilfegruppen des Netzwerkes SHALK in NRW für homosexuelle Menschen mit Suchterkrankungen. Bei SHALK geht es um mehr als nur um Sucht und Überleben: „anders“ zusammen den Alltag bewältigen, beraten und beraten werden, sich austauschen, Gemeinschaft erleben mit anderen, die erfahren sind in Sachen Sucht und schwul-lesbisches Leben, suchtfreies Feiern oder auch Nachhaken zu den Therapieerfahrungen, die andere gemacht haben.

Night Watch / Vigia

João Victor Borges


Brazil / 22 mins
Num grande supermercado, Magno vigia meninos de mochila nos corredores. Enquanto isso, a madrugada se arrasta lentamente para Bismarck, o Caixa 11.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/292405773

Nite Ride

Danni Black & Olivia Golosky


Nite Ride centers around four friends who go on an evening bike ride while, unbeknown to them, they are being followed and eventually attacked by supernatural creatures of the night.  

No hables de mí

Christian Suau


Puerto Rico / 4 min.
Fofé es anfitrión en una gran fiesta sensual de carácter fetichista. Su canción celebra la diversidad y la aceptación de las diferencias por orientación sexual e identificación de género. Con elementos visuales renacentistas que rinden culto al cuerpo humano en sus múltiples variaciones, este video trasciende el imaginario orgiástico del éxtasis religioso.

No Magic

Scotty Gunderson


USA / 12 mins
A bored young man clicks on an ad for a self-proclaimed fertility witch. He finds himself in her den, unable to escape her intoxicating rituals and bizarre allure.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/316682538

No Place for Bad Memories

Evelyn Pakinewatik


Canada | 2 min
Evelyn Pakinewatik offers an introspective experiment that explores trauma, memory, and healing spaces.

No Straight Lines - The Story of Queer Comics

Greg Sirota & Vivian Kleiman


USA / Documentary
No Straight Lines: The Story of Queer Comics will continue to tell the story of how LGBTQ comics evolved from a marginalized underground scene to that of mainstream acknowledgement that we know today.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/126080540

No Te Puedes Ir De Tu Cuerpo

Renata Díaz González


México / 30 mins
Dos jóvenes se enfrentan a la exigencia sexo genérica en sus escuelas y ante sus familias.

Nome Provisório

Bruno Arrivabene e Victor Alencar


Brasil / 20 mins
Renata, enquanto aguarda a chegada de sua amiga em um restaurante, depara-se com uma família em festa pela gravidez de Márcia e seu marido. A descoberta do sexo do bebê traz à tona uma importante reflexão.


Zephyr McKenna


Canada | 3 min
Noolíhkamun explores how gender and identity are intertwined with language, and what this means in the face of a centuries-long and ongoing cultural genocide.

Not Quite the Same

Marc Chevais & Arthur Bauvilain


France / 15 min
In a musical whirlwind, a nocturnal meeting, between women, pushed by their instinct of freedom. What do they flee from view, far from their cultural context?

Not Your Mascot

Beth Nelsen


8 mins
As sports teams waddle through a larger national issue, Native perspectives leap into the forefront at Napa High.

O Corpo Que Me Pertence

Erico José


Brazil / 19´12
Depois de um colapso mental Heitor acorda em um beco sombrio e começa a juntar as peças pra descobrir quem realmente é.
After a mental Breakdown Heitor wakes up at a eerie alley and starts to gather the pieces to discover who he is.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/cdv7jAL_H6U

O Estranho Palhaço do Mal

Willan Lopes


Brazil / 14´39

O Parque

Fernanda Simmonds


Brazil / 12´
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/265759322

Oiseaux de nuit

Mateo Ybarra


Switzerland / 15 min
In a well-known queer club in Geneva, Joy Falquet, a young trans artist, fascinates the director. She must be the central character of her film. But, she disappears without a trace. The show on the club's stage is populated by ghosts that we do not know if they are not disappearing, like Joy, fainting in the heart of darkness.
Dans un club bien connu du milieu queer à Genève, Joy, artiste de cabaret, fascine le réalisateur. Elle doit être le personnage central de son film. Mais, las ! elle disparaît sans laisser de trace. Le spectacle sur la scène du club est peuplé de fantômes dont on ne sait s’ils ne sont pas en voie de disparition, comme Joy, évanouie au cœur des ténèbres.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/286856506

Older, LGBTQ & Homeless

Luciana Lagana


USA / 73 min
This social impact feature documentary on ethnically diverse and resilient transgender older adults currently living in transitional housing exposes many compelling challenges faced by this highly mistreated group. It becomes clear that we cannot possibly know what it is like to be over 50 and feel like a woman but not having the finger dexterity to shave so we still look very much like a man, to be an LGBTQ older adult who is homeless and in need of selling everything we own to stay alive, or to lose our job because, at an older age, we have finally acquired the strength to come out as transgender but our boss does not accept who we are.

Once A Month? / Hilabetean Behin?

Raquel García León


Basque Country / 6 mins
A woman breaks with her current life, leaving her partner and home behind to start a new life. All that she knows is that she wants to share it with a woman. The short film develops the search finding it unexpectedly.

One Man Show

Esti Belisha


Israel, 9mins
Estee, 26, lost her father 20 years ago but only four years ago did she begin to experience genuine grief. With her one-woman show, she attempts to bring his character back to life.

One More Cigarette

Ivan Romanov


Russia / 7 mins
A young man lights a cigarette, bringing him both closer to his friend and at the same time more lonely… 

One Stride: Chosen Family

Stephen Winter


USA / 10 min
Together in one stride, we toast to our friends, allies, and chosen families.

Or You or Me / O tú o yo

Berta Frigola


Spain / 7 mins
Tamara, as always, takes the train when she finishes school. But this time the routine changes, when she meets the person who seats in front of her.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/cefKUq0BU9A

Ordinary love

Aina Iida


Japan / 9min
Shin and Ami are childhood friends who attend the same university. Mr. Watanabe and Takagi who are close to Ami. Mr. Watanabe says that he really loves Ami but cannot take a step. “It seems like Takagi will tell Ami at the upcoming cultural festival.” The feeling of wishing for the friend's happiness and a little nostalgic heart. It is a very common scene of love among university students.


Alunos do Centro da Criança e do Adolescente CCAA


Brazil / 7 mins
Osvaldo tem um superpoder: deixar todos tristes. Como curar essa tristeza?

Our Alphabet

Coco Schwarz e Alina Mann


Switzerland /17 mins
26 short episodes, taking us through the filmmakers' A-Z of kink and sexuality.

Our Stories Our Journeys

Christy Raj


India | 11 min


Roscoe Rappaport


USA / 3 mins
Five people relate their stories of coming out of the closet to their families.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/269252990

Outliers: Calgary’s Queer History

Justine Boncezk, Leah Schmidt and James Demers


Canada / 90 mins
Calgary’s Queer History is a deep dive into the historical, social and political forces, which shaped the development of the queer community in Calgary. Featuring extensive footage and B-roll film from Calgary Pride in the 90’s, queer leaders recount a decade of turmoil, loss, and growth of activism and human rights. The film is a first-hand account of the frontlines of LGBTQ2+ activism at a time when the right to be out in Alberta was not legally protected, visible or developed. Spanning stories from 1960-present day, this feature length documentary delves into the moments and victories, which brought an entire community from the darkness into the light. 


Fox Fisher, Owl Fisher, Lewis Hancox


UK / 2 mins
Meet the fantastic transgender teenager Paige who talks about being bullied in this short film. Paige is one of many trans youths that have suffered abuse and bullying at school.


Selina Martineau


How do Queer artists respond to society? This short documentary explores how local drag performers and queer visual artists are addressing identity in this political climate.

Paper Love / Amores de Papel

José Valero


Spain / 20 mins
Two friends, Gabi and Amanda meet Adri, a boy recently arrived in Madrid. Between them will be created a sentimental bond that will unleash a series of emotions and misunderstandings that will test their relationship.
Dos amigos, Gabi y Amanda conocen a Adri, un chico recién llegado a Madrid. Entre los tres se creará un vinculo sentimental que desencadenará una serie de emociones y malos entendidos que les pondrán a prueba.Two friends, Gabi and Amanda meet Adri, a boy recently arrived in Madrid. Between them will be created a sentimental bond that will unleash a series of emotions and misunderstandings that will test their relationship.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/257205701

Par Perfeito

Débora Herling



Para Além da Escola

Alunos do Centro da Criança e do Adolescente CCAA


Brazil / 7 mins
Dois adolescentes têm suas vidas cruzadas e transformadas pelo bullying.

Para minha gata Mieze

Wesley Gondim


Brazil / 24´59
Francisco, um jovem veterinário, em suas horas vagas cuida de gatos de rua abandonados. Um dia Francisco é perseguido por homofóbicos...


Oz Zloof


Israel, 35mins
An urban symphony: wild characters, artworks, confessions and hidden desires all come to light on a casual summer’s day stroll through the side streets of Afula while at the same time, Tel Aviv Pride is underway. The film showcases a variety of subcultures and their key figures, situated in forgotten locations, far from the forefront of our consciousness and culturally precious.

Patchwork: Maki

Fox Fisher & Lewis Hancox


UK; 3 min.

Glaswegian Maki Yamazaki talks about community, friendship, and life as a transgender musician with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.
Watch… https://youtu.be/o44ltrefa5I

Peacock Hole

Katrina Daschner


Austria / 9 mins
The cinema as cave allegory: celebrated in the grotto that provides the setting for Peacock Hole is the misalliance of light and shadow. Lithic landscapes trembling below the water´s surface, shimmering in the artificial light in impeccable white, corpse green, and scarlet, are the spaces of action for the amorphous creatures to do their thing. Mutated bodies and surgically expanded faces appear and disappear again behind vertical sliding screens; the living dead stare into the netherworld with black eyes.


Alessandro Sampaoli


Italy / 8 mins
Andrea, despite being over thirty, still lives at home with his mother and visually-impaired grandmother. His family doesn’t know, but he has a part-time job.

Pepito et Bianca

Fantin Curtet


France / 17 mins
Paul et Sébastien se rencontrent au parc alors qu’ils sont en train de promener leurs chiens. Les deux animaux, Pepito et Bianca, ont l’air de bien s’entendre. Après une deuxième rencontre, la complicité des deux chiens a l’air de se transformer en prétexte pour d’autres rendez-vous entre les deux garçons…
Watch… https://youtu.be/EShZhZc-FJg 

Perron 11

Bram Gezel


Deze komedie voert je naar perron 11 en iedereen heeft zo zijn reden om daar te zijn. Dieter wacht er op de trein om met de man van zijn leven naar Blankenberge te gaan. Marie-Antoinette ziet een erfenis in het verschiet en zet er haar plannen in beweging voor een huwelijk voor haar dochter. Lodewijk is er om de wens van zijn overleden partner te doen uitkomen. Wanneer het station het decor wordt van minder eerbare zaken, geraken de levens van de passagiers met elkaar verstrengeld en heeft stationschef Nelson zijn handen vol om de orde te handhaven op perron 11.

PETRA. Terrorismo Drag.

Marialejandra Rengiffo Arroyo


Argentina / 16 min
Unx marica nos cuenta su historia desde su infancia en un pueblo conservador de Rio Negro y como se dieron sus primeros pasos hacia su transición a PETRA, una drag queen, que busca romper los prejuicios sociales en torno a la diversidad sexual, expresando la extensión de su propia identidad.
Watch… https://youtu.be/JqWMDZOy1Ms

Phyllis & Francesca 48 Years On

Edwina Storie


Australia / 8 mins
In 1970, when society could barely fathom the idea of lesbian relationships, This Day Tonight spoke with young couple Phyllis and Francesca. Decades later, the pair reflect on the impact of speaking out.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/260172899

Pink Pink

Youssef Youssef


Switzerland / 6’50
The memory of an encounter of three people living freely their sexual identity. A memory that intertwines with a reflection on the courage to be oneself and the colour pink.
« Pink Pink » est le souvenir de la rencontre physique de trois personnes vivant librement leurs identités sexuelles.

Pink White Green Purple

Shiri Rosen


Israel, 17mins
A Dadaist cinematic piece – Generation Y’s take on filmmaking. What happens when a contemporary artist tries to make a film, in a world where this generation is seemingly interested in nothing other than branding themselves on Instagram and Facebook?
Watch… https://vimeo.com/312736194

Pinkshasa Diaspora

Joëlle Sambi Nbeza



Pinky Gurung

Gopal Shivakoti


Nepal | 13 mins
Pinky Gurung is centered around the struggles of Pinky Gurung and her journey to being a transwoman social worker and leader in Nepal.
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/255693563


Ratheesh Ravindran


India / 70 mins
Pixelia, a movie with a stylistic blend of documentary and magical realism talks about the fragmentation in our daily lives. Two people Kumar, an uber driver, and Mandakini, his passenger a transwoman bond over this journey and explore queer identities and its meaning.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/VnoXtq7P5NM


Alejandro Paiva y Juan Rodriguez Lage


Argentina / 10´
Criaturas tristes, meditabundas y erráticas. Plumíferas que se tiran al mar y lo imaginan charco. Las mariposas pobres, los despreciados de niños, las depresivas exuberantes, las que deseamos con fuego, las que nos abrimos al pulso desesperado del deseo

Polar Sun

Katie Doane Avery


USA; 12 min. 
After the death of Sondra’s sister, her young niece comes to live with her and her partner. Sondra turns to Iñupiat stories for guidance while grieving.

Pop Ritual

Mozart Freire


Brazil | 20 min
Padre João prende um vampiro e o visita para um regime de experimentos científicos e estranhezas. Com o passar do tempo os encontros se tornam uma alucinada relação entre erotismo e o sobrenatural e os dois entram em uma relação obsessiva de vida e de morte entre corpos.

Poppy and Josie

Fox Fisher


United Kingdom | 6 mins
Two trans people,with an almost 60 year age gap, talk about their experiences growing up trans. A powerful yet simple film by trans people, about trans people, and for a much wider audience.

Porn Warriors

Nicky Miller


Germany | 6’30
“If there is a war it has to be porn!”
“Porn warriors” is dealing with sexual energies as a war mindset.
The warriors of porn will spread their sexual energies on the planet. The moto and mindset is based on porn relationship to make this fight a glorification of Queer Sex!
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/260928092


Ryan Macabenta


Australia, 12’
A spiraling drug use and numerous sexual encounters to cope from the loss of his mother and extreme depression, an ambitious young man grips into harder reality as he succumbs down an unexpected path of HIV.

POW (Piss Off, War)

Werther Germondari and Maria Laura Spagnoli


Italy, 8:22
A soldier passes the time by drinking a hallucinogenic concoction, with unexpected -or perhaps expected- results.

Prayers for Dreamy Boys

Fallon Simard


Canada | 4 min
Dreamy Boys applies traditional Indigenous medicine and ecological knowledge to trans masculine bodies to dream alternate masculinities.

Prazer Kamilla

Douglas Lupo Neto


Brazil / 7´44

Prendas Delicadas

José A. Cortés Amunarriz


Spain / 19 mins
The arrival of an old friend will alter Alberto´s life.

Procure / Seek

Guilherme Tensol


Brazil / 19 mins
Talles is a conflicted, damaged soul. He works for his lover, Ricardo, a dedicated port worker. Despite their apparent happiness, though, for reasons even Talles can't fully comprehend, he sees himself dragged into an horrendous plot involving international cocaine traffic, two dirty cops and one container key. During the attempted assault Ricardo catches them in the act and things get out of hand. While Ricardo dies as a man and resurrects as the queer rap superstar Rico Dalasam, Talles stays trapped in the remorse loop, trying to figure out what the f*** he has done, and why one boycotts one's own happiness.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/266008703


Estela Lapponi


Cinco artistas - uma pessoa surda, duas pessoas com baixa visão, uma pessoa cadeirante e outra claudicante – deparam-se com um monte de perguntas, enviadas pelo público, que revelam todo um imaginário em torno de seus corpos.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/283210759

Projeto Closet São Paulo

Alice Stamato


Brazil / 23 mins
Em março de 2018, um teatro em São Paulo torna-se um espaço seguro e compartilhado para que sete pessoas LGBTQI, nascidas em outros estados brasileiros, reflitam sobre as contradições da cidade em relação às intolerâncias de gênero e sexualidade.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/284419990

Prom Night

Sam McGowan


Australia, 10 mins

Purity / La Pureza

Pedro Vikingo


Spain / 5 mins
A refreshing, celebratory look into the truth, spirit, and hearts of trans children in Spain.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/312364031

Queen of Hearts

Heath McBride


USA / 13 mins
“Queen of Hearts is a short documentary that tells the true story of one person’s journey from a tortured childhood to a thriving adulthood in New York City. A relevant tale in today’s world of bullying and cyber-trolls, Queen of Hearts inspires by showing that negative circumstances can, in fact, be the inspiration one needs to achieve their dreams.”
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/291819170

Queer Disability Language



6 min / Canada

Queer Encounters: From Central Station to Central Station

Elly Clarke


UK | 27’
A walk through Kings Cross with Ramón Salgado-Touzón, remembering the heady days of its seedy history, the danger and desire that came from beating those streets.

Queer Room

Kwon Aram


South Korea / 29 mins
Entering the Queer Room.


Netta Shalev


Israel, 15 min
Netta feels mismatched to what she truly wants to be – queer. She takes her camera and records her first steps in the queer world through the lens of visibility, community and performance. Just like queerness, which eschews singular definitions, the movie moves between documentary filmmaking and video art.


Anna Iu Machado


Cuba| 3’
JOANA (33) teaches MARIA (30) to prepare a Brazilian sweet, the Quindim. They enjoy a nice moment of intimacy. While cooking, Joana remembers her son, who stayed in Brazil, with melancholy. Maria and Joana fill the kitchen with warmth as they get closer to each other, away from reality.


Adrian Blanco


Costa Rica / 22 mins
El corto cuenta la historia de RandY, un joven que es expulsado de su casa por ser homosexual, que tiene un novio llamado Luca, con el que se apoya en sus momentos tristes.
Watch… https://youtu.be/6u2a-v5DdaE

Reach the Sky

Daniel Sterlin-Altman


Canada / 6 mins
On the open road, three queer friends on a surprise journey encounter a butch mermaid, Frida Kahlo, a fabulous companion, and a sense of queer pride.


Cass Dennis


Australia / 20 mins
‘Real’ tells the story of a teenage girl struggling to find her place, who takes comfort in the strength and perseverance of a fictional television character.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/272513241

Récit de Soi

Géraldine Charpentier



Belgium / 5 mins
While non-binary representations are rare, Lou talks about their relationship to gender, clothes, and other markers.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/316752137


Thirza Cuthand


Canada | 13 min
After white people leave Earth en masse for Mars, the Indigenous people left behind contemplate their place in healing the world and imagine a brighter future after the biggest problem has gone.

Refugees Under The Rainbow 

Stella Traub


Germany, 32’
“At the end of the rainbow you will find a treasure – it will completely change your life.“ Whoever tries to find the end of the rainbow will realise things are not that easy - the end of the rainbow is not a fixed point. Also Yusuf, Ritah and William had to make this experience in their lives – just like many LGBT* refugees. The film tells the story of their journey. A journey from Uganda to Germany, a story of violence, hope, disappointments and everyone's personal rainbow.

Reinaldo’s Motifs

Ricardo Vieira Lisboa


Portugal | 9 min
In 1927, Reinaldo Ferreira, a well-known journalist and writer who published under the pen name 'Repórter X', founded the cinema production company Repórter X Film, through which he directed four films that same year. Among themO Táxi no. 9297 and Rita ou Rito?..., where homosexuality, transvestism and drug use feature explicitly in Portuguese cinema for the first time. Reinaldo's Motifs is an audiovisual essay that plays with a series of recurrent motifs in Reinaldo Ferreira's cinematic work in a manner that is playful but also unreverential.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/olpjsgOTnW8


Gia Capra


USA / 5 mins


Kyan Krumdieck


New Zealand, 12 mins
Grace must prove to the world that her pray-away-the-gay dog therapy works by trying to "cure" Fergis the pug of his homosexuality.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/281205265


Nana Duffuor


5 mins
A young Black girl tangles with internalized racism when she gets her hair done for the first day of school.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/311342730


Patricio Moreno Gudiño


Ecuador / 10 mins
Discriminación y violencia son los denominadores comunes de un entramado de historias relatadas por varios jóvenes y adultos que se definieron en base a una identidad que hasta entonces desconocían. Su lucha personal y colectiva se ha efectuado positivamente, gracias al apoyo de otros miembros de la comunidad LGBTI.


Dynamo Jeugd & Jongerenwerk Amsterdam


The Netherlands | 3 mins


Sam Crainich


USA, 18mins
The near future. River is living on the sidelines of society, treading the line between male and female whilst avoiding The Guard’s ever-watchful eye. When his and friends’ favorite hangout place faces closure, they must all confront the world around them.


Jessica Han


Canada | 8 min

Ryan Cassata: Daughter

Maxine Bowen


USA | 3min
A catchy number from Ryan Cassata as he sings his way through the experience of transition from F-M and his changing relationship with his dad.
Watch… https://youtu.be/IOery7rg2eo

Saan Ka Galing

Brooklyn Page Torres


Saan Ka Galing explores the ways in which one’s performance of identity is shaped by Filipino-American immigration, societal expectations of success, and the growth of a family. This experimental dance film journeys through personally significant locations in San Francisco as lived and narrated by the director’s grandfather, Jaime Casido Torres.

Safety in Numbers: A Trans History

Melinda Friedman


Canada; 16 mins
This documentary explores the experiences of transgender pioneers during the 1950s and 1960s, and the voices of contemporary trans youth.


Aviran Ran


Israel, 11mins
Sahara abu Jamal, 19, lives in the Occupied Territories. She is engaged to Walid abu Said, 30 of Jaffa, as part of an arranged marriage. While being searched at a security checkpoint, in the darkest and bleakest of places, sexual tensions arise between Sahara and the checkpoint’s Chief female officer.

Sailors Love / Die Liebe des Matrosen

Ida Schmieder


Switzerland / 21 min
L. doesn't feel comfortable at all. After a huge fight with his mother he leaves home for an evening that changes his life for ever.

Salir del Agua

Isabel Casanova


Spain / 8 min
Secret love story between two teenage girls. Due to the social pressure that one of them feels, the relationship will end up breaking.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/264232024

Samba of the pain

Hamamura Michika


Japan / 2min
If you buy a napkin, you can put it in a black bag, or you will be told that the story of menstruation must be in public. It is neither dirty nor sacred. A pop and cute animation that expresses “my physiology” in “my way” in tandem with samba.

Saturday Sweets / Lördags Godis

Tom of Tottenham


Sweden /  5 mins
Genderqueer bodies enjoy the tender intimacy of BDSM, power exchange and gummy bears in this experimental film, beautifully conveying the intense connection enjoyed through shared desires.

Scene from the Men’s Toilets at a Ceilidh

Louis Norris


United Kingdom | 10 min
This is a family affair, and Rory is on familiar ground. He knows each burly man who comes in for a mid-dance piss break, and his dad is playing the fiddle in the band. But Dan, his visiting boyfriend, couldn’t be further out of place. Once questions over masculinity and communication are brought to the fore, their conversation unfurls into a flaming row, paused by urinating family friends, and underscored by the rising ceilidh music coming through the wall.


Kirrilee Bailey


Australia / 3 mins
June interacts with water in small ways to channel psychic healing.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/239315873


Werther Germondari


Italy / 2:20
Some unusual creatures come to life in their natural habitats.


Jon Anzo


Mexico / 25 mins

Seattle's Qtpoc Music Scene

Momma Nikki


Canada / 45 mins
This documentary isn’t just a showcase of what QTPOC artists are doing—it centers on questions of support and equality for QTPOC creative types in the music scene as it relates to race, queerness, and gender equity. Be prepared to be inspired—and sing along.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/JxaffBmvZJM  

Second Shutter

Goodyn Green


Germany / 45 mins
A film that captures the Berlin queer porn scene in sun-drenched, intoxicatingly beautiful moving sexual tableaus. This second part of the Shutter trilogy picks up the episodic form, staging bodies and light: the dynamic of the situation and between the performers, the light on the skin and in the room.

Self-Made Men: Episode, "Showbiz"

Amy Goldstein


USA | 8m
Two fierce, lovable visionaries—rapper Rocco Katastrophe and photographer Amos Mac, the force behind the most widely visited online transgender hub, Original Plumbing—invite us into a world of universally relatable dreams and aspirations.


Thais Andrade


Brazil / 6 mins

She Said

Amanda Kindzierski



She’s Not A Boy

Robert Tokanel, Yuhong Pang


USA | 23 min
“She’s Not a Boy” is the story of Tatenda Ngwaru, an asylum-seeking intersex woman who fled Zimbabwe with sixty dollars and the hope that she would finally find a place where she belonged.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/qOIxfxQjCT8


Juho Reinikainen


Finland / 5 mins
The movie is an intimate confession about sex, power, trust and desires of four individuals, who decided to share their stories with us.

Siempre que lo cuento

Roberto Pérez Toledo


Spain|  6’
Whenever I tell it, I ?m afraid it will not come back. Telling my sexual partners that I ?m living with HIV is always the beginning of the end.
Siempre que lo cuento, tengo miedo a que no vuelva. Contar a mis parejas sexuales que vivo con el VIH, siempre supone el principio del fin.

Simple Worlds

Jake Lukas


UK / 2 mins
An exploration into alien worlds through simple techniques.

Sin Deseo de Indecencia

Luis Armando Sosa Gil


México / 2´
Un chico le canta a otro una canción romántica confesando su amor.

Sin miedo al VIH

David Arteaga


Spain| 23’
A documentary that offers a vision of the HIV epidemic from its beginnings in the ‘80s till present day, through the point of view of medical experts and actual affected individuals.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/SfPWCg_YraM


David Méndez


Spain / 6 mins

Sisters Playing Soccer in the Hood

Shira Sznaider, Mya Kaplan


Israel /15 min.
16-year-old Nicole, stuck in her boring neighborhood is looking for action. She drags her younger sister to wander around the streets, ending up in front of the town's most intriguing house

Skies are Not Just Blue

Lysandre Cosse-Tremblay


Canada / 25 mins
Muslims and part of the LGBTQ+ community, Yara, Monib, Tariq and A. claim their identities while reflecting on their personal beliefs and experiences.

Sky Above Water / Himmel Über

Gitte Schmitz


Germany | 4'09
A contemporary interpretation of José Agrippino de Paula’s and Maria Esther Stockler’s Ceu sobre agua (1978), relocated from tropical Brazil to an industrial utility area on the river Elbe.


Kristal Chan


8 mins
An Asian woman prowls through white assimilation and model minority myths toward her genuine, unfiltered truth.
Watch… https://youtu.be/DHKH8lJWN5U

Só penso em

Emilliano Freitas e Edinardo Lucas


Brazil / 6´20

So Quiet: The performativity of a Pussy

Maria Cyber


Greece / 8 mins
Has a pussy it’s very own performance? Maria Katsikadakou (aka Maria Cyber) outlines the performativity of the pussy, in an eight minute video art. By claiming a part of the visibility pie, in contrast to the plurality of the information and images of dicks, the pussy is here, in close ups, raw and naked, in a big screen covered all by it. The title, as well as the images the director uses, shows us the actions of the pussy. 

Song for Rent

Malic Amalya


USA / 6 mins
A remake of Jack Smith’s 1969 depiction of Rose Kennedy.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/278238847  

Sookee - Of Seahorses and Closets

Kerstin Polte


Germany / 34 mins
Sookee – Of Seahorses and Closets“ is a multilayered and intimate portrait of Sookee, a famous queer-feminist Hip Hop Artist and left-wing activist in Germany. She fights against sexism, homophobia and racism – in german society and, especially, in german hip-hop for years now. Tolerance and love instead of discrimination and stereotyping. Diversity instead of binary thinking. Seahorses instead of closets.


Nana Duffuor


4 mins
A queer Black woman charges past sexual violence and self-destruction into resistance.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/311348633

Speaking Truth 

Vonyse Reeder


USA / 1 min
Watch… https://youtu.be/VPUhHAuT95M


Abigail Henry, Christopher Bowles, Keiron Moore


United Kingdom | 37 min
A diverse array of lives intersect over one night in Manchester's gay village.

Splendid Case of Doubt

Daniel Moshel


Austria / 4:09
Just your average love story between a furry and a dodgems operator.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/241854499

St. Anthony’s Fire

Samantha Bloomfield


USA / 3 mins
A music video for the Fort Wayne Indiana based band Girl Colors for their song St. Anthony’s Fire, and embraces the notion that we should all celebrate our own quirky and unique individuality.
Watch… https://youtu.be/rzGSjJZM2s0


Rebecca Weltner


Germany / 6:00
An intense relationship between two men explored through movement and colours.
Watch… https://youtu.be/T15BOgyNj9M

Stand Up: Stand Out

David Pavlovsky


30 min., USA
"Stand Up, Stand Out" tells the story of a unique brand of activism belonging only to San Francisco--where three gay teachers’ fight for equal rights during the burgeoning Gay Liberation Movement of the 1970s, led to the blossoming of the Valencia Rose Cabaret, Café, and Restaurant, believed to be the first and only gay-owned and operated comedy club in the USA. As AIDS ravaged San Francisco, a gay and lesbian comedy club flourished in, of all places, an old mortuary.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/266630179

Starving Boys / L'appétit des garçons

Raphaël Massicotte


Canada / 7 mins
A Daddy, a Twink, a Bear and a Hunk are cruising outdoor in a suburban neighborhood of Montreal.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/272268274

Staying the Night

Joshua Lundberg


Australia / 7 mins
Jake Sneaks in his boyfriend Max while his single Mum is out for the night. Things take a turn when Max tries to sneak back out.

Steps In The Night / Pasos en la Noche

Daniel Garcia & Maximiliano Garcia


USA / 9 mins
In mid-1990’s Tijuana, a closeted gay man enters a local Cumbia competition in the hopes of dancing with a man whom he’s secretly admired.

Stoop on Kent Ave

Alex Leombruno


USA / 7:29
On the verge of nineteen, Dakota faces a quarter-life crisis sitting on a stoop. A conversation with a stranger ensues.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/271389856


Aditya Dawar


This film portrays a reality of the wrestlers in which they are belittled in contrast to their strength and masculinity and are stuck as puppets in a play in a constant recurring cycle of fighting and tiring and preparing to fight again. Where the dark nature of the fighting is rather showcased as frivolous and insignificant.

Strange Territory 

Jessie Short and Ashley Bedet


Turtle Island | 4 min
Strange Territory follows Shim, a transparent eyeball, in this meditation on the intricacies of pleasure and desire. Erotic fulfilment could very well be equal parts exploration as it is knowing your own self and desires, ridiculous as that playful examination can be.

Stroke of Midnight / A Minuit Pile

Yoann Garel


France | 12 min
In a Paris apartment two men meet by means of an online dating app. Right before midnight, they decide to go to the suburbs to buy some marijuana.

Sugar, Baby, Reno

Iñigo Sancho Bombin


Basque Country / 30 mins
Rafa lives in Bilbao and works in a supermarket. Part of his time Rafa is ‘La Reno’, a transformist. He performs every weekend, and writes the Blue magazine’s horoscope. Sugar, Baby, Reno is the story of Rafa/La Reno’s fight for being who wants to be, radiography through the signs of the zodiac.

Super Queer Force: Miss Gendering

Narci Smith


USA; 3 mins
When Rando Sally is misgendered at a supermarket, a group of queer superheroes magically appear to save the day. 

Synesthetic Symphony

Giorgio Rossentino


México / 24´
Lana, una joven amante de la música, busca entrar a una prestigiosa escuela. El encuentro con Mickey, una chica ciega que quiere formar una banda, puede que ayude a ambas a cumplir sus sueños y quizá a encontrar el amor.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/rKBVSByD6fQ


Caroline Callender and Silver Liftin


11 minutes • USA
Dakota Nieves and Indiana Baker explore their experiences growing up as transgender high school students in New York City.


David Ontoria López


Basque Country / 20 mins
Maite is a woman struggling with social anxiety. She uses a rich inner world of fantasy as a refuge from the real world. Her desires and dreams push her towards change but she resists initially.

Tales of Cruising in India

 / Zara Nazar Utha Ke Dekho

Anindya Shankar Das


India | 24 min
This documentary explores personal cruising narratives from the LGBTQ community against visuals of Indian public spaces - toilets, cinema halls, parks, stations,malls and the like.
Through the stories emerge the different facets and complexities of urban cruising - one of the most dominant ways of finding sexual/romantic partners for the LGBTQ community in India.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/SKvGA55EwVM


Fernanda Reis


Brazil / 23 mins
Laura makes a decision to turn off the Internet and look at the world around her. She soon meets Agatha and they fall in love for each other. Almost like everything was planned to happen.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/aD7S__7yBu4


Yvan Megal


Belgium / 13 mins
Charlotte and Sophie have been a couple for a long time. One Sunday, while they are having lunch, Sophie places a rock on the table claiming that it's a meteorite...
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/256491870

Tea Bag 

Jacquie Ray


USA, 3 min.
Jacquie Ray’s cinematic eye of desire shows the sexual empowerment of femme women by giving a whole new take on the saying ‘tea bag.’


Christopher Sweeney


U.K. / 11 min
When Paul's best friends are suddenly killed in a car crash, he must decide if he can raise their child, with or without his boyfriend, before the child wakes up


Jonathan Costa, Águas Lindas


Brazil / 14´55


Saillard Marine et al.


France /  5 minutes
During the Roaring Twenties of Chicago,
Myrtille is desperately attracted to the the Cabaret's Singer. One night, the power of a peculiar perfume gives her a chance to step out of the shadows...
Watch… https://vimeo.com/290432376

Território de Mim

Aline Cortes, Camila Peron, Daniela Moura, Elisângela Cordeiro, Lorena Oliveira, Raul Dias, Yggor Araújo


Brazil / 13 mins
De um território de violência à busca por um espaço seguro, a população LGBTQIA+ reaprende o significado de família, amor e respeito, enquanto se redescobre e ressignifica as dores do passado, na luta pelo direito de viver plenamente com seus pares.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/299293351

Terroristas de la Masculinidad

Bruno García


México / 28 mins
Terroristas de la Masculinidad is a documentary film that captures de perspective of transgender masculinity in 4 visions that confronts gender expectations and trans* living experiences at the border of the night, the self narratives of fragmented (or not) biographies, the map of the body history on a trans-masculine identity and the way that transgender men make collectivity in México city every day.
The documentary explores this issues through personal and public situations around 6 trans* men characters who terrorized the normative life style of traditional masculinity
“Viviéndose como un hombre trans, su masculinidad auto-percibida es adquirida y no impuesta, explicando así que hay cuerpos que transitan hacia una masculinidad de principio negada para los cuerpos con vulva y posteriormente moldeada por situaciones, vivencias y espacios tanto personales como públicos”
Trailer… https://youtu.be/BkzyfG0yRfE

The Boy Who Bleeds in the Middle of the Sea 

James Allen Fajardo


Philippines / 15 mins
Simon, a teenage boy, menstruates in the middle of fishing. Simultaneously, his father, Nestor, an activist leader in their community, organizes and mobilizes the fisherfolks to continue to fight for their community, which faces impending demolition. 

The Cave



Greece / 13 mins
Trailer… https://youtu.be/2QrN2FHWhpk

The Centre – Another Day in Paradise

Jana Eleanor Bruckner


Dr. Jessi has to find a way to tell her Partner, Leoni, that she is considering joining Doctors without Borders again in Namibia, after a letter arrives from the hospital.

The Common Fag

Denise Kenney / Michael V Smith


Canada / 5 minutes
On the banks of Okanagan Lake, documentarian Kenney observes the Fag, a particular subspecies of the homosexual and more evolved cousin to the Gay as he preens, explores his habitat and extricates himself from the beige restrictions of his box. This short experimental film takes a playful look at the trials and triumphs of “the common fag.”
Watch… https://vimeo.com/261399218

The course of things, when we don’t hate / El curso de las cosas, cuando no odiamos

Ailín Bustamante


Trailer… https://vimeo.com/256506619

The dishonour / La deshonra

Joaquín Zejan


Argentina, 0’59’’

The Disidents / Las Disidentes

Jael Franco & Sofía González


Mexico / 45 mins
The Dissidents shows the life experience of 5 trans women in Mexico City. 5 women who break the traditional rules of sex and gender in Mexico.
Cinco mujeres trans en la Ciudad de México, deciden romper con los estereotipos de género.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/3vuk95-LVm0

The Divine Femmunity

Rraine Hanson


11 mins
A young Jamaican girl learns how Oshun swoops trafficking victims into a divine refuge.

The Door

Evan Woodall


UK / 6 mins
An experimental short exploring and challenging the stereotypes door staff
are faced with in their day-today role.

The Dragon Of Miuka / El Drac De Miuka

Enzo Monzón


España | 9 mins
Miuka discovers Almodóvar’s first photographic exhibition on the internet. It takes place at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid. She’s living in Argentina and is a stalwart fan of the director’s movies. She’s so thrilled that she decides to become a photographer herself and feel connected to her idol in the distance. She’s not alone. She’s living with Drac, her servant and life-long companion whom she considers part of her family. Drac will use everything at hand to make her happy.

The Eddies

Madsen Minax


United States | | 16 min
From above and below ground, a man named Eddie describes flood lines, levees and trivial histories of the crumbling infrastructure of Memphis, TN. In this same city, filmmaker Madsen Minax, a recent transsexual transplant, watches war films and contemplates masculine connectivity as he attempts to reimagine the South. He posts a Craigslist advertisement asking men to masturbate on-camera with their firearms. He receives a single response from a man who’s name is also Eddie.

The Fair

Shiri Havazelet


Israel / 14mins
Reut, a volunteer on her national service year, is growing anxious over the upcoming fair, however having to deal with the complicated relationships at her commune pushes her to get involved with other affairs.

The Family Coalition

H. Thompson


USA, 12 min
The Family Coalition documents teenager Addison’s troubling experience with gay conversion therapists.
Watch... https://vimeo.com/255232013

The Fathers Project

Leo Herrera


USA / 7:37
What if AIDS had never happened? This sci-fi short imagines a generation being given the chance to live.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/274603075

The Forest / Skogen

Magnus Mork


Norway / 21 Min
A couple in their fifties is camping in the woods. Encountering the nature stirs up a conflict. 

The Gentleman

Hannah Westerlind


18 min. Sweden
Gunnar, 75 is widower since one year back. He lives wall to wall with the young man Jon. Although the age difference makes it so forbidden, Gunnar feels drawn to the 23-year-old Jon.

The Grass is Always Grindr

Luke Davies


USA / 12 mins / web series
“The Grass Is Always Grindr” follows a young gay man, Joe: master of the selfie. He spends his free time either trying to up his followers on Insta, or looking for guys on Grindr. One of those shags turns out to be Adam, a handsome boxer who’s still in the closet. 
Watch... https://youtu.be/z5GXbtK-yjg

The Hairy Tales

Pablo Oliveiro


Argentina, 5 mins
You never really know exactly who you are going to meet with an online hook up. This naughty little animated short examines that topic and brings new meaning to the phrase “fairy tale.”
Trailer... https://vimeo.com/253582031

The Harvest / Waahi

Arsalan Majid


Pakistan /  9 min
Waahi (The Harvest) is a story of struggle and resilience, based on the life of a woman farmer who went against all odds to provide for her family.

The Housemaids

Asawari Jagushte


India | 23 min
By taking Jean Genet's play 'The Maids' as a point of departure, the film is a journey through the mind space of two sisters - oppressed in captivity of each other. Working as housemaids for now an old upper class vegetative Madame.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/284574142

The Last Letter

Vishal Jejurkar


India | 15 mins
Mohan was living a secret all his life, rife with inner conflict, but he starts to see things differently, after revisiting the reality from which he escaped years ago. Mohan, as a elderly gay person has to make a choice; either return to his fantasy world or face his fears and come out of the closet to live the remaining days of his life being himself.

The Legend of Sing Hey

Becca Redden


92 min
Centuries ago, on a rural fishing island in South Korea, a little voice began to grow. As generations passed, the voice grew stronger as it was passed down but not released. Through years of diaspora, environmental changes, and the emergence of the various oppressions that we know today, the voice was kept inside waiting to be unleashed onto the world at the right moment. This voice’s name was Sing Hey. As the voice continued down the bloodline, passed from holder to holder, it was born into the throat and the namesake of Janice Sing Hey Lee.

This feature documentary follows Lee, her sister, and her friends from Ontario to the East Coast: playing shows, sharing music, and rediscovering what home means by leaving it. The Legend of Sing Hey is a story that connects family, identity, and community with history and ancestral roots through performance, music, and celebration of spirit.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/ioRa62xj028

The Lesbian and Feminist Movements

Glenn Crawford


Queer women in the early liberation movement often felt torn between battling for lesbian rights or feminist rights and often didn't see eye to eye. We hear from both sides of the struggle from Ottawa activists Barbara Freeman, Marie Robertson and Rose Stanton and what it meant for them to be a queer and/or a feminist in the 70s and 80s.

The Life of Lei: The Man Behind the Makeup

Matthew Broughton


USA | 77 min
A documentary film by Class of 2018, Fresno State Alumnus Matthew Broughton. The film follows Paul Hernandez for a five month period documenting his life as his drag persona, Leilani Price, while also touching base on several topics such as substance abuse, domestic violence, suicide, and depression. The message behind the documentary is to not only highlight the career of Leilani Price, a widely known Fresno drag queen, but to show the struggles that encompass Paul Hernandez, the man behind the makeup. 
Trailer… https://youtu.be/altIaapKFOs

The Lights are Calling Sreedevi

Jugal Mody


India | 4 mins
A mashup of Elie Golding, Bon Iver - Lights & Calgary featuring Sridevi from Chaalbaaz.

The Litas

William Desena


USA / 7 mins
Gevin Fax is the oldest member of the women motorcycle collective, The Litas. This film tracks her and her journey toward self-acceptance and peace.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/292821498

The Long Trail Out

Shai Ben-Dor


USA /  25 mins
Tim Buchanan, a lifelong youth worker, has lived his entire life quietly hiding his sexuality. After nearly 70 years in the closet, Tim is sharing his story. All while he attempts The Presidential Traverse, one of North America’s most difficult day hikes.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/192065689

The Luminous Ones

Lee Doré


The Luminous Ones is a sonic journey of three innocent heroes guided to battle a dark machine entity trying to overtake the world.  

The man condemned to death

 / Il condannato a morte

Matteo  Blanco


Italy / 19 mins
A young writer (Diego Florio), living in the context of an unspecified dictatorship, is condemned to life imprisonment because of his dissident works and his homosexuality.
Trailer… https://filmfreeway.com/ThemancondemnedtodeathIlcondannatoamorte

The Naked Side / Alde Erantzia

Deiane Moreno


Basque Country / 4 mins
In each relationship, we decide how to live, what to do and how to be. We can be as we are, or we can decide to set limits to our mind and our body. This is Donostia, at 1:00 in the morning.

The Ocean

Sinéad McDevitt


Australia / 4 mins
One woman's universe expands the more she lets go with her lover.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/306126612

The Ordinance Project

Austin Williams


At the height of the AIDS crisis, the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri debated whether or not to amend its Civil Rights Ordinance to prevent discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and people with HIV/AIDS. It quickly became the most highly contested piece of legislation in Kansas City's history, galvanizing both supporters and opponents while exposing a social divide that is still felt today.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/fDqe4vTPx7o

The Palace Trip

Jessica Hargreaves


Palace residents all have different experiences at The Palace and coming to The Palace. 2018 residnets Jess, Tanya & Abby will all be cycling to Poland from the UK and will document their journey for us to view.

The Passion / La Pasión

Alberto Tovar Garrido


Spain / 7 mins
An audiovisual expression rooted in Granadian poet Federico García Lorca´s works that intends to search within deep personal insights as a way to connect with a wide spectrum of expressions, the portentous subjectivity of art as the ecstasy of human honesty.

The Phantasmagoria of Offense

Jessica Irish


USA / 6 mins
The Phantasmagoria of Offense is an animated film lyric on the dangers of image suppression and censorship.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/165605346

The Pigeon

Shireen Dalbey


Canada | 1 min
Ever wondered what its like to have one of your 3am ideas come to life bc ur on a time constraint and have no time to rethink your life choices? Well, look no further.
Watch… https://youtu.be/0M3TdFj3xlM

The Pin

Randy Caspersen


When the boss’s son harasses the openly gay receptionist, a closeted mechanic must choose between workplace complicity or standing up for his co-worker.

The Plastic Problem

Alice Choe


10 mins
California surfs through its own plastic waste after China bans the importation of recyclable plastic.

The Politics of Choice and the Possibility of Leaving

Megan-Leigh Heilig


South Africa / 15mins
“The film documents the days before I left South Africa to come to Belgium. It explores the choices or lack of choice one has to remain or leave a place. My partner is from Namibia. Her South African visa will expire in less than 6 months and she will be forced to return to Namibia, where homosexuality is illegal.”
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/263398522

The Quiet Room

Dan Hass


USA / 14 min
A horror film about a group of psych ward patients who fall victim to an urban legend.

The Real Dillah

 / Do Lado Dillah

Washington Calegari


Brazil / 18 mins
After 25 years on stage, the creator of the famous Brazillian drag queen Dillah Dilluz faces difficulty to find work, besides prejudice and exclusion within his family. An intimate portrait of a restless artist who "invents his own joy."

Após 25 anos nos palcos, o criador da famosa drag queen Dillah Dilluz enfrenta dificuldade para conseguir trabalho, além de preconceito e a exclusão dentro da própria família. O retrato íntimo de um artista inquieto, que ‘inventa a própria alegria’.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/289199576

The Secrets of the Universe

Evelyn Rosenfeld


Israel, 18mins
Alex is a lonely, confused teen who is struggling to make sense of herself and her world. She bonds with Opher, an extroverted, sociable girl who is eager to take on the universe. Together, they discover the truth about themselves, and the connection between love and the secrets of the universe.

The Set Way

Brad Taylor


UK / 4 mins
Realising she’s been typecast again, actress Rachelle storms off set, forcing director Nick to chase after her and re think the script.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/269661569

The Story of Hawkeye Bray

Zeke Aszman


USA / 12 mins
A young cowboy, Hawkeye Bray, lives alone in a small white room. At night they have visions of a handsome honky tonk singer, a boy with a chain whip, and the rolling desert hills. Despite being unable to leave their room, Hawkeye learns how to manifest their dreams and desires into reality.
Watch… https://youtu.be/Q9mfhcKPtss

The Switch

Neala Cullen


New Zealand, 11 mins
This documentary is about the story of a young couple who revealed to each other after years of dating that they were both transgender. We follow their story from the beginning of their relationship to present day, documenting the issues they have faced with their gender identities, coming out and society's reactions and expectations of them. This film discovers what drew these individuals together and why they think their relationship has endured and flourished through such unusual circumstances.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/294975309

The Task

Sander Houwen / Sjoerd Weening


Netherlands, 7 min
In een godvrezend dorpje bezorgt de goudsmid trouwringen bij een homokoppel.
In a God-fearing village, a goldsmith delivers wedding rings to a gay couple.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/307313133

The Villain Who I Love

Pae Woori


South Korea

The Wall

Branislav Kostić


Serbia / 8 mins
As much as we are different, we all go through the same problems in life.
Koliko god bili drugačiji, svi prolazimo kroz iste problem u životu.
Trailer... https://youtu.be/MSFob87F2Oc

The Walls That Bring Us Apart / Los Muros Que Nos Separan

Manuel Ochoa


México / 21´
Liana tiene problemas con su madre Ester, quien no acepta su orientación sexual. Después de encontrarla con su novia Sara, Ester obliga a Liana a medicarse como parte de una terapia de conversión y también a que salga en una cita con un joven de la iglesia llamado Elías. Este suceso le crea un efecto catártico que la obliga a elegir su libertad sobre la aceptación de su madre.

Liana is in trouble with her mother Ester who does not accept her sexual orientation. After finding her with her girlfriend Sara, Ester forces Liana to medicate herself as part of a conversion therapy and she is forced to date a young man from church named Elías. This event creates a cathartic effect that made her to choose her freedom over her mother’s acceptance.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/226191745

The Weirdo of the Family / La rara de la familia

Sare Lesbianista


Spain, Basque Country| 27’
A collective piece to show the everyday lesbophobias that we must struggle with each day. The collective Care Lesbianista reached out through Social Media to lesbians in their area to share their experiences via video. This short film was edited with these diverse, quotidian situations, some subtle, some hard, but containing reflections of us all.

The Wheel of Fortune

Bambi K


United States | 8 min
Five strangers are trapped in orifice bondage and only their simultaneous orgasmic release can set them free!


Jamie Janković


UK / 9 mins
Recounting my own experiences with rape and being part of an abusive queer relationship, viewed from the lens of those who observed me at the time, before and after, I seek to raise awareness of this alarmingly underrepresented experience.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/225250527


Chu Hua Catherine Dong


They is a four-channel film installation takes audiences into four women’s world to closely examine their ritualized daily lives, their obsessions, their struggles, and their determinations of being who they are. The four women are different but mirror each other: they deal with difficult transitions, ambivalent relationships, and desires that trouble them while also celebrating their own existences in a subversive but almost meditative way. The title of this film is derived from the gender-neutral pronoun they. They in this film is both singular and plural, referring women as unique individuals who are plural, but whose bodies have been marked as the other.

Things I Would Say To My Mom If Only I Were Brave Enough

James Allen Fajardo


Filmmaker James Allen Fajardo recalls his childhood before his mother left him to work abroad, and all the things he wished he could have told her about his burgeoning sexuality.

Thinking about your dad

Oscar Pereira


USA / 2’26’’

This Freedom Life / Yeh Freedom Life

Priya Sen


India | 1 hr 10 min
Sachi works at a local beauty parlor; Parveen runs the family’s small cigarette counter at a crowded intersection. They are surrounded by a cacophonous city; they are both in love with other women.

This is Me

Students of La Garrotxa High School


Spain / 27 mins
What “being normal” means? Have you ever told someone what you really feel? David and Laura, two teenagers, try to fight against their fears and the prejudices of the society that surrounds them.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/306986896

Tidal Time / L'ora di porto

Dario Di Viesto


Italy / 23 mins
After a boat accident where he puts his son’s life at risk, fisherman Capudemazza decides to never go fishing again. Ten years later a discovery about his son awakens a feeling in him that had been buried.

Time is Up

Nicolas Pourliaros


Greece / 89’
Charis returns to his house in the midday of a Friday. He has the whole weekend in front of him. After he cooks a meal he sets up a camera and starts a video diary. In his first video he says that he will kill himself in the next 48 hours. Will he really do it?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/217738562

Tin Satyi ... (In Fact ...)



India | 51 min
This film offers us glimpses of lives that are lived on their own terms and in such living mark their resistance against stifling social norms that threaten to homogenise diversity into a logic of One.In Fact… is a celebration of love and togetherness with a difference.

To Be Together Forever

Chuyi Chen


Taiwan, 5 mins
Do you think the two of us really have a result?

To Grandma

Emma Goldberg


Israel, 7mins
The film To Grandma, brings us the story of Emma who has come out to everyone but her grandmother. Emma can’t bring herself to tell her gran she is a lesbian. When her grandmother ends up in hospital in critical condition, Emma must decide whether to tell her the truth about her sexuality.


Sui-hin Mak


Hong Kong
An experimental montage.
Watch… https://youtu.be/aERXt2IMxPM


Rotem Katz


Israel, 14mins
In the dead of night, Iris embarks on an excruciating journey which perhaps, for the first time, may put her mind at ease.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/265776161

Too soon, too late / Za późno, za wcześnie

Agata Urban


Poland / 12 mins
Bartek lives in one of the Warsaw districts. He has his friends and believes their bond is strong and genuine. Problems start when he realizes his otherness which doesn’t stand a chance to be understood. The choice needs to be made – be himself or stay with the group? It’s not easy when every decision might leave somebody hurt.

Toy Stories

Sandra Sordini


UK | 5’30
Treat your toys like you’d treat your lovers: Don’t just shove them in.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/278915533

Train Hopper

Amélie Hardy


Canada /18 '
A man (who prefers to remain anonymous) across North America on board freight trains, tired of the routine and pressures of an "anxious society".
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/273548365


Shawna Virago


USA / 3 mins
This folk-punk single is for those of us living outside the binary.
Watch… https://youtu.be/2223ae0jZWQ


Angel Puado Veloso


Cortometraje rodado en 2018 interpretado por Chelo Oñate y Angeles Ceballos

Trans Pride 2018

Fox Fisher, Owl Fisher, Lewis Hancox, Jamie Fletcher, Anne Mansfield, Taylor Lé Fin


UK / 1 min
Trans Pride 2018 in the UK was the biggest yet, with over 5,000 people marching through Brighton to show solidarity for trans, non-binary and intersex communities.

Trans With a Movie Camera

Frances Arpaia


United States | 14 min
Cinematic trans representation is something that’s been limited mainly to narrative fiction and documentary. What’s been lacking is a push to explore how cinema as a tool can be used to depict and examine trans identities. A Trans with a Movie Camera is a non-narrative essay film built from super 8 footage, collaboratively created by interviewing trans women about how they would like to be represented non-narratively on film.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/270542519

Transkids - Anders aber normal

Jennifer Janke


Deutschland, 22 Minuten
Aufeiner von der Gruppe Transkids.de betreuten Freizeit lernen sich vier 13-14jährige Trans*jungs kennen. In der entspannten Atmosphäre eines Reiterhofs sprechen sie in Interviews und miteinander über Identitätsfindung, Coming Out, Namens- und Personenstandsänderungen, den Umgang ihrer Schulen mit ihnen, Depression und Hoffnungen.


Holly Volkner, Maggie Brittingham


Australia, 11 mins


Bar Cohen


Israel, 7mins
Hilla, a young trans woman, has locked herself in her home and will not leave the house. When her neighbour comes knocking at her door, demanding that she dispose of the trash bags she’d left out in the building corridor, she must confront both him and the outside world.


Max Disgrace


UK | 7’30
A hazy, hypnotic and hardcore walk through a lesbian cruising ground.

Trigger Happy

Anne T. Hanson & Wendy Jo Carlton


USA; 3 min.
A young voter is forced to consider the discriminatory political agenda behind making America GREAT!

Trip Stease: A peep show video project

Francesca Pennini


Italy / 5 mins
Watch… https://vimeo.com/287864348


Linnéa Haviland


A short film about the impact of homo- bi- and transphobia on young people, and how support and community can help us grow.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/308302307

Tutti A Casa

Geraldine Ottier


Italy / 7 mins

Two Words

Dany Campos


Spain / 12’

Über den Tannen

Esther Heeb


Switzerland / 76 mins
The film shows the artistic work of Barbara Gwerder in the imposing, rugged mountain world of Central Switzerland. We follow in the footsteps of the artist who is searching for pictures, her own emotions and fears. Up there, life is characterized by simplicity and deprivation. After dark lonely evenings in the barren hut, the artist paints large-format paintings at an altitude of 1800 metres.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Gk14dSrdjI8

Um Traço Teu

Dani Nigri


Brazil / 17 mins
Julia é nova na cidade. Tudo que vem de fora passa por ela em desenhos que ser tornam seu próprio traço.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/294685856

Unapologetic Me: Black | Gay | Man

Justin Dominic


Unapologetic Me: BLACK | GAY | MAN is a Screendance that tells a story, through movement and visual imagery, about the intersectionality of being a Black, gay man. The hybrid of dance and film is to help challenge, question, and form an understanding toward a Black, gay man's world. For self-definition and self-expression, for support of family and community, and the sustenance of love.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/265647646


Erin Buelow


Canada | 16 min
Undone explores the troubled language of the tactile body.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/259069092

Unsent Letter

Christian Gordine


UK / 7 mins
Unsent Letter is a short film based on a true love letter written by an ex-World War II serviceman to his wartime lover.
In 1961 the pro-gay publication ONE Magazine received a letter with little explanation. All that was evident was that it had been written by a man called Brian Keith to his lover, Dave.
And that it had never been sent.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/315516447

Until Rainbow Dawn

Mika Imai


Japan / 63 min
A girl, who is 21 years old, is Hana Takahashi (age: 21) and another girl, who is 23 years old, is Ayano Hoshino in a Sign Language society. They met the society and Hana fell in love in the first time with Ayumi in her life. They have started going out. Later, Hana returned back to her home and told her parents about the going out. She has been believing in her mother because her mother is always her ally. However, she didn’t expect that she was denied from her mother and she was shocked the rejection. But she wouldn’t cut off all ties with Ayumi. Seeing struggled Hana, Ayumi found occasionally a deaf LGBT event that will be held in Tokyo and suggested to go the event together. They spent time with people who were Deaf LGBT for the first time and Hana opened up her heart.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/i4wJv00PZAE

Untold Histories

Issie Soudy


Australia / 45 mins
Untold Histories is a locally made documentary telling the compelling stories of LGBTI Senior citizens living in Central Victoria, Australia
Watch… https://youtu.be/oNqE86pdgis


Laura Giannatiempo


Italia, 9’
Una giovane donna nel pieno di una crisi esistenziale deve organizzare uno spettacolo per un centro di recupero, e ciò la costringe a tornare a Roma, nel suo vecchio quartiere di Valle Aurelia. Al quartiere nulla è cambiato e lei, che serba in sé verità nascoste, cerca un rifugio nelle pratiche New Age.

Urban Sprawl

Kester Urwin


UK / 2 mins
A short time lapse of film exploring the space of modern life and light within the city.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/2PKpr98mkHY


Cristiano Sousa



Useful Information

Scotty Wagner


United States | 3 min
Filmmaker Scotty Wagner animates his old journals, offering a point of entry that stresses self-discovery over self-analysis (and criticism).


Anthony Coveney


Canada /18 '
Two friends who grew up in the suburbs of Prague spend the day making petty theft to tourists who flock to the city expenses.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/293739641


Brenda Jorde


Ghana / Germany, 11min
Va-Bene is a performance artist who criticizes and draws atention to the restrictive and religious approach to gender that is present in Ghanaian society. This portraitis focused on his performance of femininity, which seeks to chalenge and subvert Ghanaian perceptions of what it is to be a woman. Va-Bene shows that you can be an aly throughart, and fight for what you think is right.

VAF 2018

Jessica Laurent


1min 28secs, Denmark
Two girls in two countries are not as different as they seem to be. Can the VAF green dog help them to realise that?
Watch… https://youtu.be/USl3AEpGDdc


Dana Brawer


United States / 3 min

When setting up her new phone, Jillian realizes how connected she still is to her ex.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/244420984


Chandra Melting Tallow & Elle-Maija Tailfeathers


Canada | 14 min
Two hosts interview celebrities about love and her sister intimacy, with a backdrop of pop culture and an underlying message about intergenerational trauma.

Via la Vulva

Kim Gehrig


UK / 3min
The world we live in was really overflowing with something similar to you who was embarrassed to speak publicly and forced to hide. Fruits imitated by external genitalia, cupcakes, wallets, and origami made of black, brown, and pink sing with joy.
Watch… https://youtu.be/lvFF1s5z2RY

Vibrancy of Silence: A Discussion with my Sisters

Frieda Ekotto


In this documentary, Marthe Djilo Kamga takes us along as she engages in fruitful conversations with four other Cameroonian female artists who, like her, know exile as well as how necessary it is to transmit to younger generations what they have learned as their multiple identities have evolved and fused. The original score that accompanies the voices of these three generations of women is an active part of the adventure, a witness for the future.




Spain / 8 mins
Young Alex has given a new direction to his life, where Violeta plays an important role. His father, however, unable to understand the change, cannot accept the presence of Violeta. Though unwilling to lose the love of his father, Alex does not want to give up Violeta. The conflicts arising from the situation will mark Alex's life and decisions.


Campbell X


UK / 20 min.

How do QPOC find out about their history? How can they learn about their history when so much becomes myth and gossip – or when historians research through a Eurocentric, cis-centric, heteronormative paradigm?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/300947596

Você é Diferente

George Pedrosa


Brazil / 12´25
Geovane é um serial killer iniciante, em um encontro com outra vítima ele acha alguém diferente e igual a ele.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/264741866

Vogue Beirut

Helene Dancer


UK | 8min
Vogueing has reached the Lebanon where dancer Hoedy Saad is determined to use this queer expression of residence to provide a safe space for his community.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/267388440

Vote for X

Tazeen Bari


Pakistan / 30 min
"Vote for X", is a short documentary that follows election campaign of a transgender candidate - Nayyab Ali from Okara in a unique perspective and lived experience, through all the highs and lows. The film explores Pakistani political system, election preparations, and personal commitment of Nayab a small town transwoman, who dreams for the betterment of her community and the marginalized population of Pakistan.

Waiting for Pino

Noah Valentyn


Israel, 16mins
A black & white surrealist film taking us into the extraordinary, fantastic world of Pino during the final days of a relationship.

Walk with My Spirits

Tyler Jacobs


Turtle Island | 5 min
Dancer and fashion designer Tyler Jacobs asks us to tag along on his journey to reclaiming his two-spirit heritage and knowledge.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/302306837  

War Call

Mizz June & Kjerstin Rossi


A call to mobilization for all listening, “War Call” is the debut music video of NYC based trans hip hop artist Mizz June. Mizz June, the protege of luminary black transwomen Octavia St. Laurent and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy felt the need to address the current state of affairs for transwomen. Specifically those in her direct community, Black and [email protected] transwomen. The murders at the hands of trans amorous men, lack of supporting trans lives from activists within the black/POC communities, and hateful messaging against trans communities by the current governmental legislation created a sense of urgency for this song and video.

We also Le Rose / Vogliamo Anche Le Rose

Marco Rambaldi


Italy /2 '
In the place where Antonioni turned "La Notte", Valerie Taccarelli, transfemmista activist, invites us to return to combat.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/258236601

We Are the Vancouver Men’s Chorus

Mark Halliday


23 min., Canada
In 1981, the Vancouver Men’s Chorus (VMC) broke ground and became Canada’s first gay chorus. Over the next thirty-eight years, they’ve grown into a nationally acclaimed and internationally recognized chorus. While they’ve charmed audiences from Toronto to San Francisco, no crowd loves the VMC as much as Vancouver, with many of us attending their signature performances Making Spirits Bright and Big Gay Sing year after year.

Welcome Baby Anderson

Alice Stanley


USA / 7 mins
‘Welcome Baby Anderson’ explores adoption, and the unique experiences adoptive parents go through in waiting for a child, even after it is born. The story focuses on a queer family awaiting the arrival of their child, and is explored through the lens of non-binary trans first-time filmmaker, Alice Stanley.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/308599306

What I’d Wanted

Cora Neiman


Israel, 6 min
Effie is hanging out with her boyfriend, Jonathan. Everything’s great, until he invites Dana, her “bestie”. Effie tries to stall, but their meeting in unavoidable. Effie escapes to the bathroom, Dana follows her. Together they come to understand what makes it so unbearable: Effie’s in love. With both.

What is the Connection

Liel Dahan


Israel, 10mins
Lott, 49, and Aaron, 33, have been married two years. They live in Jaffa and are very much in love, despite all their contrasts: secular vs. religious, dress designer vs. coroner, spontaneous vs. calculated, and so on. Lott has been out for as far back as he can recall where has Aaron only came out in recent years…

Wheelchair Dancer – Kenta Kambara

Kenta Kambara & Nobuyuki Arai


Japan | 2 min
A portrait of Kenta Kambara from Japan, who made headlines in Rio at the 2016 Paralympic Handover Ceremony for his acrobatic dancing with a wheelchair.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/261769917

Wild Animals

Lihi Dinai


Israel / 31 min.
Gali, a young girl of divorced parents, finds herself walking in a new path, following her passions. Full of bewilderment and excitements at the same time, she is starting to volunteer in a veterinary hospital for wild animals, which her father's new girlfriend manages. She finds herself looking at her in an unexpected way.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/wBymrm_EN5o

Working to the Top

Sean Ruhland


A transition can't happen overnight, but one night can make you realize just how long the transition is taking. Working to the Top shows just some of the ways life is make harder for trans people when all they're doing is existing in the same space.

X as in Love / X Comme Amour

Claudius Pan


France / 28 mins
Summer 2018. A young man goes back to the place that brought all his childhood summers to life. There, he says goodbye to this place, what he was, and his first lover.
Eté 2018. Un jeune homme retourne à l’endroit qui a bercé les étés de son enfance. Là, il fait ses adieux au lieu, à ce qu’il était et à son premier amour.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/O7HOiIr3rg8

Y Yo A Ti

Gabriel Marquina


México / 10 mins
Dos amigos se demuestran su cariño sin importar las consecuencias, pero conforme crece su amor la historia da un giro de 360 grados llevándolos a un desenlace inesperado. 10´

You Are Not A Woman / Usted No Es Mujer

Sebastián Barreto


Colombia | 27
In the small town of Santuario, Colombia, there is a small transgender Emberá Chamí indigenous community. Over there, in the middle of its hundreds of members, Juliana and Berómica, have had to endure the exile of their community in the midst of a highly Catholic and prejudiced people.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/284190542

Your Mother will Love Me

Omer Harel


Israel, 12mins
On their way back from a secret romantic getaway, Shaked and Perry’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Much to the two teen boys’ surprise, Shaked’s mother beats the tow truck to the scene and the discovery of their relationship will be put to the test.


Adryan Gerrits


14:40 | Ireland

A hopeless romantic, young and naive, Ollie finally puts himself out there and goes on a date with a seemingly perfect gentleman. However, not everything goes according to plan.