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2019 - UPDATED: 16 October 2019

Most of these films will be doing the festival circuit and haven't yet been entered into IMDb...


# Stealth

Inga Vosk


Russia / 90mins
The hidden life: Vasya arrives in St. Petersburg in search of his brother, Alec. Picked up by Alec’s girl, carted around the city, but why he doesn’t meet his brother?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/331209911

(f)our seasons

Miguel Gabaldón


Spain / 14 mins
Four seasons. Four stories. A glimpse with no words through the life of four couples in the cities of Madrid, Chicago and New York.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/T9Q3JQYTfLs

(S)he Said That

Mike Hoolboom


Canada / 13’
Roaring explosions and images of the solemn, resolute gait of the protesters warm up the atmosphere before a conference begins. The places, displayed and/or heard, overlap and efface every pre-established boundary. By resorting to historical digressions that opens up to a costume drama or even to a futuristic dimension, we return though to the revolution on the march, in which many individuals/“I” look for a “we” from which to restart the society.
Based on a talk by Paul B. Preciado delivered in London in 2003 and entitled “Pharmacopornographic counter fiction”, (S)he Said That examines the continual transformation of the power that disciplines the bodies, bound to an assembly line in which sexual reproduction and production of capital are two sides of the same coin: that of biopolitical control.

¡Gaytino! Made in America

Dan Guerrero


USA / 75 mins
Mariachi to Merman. Sondheim to Cesar Chavez. Decades of Mexican-American/Chicano and LGBTQ history intersect from a personal perspective in story and song. Touching, provocative and hilarious, Guerrero brings his solo play to the screen after nationwide critically acclaimed performances.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/EWyhhS_Sbhc


Kristal Chan


USA / 1 min
After a bad breakup, a young woman transports herself to a dreamy age before broken hearts, when first love was forever.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/322372275

700 Days

Jessie Ray Short


How long before the dream of health returns? Will it ever come back?

A Big Fat Taiwanese Same-Sex Wedding Banquet

Larry Tung


Taiwan / 4 mins
In celebration of becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage on May 24, 2019, one of Taiwan’s most prominent LGBT groups threw a big open-air traditional Taiwanese wedding banquet in front of its Presidential Office Building.

A Meeting with NoorJehan

Abid Majid


Pakistan /  9 min
A snapshot of human connection between transgender sex worker, Noor, and a 12 year old street child, Ben. Set around a vintage cinema of old Lahore, the microcosm depicts a clash of the authoritative jurisdiction of men and the other - child, woman and transgender. One can opine that A Night with Noorjehan is essentially a coming of age film.

A Queen of Dragons

Kristina Budelis & Leandro Badalotti


USA; 10 min. 
It’s Drag Queen Story Hour. These kids love it—and so do their parents.

A Room of Oblivion

Dorothy Cheung


Netherlands, Hong Kong / 6 mins
A Room of Oblivion is an experimental film reflecting on the notion of queer memories, and the failure of it, through re-found footage taken in a journey with an ex-partner.

Above the Bar

Kerri Flannigan


Canada | 3 min

Academic Super Squad

Taylor Gates


USA / 11 mins
After landing herself in trouble once again, a rebellious high school senior must face her most brutal consequence yet: being forced to join the academic decathlon team.

Acceptable Face

Holly Summerson


UK / 6 Min.
Acceptable Face is an animated discussion about the ‘ideal’ respectable queer person. How would they look, act, and let people know that they’re not “that kind of gay”? Based on a series of interviews with LGBTQ+ people, this experimental charcoal animation explores the pressure to be a ‘good example’, and the joy of refusing to conform.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/335380456

Across, Beyond, and Over

Brit Fryer, Nona Schamus


USA / 11:34
A hybrid documentary about two trans men who used to date in middle school reconnecting over a long weekend as they develop a film about their past.

Acting Straight

Willem Timmers, Tofik Dibi


26mins / The Netherlands
In the short doc Acting Straight filmmakers Willem Timmers en Tofik Dibi examine masculinity in the gay scene. They discover a world full of stifling ideas about the ultimate gay man. He is hypermasculine, muscular and without any trace of feminine traits. Why are so many gay men obsessed with masculinity? And what does this mean for those who dont fit in?
Watch… https://youtu.be/0ypvSbiV4Ts


Tyrone Smith


4 mins | UK
Adae, a non-binary, polyamorous, Nigerian drag king describes living in London and their interest in drag.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/305125161

Adoración, Adoración, Adoración

Tarcisio Boquady


Brazil / 8´32
After the elections of 2018 in Brazil, LGBT people are being threatened. A young man is afraid to walk on the streets because he is gay. He has been chased by homophobic guys and he is looking for prootection and a place to feel safe. The only way to pass through it is making magic. This film is a manifesto about love, creative power and freedom to be and exist. Respect human lives.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/326402644

Almost summer / Casi es Verano

Andrés Prego


Argentina / 12 mins
After school, Simón invites Julián to his pool. As the afternoon goes by, the desire between them will get harder to ignore.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/327042195

Among Students / Unter Schülern

Jannik Gensler


Germany / 10 mins
Täglich wird ein Lehrer Zeuge, wie einer seiner Schüler homophob angegriffen wird. Da der Lehrer jedoch selbst mit der Angst lebt zum Zielobjekt seiner Schüler zu werden, traut er sich nicht, sich für den Schüler einzusetzen.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/324974006

Among the Cranes

Astrid Liu


3 mins
Soaring past loneliness, a young queer Asian woman lets go of isolation.

An Abstract

Manoj Thorat


India | 20 min

As You Wish

Ayelet Lerman


Israel / 10mins
Noga is an intensely spirited teenager. She meets her counsellor, Uri who is trans; a fact which she uses as an excuse to run away. Uri, however, is not about to give up on her that easily. What is she running away from?

At Seventeen

Finley King


USA / 5:15
A catholic school student tests the limits of his desires.


Britney Ngaw & Jared Rushanan 


USA / 5 minutes
A critic is tasked with the challenge of professionally assessing her girlfriend's abstract art.

Be What You Want - Queer Feminist Artist

James Rosalind


13min / Germany
Berlin, is an open-minded, creative city, home to many queers and artists, chances for networking and collaboration. However, the german creative industries and society are still very much cis-male favoured. Two videographers talk about their experiences of art, work precarity, hope, feminism and community.

Be You 

Veronica Leon


USA; 4 min.
With joy and creativity, Alok expands the boundaries of gender.

Because They Love Me

Poll Andrium Landazuri


9 mins
An Afro Colombian feminist whose gender is "whatever I want" hops through their large family asking why do they love me?

Becoming Me

Martine De Biasi


Italy / 70 mins
Becoming me is the intimate portrait of the changing relationship between the director and her first love. We follow Marian, born female, through all the doubts and fears of the dawning realization that Marian feels male. With the decision to become what he truly is, he might lose everything he has: his job, his family, his friends, his life.
Marian’s story is the story of the struggle to live in a body that is not owned, in a role that is not accepted, trapped in a traditional society where being different means not to belong.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/23641297

Behind the Glass

Maria Favola


Italy / 16 mins
Behind the glass is an experimental documentary based on recordings of people who tell us about the discovery of their identity and how they came out to their families and friends. The mannequins that you will see on screen are there for two reasons: to guarantnglish, sub. Italian  ee the anonymity of the people that participated and to let the viewer concentrate on their stories and not their appearance.

Being the Storm / Siendo la tormenta

Laura Nuwuanda


7 mins
An Afro Colombiana spirals through a storm of self-destruction and the end of an idyllic relationship.


Ndelela Kambaja, Katrin Herche


6 minutes 40 seconds
BELONGING is an abstract visualization of a poem by Aaiun Nin, tackling issues of finding one’s self and the connection to one’s roots through the use of the symbolism of orange roses. It tells a story about children of the diaspora as they try to find a place of belonging and feeling home in the western world while holding on to the values taught to them by their ancestors.
The film can be understood in many ways and the sound is vital as it helps to navigate through the feelings that arise while watching.


Itzik Amar


Israel, 5mins
A couple emerges from a bar after a successful date. When the man tries to take more than what the girl is offering, the tables are turned, and he is given a lesson on power dynamics.

Blood is the Mother of Qi

Adam Austin


5 mins
An amalgamated family culture slides into small rituals performed in a kitchen.


Almog Ganot


Israel, 11mins
A young student returns to his Kibbutz apartment one afternoon only to realize he can’t find his keys. His predicament forces him to hit a momentary pause on life’s rat race and in a fleeting, lyrical moment, he is able to connect with his innermost feelings and pluck up the courage to do something he’d been keen on for a long while.


Synthia Hogan


USA / 3:25
This experimental film blends a lush landscape with freestyle dance to narrate the quintessential stage of blossoming.


Morvarid Kashiyan


Iran / 15 mins
In this beautifully moody film from Iran, a young transgender actor who plays a female role in a play has fallen in love with the director, who is straight. Intent on having a sex change operation to become biologically a female, her conservative father and their poverty stand in the way of her dream of becoming who she really is.

Bodies Without Bodies in Space / Ciała Bez Ciał W Kosmosie

Rafal Morusiewicz



Austria/Poland 42′
CIAŁA BEZ CIAŁ W KOSMOSIE (Bodies Without Bodies in Space) is a temporarily scattered trip into the childhood and teenage past of filmmaker Rafal Morusiewicz. Growing- up, his queer anxieties and affects were largely informed by the plots of the moving images he would watch on the two, color and black-and-white, CRT TV screens at his family home. The frame of the film’s plot is a mock situation of gradually falling asleep, of remembering a myriad of text, sound, and images as increasingly fragmented and distorted yet, at the same time, mashed up in a structure of its own idiosyncratic logic, style, and narration.
The film combines the 1952-1989 Polish realities as depicted in the films of the era with the semi-fictional auto-ethnographic story. It is an audio-visual and textual mixtape that combines footage from over 20 films with the original text and multiple layers of audio samples.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/298796954

Born to Dance with an Extra Chromosome

Nikolay Nikolov


9 mins, UK
Drag Syndrome are superstars who have entirely changed the conversation about Down’s syndrome and drag, encouraging us all to embrace our inner diva.
Watch… https://mashable.com/video/drag-syndrome-downs-syndrome-drag-artists/?europe=true

Boys of My Youth

Christian Meola


USA / 5 mins
Boys of My Youth is an autobiographical visual essay and documentary that explores the relationship between sexuality and memory from a gay perspective.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/318551815


Bruno Riberio


Brazil / 23min
A free-flowing capturing of the lives and loves of three friends in a close-knit community. Kastelany goes to Luciana's house. Mia gets ready for a night out with her friends. Dandara makes love with Johi.

Brunch on Bikes

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwel


Germany, 2,30’
Freshly-fucked foodies dial up a special delivery.


Chanel Shuffler


USA / 1 min
A latinx bisexual female resisting collapse endures passive everyday microaggressions that compromise her emotional environment.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/321918668


Hunter Ray Barker & Tucker Tripp


USA / 13:30
She’s an actress, a sex symbol, a superstar, and my mother.

Burn the House Down

Giselle Bailey & Nneka Onuorah


France / 44 mins
When one of us wins, we all win—and BURN THE HOUSE DOWN sets out to prove that. Giselle Bailey and Nneka Onuorah’s immersive documentary follows Kiddy Smile and several Parisian dancers as they prepare to perform in his next concert (which also features FABULOUS’ Lasseindra Ninja). After DJing for Emmanuel Macron in a T-shirt that read “Fils d’immigrés, noir et pédé” (which translates to “son of an immigrant, Black and gay), Smile was the subject of extraordinary praise and backlash. But he and his friends won’t let that faze them. As they discuss contemporary racism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and the art that binds them, these rising stars make it clear that they won’t stop until everyone knows Paris is still burning.


Joelle González Lager


México / 17 mins
The Chacal are young proletarian indigenous men, seen as masculine, virile, and sexually charged, who have become the objects of desire in the gay community of Mexico City, raising uncomfortable issues around the role of race and class in voyeurism.
Entrevistas desparpajadas alrededor de la identidad impuesta a un grupo social y sexual del país

Cheesy Films / Kitschige Filme

Eline Gehring


Germany / 8 mins
Rosa meets Nico. Both girls are falling in love with each other. But today, commitment is hard to find.


Bassem Ben Brahim


Tunis / 6min
 It’s a film made really with a lot of emotions and fear. A history of a gay guy since his existence, his different childhood, love, path, the obstacles in society, family, law.

Como Si Fueras Verdad

Jesús Pedraza Madrid


México / 25 mins
Ángel y Ethan están a punto de tener una cita para arreglar las cosas entre ellos y resolver asuntos pendientes del pasado. Sin embargo descubrirán que a veces las cosas no son lo que parecen, y que cuando alguien realmente quiere formar parte de tu vida, hará hasta lo imposible por permanecer en ella.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/336396784

Cousin John – The Arrival

Tom CJ Brown


USA / 4 mins
Music Video for Hilton Dresden
Watch… https://youtu.be/_2d6pPOviMw


Ilhan Soydemir


Germany / 3 min
Cozmo feels uncomfortable being in public with his boyfriend. After realizing he is not the only one affected by the situation he decides to overcome his fears.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/319580779


Bia Vilela, Luiza de Andrade


Portugal / 4 mins
Watch… https://vimeo.com/319971158


Yoni Azulay


USA / 11 minutes
Musical Theater hot-shot Kyle's (Ryan Cramer) seniority is challenged when a new student Gio (Gio Cerisier) joins the theater department at his high school. As the show and the relationship between the two develop, new conflicts and questions arise.
Watch… https://youtu.be/MitplCk56yI

Dance, Dance, Evolution

Jules Rosskam


U.S.A. / 18min
In Dance, Dance, Evolution six trans-identified people explore their relationship to dance over time. As one participant says, “What I feel when I’m dancing is the very decomposition of myself.” This short, joyful documentary looks at the ways in which the body in motion opens up the spaces between gender, race, and time, producing pleasure in indeterminacy. This begs the question, how do we take that idealized moment on the dance floor--where nothing matters but the beat--and take it with us everywhere we go? 
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/325069216


Sofia Pashaei


Denmark / 4:14
A woman hitting rock bottom. Hardship buries her alive. She is of this world, yet decidedly not.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/317772599


George X


México / 49 mins
7 mexicanos sin ropa y sin restricciones, comparten sus pulsiones desde lo más prohibido hasta lo más excitante. Su salida del closet, fisting, erecciones, celibato, brujería y más.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/3DDQ1eKxVpQ

Die grosse Um_ordnung

Sabian Baumann


Switzerland / 30 mins
Der Film "die grosse um_ordnung" dokumentiert die Aufführung des gleichnamigen transdisziplinären, kunstaktivistischen Projekts, das sich für die Umverteilung von Privilegien stark macht. Die Performance fand im Mai 2018 auf dem Helvetiaplatz in Zürich statt.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/287279544


Sam Ku


5 mins
A queer, nonbinary Asian bounds toward self-definition.

Distinguished Feelings

Keren Marciano


France / 11 mins
In this highly stylized B&W revenge comedy, Elena discovers that her lover Arturo is tired of their relationship but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. She suspects that Arturo might have gay proclivities and sets a trap by hiring a young “straight” actor, Bastein, to seduce Arturo and make him suffer. But Elena becomes a victim of her own trap when she finds herself celebrating Arturo’s gay wedding day.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/330188305

Double Dads and One Queer Teen: My Rainbow Family

Larry Tung


USA / 26 mins
“Double dads and one queer teen” is a short documentary about a family that is multicultural and gender non-conforming. Met through a newspaper personal ad in 1995, the two dads, one from Taiwan and the other one from suburban Chicago, formed a life partnership and had a baby through surrogacy with the help from a sister in 2003. The child, now a teenager, considers themselves pansexual. The film is a collection of different perspectives from all parties involved. It is a heart-warming and brave story inspirational for all families. 


Pedro Rudolphi


6 min / España
Mari Carmen le hace una visita a Rosa, su amiga prostituta, después de un encontronazo un tanto extraño con una amiga en común. Mari Carmen necesita el consejo de Rosa… pero eso no es todo lo que necesita.

El Tigre

Amaia San Sebastian


1 min / España
Un maniquí de mujer va mostrando diferentes atuendos para que nosotros y nosotras podamos etiquetarla y verter sobre ella nuestros prejucios y miedos, creados por nuestra mirada contaminada. Hombres, mujeres miran a la mujer vestida y valoran, enjuician y temen. Y solo la mirada limpia de un niño puede poner todo esto en juicio.


Diego Lomelín


México / 14 mins
Emilia llega al cumpleaños de Ana, una amiga a la que no ha visto en 20 años. Emilia convive con los invitados. Su curiosidad la hará descubrir un secreto que guarda esta familia aparentemente perfecta.


Saskia Hennecke & Grace Tourville  


USA / 12 mins
A multi-talented transgender student navigates life at the historically Catholic and conservative University of Notre Dame.

Esteemed Madam Director

Michèle Massé


Spain / 3 mins
A woman who has experienced a lot, writes in a letter to a decision-maker of years of discrimination.

Watch… https://vimeo.com/334373401

Every Monday

M Noe


6 min / Myanmar
Two girls in different places have a mysterious connection via one man.

Eye Candy

Katharina Kraft


Germany / 60 mins
Documentary about a strong woman in a once male-dominated sports, who fights to get respected as entertainer, athlete and homosexual woman.​​​​​​​
Trailer… https://youtu.be/5gNywsxUs7k


Lily Ash Sakula


UK / 4 mins
Eyes is a mixed-media animation about moving though the world as a non-binary person. It explores the tension between being looked at and being seen through a day in the life of Jig. A collaboration with the young people of the Indigo project, a queer youth group based in East London.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/342037326


Ben Simpkins


USA / 16 mins
As he puts an emotionally abusive relationship behind him, Michael finds a new calling in writing about the misadventures of gay dating.

Fisting Club

Shu Lea Cheang


Fisting Club' takes the eight rules from 'Fight Club' (1999) and shows fisting sex as a self-emancipation act.


Christoph Hans


Germany / 8’
Der Geheimagent Dave wartet im Museum auf einen anonymen Ermittler, um mit ihm chiffrierte Informationen über den baldigen Zerfall der Sowjetunion zu tauschen. Dort trifft er auf Thorsten, der zu einem Blind Date mit einem Unbekannten verabredet ist. Die Verwechslung ist unausweichlich.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Uh0xJWJfB5M

Food with Friends

Fiza Jihan, Mina Halim


4 mins
A nonbinary Coptic Egyptian and a Muslim Pakistani queer friends dive into community, queerness, and diaspora with food.

Friends Like That

Francesca de Fusco


USA / 8:22
After getting dumped, Maia seeks solace by crashing with her best friend and ex Alex.


Vern Haas 


3 minutes
A one-word journey through an unsuspecting freshman’s sexual trials, tribulations, and revelations during her first semester of college.


Kristina Adler


9 min., U.S.
A young Latino boy wants to be a cat for a day, and his traditional father attempts to support him.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/328395105


Cecilia Engels


Brazil / 15´15
Fran Lopez (Ivan de Almeida) é um cantor que faz muito sucesso graças a composições capazes de exaltar a alma feminina. Porém, o que ninguém sabe é que a verdadeira criadora das composições é Geni (Ângela Côrrea), uma mulher.
Reunimos uma equipe de profissionais mulheres, para realizar um filme com olhar artístico sobre a questão do espaço social da mulher na contemporaneidade.

Gently, Jennifer

Katie Doane Avery


USA / 9 mins
When Jennifer and Madison sneak a peek at a porn collection, a model stirs a deep desire in Jennifer.


Kristina Maca


Germany, 15 mins
A snapshot of life: an evening in a lesbian couple’s relationship. This is the day they finally move in together. What could possibly go wrong?

Glitter Honey

Marit Östberg


Germany, 15’
An arousing and sparkling exploration of the body and how to touch the world in a new way.

Goodbye Fantasy

Amber Bemak & Nadia Granados


Mexico / USA 15′
Goodbye Fantasy is about two bodies in relation to each other as they let go of multiple cinematic universes they occupy together. Transforming from a fantasy body to a dreaming body to a dying body, they enact different constellations of social and political power as they relate to each other within the tight construct of the frame. 


Arash Eshaghi


Iran / 60 mins
A contemplative portrait of a rural qenderqueer drag queen, banned from performance after the 1970 Iranian Revolution.

Haunted Flowers

Gato Rodriguez, Rachel Walker


2 mins
A young nonbinary Latinx daringly descends into the echoes of an overwhelming love.

Heart Throb



USA / 8 mins
A trio of polyamorous dominatrixes take matters into their own hands when one of their partners can’t get the medication they need.

Hex Your Ex

Cassie Rubio


USA / 7 mins
When a young woman refuses to move on from her failed relationship, her strong-willed mother and a coven of queer witches take matters into their own hands.


Carter Truitt 


4 minutes
Jasper mysteriously appears in Matthew's room in the middle of the night. Matthew attempts to figure out why his crush is acting so weird.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/281536917


Christina E. Lang


USA / 5 mins
For an aromantic and asexual biracial Chinese woman, everyday moments that create home propel her into the world.


Ina Espiritu


USA / 9 mins
Maine can’t admit to best friend/f*ck buddy Raven that she is in love with her. A queer almost-love story.


Will Hamilton


5 min
A fake documentary depicts a strange community of humans in 1970’s England who believed they had become plants.

I Am Kavi

Kavi Dhan


India / 3 mins
A South Asian transgender filmmaker strides into who he is and what identity means to him.

I Dream / Yalani Dream

Yalini Dream & Krissy Mahan


Artist YaliniDream – Lankan Tamil Blood, Manchester-Born, Texas-Bred and Brooklyn-Brewed – performs a poem of refugee/migrant love for the self and the world, through dance and a hiphop beat.

I Have To Think Of Us As Separate People

Christopher Berntsen, Stephen Ira


USA / 4 mins
An intimate exploration of a complex relationship between two gay men, one cis, one trans, where the filmmakers fracture and blend their own bodies and voices to create a split screen projection collage.

I Never Said It Wasn't Allowed

Michal Beer


Israel / 17 mins
For a year and a half, I filmed moments of my life, divided in this film between my parents’ house and my own. I attempted to stand in the gap between these two worlds, a gap in which my personal conflict takes place; I find myself overcoming and compromising, struggling and giving up. With the help of the camera, I tried to go out on a journey with my father. I don't know how this journey will end since I’m not really sure if it ever began.

I’m Sánjo / Nján Sánjo

Jijo Kuriakose


India | 15 min
‘Nján Sánjo’ documents the life of a dynamic young man named Sanjo in a transphobic suburban locality. Sanjo's insights spill over the struggles with his gender idenity, lack of inclusive spaces and minimal awareness of trans masculine identities in Kerala. Sánjo, who was gender assigned female at birth also shares his passion for mathematics, hockey etc. and how they were key to his survival and realising his gender identity.

Ibex Man

Niv Fridman


Israel, 5mins
A short film about love, death, and chips. It is also a story of two men who love ibex even more than they do each other.

In the Dark

Rory Midhani


Germany, 4:37
A chance encounter in the basement darkroom of a Berlin cruisebar, set to a track by Russian queer party band Sado Opera.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/324693281

In Time

Madeleine Smith


Surreal circumstances infiltrate the mundane of a disappointing birthday when a lonely girl comes across a phone that allows her to call herself 20 years in the future.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/kHtcHxf-IsU


Martín Bautista


México / 25 mins
En esta ciencia ficción, vemos un futuro cercano en el que el mundo celebra el descubrimiento de la vacuna profiláctica contra el VIH.

Inside Out

Teresa Martino 


Argentina / 13 mins
Damián suffers bullying from his classmates because of their suspicion about his sexual orientation.After suffering a new and more humiliating attack, Damián decides to face his fears and let his feelings flow.

Into the Unknown

Daniel Agmon


Israel, 11mins
A journey into the consciousness of a young man who wakes up in the morning to find last night’s hookup, his “dream guy”, dead in his bed

It Started with a Ding

Deanna Buller


USA | 5 min. 
Hayley Shaw’s crush finally slips into her DM’s. Question is… is Hayley’s crush gay and really into her?

Jim French: The Art of Masculinity

Sean Boyle


In Jim French The Art of Masculinity, the viewer is taken on a journey into the life and mind of Jim French, the master photographer of some of the worlds most beautiful men. He was a pioneer in the 1960s, creating and establishing a brand that was manly, memorable, visually stunning, and influential: Colt Studios. As the man behind Colt, he photographed bodybuilders and athletes, masculine men with smoldering good looks, and bodies to match. The images his company presented not only turned on their readers, but also helped shape who they were to become.
With the help of past models, work associates, friends, and experts in the art field, the film talks about Jim’s life with Colt, his early life, his work with the models, the restrictions of the time, and his influences.
Full of beautiful images, check out this documentary on the real Jim French, an American artist, who was a renegade in his life, and with a camera.

Just Saffy

Beth Stokes


UK / 10 mins
16 year old Saffy begins to struggle with her gender identity after moving to a new school with gendered uniform. Never really feeling as though she fits in with the boys or girls, Saffy finds herself treading water in the world of identity. She's in a transitive stage of her life, physically, emotionally, and mentally as she begins to face alienation and gender dysphoria in the face of personal revelation and misunderstanding with her mother.
Watch… https://youtu.be/AmQ9S4u3Vig

Katha Vachak

Deepak Srinivasan


India | 22 min
As the popular mythical story goes, god Shiva is saved from the demon by the helpful intervention of a trickster male god, Vishnu. The South-Indian version of the story goes on further to narrate the resulting romance of the two gods and the birth of their offspring, the god Ayappa (also named Hari-Hara). As Harihar listens to the story, repressed adolescent desires surface as he finds an affirmative voice within his tradition and cultural milieu, which (he previously may have felt) had shunned him. He comes to terms with his own self and comes out regarding his sexuality.

Keine Ausgesprochenen Worte

Jens Kraushaar, Eva Tuchscherer


Germany / 12 mins
Astrid und Dieter erinnern sich an die aufkommende schwul-lesbische Bewegung in den 1970ern.


Solène Guichard


UK / 13 mins
Two sisters must come to terms with their new relationship when they prepare to sell their childhood home.

Khadijah and Pauline

Lee Manansala


5:30 min
On their 2nd date, Parisians Khadijah and Pauline discuss fashion, a grandmother passing, and coming out.

Kiddy Smile – Slap My Butt

Pierre Saba-Aris


USA / 4 mins
Slap My Butt takes its driving musical heartbeat directly from house classics while expressing the frustration felt by those living in an oppressive society. This visual celebration of open sexuality and queerness is an invitation to get wild and wicked, and to live out your fantasies on the dance floor. 
Watch… https://vimeo.com/327070007

Kings and Queens

Rachel Relman


USA / 18 mins
Drag performers and best friends Polly Glamory and Stevie Stars ditch their boring college graduation to compete in the last round of a drag competition. Their relationships with each other and everyone around them are tested as they try to become the best performers in the most competitive drag market in the country.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/321795643

Kinky Kitchen

Bea Höller


Germany / 2 mins
Have you ever wondered what your kitchen utensils get up to when you are not at home? The short clip trilogy Kinky Kitchen will reveal the juicy truth.
Trailer…  https://youtu.be/CQQihdQEQmA

La Bruja de Texcoco

Cecilia Villaverde Pineda


Mexico / 11 mins
After a mysterious encounter with a shaman in Texcoco, Mexico, Octavio Mendoza, a Mexico City based musician, starts a journey to reconcile with his femininity through his music, in order to become “La Bruja de Texcoco”.

La verdadera identidad de los gusanos de seda 

Javier Del Álamo


3 min / Cuba
«La verdadera identidad de los gusanos de seda» trata el descubrimiento de la identidad de género de Sara a través de la curiosidad y del acercamiento a lugares no destinados a su sexo y en un contexto que no permite el correcto desarrollo de una identidad de género propia. La película cuestiona la exclusión naturalizada y las conductas discriminatorias que reproduce la sociedad.
Watch… https://youtu.be/zMapJ6XJdAY

Lac Daumesnil

Thomas Devouge


France  / 19’
Lac Daumesnil is the story of an elective affinity surrounded by distant ghosts. Aurélien and his friend move around a lush botanical garden, discussing on the shores of a picturesque lake, exploring a little neoclassical temple near which they film their playful games with a camera that ends up recording the slow emerging of their fragility.
A film that seeks beauty in everything: in the wind that shakes leaves, in the orchestral music held on the edge, in the lake’s sparkling gleams and in their fascinating faces. This bliss, however, is crossed by the optical unconscious of the camera which, muddying the images, refers to distant worlds and dark torments.

Last Ditch

Zoë Schneider


“This weight leaves me, in a healthy way. Calmly, easily, without obsession. From 248, to 172. May this spell, make it true."

Lazy (Sunday)

Cameron Miller-Desart


USA / 12 mins
Tired of their friends trying to set them up, two friends turn running errands into a fake date, only to find it may not be fake.

Lena d'Água - Nunca Me Fui Embora

Hugo Manso, Nuno Galopim


Portugal / 49 mins
She started singing in the 1970s, but it was with the boom of events in the early 1980s that she became one of the most successful pop voices born in Portugal. Her great songs, music videos that made history, difficult times in the meantime, a few ignored albums and an acclaimed comeback, are the core of this documentary, which tells us a life story with visibility from the cradle. After all, she is the daughter of a prominent figure of Portuguese football.


Sean Leviashvili


USA | 19 minutes
Leo had never imagined he would see his Dad kissing another man in the middle of a party… Until it happened. Now, with the help of Carol, his best friend, he has to find the most perfect way to tell his Dad that he found out about his secret.


Leandro Goddinho, Paulo Menezes 


Germany / 14 mins
Lolo is an openly gay 11-year-old boy trying to finally convince Max, his first love, to go public with their relationship at the school party.


Mariana Stolze


Brazil / 7 mins

Love and Death in Montmartre

Evans Chan


Hong Kong /  109’
Qiu Miaojin is an icon of the Chinese-speaking lesbian community. The essayistic documentary traces the writer’s short life in Taiwan and Paris, quoting from her works and interviewing her companions, publishers, translators and teachers. Her suicide in 1995 at the age of 26 immortalised her. The flim embeds her conflict-laden life within the struggle of the Taiwanese LGBTIQ* movement, which today, 50 years after Stonewall, recently achieved the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Love Undivided

Clare Clovechok


Canada / 15 min.
Exploring the perspectives of three people living ethically non-monogamous lives.


Al Zaher


México / 1 min
Que trata del amor libre e incondicional.


Katsutomo Inadu


Japan / 18min
Katsuya, who is the mother of a Philippine pub, was in love with Kuroda, who works as a black dress there. Katsuya continues to struggle desperately as he is gay and the faith inherited from his devout Christian mother. Where should I arrive without being able to throw away the "God" that my mother gave me?


Alexander Conrads


Germany / 15’
Inhalt: Da ihre Mutter viel arbeitet, ist die 11-jährige Leo einen großen Teil des Tages alleine mit ihrem depressiven Vater. Eine Flucht aus dem Alltag bietet nur der Kontakt zu ihrer besten Freundin Mara. Oder ist da vielleicht ein bisschen mehr als nur Freundschaft?

Luca M/W/D

Hannah Schwaiger


Germany / 7 mins
Society generally distinguishes between two sexes: male and female. In Germany there is a new law for a new legal gender “divers”. Divers refers to a gender spectrum between male, female and beyond. “I feel my own sex very changeable, it never feels like I am a man or a woman. But only a body to which belongs a spirit and a mind that creates“ this is how Luca describes themself. Thus Luca unites alleged characteristics of both classical sexes in his appearance. Although Luca has experienced antipathy and even physical violence, because of his appearance – Luca would never stop being themself. The first time Luca felt really accepted was in theatre. In the theater, Luca found a way to develop more empathy. An effect that may someday be passed on to people who object to Luca’s looks, beliefs, and way of loving them.

Madly in Love with My Best Friend

Erika Lust


21 mins
"I think I'm madly in love with my best friend, but of course, she doesn't know. I'm not sure if she even likes women... She is the coolest person I've ever met, so sexy, so modern, so confident. Everything I lack, she has.

Manolo le decían

Venjamín Villalobos Baranda, Tomás Duarte Álvarez, Melisa Lantadilla Gallardo


9 min. / Chile
ualañé es una pequeña ciudad del campo chileno. Si usted pregunta por el SIDA ahí, lo primero que le van a decir es que no saben nada. Luego les dirán que sí saben, pero sólo por lo que han escuchado. Al final, todos dicen que la culpa fue de Manolo.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/1LCJJK-a4go


Marte Gunnufsen


Norway / 25 min.
We follow two queens on the Chicago drag scene as they’re getting ready for the stage.


Francisco Ríos Flores


Argentino / 78 mins
The heat is overwhelming on Miserere Square in Buenos Aires. The flow of passers-by, the atmosphere of a station, and the summer streets cover up the presence of six young men standing waiting. They are beautiful and alone in the middle of it all. As they stand still within the city's movement, they try to catch a glance despite being almost invisible. The film takes a different turn when the mysterious boys open up to us. They share their thoughts, choices, and sometimes some of their stories. Francisco Ríos Flores' contrasting film reveals, singularly and sensitively, the reality of a profession debated since the dawn of time.


Chi Ma


China / 13 mins
A bartender doesn’t realize he’s fallen in love with his customer until one day the customer disappears.

Moan-A Lisa

Connor Kurth


USA / 1 min
A Japanese American becomes the target of an offensively kinky fetish.


Omar Flores Sarabia


México / 17 mins
Mono, un decadente bailarín, conoce a Ángel, quien parece ser su última oportunidad para escapar del oscuro mundo en donde vive. Obsesionado con su juventud perdida, Mono sabe que dejar ir a Ángel significará el principio de su fin.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/I-sCMXvvM9o

Monster Care

Timothy Reese


USA / 7 mins
Raising any baby can be terrifying, but when George and Rodrick discover their new child isn’t exactly human, they worry they may have bitten off more than they can chew…


Micaela Birmingham


USA / 16 mins
Staceyann Chin embarks on a wild road toward motherhood in this series, based on her one-woman play directed by Cynthia Nixon and produced by Rosie O’Donnell.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/g_ATWDRfTcU

Mr. Dimitris and Mrs. Dimitroula

Tzeli Hadjidimitriou


Greece / 28 mins
A middle-aged man dances in the middle of the street. Greek songs of the 1970s and memories trace a constant smile up on his face. His only company, a cat, Dimitroula. Their lives are entangled in a deep but unconscious way. A camera, as an observer, steals images and his thoughts. Dimitris is different. More human, but also lonelier that the others. His red dress drew the attention of those who went to Mytilene in order to cover the refugees’ suffering. Many thought that his drama is lighter, more joyful. But Dimitris still lives with his loneliness and now that he is out of the limelight, the night seems darker than ever.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/DoXOGP4oaJY

Mr. Ji

Lukas Calabrese


8 minutes • USA
Mr. Ji is a wheelchair bound dog as eccentric as the NYC neighborhood he lives in.

Mud Mud Ke Na Dekh

Mujeer Pasha and Veena Kulkarni


India | 22 min
Months after the divorce, Kumar shows up with bags at his ex-wife's door. She lives with her girlfriend who happens to be Kumar's best friend. Here is your classic triangle with a queer twist.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/qP5lD4QTSXw

Music Box

Tasya Abbot


4 mins
A young Peruvian/Jewish lesbian living far from home explores her grandparent’s relationship with her identity.

My Crazy Boxers

Krissy Mahan


8:45 | United States
Suicidal - or just a working class butch dyke caught in the wrong underpants? Seems that the boxers were the bigger problem, according to my treatment team. This video is based on actual meetings with hospital staff while in a psychiatric hospital system.

My Grandmother’s House

Megan Wilton


4 mins
A pansexual Black woman and her aunt climb from generations of child sexual abuse and domestic violence toward power.

My Mattachine

Martin Mulcahy


USA / 11 mins
A troubled gay man searches for a connection in the 1970s /80s on the Southside of Chicago.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/343875802

Named Like A Flower / Con nombre de flor

Carina Sama


Argentina / 63´
Malva was 95 years old. She was a transvestite who outlived three times over the average life expectancy of a trans person. She told us everything about her life during a year and a half. Together with Marlene Wayar, a Trans referent, we tried to unveil the mystery, analyzing her avant-garde militant activity and the impact she made in our lives.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/rcqTalpIYho


Melinda James


USA / 1 min
An intimate portrait of Renee.


Maggie Nielsen


USA, 3 min
Z is a happy child, on the cusp of blissfully ignorant peace with themselves and those around them. With the help of some imaginary friends come to life from their picture book, Z meets other kids at the park and they slowly begin to realize that they don't quite fit in with the stereotypical playtime of either child- boy or girl. When they need to go to the bathroom, they
are faced with a decision that has been building up the entire day.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/339663259

Nice Chinese Girls Don't!

Jennifer Abod


USA, 22 min
Kitty Tsui, a Chinese American lesbian poet, writer, activist, artist, and Gay Games gold medal bodybuilder, talks about coming of age in San Francisco in the 1970s, and her life now, having been rediscovered by a whole new generation.

Nico Lives

Travis Welowszky


Canada / 16 mins
The perverse lovechild of Kenneth Anger and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, this film, a queer fever dream for outsiders with a love for midnight cult, takes viewers on a revenge trip with drag star Nico Lavender, the Queen of the Forbidden City.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/290962283

No Dominion: The Ian Horvath Story

Margaret Mullin


USA / 40 mins
This documentary salutes the life and accomplishments of the late dance champion and AIDS activist Ian (Ernie) Horvath.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Tk22TKeiUdQ

No Fems

Tyler Vogel


For feminine gay men we not only receive the pressure from society to be masculine, but also within our own community.Within the gay community there is a huge divide between masculine and feminine men. A lot of these problems root from social media where masculine men will post captions like “masc 4 masc” and “no fems” on their social media pages. We must hear human stories by those affected to be more accepting.

Nobody Wants Your Truth / Nadie Quiere Tu Verdad

Diego Roma


Spain / 6 mins
After two years in the shadows, Victor tests Alejandro for the very last time: either he reveals their relationship to the media or he loses him forever.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/311051950


Benedetta Valabrega


Italia  / 54’
On the background of a worldwide historical event, the Valabrega family opens its eyes to how much relational dynamics among the family have been repeating themselves for generations. The sons try with all their strength to free themselves from the influences or their parents, but sometimes they do not succeed in breaking the scheme of transmission of acquired characters. Today, the three sisters want to stop the mechanism and to anticipate the showdown. Therefore they start a trip together with their father retracing the road that Bruno and Ugo, Benedetta’s granfather and his brother, took to run away from the war crossing the enemy lines. But unlike the brother’s one, their trip will try to mend a wound that is still open.
The movie is a journey, often hilarious, that shows the reasons each one has to be the way he is.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/IhxXPLZ6iQs

Not Your Ordinary Sister

Masa Zia Lenardic, Anja Wutej


Germany / 4’
Just another lesbian vampire film?
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/341814963

Nunca nos dijeron la verdad

Rosa Blas Traisac


Spain / 22 mins
Piloto de una serie en el que se nos presenta a Berta, una joven profesora que ha decidido cambiar de planes y comenzar una nueva vida con su pareja, pero antes de dar el paso final tiene que ir a su casa natal en la sierra madrileña para tener una importante conversación con su padre.

Ô Criatura: Navigating (dis)location

Andréa Monteiro


Canada | 9 min

Ode to Pablo

Adelina Anthony


USA / 12 mins
A young, queer deaf man holds his ground against the neighborhood boys on the basketball court.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/331317756

Office-Ally Confused

Whitney Williams


USA / 1 min
How do you address a workplace microaggression when the other person knows exactly what they did wrong?
Watch… https://youtu.be/EpwwVy_lJZw

Ondas Mareadas

Inés Aledo Ricarte, Amaia Araiztegi Mendibe, Jone Garitano Orue


Basque Country / 6 mins
Mariana has something to tell us.

One corner within a radius of 3 meters

Yoshiaki Sajima


Japan / 25min
Mamoru doesn't want to be gay at work. One day, Tomoki, who was previously at the gay bar, joined the company. Two people gathered together at a drinking party held by a friend when Mamoru's motivated feelings were raised against Tomoki, which had a “very” behavior. Mamoru hits Tomoki with his previous anger.


Virginia Burgos, Chus Gómez


5 min /España
Una madre y una hija ven la televisión a la hora de comer. La madre se preocupa por su hija, le pregunta por su novio, por su ocio. La nota un poco triste, callada, se preocupa por ella. Nada es más importante para una madre que la felicidad de su hija. Siempre que no pase determinados límites.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/-eraqiTfx6Q

Orgy #001

Teen Wolf


11 mins
Under the light of a beautiful afternoon, bodies kiss, touch, and nibble each other, only to finish panting, shaking and radiating.

Our Transition

Connor O'Keefe


USA / 9 mins
The filmmaker explores his transition to male and coming out at 13 years old by reliving the experience through the perspective of his parents.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/334451506


Aorta Film


Shay Knox is overwhelmed by pain, pleasure, and pure sensation.


Yajaswi Rai


Nepal | 7 mins


Graham Kolbeins, Dorian Wood


USA / 8 minutes
An immersive fever dream that celebrates the beauty of queer brown sensuality, body positivity, and individuality.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/VRku4CjcD_s


Julien Vallon


France / 7 mins
C'est l'histoire d'un monde qui existe peut-être en parallèle du notre. D'un monde où tout est inversé et différent. Où les femmes ne sont pas à la place qu'on leur connaît aujourd'hui. Où l'homosexualité n'est plus une question. Où être un homme et une femme est l'histoire de chacun. Dans ce monde nous connaîtrions tous un changement de sexe naturel et biologique et c'est justement la merveilleuse nouvelle que Joe va annoncer à ses amis : son tour est venu, elle change comme ses parents, comme ses proches. Elle change de sexe. Et ses amis sont en joie. Mais à l'annonce de cette nouvelle l'un d'eux va se révéler contre. Contre l'ordre naturel des choses. Contre son propre changement qui approche. Contre l'idée de vivre sa vie comme les autres en tant qu'homme et en tant que femme.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/ixeOuN3ISDk


Marianne Hänni 


Switzerland / 6 min


Yasmin Guimarães


Brazil / 16´56
Marina é uma jovem mulher que trabalha em Belo Horizonte realizando entregas com a sua bicicleta.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/289279630

Pillow Fight

Noa Sagi


Israel, 7mins
What starts off as a pillow fight between four childhood friends on a trip, escalates into an emotional confrontation between two of them.

Prazer, Casa 08

Ekatala Keller


A filmmaker and astrologer, inspired by the intimacy of pleasure, unveils human nature through actual testimonials and stories, based on the astral map. The film reveals that, regardless of the particularities of each, we all want the same thing: to love and to be loved. Desire and be desired. Pleasure, who are you?
Trailer… https://youtu.be/xQzRTWxn5_U

Proper Pronouns

Meg Daniels and Manie Robinson


USA | 58 minutes |
Of 30 transgender, ordained ministers in the United States, six are in North Carolina. They all battle narrow-mindedness within the religious community, their families, and NC natives. In order to live their authentic selves, some have thrown their loved ones into personal identity crises. They preach bravely despite the danger they face as transgender persons living in the South. As transgender ministers, they also navigate their way through local, state, and national governing bodies who decide what it means to be a human being. Their journeys have challenged the filmmakers to re-evaluate their own religious beliefs.


Sal Rubio


USA / 8 mins
A young skater and older gentleman discuss life, community, and activism while getting tested at a HIV clinic.


Rachel Gawie


Israel, 14 mins
A group of childhood friends show up at a hospital to say their goodbyes to Nitai who is off to New York to undergo a heart transplant. One of the friends, Shira, spots the hospital café’s barista and realizes she’s super into her. The rest of the gang come to her aid.

Pussy Play

Les PéPé.e.s


Belgium / 6 mins
We play with our bodies like we play with our images. A pussy is actually quite beautiful, too bad it's hidden!


João Dall'Stella


USA / 1 min
A man goes to a very unconventional therapist to solve his personal issues.
Watch… https://youtu.be/wPYUarfJF-8


Romi Kim


USA / 4 mins
Whispers of queerness in a young woman’s coming out story, an intimate narrative that holds her first kiss, first love and feelings of exclusions. She navigates and explores both the negativity around the word ‘queer,’ and her struggle to identify within it.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/306121002

Queer Kidz

Roda Abdalle


Sweden, 10 min 40 sec
A gang of friends has found a safe zone in a basement where the stressful reality of the outside world cannot reach them. When a Christmas party comes up, the friends gets an opportunity to show who they really want to be and they must decide together whether to participate or not. How can you dare to be yourself when the outside world does not accept it?


Renan de Cillo


8mins / Brazil
This movie isnt capable of avenging the deaths, of redeeming the suffering, of being a game-changer and changing the world. There is no saving. This is a barricade! Not a Bible. An experimental narrative short documentary

Queerer Than Thou

Kate Jessop


United Kingdom; 3 min. 
On a scale from queer to queer… I’m still queerer than you!


Christian Gordine


UK / 6 mins
A dystopian future in which male sexuality,have been increasingly desensitised and dehumanised.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/315518716

Reel Teens: Blue Moon

Doria Focareta & Violet Wright


Reel Teens Doria and Violet take to the Blue Moon Bar to learn about Drag. Cindy Crotchford, Bambi Deerest, and several other celebrated Pittsburgh queens tell their stories and invite us to learn more about their community.

Reshaping Beauty

Tom Goss 


USA / 7 minutes
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But we live in a world that is obsessed with one specific, narrow type of beauty. How would our perceptions of beauty change if we dared to idealize other types of beauty?


Yuko Fedrau


Canada | 8 min


Kieran Medina


USA / 1 min
In a world that tells us we shouldn’t love ourselves, the rituals we create to become are an act of radical self love.
Watch… https://youtu.be/Hv5hkfBTgZo

Roberta Cowell’s Story

Melissa Joan Clifford


1min 10secs, UK
A short detailing the life and achievements of one of the most prolific British Trans Women of the 20th century.


Drew Praskovich


USA / 12 mins
“Mars, a pregnant boy, must confront the tabloid persona created by his fame-obsessed mother on the final day of his pregnancy.”
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/331226184

Self Portrait

Faun Harjo 


USA / 3 minutes
"Struggling with gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural identity has been a normal aspect of my life. Being pulled in and out of native culture and feeling like my queerness was unwelcome by my people, I separated myself for years. Now I explore my relationship with my culture by decolonizing myself and others by sharing my identity openly and honestly."
Watch… https://youtu.be/tEhO8lDeEKI

Sentiments distingués

Koeren Marciano


France / 12 mins
ELENA and ARTURO are a couple fully in love until one day, one of their friends sow seeds of doubts in their minds. Philippe reveals to Elena that Arturo is tired of their relationship. He no longer loves her but doesn’t have the guts to tell her. But all is fair in love and war! ELENA will organize their break up herself. Hurt, she hired a young “straight” actor, BASTIEN, to seduce her ex-lover and make him suffer. Elena believes she will be less humiliated if Arturo would accept his “gay predilection” and fell in love with a men, instead of a woman. But the heart has reasons that reasoning doesn’t know…Elena starts to feel jealous, victim of her own trap! Celebrating his gay wedding, Arturo finally discovers Elena’s stratagem and thanks her for helping him realize his “true self”. Sweet farewell gift!
Trailer… https://youtu.be/_DXtS48sM_M

Sex l'air de rien

Les PéPé.e.s


Belgium / 11 mins
Oh, mornings, and always feeling so horny... But how to have sex in peace, in a shared common room. Well... no big deal, the same way we have breakfast.


Nini Kjeldner


Norway & Spain / 11 min
A lesbian couple are on holiday, but one of them can’t stop working. Suddenly she has a stroke. But is it too late to make up for a life lost?

Shopping for Love

Mark St. Cyr


United States / 5 min
A noncommittal gift store clerk has a new chance at love when an unassuming customer walks in the door. Will he finally take life by the horns and commit to asking for what he wants?

Shukran Habibi

Ville Tanttu


Finland / 35min
Refuge Mohamed finds a special connection with Kristian, a Finnish family man.

Siblings in Transition

Penn Zacharias and Alex Zacharias


Canada / 6m
A brief documentary about siblings Penn and Alex Zacharias, who spend a day together and describe their shared journey of coming out as transgender.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/298796089

Sloth / Faultier

Julia Ocker


Germany / 4’
The sloth wants to buy ice cream, but unfortunately he is way too slow.
Watch… https://youtu.be/6Z31YWR90xw


Max Yu


China / 13 mins
Li Peiyan is forced to walk in her trans daughter Dou Xun’s footsteps to piece together the identity of Dou Xun and confronts what role she may have played in her only child’s sudden disappearance.

Soy ese imaginario chico

Valentino Bruno


Spain / 14 mins
Watch… https://youtu.be/a0mEDy-S3Wo

Still Drifting

Lisa E. Williams


6 minutes
Can a couple come together after all they have been through?
Watch… https://youtu.be/J7GcYaS2_RE

Stonewall Forever

Ro Haber


USA / 21 mins
Fifty years after Stonewall, filmmaker Ro Haber gathers perspectives from across the queer spectrum — including those whose stories are traditionally left untold — on the legacy of that watershed event in LGBTQ history.
Watch… https://youtu.be/l1mZNNDri1I

Stonewall: The Making of a Monument

Cheryl Furjanic


19 min., USA
Ever since the 1969 riots on the streets outside New York City’s Stonewall Inn, L.G.B.T.Q. communities have gathered there to express their joy, their anger, their pain and their power. This film traces that history, exploring the process by which a chaotic street fight in protest of police brutality has been engraved into history in the form of a national monument. Furjanic’s film, built from a chorus of voices and archival footage, is also a case study in how mainstream acceptance can, ironically, be a mixed blessing for political movements, as people struggle to control their own history.
Watch… https://youtu.be/0IYeOOmJ2yU


Jeff Schick


United States / 8 min
A dark comedic foray into science fiction, this genre bender of a film follows Cheryl, a newly single bachelorette as she navigates digital dating and attempts to find love in the not-so-distant future.


Lois Norman


7 min., UK
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/341853897

Tacos y Tacones

Matthew Benjamin Ramos


USA | 8 min. 
Follow Alexis and her friends Iris and Chavela, sex workers in their 40s and 50s, each with unique perspectives about their life and dreams.

Tales of Cruising in India  / Zara nazar Uthake Delkho

Anindya Das


India / 23 mins
This documentary explores personal cruising narratives against visuals of Indian public spaces. Urban cruising remains one of the most dominant ways of finding sexual/romantic partners for the LGBTQ community in India.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/SKvGA55EwVM

Tant que nos cœurs battent

Jason Mégrelis


France / 5 mins
L’histoire de deux jeunes femmes qui sont dans une quête sans fin de sensations fortes et de liberté, faisant soudain l’expérience de la mort. Mais tant que leur amour survit, même une étincelle peut les ramener à la vie.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/347507518

Thanks but no, thanks / Merci mais non merci

Alessandra Beltrame


France / 12 mins
Nicole, a 27-year-old girl, cracks her life open to ponder over life, identity and responsibility.

The Awakening /  Przebudzenie

Wojciech Olchowski


Poland / 16 mins
Adam and Paweł’s relationship is dramatically changing, which is causing questions about LGBT community acquiring legal rights for custody in Poland. This movie is a part of “Right to family life”, a social awareness campaign.

The Closet

Joshua Malisos


A depressed, closeted gay teenager is trapped inside a dark closet and has to find the strength and courage in order to get out.

The First Day of Summer

Dor Y. Levy, Oron Golan


Israel, 8mins
It’s the first day of the summer holidays and Yotam, a teenager, is left in a large, imposing villa all on his own; until a surprise run-in with a prowler – his classmate – changes things.

The F-Word

Chang-Min Jonathan Hyon


USA / 6 mins
Jaime is a non-binary grad student starting their first day of school. They are expecting the worst from homophobia and transphobia but learn how good intentions can still isolate a person. This is a story about how looking solely at identity can be affirming and distancing at the same time.
Watch… https://youtu.be/zc2n9DZIG7s

The Gaybysitters Club

Savannah Dooley


United States / 8 mins
When Kristy finds out her best friend Mary Anne might be dating a BOY, she calls a Babysitters Club emergency meeting.

The Graffiti

Laplace Aurélien


9 min. / France
Estupor en la ciudad: esta mañana, ¡alguien pintó un graffiti en la pared de un monumento histórico! Las principales personas involucradas, el alcalde y el Dr. Robin, tendrán que explicar …
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/300453174

The Gray Zones / Las Zonas Grises

Daniel Mateo Vallejo


At the age of 21, Nicolás decides to get his first HIV test. The uncertainty about the disease will affect the relationship with his family and his sexual life during the weekend he awaits the results.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/313936575

The Liberation Man 

Scott Dance


UK / 6 mins
Scott Dance’s latest documentary on a sensitive issue reveals what it is like to be a Queer Muslim in 2019 in a heartfelt and fascinating interview with the LGBT activist and Gay Muslim, Khakan Qureshi. How has he used his differences strategically to help queer South Asians like him?
Watch… https://vimeo.com/319931672

The Miracle Twerker

Nicolas P Minas


USA / 15:18
Carla, a stripper, discovers she has the power to resurrect the dead.

The Reverence

Four Chambres


USA, 15 mins
This orgy is an act of ritual celebration that intertwines smoke, sweat and bodies.

The Task

Sander Houwen


Netherlands | 7 minutes
In a God-fearing village, local goldsmith Alain delivers wedding rings to gay couple Sam and Daan.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/307295402

The Tingle Test

Rhett Wade-Ferrell


Australia / 6 min
Two best friends try out the tingle test while dumpster diving.
Watch… https://youtu.be/PzAiIVpoogM

The Unlikely Story of the Lesbians of First Friday

Kathryn L Beranich


USA / 61 mins
In the 1980's, a group calling itself First Friday sprung fully formed from the imaginations of a group of Lesbians living in Roanoke,Virginia. It was the Reagan years and the Moral Majority was just down the road. Regardless of the political climate and spurred on by the pure serendipity of finding each other, the lesbians of First Friday created safe space, threw fantastic events and built a community of lasting friendships that remain to this day.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/b8rPKmNtf9w

The Visible

Atikah Zainidi


Brunei / 3:42 mins
A short documentary exploring what it is like to be a girl in Brunei.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/328211467

They / Them / Their *

Rudy Seddon-Wilson


2 min | UK
Zoe explores drag’s empowering effects through their alter-ego Cyanide Homicide and reveals the vulnerability beneath the performance.

This is a Teenage Love Letter

Tessa Hill


Canada / 7 min
A young woman writes a letter to her past, to love, and to what the future might hold.
Watch… https://youtu.be/t70hkiNFlYs

Time is of the Essence

Emma Lee


5 mins
Queer Asian friends wander through time and healing.

To Be With You

Elliott Feliciano


USA / 19 mins
Alex is only in L.A. for 24 hours to reclaim their father’s ashes but, along the way, they find an old love, a beauty in the city, and a final connection to the past.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/304079444

To My Son @ 21

Pete C OKeefe


USA / 4 mins
A father gathers old photographs and reflects on his son's 21 year journey into adulthood.

Tom Has a Plant

Thinh Nguyen


Denmark / 6 mins
Tom has a plant; he just wants to give away to the one he loves.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/311861624


Barbara Wallbaum


Germany / 117’
What was it like being a lesbian in East Germany? In her documentary Barbara Wallbraun accompanies six women from the former socialist republic whose homosexuality hindered – and ultimately spurred on – their life plans. The women tells of their struggles, including conflicts with the ruling political party and how it was to be shadowed by the state police. But also about secret parties and networks. With its sometimes sad, sometimes exhilarating stories, this is an important testimony to the role of lesbians and gays in the 1989 resistance movement.

Ukulele Girl

Nicole De Meneses


6 mins
After passionately warbling in the park, all bets are off when haters mess with her dog.


Navid Mashayeki


19 min, Canada
We all try to be something, to become someone. Unbecoming follows Logan’s journey as he fights to “unbecome” everything he’s been until now, that wasn’t really him in the first place


Rainbow Riots, Petter Wallenberg


5 min / Uganda
"Unmask", composed and produced by Petter Wallenberg featuring spoken word poetry by Ugandan poet Duncan Free Speech. The video is directed by Wallenberg and filmed in Uganda, where it's illegal to be gay. This is the last single release from the album ”Rainbow Riots”, written and produced by Petter Wallenberg, featuring queer voices from some of the world’s most dangerous places for LGBT people. It is out on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital platforms.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/353460483




USA / 67 min
UnUnited follows the fight for LGBTQ inclusion in the United Methodist Church. Although this major United States denomination has struggled with its policy for years, its worldwide congregation seems no closer to changing its doctrine of non-inclusion despite the fact that many of its American and European churches are welcoming of LGBTQ+ people.
Watch… https://youtu.be/kQjlyV-99_0

Ur Aska

Myra Sofia Hild


Denmark / 7 mins
Two women live happily together, but one starts to transform, disturbing their usual dynamic.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/316370578

Virtual Guard / La guardia virtual

Daniela Aguinsky


15 min / Argentina
Girl meets girl ... through a security camera. Can Miriam leave the totem and realize her fantasy? Or will she let the unscrupulous Karen stay with Brendas love?
Trailer… https://youtu.be/RpUc7AAyPVs


Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen


Norway / 15 min.
The 15-year-old trans activist Jo is discovered by Astrid, a commercial photographer. At a photo shoot they both cross a line, longing to be visible.


Raymund Santos


Canada | 15 min
After five years of no communication, Clem receives a voicemail from Joel, his ex-boyfriend. He’s in town and wants to meet up. Thinking he is over Joel, Clem decides to meet up but soon realizes his feelings are more complicated.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/CEiHpg7bOic


Medienprojekt Wuppertal


Germany / 8 mins
Watch… https://vimeo.com/321435110

Welcome Back, Lenny

Vuk LK


9:11 | United States
After a few months away in Vermont with her uncle, Lenny is back in NYC and crashing at her cousin’s place. As a thank you, she cooks dinner for her and some friends, but the night takes a turn, unveiling hidden emotions and family differences about her transition.
Trailer… https://vimeo.com/335949707

Where Did You Sleep Last Night?

Eden Roman Ascher


Israel / 11 mins
At her small neglected apartment, Miriam’s troubled sleep is interrupted by a phone call. On the other side of the line, her daughter Lior weeps. Miriam, at first aggressive and hesitant, is caving to Lior’s begging and goes to pick her up from southern Tel Aviv. She doesn’t know where the journey after her daughter will take her, nor what will she find at its end. 

White Towels

Hannah Marianetti


6 mins
Sex workers glide toward a scene with creative prowess, but true intimacy lies in their sisterhood.

Who is Mei Li Galván / ¿Quién es Mei Li Galván?

Sofia Medrano


Argentina / 12 mins
Mei Li spends her time between her house and the hair salon, in the neighborhood where she was born and lived all her life, Lomas de Zamora, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mei Li has created an authentic, solitary and enigmatic universe, mixing elements of old times, scents and cultures. She enjoys the simplicity of everyday life, imbued with oriental symbolism, surrounded by plants, wind chimes and animals, in the midst of a modern, chaotic and western world.
Watch… https://youtu.be/JGP9Ws-1QmQ

Whole Again

Emily Yarnall


A brief look at Polish Transgender Rights and the fight for normalcy.

Winged Miracle

Zahra Mir Rzazadeh


Azerbaijan / 7.35 mins
A daughter attempts to visit her convicted poet father in prison. She brings a series of drawings to give to him.

With Love

Logan Henderson


4 mins
A Black Two-Spirit person thrusts their community beyond wildfire smoke.


Sara Prinz


2 mins
Watch a child grow up through choreographic scenes and metaphorical vignettes representing the journey towards self empowerment, all while drapped in NO SESSO clothing.
Trailer… https://youtu.be/Ro2Ztf5eVhU

Y'a personne qui nous regarde

Les PéPé.e.s


Belgium / 26 mins
A trip to the forest can be refreshing, invigorating... and potentially arousing. Especially when you're armed with cameras, lubricant, gloves and a zoom. That's enough to invent a few stories to share behind (un-)closed doors.


Tal Boniel


Israel, 24mins
Tal and Guy would like to have a child together. Tal revisits an old childhood memory in which he is leafing through family photo albums in search of any traces of his brother who had died at the age of three months. His quest for his brother forces Tal to confront his parents who are still struggling to come to terms with Tal’s family unit and his relationship with Guy.

You Are a Letter, Written Not with Ink, but with the Spirit

David Leal


UK / 4 mins
Michelle, a trans woman who started transitioning later in her life, finds in faith the strength to welcome her true self.

You Me and Him and Him

Patrick Boyd


USA / 19mins
Will is in an open relationship with four other men. When Will decides to sleep with someone else without telling the group, tensions arise and the very nature of their relationship is called into question.

You Were an Amazement on the Day You Were Born

Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby


You Were an Amazement on the Day You Were Born is a visually rich film that follows a woman through a life characterized by damage and loss, but in which she finds humor, love, and joy. With a score that follows the span of Lenore’s life, from her birth in the early 70s to her death in the 2040s, the film takes us from moments of harrowing loss to those of poignancy and dark humor. Her life is told through voice over, narrated by performers who range in age from nine to sixty-nine, and is beautifully illustrated with images of animals (including humans), insects and landscapes.

Your Heart Breaks: “Our Forbidden Country”

Wes Hurley & Vincent Pierce


USA; 4 min.
The newest music video from Your Heart Breaks (Clyde Petersen, WE’VE BEEN AROUND, Translations 2016; TORREY PINES, TWIST 2016) travels back in time to the forbidden world of queer hookups then and now.
Watch… https://vimeo.com/309705977

Zero As You Are

TOKOI Miyuki


Japan / 84 mins
An elementary student takes a red backpack to school one day simple believing it to be pretty, until she realised the colour was gender specific and coded as male, beginning a sense of disharmony. The protagonist of this documentary is diagnosed with gender dysphoria at age 14, and based this diagnosis she wins an appeal for her middle school to accept her as a male student by the name of Takamasa. The film then follows Takamasa for 3000 days as he attempts to find and build his own identity. At this point the film may seem like another addition to the FTM (female to male) or MTF (male to female) transgender identity quest category, but Zero As You Are takes things a step further. The hint lies in the original Japanese title, translated into English as Sora and Konomi, which indicates the protagonist’s gender transition symbolically.