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Conductor (The)

Country: The Netherlands, Language: English, 137 mins

Original Title

De Dirigent
  • Director: Maria Peters
  • Writer: Maria Peters
  • Producer: Andreas Klein; Dave Schram; Dirk Schweitzer; Wim Boven

CGiii Comment

Feminist icon Antonia Brico, for those not (yet!) familiar with her, was the first woman to conduct the New York Philharmonic. Internationally acclaimed for her work with the Berlin Philharmonic, the San Francisco Symphony, and her own Women’s Symphony Orchestra, the story of Brico’s rise from poverty to prominence in her field is truly extraordinary. Director Maria Peters' cinematically stunning and inspirational biopic tells the tale of a defiant and determined Dutch working-class immigrant (and SF Bay Area transplant) in the early 20th century. Raised by a stern and tradition-bound foster family, Brico must choose between her passion to train as an orchestra conductor—unimaginable for a woman of her time—and the comforts and constraints of traditional gender roles and functions. With galvanizing performances by Christianne de Bruijn (as Brico) and Scott Turner Schofield (as Antonia’s dedicated friend and confidant), this unforgettable drama brings Brico’s story to life with vibrant staccato, legato, and—of course—con brio!


Cast & Characters

Christanne de Bruijn as Antonia Brico;
Benjamin Wainwright as Frank Thomsen;
Scott Turner Schofield as Robin Jones;
Seumas F. Sargent as Mark Goldsmith;
Annet Malherbe as Mother Antonia;
Raymond Thiry as Father Antonia;
Gijs Scholten van Aschat as Willem Mengelberg;
Richard Sammel as Karl Muck;
Sian Thomas as Mrs. Thomsen;
Tim Ahern as Mr. Thomsen;
Sara Visser as Emma;
Michael Watson-Gray as Miss Denise;
James Sobol Kelly as Director Barnes;
Anja Antonowicz as Miss Goldsmith;
Kok-Hwa Lie as Butler;
Peter Basham as Concertmaster;
Samantha Newman as Revue Dancer;
Nastassia Firestone as Usherette Marjorie;
Carole Street as Eleanor Roosevelt;
Benjamin Gijzel as Concierge