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Dispatches from Elsewhere

Country: USA, Language: English, 104 mins

  • Director: Wendey Stanzler; Michael Trim; Jason Segel; Charlie McDowell
  • Writer: Jason Segel; Spencer McCall
  • Producer: Scott Rudin; Jeff Freilich; Mark Friedman; Jason Segel

CGiii Comment

A chain of strange coincidences leads computer scientist Peter to the mysterious Jejune Institute. Its charismatic director Octavio promises Peter a way out of the invisibility and quiet desperation of his everyday life, offering him instead the gateway to a life full of magic, beauty and “divine nonchalance”. Peter plays along. But is this really a game? Is it an alternative reality? Or a conspiracy making a bid for social control? Together with Simone, Janice and Fredwynn, Peter tries to decipher the signs and symbols and to get to the bottom of the institute’s secrets.

Created, produced, directed by and starring Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), the anthology series Dispatches from Elsewhere follow the fortunes of four people searching for respect and a place in the world. The protagonists fall into the hands of an institute in which distinctions between the internal and external, magic and manipulation, and good and bad intentions become blurred. A visual adventure poised somewhere between a new-age fairy tale and a trip into hilarious absurdity.


Cast & Characters

Andre Benjamin as Fredwynn;
Sally Field as Janice;
Richard E. Grant as Octavio;
Eve Lindley as Simone;
Jason Segel as Peter;
Cecilia Balagot as Clara;
Tara Lynne Barr as Young Janice;
Joe Forbrich; Cherise Boothe as Lee;
Amanda Schoonover as Waitress;
Ernest DiLullo Sr. as Audience Member/Driver of Orange car/Park Background/Present Day Bar Patron/Test Subject;
Jennifer Butler as Jejune;
Sean Patrick Folster as Sasquatch/Tall Man / Sasquatch;
Basil Kershner as Jejune/Italian Market shopper/Janitor;
Terez Land as Diner Patron/1960s Neighbor/Featured Neighbor/Headhouse / Music Admire/Pedestrian / Precision Dri;
Jeffrey Mowery as Camera Operator/Cyclist/Hazmat Scientist/Salsa Dancer;
Dante W Renzulli as Elsewhereian/Eldsewhereian/Mourner;
Scot Teller as Dick Crew/Guy With a Sword/Joey/Scot;
Jayson Williams as Boss/Casual Boss;
Heather Capuano as Salsa Dancer/Spectator