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Adventures of Sebastian Cole (The)

Country: USA, Language: English, 99 mins

  • Director: Tod Williams
  • Writer: Tod Williams
  • Producer: Karen Barber; Jasmine Kosovic

CGiii Comment

Ridiculous hairstyles (and wigs), ridiculous story (and dialogue), ridiculous acting (and directing).

This is a rather insipid little film that is woefully misguided.

Fodder for the easily shocked and adolescent.

Avoid if you have any sense.


The(ir) Blurb...

In June, 1983, in Dutchess County, New York, Sebastian Cole joins his mother, step-father, and sister for dinner. Hank, Sebastian's step-father, drops a bomb: he announces he's changing sexes. Sebastian's sister splits immediately for California, and his mother takes him back to England. Jump ahead eight months, Sebastian is back in New York, knocking on Hank's door. Hank (now Henrietta, although all the surgeries aren't complete) takes Sebastian in and is his rock over the next few months of high school. Sebastian's "adventures" are mostly self-destructive.

Cast & Characters

Adrian Grenier as Sebastian Cole;
Clark Gregg as Hank / Henrietta Rossi;
Aleksa Palladino as Mary;
Margaret Colin as Joan Cole;
John Shea as Hartley;
Marni Lustig as Jessica Cole;
Joan Copeland as Grandmother;
Tom Lacy as Grandfather;
Gabriel Macht as Troy;
Herbert Russell as Wayne;
Greg Haberny as Jimmy Bogardus;
Peter McRobbie as Principal;
Merritt Wever as Susan;
Marisol Padilla Sanchez as Woman In Desert;
Rory Cochrane as Chinatown